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Friday, July 18, 2014

God Loves You from my IPad mini

Latest TheologyAug 15, 2008
Update July
We come to Christ at His general generous invitation at the end of ourselves to accept being In Christ and we want to know more of this full Life even His attributes and better of the Father through revelation of the Son in the Holy Spirit. Scripture reveals Christ within humbling ourselves in a godly living as we read of the Gentle Savior and make the heart connection to commit and abandon all to follow this Risen Son, God's Only Begotten Son, Christ Jesus. Living sacrifices now, having confessed we are all sinners and having been saved by grace thereafter we worship God giving all the glory to Him. Kingdom of God principles Jesus taught in the Parables give us cause to reflect on our sins and apply God's healing saving to our lives. We present our bodies, our total beings to God for this is spiritual worship to God in service. We want ears that hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. By a new and living way we are drawing near to God through the Innocent Substituted Blood of Christ in true hearts becoming progressively assured by faith in the New Covenant. We have this hope as an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast. It enters within the veil. His Body was Riven for us that we might be made whole complete, healed Shalom (nothing missing nothing broken.)
Have you met this Friend in person? There is a song called, "I am the Friend of God,... He calls me Friend!!!!" ...It goes, "Who am I that You are thinking of Me, that you love me..." I'm sorry excuse me folks, but I get emotionally stirred fascinated even amazed when I think in awe how God can make me "friend." And He is, for I'm born from above. His Word declares it. For I've made my decision and the account was settled long ago is my testimony. In heaven I will never think a wrong thought and I'll be able to walk through walls and be completely free of this life's encumbrances and sins. God is not a kill joy. He is Holy and says we should be Holy. Can we indeed make the Word practical and list entanglements that tempt us to sin and forsake them? Can we not say, "Following Jesus is no picnic but we know Eternal Life is a gift of God by faith through grace, to those who call on the Name of the Lord." God's call to salvation is not to a problem free life. The Spirit comes in when becoming born again. God reveals the Son's attributes by help of the Holy Spirit. We study to show ourselves approved of God a workman needing not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth. The race must be won to the end (Greek Teleiosis for the end of the process - perfection) and that means diligently to follow Christ withersoever He goes. It's not He that ends with the most toys wins. It's knowing God invites us personally to a relationship where we have empowerment even enablement to understand how to be living up to Standard, even the Holy Standards of God's Holiness until Christ calls us home. Until that time of confirmed righteousness just look unto into the eyes of Jesus the Alpha and Omega and be holy as He is Holy. Be one in unity and love others with a spleen turned over like from God's compassion. God gave us natural life and counts on us to avail at the option to be reborn to an Abundant Life in His Son, the King of Kings, Christ Jesus. "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, a bulwark never failing, He our helper He amidst the throes of mortal ills prevailing." Spiritually it's becoming born again. Newness of life!! Saved!!
Dave Candel :-)
Bethel Assembly Of God Church
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