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Sunday, July 17, 2011


To accomplish this is commitment' requiring of us and to be cooperating with the Voice of God and Spirit of God with which we discover obedience in results of love for God first and love for our neighbor as we love ourselves. And this is by the great great love of God FOR us by reading the Word and allowing God to work on us as a Potter would clay on a Potter's Wheel. Allow Him. Dave Candel
Jesus by the way fulfilled over three hundred prophecies about Messiah. Given in the Bible these writings definitely tell us God is in control, man is not, though man is made in God's image. Religion is man's attempts to get to God and it's based on man's thoughts not especially God's thoughts. Christianity is not a religion but is a relationship. Jesus in His authentic seal is God reaching down to man in love in a fellowship-relationship of Blood Covenant with those Whom He chooses and they in turn choose His ways and Him. We have a Savior.

Started by God Himself with a man called Abraham in Chapter 15-17 of Genesis, God wanted a Covenant that was sacred. God Himself thus slew several different animals, Abram walked between the pieces, and thus God was obeyed by faith & Abraham was given a son who would down the family line become Messiah. Abraham is thus called the Father of the faithful.

We don't worship a book, the Bible, but Who it leads us to: the Living Word, Jesus, Who is the Fountain of Life to all who're thirsty. The Bible is God's final authority in everything being verbal plenary inspired, inerrant, and infallible in inspiration and in matters relating to God. Before Abraham God had a verbal speech face to face Covenant with sacrifices from Adam, Seth, Noah, Enoch, and then by the time of Abraham, a Covenant and in Jacob He ratified, that was spiritually related and unified with man to God and God was the first starter or first party to begin it and God gave assurance He would keep His promise of it by giving an oath to do that too! God thus thwarted Satan. God therefore started the salvation of mankind fulfilled in Jesus Christ by Covenant because of the fall in the Garden of Eden.

We needed a salvation because of deaths we couldn't overcome and consequences of sins. We couldn't escape death and the consequences of our sin. God gave us Jesus "in the fullness of times," and He is the Savior of the world from sin being He took upon Himself the whole world's sin in the scripture it says in II Cor 5:21 and He came out the other side: a happening guy victorious! He did this so we might be able to live right aply put. But to live right before God is important for all of us obviously.

Jesus Himself lived a reverential life to God when He walked here 2000 years ago in obedience. When Jesus was crucified He satisfied God's Justice over sin. God was propitiated or satisfied by it. Don't ask me how but it occurs. But applying of that Atonement back then is personal and individual for us needed now by way of influences and witnesses to the light that are good for us in God and the help of the Holy Spirit.

He lived to about age 30 when He started to minister and heal under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit according to the Bible. He came to send us an anointing too and for us to be IN HIM that is immersed or baptized into His Life and Death and Resurrection and replacement by Christ's life for our sinful lives and then living a God fearing raised risen life in Him. This is salvation in Christ Galatians 2:20; Colosians 2, 3:1-12.

The Four New Testament Gospels give a precise accurate description of His Life and Ministry Purpose, to forgive us all of our sins and take them away and that to believe Him in His Name is the only way to be saved. And to get to Heaven and to know that you get God's Kingdom now within after receiving salvation by believing Him is good to have also, fringe benefits.

To follow Him as our all in all is everything then on even from the empty Tomb's victory side inside us and on up to worshiping God wholly and rejoicing in what Christ has done for YOU on the Cross re: is important to meditate on and live!

After His Resurrection people of God wondered why Jesus didn't restore all things as He said would be on God's agenda. But Jesus said, "it is not for you to know the epochs or seasons the Father has in His keeping.," in Acts 1.

But before He (Jesus) died He said, "the Holy Spirit The Comfortor would come if Jesus went away and would be like Himself in every single way (allos in Greek for the same kind.) The Holy Spirit would magnify Jesus and the truth (alethea in Greek,) reminding born again Christians (His children) of what He said. The Restoration would come later (see Revelation 21,22.)

The early Church went about doing good: telling of Jesus Resurrection and why that saves us to everybody they met by spoken word leleo (greek, chirping or gossiping the Gospel.) The message of the Gospel good news was a lifestyle message also, cutting to the heart of many who are lost who became saved souls as disciple after disciple became a witness that died a martyr's death. But persecution for the stand they took was winning the world upside down. God let it happen a long time.

The Holy Spirit was empowering the body of Christ to think and act and 'BE' WITNESSES for Jesus Christ and it shows by attitude that became the underdog David that slew the Goliath: Nero and ten or so Emperor's. The Church gains Eternal Life in bowing the knee to and making profession to the Lord Jesus Christ rather than Caesar. Satan bites dust.

But God truly wants to give you a newness of life or in other words a glimpse of an extraordinary life in the realm of influence He's called you to by the Power of the Spirit possible or empowerment of the Christ's faith for you in other words, made "complete." But get saved first. Obtain Eternal Life that starts for you in accepting believing Christ and living for Him. Behold, Today is the day of salvation.

For the Kingdom of God is not in a geographic location in this age but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost Romans 14:17. God will accomplish this by His grace alone. He's called you to a change from a sinful life to a transformation spiritually being born again from faith to faith. God doesn't want anyone lost in other words but rescued.

Pretty soon there may be no delay by God in longsuffering or tarrying for His Son's Comimg again. God chose by the foolishness of PREACHING to save those that believe. To see Christ crucified taught is what we want to see and hear, not in eloquence, but with plainness of speech.

To be saved, and Jesus Himself said the way is narrow ruggedly and gate, difficult to Life. And the way to destruction is broad and the gate wide to it and many living in sin go to their end of hell by sin's destructive consequences thereat and are perished, and so we need a faith that sees beyond what others see, a belief of faith IN JESUS that grows (into born of God life: zoe in Greek - the God kind of life.)

Jesus spoke about hell as a place to shun and as did the brother of Christ, James, Gehenna and Paul, Perdition but Christ spoke more about hell than anyone in scripture. Christ in essence said, "You must have faith in Me because I am lifted up above in My sacrifice in Dying on a cross for you by the Spirit given when I am resurrected and you'll be saved *to enter or see the Kingdom of God *if you believe: John's Gospel 3:1-16 (paraphrase.")

A God Who lets sinful people have their own way for very long wouldn't be just nor would He be very loving to the victims of a sinner flashing a sword to victims. God wants you well that's why He gave the Law. "The Law is Righteous and good," Paul said in Romans two.

Sin is lawlessness and violating the Laws of God which Law was given to us through Moses to show us we fail God (as in The Ten Commandments,) as well as God's Holiness and Love in everyday events by misdirecting an inner voice, namely the Holy Spirit's voice can be convicting or commending even now.

We would not know it was against the law to covet if it wasn't in the law, Paul said in Romans seven. When we hear the law, "we died," because of its holy demands and we have to change our thinking and believe God has better ways of the Spirit.

"There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. Romans 8:1 says, " Jesus didn't come to condemn the world but that the world might be saved through Him, John 3:17.

Antionomism is anything goes and every situation, relative to the next one, (living it up,) allowing for no absolutes...: that is in behavior and attitude action: false conduct, thus making chaos. By this we grieve God who gives the Holy Spirit.

But we see by these infallible proofs and the laws that God puts out there we fail to obey, are His laws, we don't own them (specificly we disobey Him.) 613 laws of the Law (of God given through Moses) we are bad at keeping even though we might live a ying & yang, good-and-bad life that we think God might see and in miniscule chance (judge) to be" balanced out." But that's no good for you. As light cannot dwell with darkness so we are called to radical sonship in the Lord Jesus as opposed to this world's ambitions. "There is no one good but God," Jesus said, and His Standard is Holiness.

These Ten Commandments (or 613 depending on how you view them,) show us a limit on personal avenging of a victim to his/her aggressor. This is God's mercy that this limit is put there by God to avenging or vigilanteism. Between coveting and retributive sins face it we've lost.

God in essence is saying we need a Savior to live it, to lessen the severity of the bumps in the night enough to gaze on the beauty of Jesus. To save us from our passions we need a Savior for in many ways we have gone way over the line or limit in sinning before God. Remember God is Holy, Righteous, Good to the last drop, the Bible proclaims.

If we have ever lied we have sinned before God or if we have ever stolen we have sinned also. Scripture says one sin is as bad as any other and, "miss the Mark in one point, and you've missed (failed) every one of them," (James 2:10.) Thoughts of love turned to lust? hate? murder in the heart?

We deserve hell rightly so because God's Law judges such attitude/behavior (See Jesus' words in Matthew 5,6,7,) and God the Judge does as well. Encountering Jesus face to face you can be translated or conveyed from the power of darkness into the Kingdom of His Dear son, Colossians 1:13.

For Utopia or Heaven God created creation majesty and man and woman in dignity because to live there and to live there after death requires a "perfection suit." Otherwise as soon as one of us showed up there it would be no longer Utopia or Heaven. We'd stink up the place acting rude and ugly. Jesus went to Paradise and succeeded at God's Presence for us: expanding, redeeming, intimating, and in His Body reconciled us to Father in Heaven. II Cor. 5:19.

He shows us all that's there waiting for us. He's the 'perfection suit.' All others are liars and thieves, "trying to climb up some other way," scripture declares, "into the sheepfold," John 10 says. But Jesus couldn't be kept in the grave. He arose the third day. He was justified, vindicated. Jesus is God and is God dwelling among us in flesh in a way we could relate with. When He went to Heaven He sent His Spirit. We, in Heaven someday, will get a Body just like His if we don't move away from the hope of the Gospel good news delivered to us in becoming saved.

In mercy He Himself now provides the way to Himself and this place Heaven we could not bridge when He sent Himself in the form of Jesus Christ: He lived it: a pleasing life to God before God pleasing of His Ten Commandments (and the 613 laws) here on earth obedient to death even a savory cross death pleasing God (by incense) to the last breath.

In His Cross victory His way, we could accept "it is Finished" by the Son and so somehow to reach to the resurrection from the dead (meaning Heaven,) Paul said in Philipians at the Rapture or when we die by knowing Christ inside because, "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."

This is the first resurrection. It's a sure promise with conditions as every promise has conditions. We must grab hold of it though every promise has its yes in Jesus Christ. We are partakers of promises of God if we persevere in faith mixing faith with a good report. God has His timing to answer us. It may be "no," "yes," or "wait."

He died in weakness a crucifixion death by man's hand (II Corinthians 13:4,) and that was Friday's happenings...but Sunday's a Coming! and He Arose from the dead and lives by the Power of God in that victorious fashion He alone could adopt us for as sons crying "Abba, Father!" That Resurrection has been the most documented fact of history!

He brought tithes and offering to God which was His Blood to the Throne where God dwelt. His righteousness counted because it was His. Access is now there. He has gone through the Heavens and its all ready. He had gone to the cross to suffer God's wrath in an eternity in those six hours on the cross. He suffered our punishment full blown of an eternity of eternities in God's Wrath completely and came out the other side! Alive!

He became sin then and had the full strength of God's Judgment and Wrath poured out upon Himself just to save us, to come out the other side, and make us more than conqueror's, overcomers in this life, born again, saved at last belonging to Him. Now we can go free from the snare of the fowler like birds set free: forgiven! Can you not respond in kind cautious of your fate if you don't, to that act of one time and once for all believe Jesus the Son of God with committment that Jesus Christ will apply it to you? And you will be Saved. Pray about it.

You can have faith to be healed and for salvation. You can be assured of Heaven as you follow Jesus on the earth.

By way of Background,

There was a way of the Ark of His Presence which had a Mercy Seat surrounded by four cherebim and many seraphim where God dwelt back in the Old Testament. This later became the Temple: Holy of Holies. And then Christ Himself on earth and now Christ is within each believer, by the Holy Spirit who gives life and ministry to each of us! God says, "I will dwell among you and be your God." II Corinthians. God is here and in the Bible specially has His Presence in and upon believer's lives.

But you have to be IN Christ to win or gain but not earn Eternal Life but gain God's Presence. In other words, salvation has to be applied to your life and it's a forward gaining stamp of approval working out that has to see the end of your life BY GRACE proved faithful and for sure it's a Gift (Blepo in Greek,) by unmerited favor. 'Faith alone' by grace alone in those that obey by faith alone through Christ alone is to those abiding in Christ.

The obedience of faith in God Paul spoke of in Romans chapter one and through chapter 16 in other words will be how God sees and wants pleasure from you if you will will God's will. Jesus lived that perfect life perfectly. "I am the way the truth and the life, no man gets to the Father but by Me," Jesus Christ said (John 14:6.)

We need to be born of God or born again Jesus taught (John 3:3,5!) It's simple. We admit we're sinners and have fallen short of God's glory (and that's in Romans 3:23 to say.) Romans three verse ten says, "There is none righteous, no not one." We fall short on the mercy of God and roll our faults on Him and accept Christ as our Lord and Savior humbly in a bow before Him. This can happen all at once. Paul the Apostle said He when he realized he was not doing God's bidding bowed before God and so should we.

Be following Christ all the days of your life and meaning it authentically & sincerely: will be a sure foundation against the storms of life to come established on the Laws and Promises of God and we'll have an inheritance God gives walked out that we will have prepared for us rooted in God. Jesus is the only way to God. Abide in Him like a Branch to a Vine kept by a Vinedresser, Father God John 15:1,2.

It is my prayer that you will pray fervently earnestly to know God to the point God knows you through Christ and sincerely ask God to be saved through His Blood so you can be ready should He call you home to Heaven (Philippians 3:20-21,) or for more action in this life and use for God: so then read the Bible and find Jesus Christ for your life and lifestyle daily. It's for everyone! It's a new spiritual life not religious jargon nor religion at all. God promises a new self. God giveth a new heart and new mind. This is all in Christ and all things are of God re: II Corinthians 5:17,18: newness of life!

I was at an age of four when I understood this and asked Him in to be my Savior from sin.

It is made by God so a child can understand good news of God's love and faith and trust and be saved. It has been a better life, a witness for Jesus, since then asking Christ in for me and I have never regretted a moment of it, making Jesus Lord, Savior, and Master! My aim as is the desire of everyone born again in Christ is to be Christlike and more like Jesus Christ moment by moment throughout one's lifetime by faith and trust which brings obedience into it.
Bethel Assembly Of God Church Great sermons last Sunday!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

We Lay Down Our Rights When We Get Saved.

W e lay down our rights when we get saved. we renounce all and forsake all to follow Him, Jesus or Yaweh. The Lord God has shed the Blood of His Son so we might be saved. Our response is to leave "the nets," and follow Him. He obeyed fully the requirements of God in this life having been a faithful rabbi and obedient son of the Father, even pleasing of God. It took a lot to be a follower of The Rabbi Jesus. You dedicated your whole life to Community, the desire or hunger for the words of God or Word of God, and you had a desire to be like the Rabbi in every imitable way. Just like the Jewish Rabbinical School of Thought in Corizon and Bethsaida where mighty works were done by Jesus, the signs and wonders pointed to Rabbi Jesus Christ as Messaih. Jesus said, woe or condemantion to these two cities because if it were possible, the cities of Sodom and Gommorah would have repented if they had seen the mighty healings and raisings and deliverances that were done in Corizon or Bethsaida! Jesus wept over Jerusalem, "If only you would have known the hour of your visitation, but behold, it is hidden from your eyes." America repent. Trust in God. Our nation of some 230 years is still young. Sin has left a crimson stain He washed it white as snow! By grace we have been born a light, a shining city on a hill, and survive and only by grace or God's unmerited favor can we go on. If we saw how the gulf has been fixed between Heaven and hell and how near God wants to be!.. we'd climb into God's arms: live pure and believing of His Son, Jesus moment by moment kept by His love! Why we'd go the direction of God like a cheetah and be the people of God born again, praying for God's blessing, called by His Name, humbling ourselves, pray, and turn fromtheir wicked ways, "Then I will hear and forgive and heal their land." To be a disciple of the Rabbi meant that He believes in you! He loves you! First! So go and sin no more and believe the Son for this is the work of God to believe on His Name! The Holy Spirit is given that we might remember the words of Jesus and truth and finding comfort might be afflicted to have that zeal to obey righeousness and receive gift of holiness! Cut off your right hand if it causes you to sin. But remember God will cause you to give an account of your life and when you stand before the Son of Man, Son of God, His Spirit can give you a Newness of Life and victorious statement starting this Eternal Minute.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Follow The Truth Who Is Jesus, The Christ, Who Is Our Savior From Sin

The preaching of the Cross is to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Gentiles foolishness. The Cross shows the weakness of God but it's stronger than men. In a godly albeit human sense it's supernatural, our fellowship with God through the Gospel. We trust in the Holy Spirit to convict of sin and His empowerment for the Christ's faith to be sanctified, filled full of God. The River of Life is in the Holy Spirit animating transforming within who leads us though we be in a desert, and trusting God shows what's inside to the world. We're transformed from glory to glory like in a mirror by the Spirit of the Lord. We become a tree solid others can find shade in for Jesus' Names sake having the Kingdom in our midst or rule of Christ within. We must let the Christ reign within that He might rule without.
If this is strange language to you:
Spiritually you need to fill the vacuum within.
Do you know you must be born of God, born of the Spirit of fullness of Truth, love, peace, and joy to really experience? It's found in a relationship with God! Read the four Gospels and picture the Savior speaking just to you! Listen like you were really thirsty because those that stumble upon the Truth Who is a Person, Jesus, never fall in an Eternal way! They get saved and are kept in the Father's hand where no one can touch them! Have faith in The Truth Who is Jesus! Jesus lived a righteous life and then died on a cross becoming our sin so we by His Resurrrection might share in His Life evermore. This is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith.
Imagine the Word of God is His love letter to you and that His Son Jesus doesn't condemn you but wants you to go in to God's nearness and sin no more. Can you? If you're honest you'll ask Jesus inside to save you knowing you can't live it in your own sinful self. And wholly lean on Jesus pray to be saved and to encounter Jesus authentically for Heaven as your goal! You'll find satisfaction being a friend of God who can call Him Father! Follow the Son Who gave His life for you! Sonship in following the Son of God leads to favor or God's grace for help in time of need in living this life of faith and obedience. The Truth Is a Person: Jesus Christ, God's only Begotten Son. Live to glorify Him, praise and worship of God alone! see John ch. 14:6;14,15,16,17 of John's Gospel