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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are You Saved?

Do You Know, "Ye Must Be Born Again!"?

In a good sense it's supernatural, our fellowship with God. We trust in the Holy Spirit and His empowerment for the Christ's faith to be sanctified, filled full of God. The River of Life is in the Holy Spirit animating
within who leads us though we be in a desert, and trusting God shows what's inside to the world. We become a tree others can find shade in for Jesus' Names sake having the Kingdom in our midst or rule of Christ within.

If this is strange language to you:

Do you know you must be born of God, born of the Spirit of fullness of Truth, love, peace, and joy? It's found in a relationship with God! Read the four Gospels and picture the Savior speaking just to you! Listen like you were really thirsty because those that stumble on the Truth Who is a Person, Jesus, never fall! They get saved and are kept in the Father's hand where no one can touch them!

Imagine the Word of God is His love letter to you and that His Son Jesus doesn't condemn you but wants you to go and sin no more. Can you? If you're honest you'll ask Jesus in to save you knowing you can't live it in your sinful self. And wholly lean on Jesus pray to be saved and to encounter Jesus authentically! You'll find satisfaction being a friend of God who can call Him Father! Follow the Son Who gave His life for you!

Bethel -- A Church that cares! Dave
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