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Saturday, June 23, 2012


ASK SEEK KNOCK: ALL OF THE GOSPEL ALL OF THE TIME!: All the Gospel all the time! All praise to Him Who reigns above in Majesty Supreme! Who of all earth's Kingdom's Conquerer, Whose Reign sh...

What Makes The Savior So Interesting!? Hallelujah, What A Savior!

Can you fathom that The Maker and Creator of the universe by intelligent design would concern Himself with you and your welfare even when it cost Him big time? God through Jesus deserves a second and third etc. look because He did some awesome works! God became a man and showed us good like you won't believe!! He healed, did miracles, and a whole lotta good and was as a human does, became vulnerable to harm like any man or woman and because He did not defend Himself in a way we might have nonetheless He knew a Purpose higher and more nobler before God knowing Who He was and why God sent Him! He in one way showed us how difficult it can be in life by being unjustly cruelly crucified when it was for no legitamte reason even when He said, "I lay my life down and no man can take it from Me!" He trusted His Heavenly Father God! The book of Hebrews says He boldly went to Die upon Calvary a Crucifixion and that meant pain! Death could not hold Him in its grip because He was Righteous in God's awareness and innocent! He lovingly took upon Himself our sin our guilt and death penalty, our sin, think of it and God declared many sons through Him will be accomplished! He Bravely despised the shame! He Endured the cross and sat down at the right hand of Father God so you can know God personally and more importantly salvation God's way! Be born again by coming to Christ for salvation accepting His Finished Work on the Cross! Deny yourself, take your cross up and follow Him! Upon being saved becoming real before God, Read the Bible and witness so you can lead many sons to God and His glorification through Jesus Christ and be a light, shine like the firmament in Christ's Righteousness when He comes to make up His jewels! Find a Bible believing Church and stay there, fellowship, forgive others, and testify concerning this new life and be loved, nurtured, and victorious in Christ until the end. It's about Christ's life substituted in you for your sins and you following the Holy Spirit! And when the Chief Shepherd appears (Jesus is returning) you will hear "well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of your Lord" And you'll have a bodily resurrection by God's Holy Spirit in Heaven but obey the Spirit of the Christ moment by moment, daily learning what pleases God not man. Give God first place in your life, your time, talent, and treasure: HOW DO I SEEK TO FOLLOW CHRIST? FIVE HABITS<--click div="div" here="here" style="width: 480px;"> A GOOD Church... Dave Candel How do I follow Jesus closely? Copyright 2012


All the Gospel all the time! All praise to Him Who reigns above in Majesty Supreme! Who of all earth's Kingdom's Conquerer, Whose Reign shall ne'r cease! Blessed be the Name, Blessed be the Name, Blessed be the Name of the Lord! God became a human in Jesus Christ! He Died to show He loves you and is for you! He's a Personal Savior! Talk and get to know Him! Give Him all your sins and He will forgive and change you as you love Him because He first loves you! Grace, unmerited favor from God our Father and Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son be yours poured out! Behold what manner of Agape love God has bestowed on you that you should be called "the children of God!" May you miss fellowship with God big and wide enough to want to hunger and thirst for His Righteousness and Kingdom! Do this hungering and thirsting first! Within may you walk and talk with God and by and with the Savior following Him inwardly and outwardly. And commit to live for Him come what may try to hinder you! U were were made for love so be loved and concern yourself by finding God loves you and that you and He Himself makes a majority! Daily witness as salt and light for God and read the Word of God, a good original language translation Bible! FIVE HABITS OF A 360 DEGREE DISCIPLE OF JESUS FOLLOWER
A good Body of Believers! /click

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Bethel Assembly of God: Marked By Love 1 John 3:4-12

Bethel Assembly of God: Marked By Love 1 John 3:4-12: The slides for this study can be found here

Can A Man Be Right Before God?

Can A Man Be Right Before God? By David Candel "Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus we have peace with God." Romans 5:1 Let ua go on to perfection. Do you believe in God? OR should I ask do you believe in a personal God? God is more than real and His reality is higher than any other. God seems to hide Himself but throughout history has left His mark of love on man. When "the fullness of times," were present scripture says, "God gave." God sent His Son Who is His Only Begotten to this earth. He was neither created nor generated but exists with the Father. When He was born to a virgin it was the greatest birth of all because the Holy Spirit had impregnated a woman and the sinful nature of man was not transferred to the birth for the first time. History two thousand years ago was highlighted by wise men and shepherds and others who rejoiced at the Savior's birth! When only a boy the Savior Jesus knew He must be about His Father's Business! He grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man learning the Old Testament. He was good in God's sight and went about doing good and healing people. He was baptized by His cousin John the Baptist in the Jordan River at thirty first and began doing good healing the people 3 and a half years! Apart from altruistic feelings we feel we grew up with about God's Son, the Christ was Divine and yet man and as human He lived to die on a Cross to save us from sin. Do you know we die because of sins? It may take a good long time but sin takes it course. Hell will be ruled by sin because it frustrates. It kills. Torment. Sin has been the demise of many good souls with good intentions of altruism. There is a devil and he does not want love; he wants victims. But Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, our enemy. He came to give us life and that life, more abundantly. Not a bed of roses or a silver spoon born in the mouth existence but a life anointed to be full of the good fruits of being filled full with the Holy Spirit by becoming born again or saved. God does the cleaning up inside and we are human vessels He uses in humble ways. The dealings of God with man are written in the Bible, not the Koran, nor the Book of Mormon. Jesus Himself said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." And He said, "No man comes to the Father except by Me." Now if His miracles and healings, & helps did  indeed back up what He said I'd say it's a steady jump to believe He was God. But if its true and I stake my life that it is we have a responsibility to hear Jesus Christ and choose to believe Who He said He IS! Lift up His Name! Like the saying goes, "you can't keep a good man down," so Jesus was innocent and death could not keep him in its grip. When He was on the Cross He bore our sins and actually became them and their penalty before God and sentence carried out! We deserved hell and indeed the Law condemns and rightly so. For the Bible declares, " There is none righteous, no not one." Isaiah 53:1-6. And it says, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God," Romans 3:23. And in Romans 6:23, "For the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is Eternal Life through Christ our Lord." The Gospel is an offense to all. It declares the plan of God and the moral depravity of all men and the Rescue of God in sending His Son for our salvation! Our hearing the Voice of God in the words of God in Scripture is a special revelation only given to those who will have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches. Indeed to every man who thirsts He can save so let him/her drink of the water of life freely! But he or she must call upon the Name of the Lord to be saved if they desire a relationship with God to pursue. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:9,10 Ephesians 2:8,9 says, "For by grace ye have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, not of works, lest anyone boast." II Corinthians 5:17 says if any man is in Christ, He is a new Creation. The old has past and the New has come! II Corinthians 5:19 says to be reconciled to God. Jesus had many disciples but many left when He said these words, "daily be givers; Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me." But in balance there is comfort in His words too. "Come unto Me all ye who are burdened with heavy labor and I will give you rest." "For my yoke is easy, and MY burden is light!" "Take MY yoke upon you and learn of Me for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest for your souls." Salvation is a Gift but we learn to trust by following His Word and obeying and that's in the Bible. We fellowship with the Father and Son and the Body of His Son! We pray God's prayers and weep God's tears and learn to look on compassion on our neighbors and the unfortunate with compassioned prayers and legs of good deeds of love from our Heavenly Father REALLY love them! All this is promise to those who accept God's Son and forgiveness of sins and begin their adventure of Life IN the Son! For God is able! Being in Christ and being found a lover of God and in the Righteousness of God's Son requires perseverance to make it through and stamina some but God provides to the end of life a way of  salvation. Let us have grace whereby we might serve God acceptably and without fear, just respect, cautious where we step, reverance. Above all Follow Jesus as Lord! Learn what pleases Him and God! When one is saved He learns to stop sin in his/her life. Cooperating with Jesus and God the saved individual shrinks from self-righteousness and all religious activity of one's own origin to rest in Jesus and know Who God Is! He is worthy of all our worship and all our praise! A follower of Jesus does these things..

Monday, June 04, 2012

Love From God Without And Within: The Indiscriminate Grace And Shocking Love of OUR Heavenly Father God!

Monday, June 4, 2012, 3:40 PM  uptick 3/12/16 Imagine Luke 15 gives the story of the Prodigal returned as the Father God in His Magnificent Love of the Lavish Father rejoices that His son has come home! With indiscriminate common grace the Father prevents the son on tip toes from guilt of talking to excuse himself before the Father but instead gets a party from Love of the Father God! FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. JOHN 3:16 The Gospel: A Coming To Christ. How Would You Like To Or Feel Up To And Indeed Good To Go To Being And Indeed Becoming An Intimate Friend Of God And Live An Abundant Life Accepting Friendship by God by responding to God's gracious invitation to Salvation In Christ From God In This Life In The Preparation For And Expectation Of Heaven? I have. Have you been raised in the faith? Is your aim at Heaven? Have you grown lukewarm? Then tie a knot in your rebellion and obey God instead. Do you know He loves you. Do you know it involves discipleship to fully realize God's plan for you in His love and His test in the discipleship to be becoming cemented in Blood Covenant, saved in assurance! And grace is to keep you saved from God as Jesus is Lord obediently IN you? This, our response is to make Him Lord, Savior. Daily on the Altar are you placing you a living sacrifice laid? Do you know to what extent God went Through His wallet photos to show through His action to us His mankind: How He loves us individually in this wonderful lavish almighty unconditional personally edifying uniquely expressing His image type individual-as-if-He-the-only-one-to-us-sending godly arousing passionate Divine/human (Jesus is called the son of man,) love? As you lay open your Bibles you won’t find the Autographs but you will obtain a good translation if you seek to find one. Only the Autographs are inspired though in the original Greek and Hebrew first original. But are you getting to know the God of these verses?! But many versions are good with no change 99.9999% like indeed the New American Standard. Do you believe God would like to personally treat you to relationship that saves from hell and delivers from a sinful lifstyle and He, liking you to find you (as He did Abraham, Moses, or the Apostle Paul) creating re-creation of you and give you such abundant life now as they had on earth and in Heaven as they aimed for? For God is personal and longs to be our Father that way for these people honored Him  being born again faithfully. For love from God does not disqualify nor give up on you nor does not disregard the small of us as we are practicing humility when looking at the forest for all the trees in His hands. He knows us all by name. Even to the very hairs on our head the name "HE" calls us!! He loves us while we were still enemies of His plan. And He loves us mightily STRONG Dying for us. God wants a personal knowing of you. But do you let Him into your conscience? But by examination are you building a House for God of obedient response or you are you in the balances weighed and found wanting? We are not talking abundance of material things here but of the heart, devotion, adoration in the little crevices and heart beat of our soul with Him! God is no respecter of persons. He will reward anybody who is having faith in Him Hebrews 11:1, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. Without it (faith) it is impossible to please God. For He that comes to God must believe that He is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him! He's after our heart life and new spirit in Christ specially our allegiance/availability as we approach to Him. He's earned a place in our heart of daily love for love shown in sending His only Son two thousand years before to buy us back reveals His Divine offering. He wants us in relationship to Himself and in fellowship strongly specially attending Church (hint, here is mine: Bethel,) and enjoying everyone’s personality individually in His Body of believers! He doesn’t like us at a distance spiritually which pride in sin to us in our haughtiness is doing. A wise man (Walter Beuttler,) has said in order for God to do something for us, He has to do something with us, so that He can do something to us! God gives us the faith to believe which is a gift! Do you have His Gift of Salvation and do you follow Christ so much it hurts? do you recognize He gives you faith to believe, present active indicative in most places mentioned in the Word which is a verb tense of belief and to keep on believing? And that He loves you as Daddy (not a sugar daddy,) but in believing on Him as Source, or Provision (supply?) and good good Father! This special love He loves you with is for the unique person you are and is love by God our good Father Abba Papa and is Savior to you because He chooses to love you making you free to choose Jesus Christ and do not make any choice to fulfill your own flesh desire apart. Freedom is not always safe thing thus but can be dangerous if you do not take in the whole counsel of the Word of God to be saved in relationship to God not necessarily 'religious religion' finding you. Better than sexual freedom and or sensual liscense is love Agapeon for God or receiving and/or responding to God's kind of love for us. Consider God’s Revelation of Himself in of all books, the Bible! He demands we use our will to choice to decide and choose Him for no choice is eternal destruction! Eternal Destiny is at stake! Really! Freedom from sin He promises you in you getting saved and becoming a work in progress in getting to know Him for the rest of your life passively from His work within with a godly pursuit actively in finite spurts of knowing Him by Nature and Love for Him opening up! What would it take for you to show this faith and love for or towards Jehovah God in this Christian relationship? Would you need a breakthrough to faith if only to have peace with Him if you risked high stakes of comprimise with man or of your so called life in crises management to get to Him? YES, Oh How He loves you greatly in the Son. And yes our seeming control of things in life is an illusion. We can surrender control to God or choose money to control. Jesus said, "You can't serve both God and mammon." Do not have an object to your faith but choose God as its object and not faith in faith! It matters because the object of faith is to become God through Christ Jesus Who is saving us. Christ Himself makes peace between us and God and has Done this through the work on the cross of His shed Blood and earthly life and it is a Perfect Sacrifice to propitiate (Satisfying to God well for sin,) or Atone for to make a person's faith's decision to believe GOD to save us from sin (past, present, and future,) which is the only choice for your object. It is through a relationship to God BY THE SON’s Finished Work applied to them. Just as an animal was chosen for sacrifice in olden days for its perfection from defect to give to the priest so the Innocent Lamb of God, Jesus Died for your sins. Jesus is your great High Priest purging our conscience for rooted forgiveness inside and by His Word sprinkling our hearts from an evil conscience and cleansing us from dead works to serve God from our conscious conscience!! There is no formula to get there. There are no glib phrases to repeat, but in Christ: His Personhood: He is the way, the truth, and the life and in that (testimony)of Christ Savior and Lord we’re born again following! John 14:6. We’re each called to our own spiritual adventure and heart surgery! But all come through the Blood of Jesus Christ to New Covenant relationship! You can draw near to God and He will draw near to you. You can submit to Him and the devil will flee from you. You can have in your benefit in God's Salvation in knowing about Him on the way to firsthand experience knowing Him by getting saved. With the pain evident by ethos and pathos known only to you and God, from Him that you are a sinner first you desperately need to know from Hebrews the way is open and plain by the Word made flesh and dwelling among us, Jesus Christ, and you are laid bare and spiritually open by a New Covenant in fact born from an Old one that now is a new and living way to God and is available through the Body of our Lord and His Blood! (And that in Finished Work of Jesus Christ God loves you almightily STRONG, justifies, and transfers His Victory your way!) For in His Presence yes in His fullness there is joy, rooted in Christ joy to be had!; pleasures at His right hand forevermore and this all had in knowing God through Christ simply put. It’s not pie in the sky by and by, but Jesus and His words followed obeyed if you will spend time with Jesus to discipleship. No rose garden promised but led along by ardent penetrating Truth to deny self, take up your cross and follow Him Who Is a Person, Jesus Christ! Follow Him as I do and others. Put God with everything within you in you by faith! Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is coming back for some angry young men Randy Styonehill penned lyrics. Men who will fight for God's honor: angry about sin and its harm. Knowing ironies Of His Kingdom and having the peace with God that fights the Lord's battles love on others. Salvation starts with Finished Works on the cross and our forgiveness of sins from God and is expressed in results: effects like the wind listing to blow through everyone born of the Spirit to the effect the Devils works are destroyed by Christ within and glowing through us! Eternal life which starts at the Death on the Cross at identification of Jesus in us or Resurrection for us even for each of us and it radically changes us by transforming us from faith to faith, glory to glory! With tears I pray the things that break God’s heart will break your heart. Humbly with tears also I wish you to embark on this road to God that, “aims at Heaven!” and hits it every time! (This was a C.S. Lewis phrase - "Aims at Heaven.") For His ways are so much higher than ours! And His Thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts! The cross is our stepping stone not stumbling block to this victory triumphant as overcomers in Him of finding every day in the Lord‘s will of the hidden maztso of Christ like life in the Passover Seder. Keep in mind the destiny of Jesus for us of Heaven is a disciple's cost to count to daily follow Him. Indeed it is foolishness this preaching to some who are blind to not discern spiritual things but they are foolish to disbelieve the cross was a triumphant act indeed. “The fool has said in his/her heart, there is no God. “ Living the Christian life is not in self-glory nor to be lived in self-righteousness nor pity for self, but mightily in Him humbly received, and restored, passively waited out, and best extroverted and actively expressed by faith through grace. Grace has a response to it. Christ is our righteousness and we cry open and honest facing the fact of sins we’ve committed to God need forgiveness and that we’re sinners to Him but for Him to give us Godly sorrow too to give repentance to us not to be repented of or not in worldly sorrow of any kind felt we turn to Him. We’re a work in progress and He’s working in us and on us with Hammer (of the Word,) and sometimes Screwdriver instead intended to make us sharp. Self-glory as a part of self-effort to work to earn pleasing to get to God we cease from and we put aside performance orientated treadmill frustration behind us to impress but instead in the Spirit through Christ knowing Him humbly genuine because of mercy and grace from God humbly and without fear we strive to be like Christ. In other words we watch our strut that it is progressing to a longer stride in the Lord truly dignified and constantly becoming authentically humble like Philippians chapter two: kenosis. Christ genuinely destroyed the work and power of the Devil literally breaking his weapons in two declaring Victory, making an embarrassing end for the devil then and soon in future in display over them his demons Colossian 2. We're enlisted to enforce this destruction and devastation sentence over Satan by the authority of Jesus Christ as we get the Spirit Anointed urge by God in step to victory humbly spiritually! Christ came out of an empty Tomb to fill empty hearts and we be sweet is His victory! Benny Hester wrote or sang a song in Contemporary Christian music called, “When God Ran, “about how God longs to come to each one of us 'sinning' but returning to Papa Abba as children once for all and as prodigals repenting and stopping sin as a habit we do so He longs to fill us His Body with His Presence and with Godly love unto Resurrection Life in the Son newness. Except you become as little children and receive the Kingdom of God as a little child, you will not see nor enter it nor be saved. Therefore, the noblest act for us to do is to sit at the feet of Jesus who is the exact representation of God and learn! Preferably in a prone position humble posture always, to worship Him though posture doesn't matter. Jesus spoke of His Father, “Sanctify us by Thy Truth. “ “Thy Word is truth. “ So should we have this attitude of humility! We can learn by this statement that man is totally depraved and has the witness of God in His existence inside himself it’s so. Attributes of Adam flock to tell its so on a daily basis. Christ is the end or fulfillment of righteousness to all who believe for forgiveness period rather than work for their salvation for those who exert effort on their part for righteousness are doomed from the start to repeated frustration. Its by grace! Alone! Man needs a Savior of necessity and must know he is fallen. There's a influence for God we must transmit. Jesus is to be believed in for salvation literally His Name, Jesus Christ: for grace charis is a good fragrance aroma to us saved and is His Personal Trait and we’re to worship Him for mercy shown as we come to know Who He is more as God in the flesh, a Personal God. He is able to save you by His Death and Resurrection through His Blood imputed, to the uttermost aspect kept by His Power, blessed in Him. You have a piece in this puzzle to contribute to His Body for edification if you endure in this re: the end. He wants us like His Son, made over in His Image. In His love He means to love us so we can help and give to the common good to the end meaning “Rapture,“ or the death you die not spiritually but to this earthly tent. You are Members of Christ in particular. When one member suffers us all suffer and when one member is honored we all get honored. You persevere well through temptation for you live forever in either hell or heaven...But life begins at being born again! Hell is a real place and don’t go there. Be qualified not cast away. When your saved tour saved from the wrath to come or Great Tribulation. If the Rapture comes to pass and you are living in relationship to God by faith through grace with faith obedient, you can be caught up in (“rapizo in org. Bible languages) to the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall you ever be with the Lord Jesus! You're not earning God's love but responding in appreciation. Comfort one another with words like these! Doesn't this sound like something you’d like? Alternatively, learn to like? Love maybe? Read I Thessalonians 4:13-17 and I Corinthians 15:1-7ff. Imagine thinking, “I’m good enough to enter Heaven because my good outweighs my bad and then finding my Standard is no good because I compromise even in attempting to be good and I can say He may honestly say then, “I never knew you, depart you to outer darkness.” In your realer moments you know it is true of us all. We need a Savior Who if we commit to would never leave us nor forsake us: JESUS! Follow Him where He is. Obey His Word even if it don't make sense. Develop sensitivity to the sensative nature of sensitivity to His Voice. In context, "God be merciful to me a sinner," was heard said by a Tax-gatherer who was someone Jesus told as one who humbles himself before God he beating upon his breast in personal agony for his sins in preparation to see God. The Pharisee was a total opposite lost in proud thought. Jesus told the interpretation of this about people who think themselves righteous and show contempt for others. This parable shows humility before God by this publican who came home justified and exalted in due time having humbled himself bowing low before God in petitions and worship God for Who God is in humility. In keeping with the line of scripture I’m towing my family in to all be One, I'm following unified LOVE I‘ve found from Him: that God is love and Jesus shows it personally by His Life, Death, Burial, and Resurrection and Subsequent Life. All must bow down low before God and accept this born again relationship for God says you won't see God nor His Kingdom without it. His way of Rescue from the sinfulness and insidiousness of sin in this world is grounded in sins that we have committed by error of commission and omission seen forgiven in the present Within a Relationship with Him!. Just by being born from Adam, we are responsible and this is because we all were in Adam when he fell in His genes. This invitation to pursue God for all its worth (brave inside) is a testifying that Jesus Paid It All; that the deliverance over sin Christ won to gain our salvation for us was complete and makes us whole; it follows...WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN AS INDIVIDUALS AND INTO A CORPORATE BODY! In Christ or Born of God, in relationship to Him like hand in glove, father and son or daughter! No religion too! As a popular song lyric puts it *BUT IN GENUINE RELATIONSHIP TO GOD! * The Word of God says God created man in the image and likeness of God. It declares man suffers irreparably from the fall of Adam the first man. Law only shows up our sin. Genesis declares in the account record that their fall brought substantial crises to man and that this happened just as they disobeyed God's command to not eat the fruit of the tree God said no to eat as a direct command but disobeyed. Man thinks of loopholes first all the time but he was and is still made in God's image in vestiges latent and man thinks, “how do I fix this,” he then made fig leaves to cover his/her skin before Holy God but God made provision to restore man without help from man for that redemption of the likeness and image of God to be returned. God made animal clothes. He slew a sacrifice and it was the first one. Even this expresses the thought more robustly that the Lamb of God was slain from before the Foundation of the world for God provided firstly AN EVERLASTING Covenant by sacrifice and we play a part in it. Even today in this very moment God would love to order your life anew and show you He has a Divine plan for you to live “in the dust of the Rabbi, “God-breathed (inspired: theopneustos in Greek) and for that likeness or image of God to be restored for you; for me. This is EMT aid by God or CPR God performs on you (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation of the heart and life through spirit in-breath or electro-cardio diagnosis that aids in newness of life heart health.) And I can see in my mind's eye in the unknown for me on my plate to believe the likeness aspects of being in-breathed of Father God our Creator in us that He has vested. In His natural creation acts and in the Finished Work on Calvary it was this as well as that done both because of His love Agape for man. Without regard for who we are in our person alone and in His Own Personal Way Amazing Unconditional personal LOVE IS SHOWN US nonetheless, from His Throne and His long-hearted passion-shown long suffering persevering Sovereignty and Love. It has worked sacredly to appoint justification to us in the cross and for me for a time in particular of being saved in the moment of today because grace is of saving aspect and for us all to happen is my prayer. After being saved God wants to PROVE His people and to test their innocence to unsaved to save many more! Only His saved children get disciplined by Him and that is literally His begotten love! His Kind of Love is Indescribable, Untamable, and we can be motive intended by it! Ask the Savior to save you and make you His! By David Candel