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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

PRAY. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! A Prayer Warrior! What Is He?

A.   "Salt fights corruption. We're in a war with the world, the flesh, and the devil until we win the victory in Christ, by the Spirit," says Rev. John Hagee. God gives us if we're receptive if we've given our hearts over to Him as His own, we're saved, weapons of righteousness on the right hand and the left and they are not of the flesh but spiritual being from the Holy Spirit. But stay right hearted in honoring and pleasing God, God said.

B.    Acknowledge Christ in all you do and God the Father and the Holy Spirit in all your ways and trust in God Who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with all your heart! Be God's child. Be God's prayer warrior! God is not Casper the Friendly Ghost as Colossians ministers Christ PreEminant or going before anything running the other way. Neither is He Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hide as Romans and Hebrews, etc. tells us He's not.
We should make universal confession, craving even pleading before God, though His children lost, forgiveness, admitting the sins we commit and the sins of our people for a great harvest of turning to Him like Nehemiah in ch 1 and Daniel in ch 9 of their respective books in the Bible. We should make universal petition for all men everywhere to be saved and to repent and to come to a knowledge (Greek Epignoskgo experiential intimate knowledge of God,) of the truth II Chronicles 20:15. The battle is over. God won. Christ, is the Truth in Person. And for all in authority to be saved we pray and that we may lead a quiet existence and peace filled life and be on good terms with everybody in godliness sincerely. We want to be into God's plan completely, Re: God's dream for you and cast for you! Be a witness. Be for Him and determined and committed to His plan. Ask Him for the heathen as your inheritance Psalm 2. Be in God's prayer for you. Be in God's dream for you. Know God's heart for prayer! Be in the middle of God's heart. Read C.S. Lewis.

C.   God has one single path for us walking in the steps of Jesus and the dust of the Rabbi and escapes, looking unto Jesus on that path (according to I Cor. 10:13.) We want not to be lead into temptation but to maintain a witness in undergoing temptations we go THROUGH that we're actively yielding to God in all things, so that we are maturing! We all have different diverse lifestyles and we grow out of elementary beliefs if they are untrue. By His Spirit God will make you a witness unto Jesus welcoming Jesus anywhere and following His Work in their heart ad nauseum. Ask Him to send forth laborers into His Harvest making you the leader of the servant serving the least without a title. Pray for lost loved ones' salvation. Ask for the heathen as your inheritance. Pray for your family. Pray before you go out and when you come in, "if The Lord wills." Have confidence toward God! Perfect love casts out all fear. The righteous are as bold as a lion. 

D.   You will gentle what you should resist however if you don't actively learn hate of sin too as well as hate of Satan as well and where we don't measure up. But don't be a Mormon nor Jehovah Witness. I'm not saying to have the devil in a conscious life at all mostly. God hates dishonest weights in balances. Do we? We can grow out of a sin consciousness even as born again as we serve The Lord and are lead in paths of righteousness for His Name's Sake Psalm 23. Instead of that the cross in our consciousness should grow in us. I'm saying be encouraged about who you go to to become a witness for Jesus testifying being a just and equal person. For wisdom ask God completely and let God solve all your problems and how to exist for wisdom with a fool (use wisdom with the folly of a fool) and grow in discipleship. Count the cost in prayer daily to follow Christ and be reading your Bible. 

E.    Because ignorance of the facts is not getting you there to a grace-filled life of faith to Jesus if one ignores there is a Satan or a devil and does not hate him, and what he does. Are you aware of what is just and equal? Do you care for the poor and needy as if they were your own flesh and blood in a sacrificial way? Are you living a sacrificial life? Pastor Rich says, "Family are we aware of what God is doing? Do we have thank you lists? Instead of wish lists do we say thank you for all we got? We need to start thinking about what God HAS DONE! When we are delivered of fear or worry we need to start on our journey of what God wants to do for us! We are then free to serve Him."Our forgiven minds need spiritual commitment to become: committed, submitted, and transformed, morphed, changed. We must be "born again" to even see or enter the Kingdom of God. .." God's Spirit is Holy and connected to His Person," says Pastor Rich. The things we used to do we must never do again nor walk in cloak of maliciousness but expose ourselves continuously to light and instead shine the light, be salt and light, and don't let sinful words come to mind. Leave your all on the altar of sacrifice laid.

We're here to worship God and be bringing glory and honor to our Jesus our Lord. God's Wrath and Vengence on sin and Righteous Character by the Death of Christ is now revealed from Heaven against sin by the Spirit of God through the Life, Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Glorification of Christ. In the life of the believer is no condemnation. As for me and my house we will serve The Lord! Men tend to suppress the truth in unrighteousness but we must seek after God with all of our hearts giving thanks in sincere response as soldiers in the Lord's believers. We cast down every argument and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. We take every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ. We actively seek a lifestyle of abstinence from sinning and sin and yield to the Lord Jesus Christ in everything and even rejoice and joy in trials when tempted (or devil or demon intimidated or initiated, yes by a toothless mangy as like a lion suffering decay.) James 1:1-12. Those lion(s) of Daniels day weren't toothless and may make suggestions. But all it takes is King Jesus Who Is The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the only lion in scripture, to help all of that trouble like He did Daniel. Did you know that their is Jasper around God's Throne and Blue Sapphire under it? His angels cry Holy, yea thrice Holy, day and night.

Know that within the Finished Works of Christ you and I were present and as His child, died and were raised with our Lord Jesus through His Life (Blood) complete. We're sitting in the Heavenlies re: Christ's Finished works at Calvary. And it's all genuine firm faith if it's faith firmly in God and God's supernatural actual help by intervention supernaturally and we thrive. We know real love now having seen it supernaturally in our believing Family and Eternal God having loved us first I John 4:19. We have a covering called the kiporath by which God passes over or overlooks our sins which is the Death and Slain Blood of The Son of God, Jesus Christ. We can live in the light of God's providing Salvation. By His help we live crucified re: Died to sin. We respond through Christ as He moves upon our heart and intercede then for other's salvation on a small mountain like Hur and Aaron lifting Moses' hands while others fight in the valley mopping up. God knows our motives and He will help clarify them to be a helping hand to others. The effectual fervent prayer for healing or salvation yields much. Let's be a righteous man praying it. Our Lord Jesus said, "If you abide in Me and My words abide in you you can ask what you will and it will be granted you. Thus you will bear much fruit. So shall you be My disciples." John 15. Our desires will be God's desires.

We obtain spiritual ground in godliness with contentment even through trials, adversity, temptations, and tribulations but not necessarily knowing who we are in identity in every circumstances's rare breath but if it means a soul saved yeah pour on the rarefied air. That is, we get grace to be a faith filled witness in that circumstance even situation no matter what surrounds. Jesus is our Savior and for some of us He's Lord. We're His ambassadors, and witnesses cooperating yielding. A prayer warrior on his knees then is fighting the good fight for the mastery of all things under God's Sovereignty, the theocracy of God, and so glorifying Jesus's Name among men in all things praying everywhere with all kinds of prayers that they receive answers. Jesus is the only one true Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. He gives a good fight of faith. He gives Hupernikao, overwhelming super abundant victory triumph in Christ. He's our Victorious Warrior Zeph. 3:17 and Romans 8:37 says this. He rids us of condemnation (diacrina.) He gives an articulate buoyancy, aero plane of spirit, through the Holy Spirit strengthening us in being still in His Presence and overwhelming hope, confident expectation sufficient provision in trusting, interacting with Him giving a persevering fight and a light that with other Christians produces one can put win, putting a thousand to flight, and two can put ten thousand to flight of satan's imp or people temporarily. When people though sometimes become seeming giants in our thinking remember God used only a boy named David God helped gather five smooth stones for the demise of the giant Goliath and helped him find those stones and sling the first one at Goliath to its deftly effect so act accordingly and our fight is not with flesh and blood. This is Psalms; I Samuel; Ephesians. Turn a sinner from the error of his way to righteousness is the best occupation God through you does. James and I John tell us.

God has given us the believer armor (helmet of salvation, belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with the preparation for the Gospel of peace, shield of faith, praying on all occasions for all people, (Ephesians 6:10-18,) and we have the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God our only defensive and offensive weapon and we BECOME weapons of Righteousness in the Lord's hand. We are salt and light. We can from time to time enforce the sentence on Satan imposed on him and his minions at Calvary, and placed there not by looking at the circumstances but by the Atoning Blood and the Death of Christ, Redemption, God's enforcements as God wills. We acknowledge serving Satan before becoming saved and demon's presence leave even flees but submit to God first as always, and resist the enemy knowing his devices have consequences. For we being many more in number than any adversary are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us and we know: The handwriting of ordinances which was against us God nailed to His Cross and we're free (even unchained,) Jesus having put Satan disarmed and penniless and his followers to an open shame and on display. This is what Colossians says. Hebrews 8:12a says, "For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness,".."their sins and iniquities I will remember no more." Oh grace that is amazing!

God is in control. Jesus in birth, life, death, resurrection, glorification, disarmed satan, destroyed his disarmed weapons, made a display of him, and Jesus came to destroy him, evil, and death! Christ came to destroy the works of satan. There is no ying yang or balance in existence between God and satan. You simply have to flip the switch and Light shines! Darkness flees! There is no equal to God! He stands alone. He is Adonai Jehovah Lord God and He is moving in Goodness, Justice, and Mercy! Revival fire fall! He will not put out of joint a bent reed nor snuff out a smoking flax just because it is just burning slowly, or bent because we spiritually obey His Spirit stubbornly! Looking unto Jesus! Lord This has been a little bit of my own spiritual life's warfare in spiritual matters. What's your reason for living? I invite comments!

Forgiven! I will Dance Around God's Throne! The love and forgiveness of God! I Will Proclaim God's Salvation!

God loves you! Do you hear God loves you? BUT WHAT DOES THAT ALL-SUFFICIENT MAXIMIZED LIBERAL LOVE HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR INMOST BEING TO BEGIN WITH OR YOU?What does that love have to do with you tender dove? You are that by the way! We may obtain obsequious butterflies inside from our spirits but the reality of love is all God's initiation. Did you know God forgives and forgets? Hebrews 8:12. Did you create Orion? Or Pisces? Did you wake today? Did you make one hair white or black? If you couldn't do that which is least, come now then what could you do to make it right or to add one hour to your life (or to try to earn favor with God.) The answer is ...nothing, to all three. Grace means I rest. I lean upon what God did and does for me being totally incoming comacozi's of love I couldn't do for myself and God performs even I being the only human being lost on earth God draws through the reaching Son of His love, Begotten Jesus and finds too. God loves you that He creates you and sustains you that is, upholds you by the word of His power Hebrews 1:3,8. He makes His causes known to the principalities and powers in the Heavenly realms that He loves to love you and not passively looking out for us only but to so actively LOVE you and that He does re: with infinite care, beauty, and wisdom Eph. 3:10. Ecclesiastes says in 3:11, "He has made everything beautiful!" And Psalm 27:4,11 ; I John 4:8 (B J Thomas and the Aunt of the Late Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, sing, "Everything is beautiful..,") as well: GOD IS LOVE! In Jesus Christ He saves you by His Blood! To you Whom He came to Body of believers and little Church at Bethel, who He loved to His Death, To Who you come to, also, to become to stay in The character with that love and to remain in the Vine Jesus Christ matters as a good sermon and a good witness sustained by grace. Wholeness in body, soul, and spirit in His Holy Righteous Character within which He provides for us by grace progressively and we seek Him wholeheartedly with diligence to become set apart for God more. He'll have us deep calling to the deeps in experiences with Him and awesomely in His Magnanimous love. Once taught by His mercy and grace He sets us to focus on Him and the Eternal. He's Omniscient and Omnipotent to know the end from the beginning the Alpha and Omega in that which is His Righteous and pure Love! Charles Spurgeon - The Prince of Preachers has said, "If the great enemy, Sin, has been conquered, we shall not fear the little enemy, Death." His way is Holy and gentle yet just, merciful, and full of grace.He knows the very exact number of hairs we have on our head. He says not a hair of our heads will perish! And nothing will by any means hurt us! He knows every sparrow that falls. Micah 7:19 says, "God loves us that He tramples underfoot our iniquities and puts them in the depths of the sea!" He says, "Consider the lilies or the ants," when you have worries over finances. He puts all our tears in His bottle. And what if His healing comes through tears; what if His blessing comes through teardrops even raindrops?! What if a thousand sleepless nights only happen to show that He is near?! He loves us (and that means,) through everything, and as we're in a pattern of pleasing Him we rejoice. We rejoice in hope abounding therein with joy and peace believing. He unconditionally accepts us through the eye of seeing us in His Son, Jesus. That sort of thing, re: His acceptance unconditionally will change us as we realize grace in truth. Christ gives you the believer a newness of life! From the rule and reign of sin He translates you into the Kingdom of God where you receive the ABUNDANCE OF THE GIFT of Righteousness of God as a free Gift through grace and reign in life through grace interposed in right believing adds up to right living in experience! The Holy Spirit's rule and reign in the life of the believer is the active Kingdom of God from God's viewpoint. As a good Father He's doctoring of us in a way. His discipline to us is light and life until you grow up in Him. Discipline is for sons. A son abides in the house forever. A slave does not. We were born slaves of sin. The love of God speaks up loud and clearly through the power of the cross in victory! As you feel loved by God He's not severe nor abusive in what He allows to touch you, a son or daughter of His, not giving you more than you can handle nor less than what in prayer interacting with Him and He helps in providing for your needs. He isn't disappointed in you as you seek Him diligently with the whole heart calling on Him, He rescuing you lovingly but is pleased with you threw His eyes upon you precious child of God in the Salvation (spirit and soul Righteousness-Substitution) of His Son's Finished Work for you. He oversees how a good habitual pattern of right living in Christ lifestyle over sin and evil for you prospers until you see convinced that this is Our Heavenly Father's good counsel toward us. Continually His saved children are indeed rescued even He being fully ensconced in Lordship of micro-managed sovereignty in His Wholeness Beneficient Benevolent Son's replaced life for you firmly, even He putting Himself in the way to rescue you, (remember Balaam's Donkey?) This is up close deep God come alongside to help, in Greek, Paraclete. Scripture says through the Psalmist, "He has set my feet in a wide place" Psalm 18:33; 27:11-13. "He teaches my hands to war" Psalm 18:34,35. We all look up at or to His Provident providing Hands and Wonderful Heart seeking His face forever. God yearns for you with deep abiding affections. We are the object of His affections sourced in the Lord Jesus Christ if we're saved specially. But these are the affections that took Jesus Christ to the cross indeed to fulfill prophecy bravely with a tenacious wisdom God’s purpose. These are the affections that led Jesus to submit to arrest, to torture, and to death. These are also the deep and abiding affections of God's heart forever inscribed on the palms of His hands, Re: your name. "Our walls are ever before You," scripture says, (even our gates and cemeteries.) In other words, Jesus is our place of protection, our place of economic markets, and our place of successes. God strengthens us as Paul prayed with all power by His glorious might within. He does this to all patience, long suffering, with joyfulness."Jesus’ death was not the result of a panicking, cosmological engineer. The cross wasn’t a tragic surprise. The death of the Son of God was anything but an unexpected peril!" says Max Lucado.
"Jesus spoke of His death as a part of a plan. A calculated choice. The cross was written into the script. It was no accident. Jesus was born crucified.

Whenever he became conscious of who he was, he also became conscious of what he had to do. His toughness meant He had to man it out when unrighteousness men wanted Him to give His life prematurely. It explains the resoluteness in his words: “The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life, only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.” (John 10:18).
So call it what you wish. An act of grace. A plan of redemption. A martyr’s sacrifice. But whatever you call it, don’t call it an accident. It was anything but that!" ML
Jesus said, "Come unto Me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you Rest!" My yoke is easy and My burden is light. I am gentle and lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls. He loves you with all His might hugging your soul. Love is the main event. I John 4:19. The commandments of God are not burdensome but wise unto making us aware of the plan of salvation. He's loved you from before the foundation of the world. When dormant sinners, like us nonetheless caught in our sinning repentant, but sin-ners (persons who transgress or miss the mark,) who are Called by God, Chosen, Hand Called and prayerfully, personally hand (woven and handcrafted) picked by Him, like us, we were loved, He's forgiven us, justified us, regenerated us. God imparts or reckons us, a financial term, not even a part of logic: "Paid In Full". Just as Jesus said, “It is finished,” God is weaving a tapestry of us. Scripture in the fortieth chapter of Isaiah says, "Our warfare is accomplished." The war is over with God and men and God wins. Comfort reigns. He is meek and lowly in heart and so in Him we find rest for our souls. This why He says in Himself, His yoke is easy, His burden is light. We were loved when we were before God’s own existing in the plan of God in Eternity, says scripture. In the plan of God in Eternity Past the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world, we were foreigners to Himself and aliens to Commonwealth of Israel, and to The Body of Christ, and we, a mere wisp in His mind however, but loved by Him. You or I can be thankful our parents birthed us also. You've loved us while we were Your enemies God or in other words of another mind at Your Son Jesus’s Death. A cross death was a crude Roman device to keep Israel in line. But God had a salvation plan. He had something better in mind for us in sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to the cross. Believe it people of God or not we were there in His death and resurrection standing by and in the cross, but God meant it for good, our good! Let's find how this works out for good. For Isaiah 53:6a says, "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way,…" And we have failed the "good test" and so come under the Judgment of God a just judge and merciful but Holy. Do you read the Ten Commandments? I fail and miserably. Have you sought for air gasping for breath to know pursuing God if God sees you automatically or do you through a Mediator (a go-between,) who is Perfectly Holy ask Him for mercy to know Him? Think this through. Do come through Jesus Christ. The Father says no other way but Mediation of the Son. And Romans 5:6,7,and 8 says, "For a good man someone might die or might dare to die." But Christ commends His love to us, people (who in a God-ordained moment acknowledge they are sinful and get saved to follow) as different. He creates us a rejoicing when we hear the joyful noise The Word Of God resonating dissonance and symphony hallelujah as the joyful sound of the voice of God in joy ready mind us surprised like a child that is opening a Christmas present at Christmas time: (God's good humor,) For He's loved us WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS and/or in our minds apart. Scriptures use the term, "hostile" in our minds Romans 8:6,7. But God still loves us. He's loved us just the way we are. He wants us to change. There's a lot of love around and in and around the Cross for us on God's declarative will and it comes with a challenge to become saved. At Calvary Jesus suffered excruciating prolonged pain in patiently enduring it, the whole process. It was with hard iron nails that His wrists and feet were pierced with pain so excruciating He had angels ministering to Himself and from where the word 'crucifixion' comes from. Yet in His love for us He endured the cross despising the shame yet for the joy set before Him, He endured and set like a flint His face indeed endured until Death and gave seven recorded cries from words from the Cross and then He gave His last breath saying, "It is Finished," (tetelestai meaning the end of a perfect process,) Isaiah 53:6b continues, "and God has laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Remember as the whole scene turned ugly it turned violent of victory also because God The Victor was there working. Amen. Somewhere in those Eternity of Eternity moments He set down at the right hand of the Father. God took on human form and came to earth a babe in swaddling clothes to serve. He showed the way in greatness and living Holy without fail obeying God He Died in our behalf, astonishingly (His face and body were marred in form and appearance more than any other physically beaten man,) so we could be forgiven set free, sins forgotten, reconciled and saved. Who could speak or ascribe adequately the wonderful magnanimous beautiful Eternal quality of such a Divinely beautifully executed affectionately powerful rescue as He performed? We are speechless to describe Jesus the man growing up a tender shoot or such a tender dry Root out of dry arid ground, having no attractive form nor comeliness that we should desire Him. Yet with firm prophetic establishment on grounded firmness from His Father's perspective He obeyed fully the Law (the 613) and gave His body over to the Lord's will despite man's will over something so insidiously, and sinful, and reckless in its nature but necessary from our viewpoint as become our sin! He the Christ even spoke forgiveness for His captors, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Christ willingly died laying down His life of His own accord on the cross for sin and sins and His humanity shines through as He obediently prays for the Father's will to be done and plans for it at Gethsemane and then surrenders to the Romans and Jews' hands. He is delivered up on Calvary for the sins of mankind. He suffered and died alone as His Heavenly Father turned His back (on the Son of His love.) "He Who knew no sin, BECAME sin for us that we might (know Him) (lit.) become (yada in Hebrew as in know in the Genesis sexual intimation of knowledge by experiencing,) (lit.) the righteousness of God in Christ," II Corinthians 5:21. Epignosko is the Greek for experiential intimate real knowledge of God by having the adventure through Christ in Christ. Because Jesus Christ became our sin-bearer we can know now how to be right and to do right knowing how right He is, and we can become in part His "rightness." A Righteousness of God apart from the Law is revealed in Jesus Christ. Christ is our 'how' of being though He is separate in Essence. Victor in a Salvation aspect Jesus became of A Name higher than any other name in Power and Nature and all of revealed natural creation and special principalities and powers Isaiah 52; Phil. 2:1-12. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me.” He became sin on a cross as a principle and became all the sins of the whole world in essence from the beginning of ancient time to the last born baby in the end of time for our salvation. Substituted in our place before God Christ said victoriously, "It is Finished!" at last, (tetelestai, meaning the end of a process,) presenting in an Eternity of Eternities His Righteous Holy Blood to God the Father, but He comes back to preach out of the other side of an Eternity of Eternities from an empty Tomb as well on the third day raising us too in Himself He exalts us to sit in Heavenly Places in Him! We now are raised, regenerated, justified, born anew because being born of God we're born from above, righteously right on with God by peace, by new birth, saved. We were a bondslave to sin but now forgiven, are alive to Jesus Christ. We belong God the death angel having passed over seeing The Blood, and are bondslaves of God and princes and princesses of Himself. Our names were written in The Lamb's Book of Life if we believed God through Christ unless we in effect take treacherously our names out of The Book of the Lamb's Life refusing to live sanctified by the words of this life a pattern of born anew Christian replaced life by The Messiah re:smorgasbord of abundant life varied diversely in lifestyle. There is no election to Heaven or Hell only election to holiness or a life thereof as a born again believer in Jesus if we desire it. We don't give place to the devil for one minute by placing doubt anywhere. To give place or a foothold to the devil himself would be like one of his devices he uses against. Satan asked God if he could sift Peter like wheat. Peter's name God chose wanted Peter as itself but instead satan tried to change it to wheat. But God gave him the name, Peter! Ruth would have her name, Mara, meaning bitter, but after that she was only defined by the name God gave her, Ruth! Christ intercedes/prays for us as he did Peter to withstand evil and resist it in displaying love for God in the Spirit especially and so for our faith to prosper as well Col. 1:8. No one can take you out of the Father's hand Jesus said. We are the object of His affections held by His hands within His grip as we hold on too. In the Gospel we now can know a Righteousness of God apart from the Law or apart from works in the Son having Died with Christ and raised with Him the scripture says. We in a right believing relationship with God and worship in Spirit and in truth and rejoice in Him, in Who He Is we as bondslaves of His and sons and are declared forgiven. "He was delivered up," it says of God's Foreknowledge and Determinate Counsel in Acts 2 and in Romans 4:25, “He was put to Death for our offenses, but indeed Raised again for our justification." That delivering up and Raising up is Justification from sin in the stance before God by faith in grace we have in Him. Our believing is in God standing and by faith in Jesus's blood through grace. Forgiven we can be seated in Heaven with Jesus and know we're the Righteousness of God in Him and in the Covenant Relationship with Him! He Died an Unjust Cruel Death On The Cross (Capitals To Emphasize it was God in J.C.,) so that we might re: go free. Christ makes us right: right with God and right with our world! We went free to a spiritual life of born again spiritual freedom unmerited or undeserved, with God preserving an Eternal inheritance undefiled reserved in Heaven waiting for us from Father God Himself. In Him we have redemption, even the forgiveness of sins. We were transferred translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son Col. 1:13,14. But our sins were laid upon Him. This fact made me wonder as a child: it was the fact my sin might have been a part of it and that He BECAME all our sin. Jesus is both sin-bearer and scapegoat. But we were there as He was crucified and Risen again. I was a sinful person as a child who had guilt and innocence upon me but as well lavished with mindfulness of inquisitive learning and great beloved spirit (I have had good Christian saved parents who really love me.) And my parents and we their children Douglas, Barbara, DeeDee, and myself, David had Bible reading and prayer regularly growing up and with who we went to Church with. That didn't save me. Knowing about God facts does not mean that one knows God implicitly. Jesus Christ did Save me by my confession of faith, praying, and the Holy Spirit's confirming me with a deposit. Spiritually spiritual terms are discerned by the fear of The Lord. I went to church and in every pew and in every member's voice I heard Agape and Phileo love to me plainly and clearly. And I came near to Heavenly Father God knowing individually I knew I needed to know God. I came personally to know God experientially through Jesus Christ and became a disciple immediately. I accepted His salvation from the ocean of sin. I came kicking and screaming and dragging my feet (herkuo) as we all must do sometime (like a net being dragged of fish,) knowing my Personal DNA had to have God's DNA up close in His Touch benefiting, helping. We can at least say, with God's help, "I thank you God, for Your mercy," as we realize His mercy through and in Jesus Christ leads to everlasting life. "There were many facets to Christ's suffering He endured though escaped through," says Al Stein, we benefit from. We share in Christ's afflictions through suffering for Christ's sake and Righteousness' sake. We will be giving account of our lives to God for all Eternity. Do you want to know Him?! We were there at His Death (and His Resurrection as well,) for the Bible says so. "Crucify!" they yelled and "crucify," a second time they yelled. I believe each of us were at the cross. God saw fit to overlook, save, redeem oh so much! Why did Jesus rescue us? It's because we needed a strong strength of saving even redemption from sin. In one sense, only He can tell us or I that answer of why personally He saved us when we go to see Him in Heaven because it is bondslaves of Christ as our position now and in anonymity somewhat and in the tip of the iceberg here unknown the big part of it. His love is one recalls like a gentle flowing easy tributary river, gentle, ever sweet, the Gaithers sang in the Seventies to listening hearts. To respond with, "thank you," is all we can do by God's intervention to worship offering then to God in hearing the Voice of God according to the Gospel. It's gratefulness on our part and thankfulness in all things. It's mental assent with the facts of salvation, Divine prickly conviction with those facts, commitment to God, and follow through, or continuation of belief in Jesus and obedient to God and Christ after once for all commitment or close following Jesus Himself Resurrected learning that I'm raised with Him close hard after completely being blown away... by God's love! We then walk on justified, just as if we had never sinned or had in fact experientially always obeyed God (in Eden.) But first conviction, then commitment to repent, and finding Salvation close precious over a time period while becoming a disciple.
LEARNING FROM OUR PAST TO WALK IN JESUS CHRIST IN NEWNESS OF LIFE: And Jesus arose the third day! He's Alive! His birth, His Holy Righteous blood, death and life are efficacious and totally efficient. God is merciful in our unrighteousness and our sins He will remember no more Hebrew. 8:12. In this Eternally timeless yet timely love act affectionately the affront of the Gospel is not taken away. You see up close near the heart of God in the matter re: the love of God offends you and me some for it is not unlike sunshine unexpectedly on a cloudy day or creamery butter on toast and eggs benedict that brings comfort that we sometimes don't give glory to God for nor thank God for enough. Think of the Vengeful Wrath and Anger of God against sin (because sin harms us, doesn't honor nor give glory to God either) in the present now not expressed but instead in Chesed, re: God's Mercy and Lovingkindness lovingly manifest. The feeling like is as of us being lavished upon by God some way re: the Cross re: spoiled children (even the best of us) then, for attempting more than is our lot, at or trying at stealing (we assume constantly everything is ours as a sin or taking it all for granted really) and not relatively giving thanks for our partial portion in His wind with near intent to give Him that thanks for what He has Created and Provided for us and Saved us from and take a step.., but instead transgress (see Romans 1:21ff.) We can trace this back to Adam, the very first man. When we do this we were wrong before God. We assume too much generally and presume too much is ours. But coming back 180 degrees to God in repentance (metanoia) turning then is the gift of God at Salvation received where the cost effective budget real Kingdom reality is and God wants to give us, “Zoe (The God Kind of Life,) and Righteousness (gift of His rightness),” in God's Intervention indeed supernaturally doing it. We experience God's goodness and His glory is intact whole. However, the using of His Son’s Blood unthankfully by us on a disobedient path symbolizes the bad effects consequence we can get into into not giving thanks.
BUT GOD LET'S US KNOW THE HOLY FROM THE PROFANE: That's the secret in Christ, that we have hope and truth and don't have to sin anymore, we have a choice now. Where Christ took on the sarx sinful nature tackling it successfully even through every temptation known to man in Him we can too partially. Christ is our victory celebration. Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound. Where before we chose to sin naturally so now Christ within makes a real concrete evidential efficient transforming supernatural difference. We get a revelation of the timelessness of sin and sins and their transient temporary nature or candy-coatedness. We say and obey, "God forbid." Transformation of us then is like He did Himself on the Mt. Hermon Mount of Tranfiguration. It's supernatural. He knows our limits re: our borders. But we make boundaries that keep us in a state of ritualism. Grace has a drenching feel to it. Like whitewater rafting and being gone over with waves upon waves of water. But He always leads us in triumphal array in Christ. We get back on the path. We repent. We're stewards albeit if we become born again in God’s way and time we become born of God all things becoming newness of life, like fresh dew, and being His prince or princess. But you or I must have this born again saved experience denying ourself, taking up our cross, and following Jesus Christ individually to begin and, over time not overnight-like to live a ‘newness of life,’ life. We are indeed sin-bearing in need desperately of a Savior until we are found by Him. But we literally are trying to or attempting at stealing the (taking) glory away from God when sinning. God forbid. God gives more grace. We try to abstain from sin as believers even the appearance of evil in Him. We may attempt the abduction of His glory at a trespass but really it's impossible to even dilute His glory. However, God's glory always gets the go ahead green light. We are unable to help ourselves from sinning when in Adam we were sinning being enticed and conceiving a sinfully act though (but now having Christ wielding power over sin and evil within us sinning would be absurd as habitual lifestyle.) But until we come to Christ receiving from Him, forgiveness, as indeed sinners we're in this futile situation stuck. This is what the eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil did in Eden rather than eating of the Tree of life or other trees. It has given us the propensity to sin as sinners. Nazi Germany is an example. Such enormous overall harm (sin in Greek is harmatia) has come to humanity by humanity's denial of sin and/or sins. Calling it a mistake will not pass the muster! Calling it sin and simply put: wrong choice is calling a spade a spade which is right. All sin is against God. It is sin and as such is a dirty deed. God's answer is Roman's 6:1, "What shall we say then, shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?" God forbid. How shall we who Died to sin live any longer (in it?) But where sin abounds grace does much more abound! God sees the end result. Thus God became Jesus and vicariously suffered and Died and won us and everything someday back submitted to Himself back if we believe individually! It was His objective all along our sanctification and Adoption and potentially He won us, our hearts, not in a New Age philosophy but spiritually He Saved us, from sin, to become who we are which is in Him, the glory of God's Being Essence being returned whole to Him as we returned to Him thus. Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of life? Have you been born again? The writer of the Gospel of John asks. We being nutrified and nurtured of God's pasture, eating God’s Manna and Bread of Living gratefully from Jesus's nourishment (the Tree of Life!,) don't touch in reality God's glory at all in a marring of God's glory. God's glory is His Being. Knowing God (Epignoskgo,) (experiential knowledge,) we are in fact RESTORED To God. God offers every one of us always this particular care for His glory and honor are intact to prosper in God's hand within us as we obey the axiom in Proverbs to overlook offenses seemingly towards us and instead get saved of His own heart conditions of salvation which are to make us more aware of Jesus the Answer for He is for us. Simply put the weight of glory that shall be revealed to us far outstrips the suffering for and with Christ our Shepherd we undergo. He is our peace. He IS our Salvation and by His manifesting of grace and mercy through a show of His love at the cross living a cross life before Him we in a personal on fire relationship with Himself get on fire re: He the provision for. He evokes in us to make a generous Evangelical love response to Him from forgiveness received, mercy, and grace having a revelation of what He’s Done, the Finished Works, in forgiveness. And that's a first, rescue from sin, the acts, the deeds, the thoughts, the attitudes and the emotions. Jesus takes away the sinful aspects bringing a forgiven renewed restored consciousness of right living. It was more than enough the Blood Jesus presented to God the Father for our Salvation Righteousness and propitiation or expiation. We are forgiven family. Let's face the music that Jesus lived a sinless life and Arose from the Dead. God 'needed' a sinless life from somewhere. All sin requires a payment and consequences apart from that are Eternal Death. His Mighty Arm got it for Him in Jesus. We at the Cross are made shielded by Christ from the wrath of God by Him re: our relationship. It is efficient for yesterday, today and forever. We're born again sanctified at once (moment of personal asking Christ inside the heart, saved,) yet following Him: and unless we believe in gradual sanctification He God doing it, also of over long periods of time as well we do stagnate. We're moved nonetheless to draw near, close, confessing and proclaiming Him for knowing Christ's Finished Works evokes within us that we have known right from wrong originally but sinned and soon testify of the salvation knowing Him second chance saved. We are as born again, becoming like Christ in sanctification seeking His face, His Work with moving within with all our heart. God offers us all an open opportunity, a radically redeemed saved life born again! We individually apply it and will want to follow close to our Lord for lifestyle. But we're originally created for knowing Him personally by pressing in to see Jesus like the Holy Grail was pursued by Indy Jones only better but accepting Him now born again He lifting His Countenance upon us by His within Presence in relations and fellowship of God seeking friendship mystery to acknowledge Him in all our ways in trust then straight on. He makes our paths STRAIGHT ON then. God is a God of a second chance. We want to talk to Him a lot more fluently, having admitted we're sinners and but struck even evoked too by God's love whether tangibly from other believer's love or personal experience that we gravitate near, talk, and converse with Him near up close like in a stimulating sparks a-flying 'sparks from metal striking metal' talk. We're friends together God and I. "I am a friend of God." He calls me friend! Talk with Him then over a fish fry or a sourdough breakfast meal conversation. We acknowledge Him wanting to be talking it up with Him more in His Provident Hands. The greater ethical reality of His Good Holy Nature and Just Holy Righteous Character over us seen, observed, and known by us in goodness believed and we begin to know how good He is more and more in glorious awe-filled Christian worship and living. This is not our nature. It's not our religion. This is His business. This is Jesus coming in invited. This is Eternal life deposited inside the believer by the Holy Son of God. He makes us a new species with new natures. He must increase. I must decrease. And personally we want to be drawn by the Father to get to know (Him) throughout life by His Person and Work of the Son, Jesus Christ; but...aspiring to know the Person of God greater and to be available better to increase in the knowledge of God and in word, thought, attitude, and acts beloved, to do so, we are not to be trying on a mask before Him too, nor be of so ready a mind as to be lifting one up to put on. We want to live honest before God and men. We fallatiously don't want to be members of the O.K. Corral as well as if to say anything is an absolute good from Him flippantly in O.K. Corral. God is in control. We don't earn His love, but we experience it.
He reigns!
Ask, seek, and knock!
"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call on Him while He is near." How often in my family Dad and Mother called us as individuals to Bible reading and prayer as did we four children of theirs. Our family sought the Lord for mercy in time of need and received mercy and grace. With thankfulness we learned to discern God's Presence from the mundane of life. Revelations of His aid were matched by fullness of His care. His LOVE being IN me and I ran to Him because He came to me seeing me from a far way off. It was when I as a child of four recognized from hearing the goodly and godly plan of salvation it clicked spiritually that I was sinful and I was sinful and spiritually different and wanted that difference to be for God and good spiritually and I wanted truly His salvation and invited Christ in, became born again, saved, God's friend. Saved now- set apart for God of myself - dedicated in life to Him and in lifestyle growing, I'm IN HIM. The Lord says, "You shall seek Me and find Me, when you shall look for Me with all your heart!" And it has been so. Renouncing pride in my own works which are as filthy rags I and the Holy Spirit within removing any haughtiness as well for I can bow and please Him! I bow to God humbly and accept His Son, Jesus' Payment for my sinful past. At the young age of four I knew I had sinned. I recognized my sinful falling short in a magnified microscopic scrutinizing exhaustive view of my sin and telescoped broadcast to all of the precious expensive Cost in His Blood that He paid for me in full re: my God's great Salvation Redemption. Romans in the New Testament says, "Put on The Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh." So how do I pray Lord God? I ask. I want Heaven as Jesus spoke of in all of its exclusiveness. But how do we obtain the power to access a conduit to a newness of life now in godliness? It's the mystery of God, Christ within the hope of glory. Mystery means simply put, out of capacity to synchronize or without measure or measurability. As a child I accepted the Gospel in The Lord Jesus in my head and heart and followed. I knew once I did it would not be easy. It never is easy to follow Jesus Christ. One does not get to Heaven by roller skating in roller skates but entirely by Grace. I prayed teach me then God how to pray as I want to ask You how to pray. As I receive You I receptively receive you in receive mode! God helped not syncretize religiously with culture but to come out of the world and be transformed. And thank God He tore the veil from the top to the bottom of it in the Temple immediately upon Christ's Death 2000 years ago in the curtain there so access to Himself is open and He's approachable completely in New Covenant. But it's not our place to manipulate God instead obediently one turns to like and love everything He does! Boldly you are commanded to come to Him! And to draw near! It's important to submit to God first in everything. You can become as you are one Who God thinks, says, and dreams you are for His Son's Mercy in Transforming Power changes renovates reconstitutes re-excites you, indeed metamorphosizes you from the color of igneous transforming to sedimentary shade. He calls into being those things that are not as if they were and we need to know God intimately by fellowship of relationship so that we have a relationship of friendship/fellowship restored (with Him.) He daily wants to do something anew for you and to you. Daily we see new mercies appear from God as it were moment by Moment and indeed "every morning". You can expect every morning to say, "I can't without You Lord," and however, "with You I most certainly can!" You know He loves me and I know. It's important that I remain in His love. It's personally important to abide in the Vine, Christ. It’s my personal Pardon, to have received His revelation up close of His favor and my giving my thank you, my obedience, my follow through to say thank you in response. His grace covers us all. Have you in your comfort zone had a crisis and become born again? Born of God? born of the Spirit? Belonging to God just so close? Do you have a close walk? He loved us first. This the reason how we love. One admits being wrong in the sight of God and then accepts the Greatest Gift of Jesus's Death as our individual applied Salvation. We accept the Person of His Presence inside magnanimously. Tragedy may strike but growing up in Christ on good ground we know convinced that God loves us, accepts us, and loving God back fervently back becomes second nature knowing He loves me who I am, just as I am and I come, and worshipping Who He is, gratefully thankfully I keep in a step by step obedient cadence (steucho in Greek) (rhythmn or step,) with the Holy Spirit! "Parapeteo," in Greek is for a far more wide rhythm and step in the Spirit thus also. This is all by grace so far and in endurance my desire is: to run my spiritual race to the end of life in endurance also bravely. Let Jesus the Living Logos or Living Rema (they mean the same,) explain The Plan He's created, to myself, I'm in, reading Jeremiah 29:11 and the entire Bible! I'm committed to take the plunge in to buy the field belonging to Christ where His treasure is buried in and wait patiently occupying (Ek called by grace out of this world's thinking and essence, actively) to the end! But for the religious trappings of so called experts of theology we worship free so let's stay away from liberal cults completely for it's itching ears and though bad for you its deceiving and it's theology poses an extreme problem to genuine faith with false teaching. The secret of the false is believing its about works and myself instead of about Jesus Christ and His Deity and His Works and to be following Him. Gnosis is having or claiming to have hidden knowledge. But knowing accursed is everyone proclaiming a false gospel we stop struggling to be good enough and let The Excitment of the Holy Spirit and Jesus take over and grace and peace following after the Holy Spirit to control us. Let's not become weary in well doing for we shall reap if we faint not. The Holy Spirit has the big picture or panorama so let's take His panoramic view call on God asking, seeking, and knocking for just necessary items to produce the Gospel witnessing unto Him. Let's see spiritually clearly the Bigger Plan now not just in the future beyond now because for the present time we've made mental assent, we've made commitment to count the cost and to follow Christ all the way. This is faith in Him leading to trust in Himself. We're prepared to feed and care for everyone like the seven deacons with tuna fish wedge sandwiches. We placed and positioned in The Kingdom of The Son are by translation transferred into it by Christ's winning at Calvary! We need to experience it, (and inside.) God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could seek or ask by the power that works within us Ephesians 3:20. Every soulful place our foot treads upon abiding into Him we do efficaciously walk into boldly rejoicing knowing Who Christ Is! Christ is the door of every good and perfect gift or opportunity coming down for the Father of Lights with Whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning! The present past and future we then trust with Him explicitly saying, "If God wills." They indeed testify soon greatly in Christ at the cross to God's Finished works. In the storms of life I'll prevail because with Him I can do all things through Christ even through great trials or thillipsis (Greek tight place of immobility, seemingly so,) for He is for us for we're born again on His side then! I will answer my critics by II Kings 6:8-23 as Elisha said to The Lord, "open his eyes God," about his servant, in the war with roving bands against Israel. "Show my servant that many more are with us than with them." By grace through faith then I will follow our Lord to the end. The Kingdom of God and that of His Dear Son is just that, the Lordship of the Holy Spirit over every area of existence. Let's claim His Lordship and if you've never done so accept Salvation in the Son's Name: When coming to God come through Jesus Christ. Come to the Father through the Son for now is the time to worship. And pray.

The Scripture Portion: In scripture particularly there in a Book called Isaiah chapter 55 God gives us precious words and invites us to salvation re: to drink with Him by bonds of relationship and fellowship and as He wrote in verse one: "Ho, every one that thirsts, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.2 Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which satisfies not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good..

When God Ran by Benny Hester & John Parenti

Almighty God,
The Great I Am
Immoveable Rock,
Omnipotent powerful

Awesome Lord,
Victorious Warrior
Mighty Conqueror,
Commanding King of Kings
And the only time,
the only time I ever saw Him run
Was when

He ran to me,
Took me in His arms, held my head to His chest
And said "My son's come home again".
Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice
He said "Son, do you know I still love you?"

It caught me by surprise when God ran

The day I left Home,
I knew I'd broken His heart
I wondered if
Things would ever be the same,

Then one night,
I remembered His love for me
And down that dusty road, ahead I could see
It was the only time,
the only time I ever saw Him run

Was when He ran to me,
Took me in His arms, held my head to His chest
And said "My son's come home again".
Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice
He said "Son, do you know I still love you?"

It caught me by surprise, It dropped me to my kneesWhen God ran
XBridgeHoly God, Righteous One
Who turned my way
Now I know, You've been waiting
For this day

{Repeat chorus}

To recap:
The Good News of the Gospel is still the VERY best great good news: Jesus Christ has Died, was Buried, And Risen again Justifying me from my sins for my justification unto Life! Many have seen Him alive! Above 500 people at some point! Have You re: Come To Him to receive? Not for the fishes and loaves? How Would You Like To Be Saved, and know you ARE, to know Heaven will be yours, to at last come to be Found By God, And (Introduced fully to the Recreating Rejuvenating RSVP that is Salvation or One Way Love: It's His Love and He Welcomes you and everyone from His Biblical Redemption Story to become An Intimate Friend Of God And Be Who God says you (already) are, a saved born of God individual. Christ's life streaming from His side even the Blood delivers one from sin replacing your existing life with Himself while becoming a Bond-slave of the Master, Alive to God and Personhood of God more and more and, alive and hopeful now, and Died to sin, even dead to sin and self. You are a New Covenant New Creature in Christ in New Nature in claiming to become being born again. In a conscious desire for God and/or higher consciousness of forgiveness for service unto God even of an abundant Christian Life of re: renewed thinking to be thinking in the mind of Christ From God Starting Over Again In This Life Being Born Twice then you are spot on ready for Heaven being ready to please God at a whim. Being consistently ready for choices to follow an obedient life to God growing into awareness spiritually of the Person and Work of Christ within, and more fully in fellowship ascent for God's timing spiritually in your life you daily are anticipating expecting His outcomes and meet right with God and with others on good terms at all times and know it’s Him in fellowship in you in His Divine perfection of love. Knowing you're in submission to God you're asking Him to solve your problems and for the Holy Spirit to take control of your life in every situation surrounding yourself and so you thrive and in Him complete.

Never underestimate what Christ in you can accomplish! Build yourself up on your most holy faith! Remain in God's love! It's knowing that God’s Presence is with you in you and in might FOR you. God is FOR you. And knowing Christ in you and Him crucified and anywhere! That He gives you the faith to believe as His gift only from Him and I have Died, (Galatians 2:20; Romans 6:1-7; Colossians 3:3) with Christ, in Christ and am raised in Him to newness of life to live through our Redeemer in the Heavenly places you become strong! Make no mistake in estimation, we will sin and do sin. But then in repenting in turning to Him in Godly sorrow (not to be repented of) and when necessary beg forgiveness though you're His children lost because not knowing or being aware we have CRUCIFIED the affections and lusts of the sinful nature, we stumble and slip and sin, ow, that hurts even writing it, but knowing that I John 1:9 says in prayer upon confession to God we HAVE FORGIVENESS AFFECTIONATELY recognizing fellowship restored or reconciled indeed from He Who never leaves us is always available. This Grace is not a license to sin. Romans 6 says, to consider yourself meaning whole being, especially your body, soul, and spirit literally Died to sin, and alive to God. Therefore crucify your ungodly desires knowing you are dead (to them Gal. 5:24.) Nothing that is of God can or will disappoint us. But we say and must say no to some things. When our hope is in The Lord our life has a go ahead green light as well. Things and people may fail but God doesn't. God's goal is a close walk to Him.

Entrance (Abundant)(Someday) To Utopia/Paradise: 3rd Heaven when this life is through is yours by His claim and promise upon your life based on oath to you. Abraham was promised from prophecy and so will you acknowledging God's righteousness in the Son received by you within is a gracious Gift meaning not from yourself but from grace. It's by His faith humbly this Gift is received from Christ's Person and Work through His gracious love made real animating us. Speaking in practice making His words come forth from beautiful feet of our own making permanence meekly trembling the reason within spontaneously you that you have hope. We literally and chronologically and by adjusted methods are laying up treasure in Heaven knowing that where our treasure is, our heart is also. Heaven is a wonderful place. Just wait on the Rapture occupying until He come say, and The Bema Seat we from a goodness exclaim! Truly grand, the Bible consistently says so is Paradise/Heaven so get ready. "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart or imagination of man, what God has prepared for them that love Him.” I Corinthians 2:1ff) but God has revealed them to us by His Spirit. God reveals the deep things of Hisself. Do you know we'll boldly go where no man has gone before? We'll meet those that have gone before, so do you know through Christ to get there, or even a clue re: the redemption portion in Titus that says, "For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts, and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. But after that the Kindness and love of God toward man appeared, NOT by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Which He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior; That being justified by His grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of Eternal life." It's all of Christ and all by grace. "..This is the love not that we loved God but that He loved us.."- I John 4:7, 10, 12. This love of God tackling constantly in motion and toward you is for your wellness for God is for you! Re: your use selflessly, without a cloak of maliciousness on you but in sincere service, for He has for your use made love agape and phileo ready. It will mean much more as you grow in born again awareness even of His acts of love for you daily and is consummated by His Almighty Work on the Cross IN YOUR BEHALF. We realize He has been FOR us. This love agape, even phileo love from brothers re: unconditional love from God, has made a deep and wide profound effect on you and its in you if you said yes to Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God truly in the Spirit and you're born again if you came to Christ to follow the Spirit to the end. Whatever God's solution is to any problem we have we accept it. The mind behind the flesh is what is sin, the weakness of temptations we go through. But now we're bondslaves of His. Christ carried the sarx or sinful nature but with choice He succeeded in. The tendency is for us to lessen Jesus's humanity. Hebrews says He was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin. Two groups of Gnosticism were problems. One was docetism which is Jesus was Casper the friendly ghost. The other was Jesus was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Legalism. None of these held the true marks of Jesus Christ written in Colossians by Paul the Apostle. In Colossians Portrayal of Jesus was that He was PreEminant, Going before anything else. Character is what is important rather than rules and deadening desires that were made to be enjoyed. Lower desires yes need deadening but allow Christ to work that in you in proper place and time.

"Are you going to live for Jesus? We can live for Jesus no matter what circumstance or situation we surround our selves with. In order for this you need a relationship of born againness to allow Christ's victory in every situation and circumstance out. Law came through Moses, grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. Colossians 1:1,2. If we were to find out one thing, that thing better be Jesus. It's not a bad thing to be what God thinks you to be and wants for you to become. Do we trust the will of God? Thats it. When you have Jesus you have all it takes to be what God wants you to be. Are you doing the work God wants you to do? Good Intentions. The road to hell is paved with them. Even the good ones. But we should place our hands in God's hands and never let them go. Do the will of the Father in Heaven. It's the very next step God wants you to do. It could be very simple to do this, like giving a friend a phone call. Jesus is the Truth. Every other man wants you to know his truth. There is the difference between the two." -pastor Rich Catapano. Under strong spiritual leaders as under Christ's hand we submit. Pastor Rich follows Christ indeed tenaciously!

WHAT IT IS TO REMAIN ALIVE IN HIM: Do you know albeit in ignorance but with a naive intelligence by sheer genius of it but of knowing from other's mistake however that God's love expressed in the Bible is very real and that He loves you very very much? "God is love," says I John 4:7,8 and we must communicate the love by deeds and truth. It's Wonderful Magnificent Love! John 13:33,34. Love one another.

Go back two thousand years to a lonely place called Golgotha where we are given a Choice. It's called Evangelical Response! The ball is in your court as the saying goes in B-ball. Saying yes to Jesus Christ involves Regeneration as I quote in Titus before and Justification as I quoted in Romans 4:25ff and Adoption Rom. 8:ff; Gal.3,4. Sanctification is by His doing alone giving Him your Body as a living sacrifice in the process. There is a road of separation unto God being made into relationship the image of Jesus Christ being returned and quite well reconciled with every person not perfectly at all on earth nor vertically pure in an utmost sense until we see Him in Redeemed Glorified Bodies in Heaven but we pursue the goal of conformation to Christ's Death in pursuit of God. His fullness as we walk in Holiness we nonetheless in Christ will thus be shielded from wrath. We walk in Christ's Righteousness a Gift through grace. Grace means God would do what we can't for ourselves and even if we were the only one earth. Remember by the Blood God passes over you re: the Death angel. Grace is the operation on us keying on God’s intervention. The road to Zion is in your heart. He tenderly with His Voice kindly tenderly testifying personally of Himself to you within strongly loves you unconditionally everlastingly and lavishes on you intimate prodigious intimate gracious love infinitely powerful and yet with care freshly with firm might, affectionate warring gentleness at the Cross. From all aspects of this view of reconciliation He loves you FIRST!! Through grace's conduit hole, love is SHED ABROAD BY THE HOLY SPIRIT as forgiveness in your heart WHO DOES NOT COUNT your sins against you! Know that there is Hope! It's like we never sinned or instead were righteous to begin with (but we know we have sinned!) We keep both truths in a corner of our minds. Of Importance we determine firmly to stay steady secure in His grip and balanced re:moderation. Even though we say thank you God for such wondrous salvation we remain undeserving. The only merit for salvation is Jesus Christ alone forever matter settled. We do not despair of ourselves or one another but creep up into God's lap where we hear Lullabies and choruses sung. YOU ARE LOVED! (Hear the music?!) You are happily in unity loved and bondslaves of each other in love for each other in the Lord. We help our skill set getting saved admitting first our lost condition and other's skills' sets we gain interest in helping then on. We have Good Samaritan compassion and endless agony to feel from our spleen care and empathy. Hope is established on the only one foundation, Jesus Christ. Hope is God's Salvation made real which God's love establishes you into, and involves positive spin in following Jesus' Voice in a proved life of hearing the words of Jesus lifelong Who is the Living Word and Hearing them said of us, "you're My disciple in Whom I am well pleased!" Thus obey the Spirit of the Risen Christ anticipating expecting and in that venue nitty-gritty-like follow through in Him. We sing God’s love in song because of Him, His greatness. Making melody in our hearts we sing Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual songs to Him. We Follow Him. What would Jesus think and do? We see God in Christ IS NOT JUDGMENTAL. What would He like? Generous Healing! Anointing! Compassion! A forgiveness dance floor to rejoice in The Lord on! A Dreaded burlap bag sackcloth for a Fast and/or a Glorious Feast from Him! Bread soaked in new wine! Loud Christian Music! A release to a spacious place of the oppressed! Fatherless and widows visited! These are the questions of importance to ask Him priorities after you've been saved, being ministered to by our Lord. Ask Jesus inside on fire inside for reasons of sheer joy we show gratitude for and being ready for the Day of The Lord or The Eternal Day or Daystar Rising in our hearts and at death or preparation for The Rapture in an afterlife we prepare! To belong to Him and in hope, wholly and completely consumed by hope He will fuel our excitement. Now that's an 'up.' And mean it to be real genuine by His Help obediently while He holds you on His knees in hopes to keep you for His own. It is an awesome thing to sit in His Presence to begin with and have Him cover us with hands as He passes over, His glory afterburners seen and to be loved! It removes pessimism. It happens once (getting saved,) and we make mental assent, commitment to, and follow through even with perhaps unseen evidence as of yet. We trust God and by faith take salvation as true receiving with meekness the engrafted word that able to save our souls and fruitfully exhibit His peace. No more war on earth with men nor enmity with God, just peace. He sets our feet like hind's feet to walk on our high places. Read a terrific book, Hinds Feet On High Places by Hannah Hurnard. Another The Pursuit Of God by A. W. Tozer. Jesus is alive praying interceding for us to be saved. Scripture says He is having arose from death. We may not know how to pray or to pray to begin with but we still know nothing UNTIL we pray. Ask Him, that is ask God inside and ask what His perfect will is as it is in Christ in scripture foremost told or primarily foretold in Jesus Christ and forthtold throughout as you follow through with it as you ask for His will to be done, "as in Heaven so on earth!" Mt 6:5-9. Ask for His Son in to be enthroned on your heart, even the high praises of God in your mouth! *Do it knowing God’s Righteousness is a Gift alone by grace. By His Gift God's Doxa or glory be lifted high! Salvation IS by faith alone, not plus something! Sola Gratia! And it's scripture alone Sola Scriptura! This prayer proseuchomai (Greek,) (df. request, petition) by humility begins and ends the ask for fruit of God's righteousness in your life because He is our Alpha and Omega and our sincere request but not your attempting to make right through personal efforts by yourself. That last part would not be salvation by grace with the mention of "personal efforts." Do you not know that it is by God's grace and tender loving-kindness tenderly from Him that one can know God intimately at the crisis beginning of our walk to repent even return thanks meekly and pray and have knowledge based in God's reality of the extent God actually incredibly infinitely suffered indeed went Through in His personal suffering- agony at the cross so we might change into His own possession. He endured too: His attitude going to-the-cross action in Himself, in which He shows the how method of His Agape love to us caring re: His mankind He shows. His way of wonderful lavishing almighty unconditionally beautiful infinite perfection of intimate personal edifying individual godly crushed silence of love bestowed and embued in visitation by the Spirit in beholding His Holy Ghost Fullness in operating on us but also intimate yet loud enough inside re: sounding bounding waves of loving sound strung along in hope echoes in very strong rejoicing reverberating Agape Superior love embracing of you such that you are leaving the effect with Him of the sound and the operating! Please read your Bible God's love letter voraciously where you learn of this Finished Work in His love and in His unchangable goodness and in His Timing. Indeed in these things inside of the Finished Work of Christ do take hold, and hold fast (proverbs 3:18 of wisdom.) It's good stuff laying hold of Character of no shadow of turning in Him of Eternal Truths in Him. IT's AVAILABLE to draw close to God and near to God to withstand evil resisting evil WITH GOD and powerfully learn what it is to be Bible-saved and the smiles of Heaven jumping into His lap in new identity He has of you into Him. It is not only of Him IN me but I also into Him living in abiding in Christ. The signs and power of the Spirit and demonstration of the Spirit mentors/leads us on to know Him! But God is more than His acts. His glory is His Being. Jesus has God's signs and power, being God's glory personified. At the moment Everlasting life starts light begins mysteriously luminously and goes on encouraging us on in ever journeying and increasing intensity lumens to last forever. No shadow of turning at all in Him indeed.

BE A DISCIPLE:It's being born all over again in access! In I John 4:7,8 we read "God is love!" We're not married to a book but to a Living Savior! We hear, "walk with Me," from our Lord and by the way, "here's a few tips in a book to help." (My quote.) God's love letter! (The Living Word Of God,) we must recognize is living inside and lay hold of His Eternal aspects. God brokered a deal, a unilateral God-man-cut Covenant with mankind that's all-inclusive, one direction one way love yes, but one definitely one must have Eternal Life by reception the Son of God Jesus Christ inside themselves living out to live Eternally (God knows when to plainly reveal this need for salvation as God's Truth in the Gospel.) And knowing God made salvation open to all so He freely gave salvation to all men if they receive to believe. Even so we must decide to follow Him individually. We open up and receive His embrace of Divine love. We Follow the Holy Spirit's promptings, and take in the Savior and let yourself Remain in His love occupying letting obedience (His through you,) and be your watchword and assuredly you will abide attached in Christ in spiritual hunger and feast victoriously, receiving Christ within as the hope of glory! Jesus gave himself to deliver us from this present evil age, To bring us breakthrough into His Kingdom, Galatians 1:4,5, so we can eventually meet Him in the Day Eternal or Kingdom Millenium blameless in His sight because as we get to be this New Natured New Creation species of His own remaking we get it. You can find Him or Salvation in Church or outside. We're nothing without Him and without much complaint but holy hands lifted in surrender we want them without wrath or dissension: We've responded to His love in the way God wanted in scripture in His appearance 2000 years ago and today in faith getting saved at the cross so it is truly meant. Jesus thwarted Satan's plan in Dying. He took the keys of hell and death from that devil. He and by transference, we, came out on top from under it (the devil’s domain.) We're saved and whole now, into Him forgiven reconciled complete. Satan and His minions were made a mockery of, exposed for the chicanery and destruction they commit well deserved to be exposed by the cross on a public display by our Lord’s victory. The handwriting of ordinances which was contrary to us He took out of the way, nailing it to His Cross! So striving for perfection of Holiness in The Lord cleansing ourselves from every filthiness of flesh and spirit we take to learn at His feet re: His rest re: take to a surveyance of a yonder beautiful lifetime, Jesus' lifetime in us landscaped neatly and gifted to us freely. Cleanse your life to be without clutter to make Him feel welcome in an empty single heart. He will replace our own life thus with His newness of life and become Christ's people of excellence: the best we can be and deep in the wool and heart, heartfelt Christ-like lovers of God in an influenza of disease of infection but for good! Christ inoculates this sinful soul of me from sin and sinning as a habit as I allow transformation to newness of life. God makes the difference only. We are nothing apart, and can do nothing apart from Him but He's everything, all in all. Keep it simple in God's Mercy and Grace is the true nugget of the Gospel. His mercies fail not. This is truth simply. They are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. It is of the Lord's mercies we are not consumed for His compassions they fail not! They are new every morning! His New Nature prevails, becomes ours with time. We are not better people getting improved but doomed sinners needing God desperately rescuing by His grace those who were hanging by a thread over hell! We are the lowest of the low in this world's eyes by way of testifying to them but those whom God has in His due time honored by showing mercy and favored like a shield about us now getting transformed and ultimately we get it, (note: see last verse re: Psalm 5.) Realizing we get saved despite ourselves God drawing (herkuo) us within a net of fish in lovingkindness in grace intervention. Whether through fear or conniving of others, or pretense or in genuine illustration observed we got saved and that's what's important! God chose foolish things to confound the wise.
THE WAY TO BE STRONG IN THE LORD:Having the Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ inside our hearts Who was sent by God the Father to earth and given to save and aid us and in our weaknesses to strengthen us as when He went away to Heaven so the Holy Spirit is sent to us and embues us with a deposit and daily to minister in us and to us. In Christ you have the wealth of the riches of His grace by faith. Fullness from Him was given for realized wholeness in grace and truth realized in The Finished Work at Calvary, we in Him, and He supplying by His kindness the seed of the Word of God. God will not let His Word return void but will let it perform the good work He determinedly wants accomplished and started in us until that Final Day Isaiah 55:11; Phil. 1:6. God promised that none of the diseases He put on the Egyptians would come upon us His children as we maintained a healthy holy lifestyle relationship with Him. And beginning a maintained saved life at a God-Ordained moment in our lives we process the feel of a newness of Life disciple of even fresh Newness from God ministering to Him. We obtain nutrition nurture of Him, for He is our health and helping us turn to Him totally and now forgiven of course we can know His love personally greater each day for ourselves not earning it but by deep experience and carefree observing. He never leaves us nor forsakes us! He accepts His Son's work within each re:us. For God to so love us so personally perfectly just as we are in Jesus He likes you as well just accepting you as you are then you becoming beautifully praised outside and as well within beautifully also. To Him we are of infinite value infinite worth, and this is expressed in perfection in our spirits (new creations.) And in proportional personal treatment, spiritually being made fit of Him, and of lifestyle from Him shaped uniquely to us well like God did Jesus. He was tolerant of us though discriminating enough to choose us as He saw fit to save our lives. Let's give thanks in everything. Even like He favored highly His Only Begotten Son, and this through bond-slave obedient relationship closeness we do now also we return thanks and not by externals alone (which is like plastic Pharisaical fake religion) but instead with favor and chesed( loving kindness) inside primarily we so love Him back in obedience. INSIDE as He sees you completed saved through Jesus Christ and someday in Heaven sinless OUT be warned to shun the nether place of hell. Stay with the very heart of God inside and even the middle of His heart as you hear from His Voice! And in loving you with grace, and mercy He gives you such a spiritual blessing over and against good abundant life in Him Ephesians 1:3; John 10:10. By faith and waiting on Him we inherit the promises Hebrews 3. Christ's river inside of living water or well-springs of water spiritually impart life richly in our God within to overflowing outside. This is union in communion. All this is by faith but we take it by believing Him rightly living in us from the Word of God placed. As Gideons their job is to hand out Bibles. For all mankind has fallen and will fall for even 'mighty' do fall, for we have fallen hearts but for a saved relationship fellowship friendship with our Father Creator God which makes all the difference. Regeneration means we have born again status in a stand in God. We also have assurance that enters within the veil, and holds to an anchor within in Him (speaking of the Old Testament Ark of Covenant and the release of the Presence of God into all the world at the Death of Jesus.) With God's Authorship on the plans He’s made from start to finish we’re knowing our place and purpose from blueprints in scripture and in your hearts walking in Him from Biblical steps in the dust of the Rabbi and we make preparation to see Him really like Israel was told to do at God's mountain! By the way that's with unmerited favor as well in the New Covenant theology. It's all of grace however! We prepare for His scrutiny in His return! With faithful living we live by faith in Him calling it great, His Faithfulness!
For our God is a personal God and the love of God for the people of God leads to personal assurance of salvation. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood in this life. We are not better people resting on our own laurel leaves's crowns nor merits by ourselves but sinners in God's loving providing hands lovingly accepted on basis of the Finished Work of Jesus Christ on the back side of a mountain working out gold, silver, and precious stone! And on its top we’re standing! And scripture adds, every valley shall be filled up!
MY PRESENT ADHERENCE:In relationship With Him (not a religion) and in reconciliation and fellowship restored strong specially walking with Jesus, I’m attending a Brilliant, Vibrant, Radient Loving Church (hint, here is mine: Bethel Assembly of God of Franklin Square, NY, 194 Courthouse Road, 516-326-3215.) With Joy in His Service (of the King) and enjoying everyone’s hospitality and enjoying hearts aflame for Jesus like Moses at the burning bush we're loving others within each one's personal space and also God's Personal Space Acts 7:1-60. God has made us a Family! God our Heavenly Father through Christ had said to you, "to love The Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength." And to, "love your neighbor as yourself." On these two commandments is all the Law and the Prophets hanging out but satisfied, Jesus having said and proved to do it that He fulfilled them precisely. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself and in that love and ready mind He's NOT COUNTING MEN'S SINS AGAINST THEM but reconciling the world to Himself giving us an ambassadorship to come to people's side for a salvation-gentle-but- powerful- rescue for them with the mission bells of John 3:16.

God's offer of unilateral friendship relationship is freedom from the power of sin, re: open ONE WAY LOVE: Inexhaustible Grace for our exhaustible world (Rev. Tchividjian,) and is so very real in seeds of the Word falling to the ground to us. God's will sought by us daily keeps our own hope alive in Him sincerely by washing our feet daily and that by God's help through grace and truth in faith obedient to Him alone we seek. We want to be obedient always to the words of the Word of God. God gives and we realize grace and truth in Jesus Christ. Let's rejoice and celebrate that! David Candel Spring 2014