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Friday, April 29, 2016


Monday, June 4, 2012, 3:40 PM  5/21/2016 Imagine Luke 15 telling as God tells and does retell indeed rebroadcast loud the story of the Prodigal son returned redeemed as he came home which He indeed did, in partnering bought back Ransomed as it was by the Father God in His Most High (El Elyon) Magnificent Majestic Love and He having given a replacement life of inner forgiveness wealth in measure at Providence namely grace and peace, being the Lavish Father that He is He rejoices that His prodigal son has come home wooed by memory of goodness at home and favor in status or right standing in excellent balance to do so despite the elder son's talk he returns! With indiscriminate love in common grace the Father prevents the prodigal son on tip toes from speaking guilt of trash talking of himself to possibly disqualify himself before the Father even in excuses (but by the way of confession of the lost son being it was enough to please the Father though, and before God the Father also in the Parable) He Pours out, Gives the forgiveness instead and profusely intently to the prodigal son tenderness from tender heart given so that the son gets hugs, a ring, sandals, weeping for joy by His Father etc. and a party given with a fattened calf by Love of our Lavish Father God for kind forgiveness in the story! FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. JOHN 3:16 Jesus came to the world to grant Eternal Life and on this earth Save not to judge it but to save it primarily the first time. Verse 17. The Second time will be different and we will have some fun.

The Gospel: A Coming To 
Christ for Salvation. How Would You Like To Or Feel Up To Relationship (not religion) Being Forgiven And Saved As Becoming An Intimate Friend Of God And Alive to God So Much It Hurts in An Abundant Life In Christ, Accepting Adoption Into God's Family, a Fellowship with God by responding to God's gracious invitation to Salvation In Christ From Him in His Word the Bible for This The Zoe Life (God-kind) in The Preparation For And Expectation of an Ethereal After-Life Existence Someday In Heaven in new bodies? I have decided to repent of sinful ways and all sin I know that is in me and have then followed Christ in and by my life. By the Holy Spirit I'm made whole. A wretch though I was God has Saved me. Confession is not a work but instead it's a very tonguely and hungry lifestyle means to be honest before God in truth in God's eye. It's an invitation to let God be God, search me and know me, try me, and adjust and correct, and lead me in the way everlasting and repenting in the way, as well if one hasn't. Have you been raised in the faith like I and found Christ at some time but later than I or perhaps before, it doesn't matter. Being raised in the faith did not save me at four but making a decision to accept Christ as my own Savior and Lord by the Spirit and in follow through in living in and for Him consistently has. I didn't need man's help for this.

Is your aim at Heaven? Are you growing nonholy or are you hot?! Do you know He loves you respectfully and it's His Will for you to be holy, you to be hot like white hot on fire not just lukewarm? He wants to make you shine bright. Do you know Salvation involves discipleship to fully realize all of it and that God's plan is for you and is in His love and by faith in God it cannot be thwarted? Amen. Don't renounce Him any but confess Him everywhere like sounding an alarm before you warning and crying out, "He's Risen" by your life and life's good news. Love is not real until it's tested. His testing takes place while He is quiet in the discipleship way affirming and greatly encouraging us and is to be resulting in faith-filled lives abundantly lived along every way in this life spending Eternal time with God meaning really being with Him all the time and with Jesus specially whatever may befall and is for us to be developing in being a disciple and in being like Christ and aware of God's working within to will and to do His good pleasure. We're being cemented in a Blood Relationship Covenant in His Son with the Promises granted (someday), as the goal in Him. This is all by the Spirit being put in us Ezekiel 37:14; Acts1:8.

I'm saved in bold assurance even confidence in His hand knowing He's good and is a good good Father like the Chris Tomlin song goes! I came to Christ and knelt humbly and prostrated myself before Him in worship and by God's grace which is power to keep you I was Saved from sin as Jesus is Lord patiently He came inside and I obediently accepted "IN you" in confidence meaning FORGIVENESS of God!!! Do you not know this in your life? Let our response be to make Him Lord, Savior. Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Christ. And follow through with you surrendering, with Jesus sanctifying helping, daily on the Altar of God on which you are placing you a living sacrifice laid bound to the altar bound by grace, mercy, and love chords. Daily we want to prepare to seek Him today specially in hearing His Voice from Him on Heaven's Temple's Throne and you spiritually alive in obedience with a look to fulfillment of that said obedience with appointment to be watchmen and sounding the alarm and warning before and around you everywhere you go, specially seeing Him today intently and in light and in Heaven someday Romans 12:1; 6:11-13?

Do you see Him in your days alive working moving? Is He working even moving inside you with alive indeed living motions alive shoulder to shoulder help and alive in you and living through you even as along side you? Is He in you mightily replacing your old ways with His Salvation truckload of facts of effects as you're receiving blessing from His doing now that you are saved? Is His love meaning more to you than this world of sin truly? Do you know to what extent God went through to He sending His beloved Son actually to be Dying on a Cross and Risen Again for you? He goes through His wallet full of photos extensively to show through His action figure in time (Christ in time and Eternity) to us His mankind: How He loves us so very much individually and each of us in this wonderful lavish almighty unconditional personally satisfying edifying uniquely expressing-His-image-to-each individual-as-if-He-the-only-one-to-us-sending Divine/human (Jesus is called the son of man,) love in Redemption? He was 100% God and 100% man. As son of man He's Messiah. We must appropiate for ourselves that love in all its facets of a diamond embracing in Salvation ourselves as one for whom Christ Died for whom Christ won Eternal life specially beseeching for us to come to Him, He came for us and a 'Dying. Think how glistening a diamond is and its facets glamorous. It was my sin that indeed killed Him. We are blessed to receive Salvation. Can we not indeed be broken together and open and talk about this? Read Isaiah 61. It's about being broken by God and He living a replaced life in us to rebuild, raise up, and repair through us. God will clothe in celebration of that tri-fold task and in His wedding garments of Salvation bedeck us even with jewels, a robe of God's Righteousness symbolically and really. It was for me He Died, and He offers forgiveness and newness of life and what about you? Who do you see, Jesus to really be? Does He save, keep, and satisfy? Indeed more to be desired is He in His Laws than gold, yea much fine gold, sweeter also than honey, and honey from the honeycomb. He makes His invitation to come to Him for us complete in time and we respond in kind in His way and in a timely fashion. We come to the Cross for the flesh to die.

So do you believe God would do all that? Save us who believe in the Son? The demons also believe in God and tremble. He'd like to personally treat you to knowing (ya da in Hebrew, know) Him in a Covenant relationship that saves from hell, death, sin, and the grave or fear of death and worry delivers from a sinful lifstyle and habit to the uttermost and He sanctifies as well. And He, liking you too and finding you (as He did Abraham, Moses, or the Apostle Paul) in re-creation of you in Born Again Salvation and giving you such a transformed abundant justified changed life from the heart now as they had on earth and indeed in Heaven perfected aimed for? For God is a personal God and and Divine Being Who longs to be our Father this way meaning similarly giving each of us individually a bent on Calvary's Cross to die but no carbon copy to each one of us is given to become like but to each to be knowable by different grace than what this world knows and through faith God is stamping out a tupos (image in Greek) of Christ in people who are His because these people honored Him and He showed up. There was prosperity in Biblical characters too but not without revival in the heart like we're used to in New Covenant living in Jesus sitting in the Heavenlies too for the adventure took them everywhere and every which way but loose as they little expected. They expected the Voice of God though through the Holy Spirit coming upon.

For love from God changes us! We're not earning anything as far as love goes from God but justly walking in Him trying to please Him one inch at a time daily. Making ourselves available for His interventions in daily tasks we approach to appeal to our Father even ask Him for specific answers as to what we are to do. We can plan for the future but not by worry or stressing. One step at a time He leads His dear children along. 'I shall not want," for the Lord is my Shepherd. Still waters and lush green pasture is there to feed. Though we go through the valley of the shadow of death we shall fear no evil. Making the sorrowing weeping place of lack or loss a well of springs bursting through in joy we're like trees clapping.

Love of God does not disqualify anyone nor give up on you as anyone nor does it not disregard the small of our back as it engages, grips us even our heart as we are cared for concernedly by Him and watched over by Him even as a nurse, we, practicing humility before Him alone when looking at the forest for all the trees in His hand thou Jacob son of Israel (Messianic Jews) and Body of our Lord are blessed Hebrews 6:10. Our God is not too small. He's a Jewish Jesus. He knows us all by name and sees everything. Nothing is a secret to Him. He calls us by our first name also like He did to Mary at the Empty Tomb. He's familiar and acquainted with all our paths and ways and He scrutinizes our path Psalm 139:1-3 He promises to us as an overcomer, a stone written with a name written on it known only to its owner Given to us as overcomers, individual believers in Him Revelations 2:17. Even like Cheers, the comedy TV show God knows us familiarly but He remains Holy. He sees us through the lens of His Son's Righteousness. Like a weaned child we can be before Him, satisfied! Content! He is to be feared before, trembled before, and reveranced, even with rejoicing. Even to the very hairs on our head numbered He knows intimately the name HE calls us by! He loves us even while we were still sinners of His plan. But He changes us not leaving us unformed.

Like a nursing Mother will not forget her nursing child so He has us in His arms held tight and won't forget us Isaiah 49:14,15. Listen to a song, Just Be Held by Casting Crowns and Beautiful by MercyMe. If He knows the name of every star that is then He surely knows us inside and out and upside and down and by implying reference in astronomy. He knows the intricate makeup of every cell in us well. In each atom in each cell He is the glue by which all things hold together. In Him all atoms hold together. He saw us being knit together in our Mother's womb and He knew every one of our days being knit or formed together (cite Jeremiah chapter one and Psalm 139,) before any of them came to exist. And He loves us mightily STRONG in DYING ON THE CROSS. God is pro-life. You see God became one of us, a human, a man. God visited mankind and dwelt among us and showed us what He is like: that He is good, holy, merciful, kind, and redeemed us, bought us back from slavery to sin and we are not our own. Really! God wants a personal knowing of you in return and the reciprocity of continuing to know Him enduring to the end. But to do that for everyone He Died on Calvary so personally He without having invading our will with He searching in us is let by us into your conscience by introspection and examination to place His Son's Blood in you and He will save us if we let Him. But in introspected examination searching yourself are you building up one another and is He helping build a House for God with you (Temple for the Holy Spirit) of obedient response to His call and coming of you in returning to Him (Isaiah 55:1-11)? If so there is Heavenly gold in this. In I Corinthians three, the Bema Seat here describes the good works we do in our Lord and this is a judgment Of goodness not for sin. We're not talking abundance of material things here either in coming to Him on earth and/or in the reward's crown(s) of the Bema, nor complete answers to problems we may engage in nor meat and drink imbibing but of the heart, His Presence a problem solver Savior, our devotion to Christ, adoration in the little crevices and heart beat of our soul in intimacy with Him in the Kingdom of God in salvation, in the Name and Adventure walking worthy of His calling in a very little and obedient for receiving even dwelling in the Holy Spirit! God is no respecter of persons. He will reward anybody who is faithful who is having faith in Him becoming alive to God through Jesus's Blood in the Kingdom which is the reason for our existence: righteousness, peace, and joy, in the Holy Spirit. Be caring for the weightier matters of the law such as justice, peace, mercy, and faithfulness being Born Again Mt. 23,24,25; Romans 13,14; Hebrews 11:1, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Without faith it is impossible to please Him for He that comes to God must believe that He is and is a rewarder of them that dilligently seek Him! Faith is not faith in faith at all but in a godly place leaning depending on God YAWEH Elohim Adonai El Shaddai where God is. In Salvation we are hid with Christ in God. He's our point of contact. Our faith touches His fingers and even His heart.

After our heart life devotion and spirit's pardon in Salvation God longs after us to have a perfected spirit in us in Christ not like the Pharisees who majored in minors like washings, offerings, and fastings. We need to reverence Him instead of observing by focusing in Pharisaical behavior of one another observed among our associates at Bethel Assembly. But instead be fervent in loving especially our allegiance/availability to Him is to become reversed from this world and in the Spirit replaced by Christ's righteousness intact back to His Presence as we approach Him and focus on what HE gives. From being forgiven by God fact is we draw from the wells of Salvation joyful. He's earned a place in our heart of daily honor & devotion approaching falling in love with Him, as He, Himself loved us first and for our love shown Him He rescued us at Calvary as He did in sending His only Son two thousand years before to buy us back He Ransoms us and reveals to us His Real life Divine calling to Save and live replaced life IN US. His reality is Heaven and on His Throne, He's our Rock to found your edifice on and foundation as He wants us in relationship to Himself and in love in this relationship in fellowship strongly furthering His Kingdom as His childlike children specially attending Church (hint, here is mine: Bethel Assembly,) and enjoying everyone’s individual personality in His Body of believers! The diversity of believer's ethnic origins of nations in individuals is great in Christ's Body. He's created such a tex mix. He doesn’t like us at a distance but near because spiritually pride is sin to us and any haughtiness indeed does hurt even communication vertically first and horizontally if He looks down on us and sees no faith obedience in faith-filled life. But we still draw near to Him and His Presence boldly by the Blood making our confession. Also we want to be childlike not childish because there is a difference. A wise man such (Walter Beuttler,) has said in order for God to do 'That' something for us, He has to do something with us, so that He can do something to us! God was in the cross reconciling men to Himself. God allows us the faith to believe present active subjunctive which is a reasoned response to Finished Work of Christ on the Cross to bring us into zeal for His House! Jesus said, "Zeal for Your House Father has eaten me up." Do you have His Gift of Salvation and giftings to contribute to the common good of believers and do you follow Christ to obey His commands so much it hurts?

Do you recognize He gives you faith to believe as His Creation present active indicative in most verses mentioned in the Word which is a verb tense of belief and to believe and keep on believing? And that He loves you as Daddy (not especially a spoiling daddy,) but in believing on Him as Source, or Provision (supply?) and a good good Father in everything He gives! This special love He loves you with is for caring at the unique person you are and creation He made you in closeness and raven care by observing the birds even because it is concern-ed love by God our good Father Abba Papa and Who is Savior to you because He chooses to love you making you free a sovereign to choose Jesus Christ with an abandonment to your free will dynamic thus to love Him of importance utmost and you remain sovereign under Lordship to Christ. Freedom is not always a safe thing thus but it can be safe if it's I and You and me is I and God is You and not 'Him and I.' It becomes eternally 'edge of the ledge' dangerous if you do not however take in the whole counsel of the Word of God to be saved in fellowship relationship to God and not necessarily 'religious religion' "finding you."

This is because hearing God and not obeying Him is like witchcraft and rebellion. But He gives more grace. But the secret to better living greater than modern sexual freedom of this world's twisted thinking controlled by Satan and or sensuality in us as well is in love Agapeon for God expressed in faith believing or receiving changing by Him and/or responding to God's kind of love for us and in not holding any sour thoughts to this in the grace of God in this realm but praising, loving, worshipping, serving Him, not failing to find grace always in every way and path you walk in Him. Grace is for obedience to be salt and light to change the world even our world around us. Consider God’s Revelation of Himself in of all books, the Bible and Isaiah! He demands we not be dishes He uses who weep and cry but instead be priests and ministers. Chapter 61 of Isaiah gives us empowerment to have everlasting joy and celebration for ashes and rending of our clothing. But if we use our will to choose to decide for Him in Salvation and choose Him in His Presence within inside always we will have assurances for no choice is eternal destruction but instead we will wear a garment of Salvation!! 'He wants to encourage us to have a job, a ministry. It may be long term or short," as our Pastor says. Eternal Destiny is at stake if we need Salvation too! Really! Jesus, His Life, Death, Burial, and Resurrection is key! Rejoice greatly in the Lord! We hold no other Salvation than Atonement through Christ's Blood over sin and all it's wreck to change us. Hell will be death working backwards in fire's lake conscious and regrets awaits this for those on the fence who have not chosen Christ. Freedom from sin this day He promises you in your getting saved coming to Him weary from heavy labor on your back and becoming His. Gone all my sins are gone! Come to Jesus Christ seeing the Promises becoming a work in progress in getting to know Him for the rest of your life passively from His work at the Cross within in your heart: actively for working this out is to will to do and will His good pleasure with a godly pursuit actively in finite yoked-to-Jesus spurts moment by moment adventure of knowing Him by Divine Nature and Love for Him opening up to His Will in His Majesty and Magnificence!

What would it take for you to believe Him, to show this faith and love increasingly for or towards our Jehovah God in this Christian life we call Salvation in relationship? YES, Oh How He loves you greatly in the Son. And yes our seeming control of things in life is an illusion. We can surrender control to God or choose money in this world's system to seeming have control. Jesus said, "You can't serve both God and mammon." Will you choose surrender to Christ's will? Do you realize serving money systems is a dead end? That is how not to have an object to your faith. But decide to choose God as faith's object and not faith in faith! Make Jesus God and Lord. It matters because the object of faith is for faith to have its root to become God so stay with that aspect not clinging so tightly to material possessions but abiding through Christ Jesus gently meekly but strongingly laying hold of He Who is our Fortress and High Tower saving us present tense in Eternal time as well. Christ Himself makes peace between us and God and has this He has Done through His work on the cross of His shed Blood and earthly life in Perfection and His is a Perfect Sacrifice to propitiate (Satisfying to God well for sin,) or Atone for to make a person's faith's decision to believe GOD to save us being justified from sin (past, present, and future,) which is the only choice for real Godly life unto a rightness from Him. It is Christ we live for through appropriation of Him to a relationship to God BY THE SON’s Finished Work applied to us. Just as an animal was chosen for sacrifice in olden days for its perfection from defect and perfect age seen by children precious to give to the priest for Atonement so the Innocent Lamb of God, Jesus Died for your sins as perfect Sacrifice for Justice before a Merciful Holy God. That little lamb couldn't 'cut the mustard,' but Christ DID! Jesus is your great High Priest correction our Great High Priest purging our conscience for rooted forgiveness inside and by His Word sprinkling our hearts from an evil conscience and cleansing us from dead works to serve the Living God from our conscious conscience!! There is no formula to God. There are no methods. There are no glib phrases to repeat or even invoke to know God, but in Christ in prayer: to know His Personhood: that He is the way, the truth, and the life and in that (testimony) of Christ Savior and Lord personally individually we’re born again following Messiah! John 14:6.

We’re each called to our own spiritual adventure and spiritual heart change surgery! But we all come through the Blood of Jesus Christ to New Covenant relationship with God! You can draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Forgetting what lies behind and reaching for what lies before, you can submit to Him and the devil will flee from us. You can have in your benefit file cabinet ethereally of what God has done FOR YOU by God's Salvation and literally on papers in knowing about Him greatly on the way to firsthand experiential experience knowing Him personally by getting saved which is the goal. With the pain evident by ethos and pathos known only to you and God, from Him that you are a sinner who has failed the Law of God admit this first and a chiefest sinner in addition that you desperately need to know from Ephesians chapters one and two and the Book of Hebrews ch. 9 and ch. 10 that the way is open and plain by the Word made flesh and dwelling among us, Jesus Christ, to become alive to God and you are laid bare and spiritually made open ready to this Salvation by a New Covenant Relationship convincing in fact born from an Old one that now in new wine skins is made a new and living way to God and is available through the Body of our Lord and His Blood to save! We came to Christ sinful, orphaned-by-this-world type sinners at some point, but nonetheless helpless a sinner we came to our Lord Jesus this way, hopeless. (And that in Finished Work of Jesus Christ God loves you almightily STRONG, justifies you, and transfers His Victory your way imputing Christ's Righteousness by just your faith in Him!) For in His Presence yes in His fullness of Presence there is joy, great joy, rooted in Christ even fullness of joy to be had!; pleasures at His right hand forevermore and this all had in knowing God through Christ simply put. In Him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. It’s not pie in the sky by and by, but by Jesus and His words followed obeyed an abundant life in our Lord now and then if you will spend time with Jesus. No rose garden promised but led along by ardent penetrating Truth to deny self, take up our cross and follow Him Who Is a Person, Jesus Christ! Follow Him as I do and others. Put God with everything within you first, in you by faith! Cast down your idols. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Make the flesh have no comfort relatively (relatively means by comparison.) Jesus is coming back for ready people some "angry young men" Randy Stonehill penned lyrics. Men who fight for God's right ways and His honor: angry about sin and its harm to anyone and willing to do something. Knowing ironies of His Kingdom and having the peace with God from God that induces us to be fighting the Lord's battles love and really love on others good with Agape concern which is God's brand of love and caring. This starts with voluntary slavery to Christ's ways even servanthood. Servants have no will of their own but their Master's. They are willing to serve everyone even by willingness to do the dirtiest job on the lowest rung of ladder service too. They volunteer this status. We are friends of God in Christ if we do what He commands. We wash one another's feet. He's not our homey but our friend. So Salvation starts with Finished Works on the cross appropiated and responding to grace and our receiving forgiveness of sins from God and is expressed in results working out of us: effects like servanthood to the Lord and the wind listing to blow through our sails we put up for God to blow us along and it's so with everyone born of the Spirit to the effect the Devils works are destroyed by Christ within and glowing like embers in and through us! Eternal life which starts at the Death on the Cross in identification of Jesus in us or Resurrection for us even for each of us and it radically changes us by transforming us from faith to faith, glory to glory! With tears I pray the things that break God’s heart will break your heart and mine. Humbly with tears also I wish for you to be broken by God and embark on this road to God that, “aims at Heaven!” and hits it every time! (This was a C.S. Lewis phrase - "Aims at Heaven.") For His ways are so much greater than ours! And His Thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts! The cross is our stepping stone not stumbling block to this victory triumph state. We're not as an ant in weakness but as Nike (more than conquerors) overcomers in Him of finding strength every day in the Lord‘s will mystery even of the hidden maztsa of Christ life in the Passover Seder we press on. Keep in mind the destiny of Jesus for us of Heaven is a disciple's counted cost daily to follow Him. Indeed it is foolishness this preaching to some who are blind to not discern spiritual things as real but they are foolish to disbelieve the cross was a triumph act indeed closing their ears. “The fool has said in his/her heart, there is no God.“ But in foxholes and school lunches and exams, there are no atheists.

Living the Christian life is not by us but a replacing of the old with the new by Christ and God and not in self-glory nor selfishness nor to be lived in self-righteousness nor pity for self, but humbly Salvation is received, and restoration, not passively but actively believed and born into us New Birth out, and best lived extroverted and actively expressed by faith through grace. Grace has and must have a showing up response to it. Speak the truth to one another in love. By unmerited favor Christ is our righteousness to the end of the law and we, it's fulfillment, (Romans 8:3,4) cry to Him open and honest facing our facts of sins we’ve committed to God need forgiveness and that we’re sinners before Him condemned but for Him to give us Godly sorrow too to give repentance to us not to be repented of or not in any worldly sorrow of any kind felt we turn to Him. We’re a work in progress in Salvation and He’s working in us and on us with the Hammer (of the Word,) and sometimes Screwdriver of His love instead intended to make us sharp. Self-glory itself or any of self will as a part of self-effort to work to try to earn pleasing to get to God we CEASE from as we put aside performance oriented treadmill works of trying to earn salvation but doomed to frustration nonetheless behind us but instead in the Spirit through Christ knowing Him encountering Him suddenly learning grace and humbly genuinely authentically coming to Him as because of mercy and grace from God humbly received and without fear we strive to be like Christ. In other words we seek to be fishers of men and watch our image from God pattern that it's a strut or sprint as gained by faith in Him that it is progressing in longer streaming strides in the Lord truly dignified and seeking His face consistantly constantly circumspect becoming authentically humble like Philippians chapter two: our Lord's kenosis, self-emptying.

Jesus our Messiah Christ by Who He was and no other genuinely destroyed the work and power of the Devil literally walking into a room and breaking his weapons jujitsu in two declaring glorious Victory, making an embarrassing and woeful fateful end to the devil squashing his head then and his works demolished soon in future tense in display God gives us the TV feed over and will in a future tense legislation give us a view over them to their destruction that is, of the devil and his demons crushed and under our Lord's foot Colossian 2; Genesis 3:15; Romans 15. We're enlisted in our Lord's army to enforce this destruction and devastation execution punishment over Satan by the authority left by Jesus Christ as His deputies as we get the Spirit Anointed urge by God to step in to victory humbly spiritually even do something worthily obeying Christ! Even if it's by a faithful look even a display crucified with our Lord we are obedient. Christ came out of an empty Tomb to fill our empty hearts and "we be sweet" is His "It is finished" victory within! Benny Hester wrote or sang a song in Contemporary Christian music called, “When God Ran, “about how God longs to come to each one of us who were 'sinning' but returning to Papa Abba as children born once now born twice saved, born of God, and as prodigals repenting and stopping sin as a habit and lifestyle who Christ gives the power to do so we do and so we love Him and He longs to fill us His Body with His ever scented incense Presence and with Godly love unto Resurrection Life in the Son in newness of life. Except you become as little children and receive the Kingdom of God as a little child, you will not see it nor enter it nor will you be saved. Therefore, the noblest act for any of us to do is to sit at the feet of Jesus who is the exact Divine image and representation of God and learn by emptying ourselves of pride and humble ourselves and become as Born Again. Preferably in a prone position humbly with good posture always, we worship Him though posture doesn't matter. Jesus spoke of His Father, and said,"Sanctify us by Thy Truth. “ “Thy Word is truth. “ So should we have this attitude of humility in coming to the Word to change in His Presence as we pray to Our Heavenly Father! We can learn by this statement in Romans 6:23 that man is totally depraved and has the witness of God in His existence inside himself and it’s so that He needs a Savior and Lord. Attributes of Adam flock to tell its so on a daily moment by moment basis. Christ is the end or fulfillment of righteousness to all who believe for righteousness and forgiveness period rather than work for their salvation for those who exert effort on their part for righteousness of their own are doomed from the start to finish re: repeated frustration. Its by grace! Alone! And transformation! For Salvation man needs a Savior and Jesus is He of necessity and we must know he in His Name is given alone Acts 4:12. There's an influence for God we must live circumspect and transmit. Jesus the Only Begotten Son of God is to be believed in for salvation literally His Name, Jesus Christ: for grace charis is a good fragrance aroma even Life to us saved and is His Personal Trait within and we’re to worship Him for mercy shown us as we come to know Who He is more as God in the flesh, a Personal God. We must be light by living brightly bright a life worthy of our calling. He is able to save you by His Death and Resurrection through His Blood imputed (see Oxford Dictionary), imparted to the uttermost aspect of us who are kept by His Power, blessed in Him. You have a piece in this puzzle to play even contribute to His Body for edification of others if you endure in this re: the end. He wants us to be like His Son, made over in His Image renewed restored. In His love He means to love us in revival so we can be transformed to glorify and enjoy Him forever and then to help us to give to the common good to the end meaning “Rapture,“ or the death you die not spiritually but only in and to this earthly tent, your self will. You are Members of Christ in particular. When one member suffers we all suffer and when one member is honored we all are honored. You endure well THROUGH temptation contributing to edifying others instead in love for you will live forever in either hell or heaven...and He gives His Beloved sleep. But in Christ life begins at being born again! Hell is a real place and don’t go there. In every school examination the teacher is silent during an exam so our Heavenly Teacher remains quiet when we're being tested. Pastor Rich gave us this illustration.

Be aware your adequacy is of God and be not cast down about your pattern of living but available be to be used. When you're saved really experience and determine honestly to have time spent with Jesus well at every chance door and window of opportunity. And obey His commands as saved even ready to the life prepared that is salvation from the wrath to come or Great Tribulation. If the Rapture comes to pass and occurs in immanence you are living in relationship to God by faith through grace with faith obedient, faith can keep you so you can be caught up in being "snatched" up to the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall you ever be with the Lord Jesus! Draw comfort from these words. You're not earning God's love in loving Him but responding in appreciation to grace unmerited, the Gift of Salvation. We come boldly to God in the Lord Jesus Christ. Comfort one another with words like these! Doesn't this sound like something you’d like? Alternatively, learn to like? Love maybe? Read I Thessalonians 4:13-17 and I Corinthians 15:1-7ff. Imagine thinking, “I’m good enough to enter Heaven because my good outweighs my bad and then finding my Standard is no good either, because I stumble over scandals even over other little things in attempting to be good in little stuff and I can say He may honestly say then, “I never knew you, depart you to outer darkness.” In your realer moments you know it is true of us all. We need a Savior Who if we commit to would never leave us nor forsake us: JESUS! Follow Him where He is. Even if you feel church is not for you to attend faithfully, get saved anyway despite any hypocrites and Obey His Word everywhere extremely tenaciously so even if it don't make sense. Even if it's not Church all the time for you in planning Sunday nights try to remember this place is for worship even remember it is a Hospital for sinners and hurting often and always, a ship to find rescue from sin and all its wreck so develop sensitivity to the sensitive nature of sensitivity His Voice masters.

In context, "God be merciful to me a sinner," was heard said by a Tax-gatherer who was someone Jesus told as one who humbles himself before God he beating upon his breast in personal dread for his sins in preparation to see God. The Pharisee was a total lost man opposite in proud thought. Jesus told the interpretation of this about people who think themselves righteous and show contempt for others. This parable shows humility before God by this publican who came home justified and exalted in due time having humbled himself bowing low before God in petitions and supplication, worship of God for Who God is in aided humility. In keeping with the line of scripture I’m towing my family in to all be One in Christ, for I'm following unified LOVE in our Lord I‘ve found in Him from Him: that God is love and Jesus shows it personally by His Life, Death, Burial, and Resurrection and Subsequent Risen Life. We must all get humble even must bow down low before God and accept in prayer this born again relationship for God says you won't see God nor His Kingdom without Him or Holiness. His way of Rescue from the sinfulness and insidiousness of sin in this world is grounded in sins that we have committed by error of commission and omission seen forgiven now in the present even taken away within a Relationship with Him and sanctification or becoming like Christ then on!. Just by being born from Adam, we are responsible for grace has a response with it and this is because we all were in Adam when he fell in His genes. This invitation to pursue God for all its worth (brave inside) is a testifying too that Jesus Paid It All; that the deliverance over sin Christ won to gain our salvation for us was complete and makes us whole; it follows...WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN AS INDIVIDUALS AND INTO A CORPORATE BODY! In Christ or Born of God, in relationship to Him like hand in glove, father and son or daughter in Family! No religion too! As a popular song lyric puts it *BUT IN GENUINE RELATIONSHIP TO GOD! *YES! The Word of God says God created man in the image and likeness of God. It declares man suffers irreparably, or beyond hope from the fall of Adam the first man. Law only shows up our sin. It's our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. Genesis declares in the account record by Moses that their fall brought substantial crises to man and that this happened just as they disobeyed God's command to not eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the Garden God said no to eat as a direct command but disobeyed. Man thinks of loopholes first all the time in sinning but in this he was and is Divinely made in God's image in vestiges latent so man thinks, “how do I fix this,?" He then made fig leaves to cover his and her skin before a Holy God in a religious act but God came the Redemptive way to man and made provision to restore man to Himself without help from man for that redemption of the likeness and image of God to be returned. God made animal clothes. Simple. He slew a sacrifice and it was the first one required for forgiveness of sin. Even this expresses the thought more robustly that the Lamb of God was slain from the Foundation of the world for God provided firstly AN EVERLASTING Covenant by sacrifice and we play a part in it by having faith. Even today in this very moment God would love to love on you for you to order your life anew and lifestyle aright and show you He has a Divine plan for you to live just “in the dust of the Rabbi, JESUS CHRIST “God-breathed (inspired: theopneustos in Greek) and for that likeness or image of God to be restored for you; for me. This is EMT aid (emergency medical tech) by God or CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation God performs on you (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation of the heart and life through spirit in-breath or electro-cardio diagnosis (Hebrews 4:12) that aids in newness of life heart health like in our new mind in I Corinthians 13.) Jesus is da MAN! The Word made flesh has and is dwelling dwelt among us. And I can see in my mind's eye in the unknown for me on my plate to believe the likeness to Christ aspects of being in-breathed of Father God our Creator in us that He has vested interest in because He gave Jesus. In His investments in natural creation acts and in the Finished Work on Calvary it was this as well as that done both by the Almighty because of His love Agape for man that we enjoy. Without regard for who we are in our person alone and in His Own Personal Way Amazing Unconditional personal LOVE IS SHOWN US nonetheless, from His Throne and His long-hearted unmerited grace passion-shown long suffering forbearing enduring Sovereignty and Love. He has worked sacredly to appoint Justification to us in the cross and for me for a time in particular of being saved in the moment of today because grace is of God alone in its saving aspect always and for us all so let it to happen is my prayer. After being saved God wants to PROVE His people true and to test their innocence to the unsaved to save many more! Only His saved children get disciplined by Him at all and that is literally His begotten love from our good good Daddy Father in Heaven to do that! His brand, His Kind of Love is Indescribable, Untamable, and Unstoppable; even so we can be motive intended by Him miraculously to do His will with pleasure! Ask the Savior inside to save you and make you His! If God be for us who can be against us! Have surpassing and deep emotional passion to love God first and then compassionately others like God loves and for Christ's Body of believers! He's the abundance in the Harvest! We're His co-laborers. Therefore let us go to Him outside the Camp, bearing His reproach, Heb. 13:13 (witnesses.) “For we have not here an abiding city, but we seek after the city which is to come.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭13:14‬ ‭ Through Him then let us be offering up the sacrifice to God continually that is the fruit of our lips confessing His Name!! Verse 15. By David Candel with the aid of the Holy Spirit.
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