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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Pilgrim's Walk

How are we saved? Through the Blood of Christ. We are saved to newness of life. It's an abundance of raining pouring forgiveness, mercy, and love with grace from God. The Word charges us to become like Christ our forerunner. We're translated into the Kingdom of God's dear Son where we experience love, joy, peace, and comfort. We sleep on our pillows with a clear conscience knowing God has forgiven us and justifies and has made all things new. We're not baptized in bad vinegar but with joy unspeakable which is our strength to an inheritance incorruptible reserved by God in Heaven not fancied yet this side the golden shore. Our completeness is in Christ being found IN HIM and not by our own rightness. We're not stuffed shirts nor haughty like prigs but humble meaning we're no more nor less than who God made us. Living a lowly life of faith in Christ disciples that are walking worthy of our call we put our hands to the plow to do to help with all our might that which we find in order to help other's need. We're aliens to this planet. The Lord will come back in the clouds and remove us from earth to a Wedding Dinner to be given in Christ's Name. The Holy Spirit knows what we need and we must seek Christ's Kingdom first. Be ready. Feed the slaves and on time. Be good stewards faithful in a very little thing. Be good to Jews. They are God's Chosen people. Everyone left behind will have to fend for food, perhaps die a martyrs death and not take the mark of the beast or they will go to hell for doing that. If this is found by someone after The Rapture just described get hold of a Bible and begin to read it cover to cover. Ask Christ to save. Become His disciple. Let the relationship with Jesus Christ in denying yourself cost something and in taking up your cross to follow. The Kingdom is the rule and reign of Christ through the believer.
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