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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Prayer Warrior. What is it specifically?

God gives us if we've given our heart over to Him as His own, we're saved, weapons of righteousness on the right hand and the left and they are not flesh but Spirit being spiritual.
God has one single path for us and outs, escapes (according to I Cor. 10:13) to maintain undergoing tempts on that path but are we actively yielding to God in them such that we are maturing? We all have different styles and we grow out of elementary beliefs and old ones too if they are untrue. You will gentle what you should resist if you don't actively learn hate of sin too as well as hate of Satan. I'm not saying to have the devil in a conscious life. We grow out of a sin consciousness as we serve The Lord. Instead the cross in our conscious should grow in us. I'm saying be warned ignorance is not getting you there to grace by faith to Jesus if one ignores there is a Satan or a devil and does not hate him, (and what he does.) Pastor Rich says, "Family are we aware of what God is doing? Do we have thank you lists? Instead of wish lists do we say thank you for all we got? We need to start thinking about what Jesus HAS DONE! When we are delivered of fear or worry we are just starting our journey of what God wants to do for us! We are then free to serve Him."
Our forgiven minds need to be committed, submitted, and changed. We must be "born again" to even see or enter the Kingdom of God. God's Righteousness is now revealed by the Spirit of grace through the Death and Resurrection of Christ. We take every thought captive then to the obedience of Jesus Christ. We actively seek abstinence from sinning and yield to Jesus Christ when we get tempted or devil or demon intimidated or initiated, yes by a toothless mangy lion suffering decay. Those lion(s) of Daniels day we're not toothless. But sometimes all it takes is King Jesus to help all of that trouble like He did Daniel even sometime. Knowing we died and were raised with our Lord Jesus through His Blood and it's all genuine faith if it's God's actual help by intervention supernaturally. We have a covering called the kiporath by which God overlooks our sins which is the Death and Blood of The Son, Jesus Christ. We respond and intercede for other's salvation on a small mountain like Hur and Aaron lifting Moses' hands while others fight in the valley mopping up. The effectual fervent prayer for healing salvation yields much. Let's be a righteous man praying it.
We obtain ground but not by knowing identity in every circumstances' breathful rare breath but if it means a soul saved yeah pour on the rarefied air. Jesus is our Savior we cooperating yielding but not necessarily collaborating. Bad things do happen. A prayer warrior then is fighting the good fight for the mastery of God and glorifying Jesus's Name among men in all things everywhere. He gives Hupernikao, overwhelming super victory in Christ. Romans 8:37 says this. He gives a persevering fight and a light that with other Christians produces even two can put ten thousand to flight of satan's imp or people temporarily. When people though become giants in our thinking remember God used only a boy named David God helped gather five smooth stones for the giant Goliath's death and our fight is not with flesh and blood. This is Psalms;Ephesians. Turning a sinner from the error of his way is the best occupation God through you does. James and I John tell us. God has given the believer armor (helmet of salvation, belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with the preparation for the Gospel of peace, shield of faith,) (Ephesians 6:10-18,) and we have the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God our only defensive and offensive weapon and we BECOME weapons of Righteousness in the Lord's hand. We can enforce the sentence on Satan and his minions placed there not by looking at the circumstances but by the Death of Christ, Redemption, God enforces as God wills. We acknowledge Satan and demon's presence but submit to God and resist the enemy knowing his devices. For more than conquerors we know: The handwriting of ordinances which was against us God nailed to His Cross and we're free (even unchained,) Jesus having put Satan and his followers to an open shame and display. This is what Colossians says.
God is in control. Jesus in birth, life, death, resurrection, glorification, disarmed satan, destroyed his weapons, made a display of him, and Jesus came to destroy him, evil, and death! Christ came to destroy the works of satan. There is no ying yang or balance in existence between God and satan. You simply have to flip the switch and Light shines! Darkness flees! There is no equal to God! He stands alone. He is Adonai Jehovah Lord God and He is moving in Goodness, Justice, and Mercy!