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Friday, February 27, 2009


I believe that through religion one does not get to God। Religion only hampers the process and Divine-human transaction। Jesus is the ONLY way to God. He is the only way because there are no paths outside of His and He being the one way. He is the Son of Man and Son of God. You see God wanted a Family. God wanted also to be a Father. God through Christ healed, performed miracles, claimed to be God, proved He is by rising from the dead, and fulfilling over 400 prophecies directly made of Him in the Prophets by 40 Bible authors over 1400 years is God in revelation. People have had so much misleading information in trying to reduce God to a set of rules, but will not check out His words when they are right there in front of them. Check out: Grace To or doesn't God just show Himself to people? He does on an individual basis to each person। But what would He do for the common man so we could understand? He did do so very many things by becoming one of us. He did assuredly heal in the time of His first coming by God's Power dedicating Himself to pressing His mission but 'practical but other-worldly' love for each of us on an individual basis led to disaster seemingly in pleasing Heavenly Father God even going to the cross and dying॥ yet rising, in a resurrection risen. It seemed that we as men did not know the time of our visitation to say the least. However, what seemed like a tragic turn of events led to humanity's greatest triumph. God's right arm got Himself the victory. His justice in holiness satisfied by the Lamb Christ Jesus did it totally not in part. Jesus' life was true to the things God does and says and is. You can't find anything wrong with what He said and did and was. Miracles abound ah but so do charletans. Jesus was real because He being God incarnate was authentic. The salvation plan of God through Christ's substitutionary Death is a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to this world. Those early at the Tomb Resurrection Morning began to realize all of His life was a sacrifice for them and His death was perfect shed Blood for their forgiveness of sins when what He predicted of Himself came true: ie. crucified, buried, and Risen the third day. Ten days after his ascension in the clouds the 120 disciples were filled by God's Presence in fullness at Pentecost. First 2,180, (#?) then in a week together 8,000 were baptized. "For these things were not done in a corner," the Book of Acts says, and Peter adds, "that we might die to sins and live for (authentic) righteousness," says I Peter 2:24.For those who choose a destination of separation away from God there is a hell. Jesus spoke more about hell than anybody. His story of Lazarus is explaining wonderfully important how it is to prepare for that judgment after death Luke 16:19-31. A born again decision to follow Jesus is the only way out of sin to God and out of this world's mold to God's unmerited favorable year in His Son. Jesus is 'the mold' of God's making for us for He is God precisely and accurately and in essence. Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."Love does not force a relationship. It takes initiative to see desperation in the eyes of others in these times for unseen invisible discernment spiritually to know that God suffered more than anyone in the person of His Son and in His holy deprivation Jesus obeyed God fully perfect and pleasing and became our Mediator and High Priest!! You see the two covenants were between the Trinity and we are the beneficiaries. God suffered in the person of His Son being vexed in His righteous soul, over sin, sinful practice of indifference to human need, and what satan's catastrophe rebellion did to His Creation.

When God takes loved ones home we miss them but you don't know how heartbroken God is over that for you and for them being gone from you। God cares for you। It is a part of God's plan to bring many sons to glory Read Romans 8:1-28,29-38। Consider the Prodigal son and what it took for him to turn back to his father Luke 15:11-32। God will use hurt so haphazardly in a broken world to bring back a soul to Himself. One comes to their 'senses' and admits they were wrong all this time before this before Father Daddy Abba God confessing one is a sinner. Then one adheres to Christ in coming to God holding Christ's hand at the cross and in philosophy and His words adheres to God's Presence inside in order to know, follow Him॥,etc., knowing His all-encompassing love was first before ours॥He loved us first. His Resurrection enables a justification by God in His sight, a Spirit-led walk by the Power of God (Dunamis in Greek, sounds like word dynamite) to be a Maryturo (greek meaning a living witness gaining favor by not earning but grace walk,) a participation with Christ in their life to a love walk with God and for their fellow man love also(after a born again decision which is substitutionary atonement into a right standing in Theological terminology, a superlative supernatural happening Divine-human transaction in God's sight which is salvation Shalom Shalem (sozo in Greek,)Romans 3:21-23;5:1.).Your loved one's pain drove them to God. But without God nothing makes sense, all futility॥ Jesus talked of the new birthed gift of eternal life. Heaven is a wonderful beautiful place. They are not the same. God created your spirit to be joined to Him. Unless you accept Christ as your gift of eternal life in the midst of the assembly & here and now and actually really begin to follow Him wherever He goes & where His heart go incredulously you won't get to heaven. "Keep yourselves in the love of God looking for 'the mercy'," after salvation Jude 21st verse says when you're saved in deciding soon. You see I believe that salvation is a holy transaction in God's sight with inner transformations! Your feelings get hit up by God but you don't trust the feelings.People's senses have been so dulled by this present mis-happenstance haphazard life they just couldn't believe all the sights and sounds, smells, colors, colors like you never seen, music, music like you've never heard in heaven. Eternity is a long time. There's no adventure like the good adventure of hooking up to the Creator of the universe being born again. God gives you adoption into the family of God, Christ's Body, a brand new identity that's from Him to become a New Self, with a new nature, a new heart, newness in/of life and koinonia or communion of fellowship of being forgiven before God, and an acceptance unconditionally into His Body of Believers 'in Christ' after submitting coming to Jesus Christ. You're the righteousness of God in Christ then I Cor. 1:30; II Cor. 5:17,21. You're then on the road to manifesting righteousness more in Christ in every area, Christlikeness, and saved then, born again, and the end is heaven someday in the Holiness of the righteous made perfect (future in heaven.) It starts by asking God for it and living under Christ's lordship. It ends like flying in a plane, God at death flies you there and you get a new body. Are you not ready for heaven when you die? God wants you to make it there as His friends not robots without the will to choose. You'll not have a wrong thought then. You'll be free from this body of sin. You'll have a body that can no longer be able to sin or even feel pain in heaven but only pleasure and that spiritual increase from it's Source, God. If you make the decision to be born again you'll follow the Christ of God by the Holy Spirit in the now today and live by the Power of God in the Word of God daily unto eternal life every day thereafter (to the glory of God.) You'll follow Christ and His disciple. Do you know who sent you this invitation? By virtue of when you asked God why (see Genesis three for Adam's ask of why,) He planned this dinner॥He sets the prisoner free and gives a table spread with luscious fruitful things and prepares us all throughout His love to us in life flowing to partake someday..

Do you want to start this partaking? You can."If any man opens the door," (God is knocking on the door of your heart)(for you to open the door,) (and on the outside of some churches waiting to get in,) "I will come in to Him and sup," (eat dinner/fellowship/commune/dine/be in union) "with Him and he with Me"!!!!! Revelation 3:20. I pray you become reconciled to your Heavenly Father Daddy Abba God. Do accept salvation through Christ your only Savior. You'll have joy not necessarily happiness in the struggles of life and an inheritance to endure. For it's not about performance-based Christianity. It's not about us at all. or
"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven।" -- Jesus Christ Mt. 5:3 All I mean by this is do you have desperation to get to God? Salvation? free gift. A gift of a life of sacrifice (see Romans 12:1)? everything. I have decided to follow Jesus. With tears I desire you to do likewise. A Christian is defined by love. One then learns God's love for them enables and adds to them grace and mercy to do॥ good works (that #1 'gain approval from God' and are #2, a 'living witness'-maryturos in Greek, same Greek word for both phrases' meaning) from Him supernaturally Romans 3:23; 6:23; Ephesians 1:6,7; 2:6-10; Titus 2:11,12;3:5.