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Friday, February 10, 2012

Why The Work Of God Is To Believe In Jesus!

GOD IS LOVE! GOD LOVES YOU! HE REALLY DOES!!! What does that mean? JRR Tolkien fathered C.S. Lewis's salvation. Both were prolific Christians. C.S. Lewis wrote of a great analogy to Christ in Aslan in the Narnia Books for children. Because of Christ God can be known in New Covenant. Covenant is a Message or agreement by contract. Because of the Cross Jesus Died upon God can be for you! Many want to take up their cross but do they want to follow Christ? You can get on Jesus’ side because we need to know God personally for He believes in you!! He believes in you so much He let's you choose your own destiny in eternity and to know Him individually. Jesus has that Character to impute and impart to let that occur. We all want to be children God calls home someday to Heaven before we reject Him any further.It all happened 2000 years ago. God has positive believing that by faith you'll do the right thing by Him and for yourself and ask Him in to be saved. To choose life, choose Eternally: Choose Jesus. Instead of blaming God for every bad thing or complaining (refusing His language called: salvation, and His basic spiritual relationship) why not trust Him? Why must I be saved and what must I do to be saved? You will want to come to God His way to know Him truly and obtain Heaven in the hereafter when you die. For now trust in His Name and His Transformation. His way is His Son, Jesus Christ. Don't try to figure out the Trinity, just accept it. God is in three in One yet one Being: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We can know assuredly that this life of tribulation is not all there is but an exciting life now abundantly and in the hereafter awaits those obedient to in and to His Spirit. While waiting for that in the hereafter now Salvation is accepting Jesus Christ for His Finished Work of Death, Burial, Resurrection for our sins, yours and mine and God applying it to you. He, Jesus, literally 'became sin' or our death penalty before God so He could forgive and restore us when Jesus Christ, God's Son Perfect Sacrifice, was on the cross. God wants you on His Team. When you make this decision you will find salvation in Christ. You choose to admit you're a sinner and change how you see yourself and your sin and God by Finished Work (complete) of Christ. (Christ Dying on the Cross pays your sin debt and enables you to have grace.) We then on sit in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus He then being Lord in salvation when we admit we are sinful sinners and accept God‘s way out. Now God can look on us as His purchased possession, redeemed and not sinners (on the way to hell.) But if we truly encounter Christ salvation is God seeing you through the lens of the perfect character of His Son, Jesus. Upon knowing I know I’m saved and that God sees me in Jesus Christ encountering Him in His Resurrected Body and Spirit we want to become like Him, as saved growing Christians. We all think we have control or an illusion of it but to come to Christ is not an optional decision nor anyone’s crutch without purpose as we let go of control (yes, the illusion of it,) in prayer. Believe God can be trusted for He is perfect in His Person being a God of infinitely perfect Justice, Love, Mercy, Goodness, Holiness, Righteousness, and Self-Control! His Word is clear on the subject of His Character! We will never finish getting to know Him for all eternity! The question is where will you spend eternity? To accomplish God’s salvation for you in Christ Jesus through faith relationship by leap of faith or jump into God's arms for you in your life and without bending God's arm back of course but with knowing that you're born again is paramount not attempting your own way. God will give assurances of salvation to you if you are approaching God in Christ boldly. The influence and impact of Christ is to have His saving Power of God to move from sin in lifestyle to right living (righteousness,) in deed and truth. His Lamb was Slain from before the foundation of the world, scripture says this at least twice, and His Finished work is commitment' requiring of us to stay in the Father’s hand, for He will keep what you entrust to Him. As long as you stay in that Hand nothing and no one can pry His fingers from about you. Live every day trusting God for your needs and try your heart testing it to follow our Lord. God writes the check daily for you but you have to come to Him that is for the money, He being Your Provider. Your part is to believe, present active indicative in the Greek language the Bible was written in. God has called you with a Holy Calling by His own purpose and grace in Christ Jesus. By grace you have been saved through faith if you believe and endure to the end (and so keep on believing,) present active indicative in the Greek.) Go to Church, a Bible believing Church Assembly for this ongoing decision to grow in grace and the knowledge of God and Christ and become many decisions to follow because its in the Word and you just have to have it stirred up I Tim 1:6. Line upon line you will learn relationship. Much further is caught than taught. Every man is hurting but know no one knows how that feels but Jesus. This creates a pathos but it’s not limited to being in church having good times in rare air but you will have tough times also: but you'll need victory prepared beforehand and to know Him to remain abiding in Him. Victory is a given. God has destined you for great things. If you never had a lack of fellowship how will you have a passion for fellowship? Therefore gather together with God’s saints. There will be suffering for the Name of Christ according to God‘s purpose. God has done what is needed to save you. He wants you on His team truly. He’s called you with a Holy Calling out of this world’s system into His Presence in salvation and ongoing sanctified fellowship. He who believes present active indicative shall be saved. You must have grace to believe everything in the Bible that says about Who you are in Christ and grow in knowing Who God is as well. God just needs your encountering Him, willingness and availability. God is indescribable and beyond our knowledge but called us to His Holy Purpose and Calling. The trouble is we want what is inside the cup without being “in Christ,“ but the grace and plan is through Christ Jesus. You will only receive grace for God’s purpose and plan through Christ Jesus and some with wisdom point out it‘s one day at a time. Like riding in an airplane you can’t survive in the trip in the plane if it is that you’re outside the plane but only as it were, “in Christ,“ or with Christ as Pilot, Co-, and Navigator and the crew! The Savior Christ ‘uncloaked’ several things by His appearing (on the planet two thousand years before): He abolished death, brought life (Zoe`- God kind of life,) and immortality to light through the Gospel. In that blink when you die you will see the face of Christ. What’s bad about that moment? C. S. Lewis wrote about that in The Screwtape Letters. You were made to be in His Presence. It will be perfect bliss. You will be there by faith and God’s will not your talent or good works outside of being “in Christ.” And that’s a very dynamic thing. God's two Revelations, the one of His Righteousness which is fulfilled in Christ Jesus is brought to light while the other is a Revelation of God's Wrath composed of a two pronged fork to get you going to Him! It points us to Eternity. Look at Romans Chapter one for this fork. Your circumstances do not dictate to God. His purpose and grace is in Christ and this is true for you in good times and bad. God speaks by the Voice of the Holy Spirit in Joshua (Jesus) John 15:20. In that verse, Jesus says, “if they persecuted Me they will you, If they kept My Word they will yours.“ We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ if we suffer with Him Romans 8:16,17 says. Paul says, “If indeed we suffer with Him.” Never put a period where God puts a comma. We are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, .....“if indeed we suffer with Him period.”” “Join me in the suffering for the Testimony of Christ Jesus our Lord. Watch me in my example of suffering for Christ and do likewise I Tim 1:1-7.” “I am not ashamed” Paul writes. “I suffer these things but I am not ashamed because He loves me, He sheds His grace on me, He blesses me, He provides for me,” Paul writes. He is convinced of Who God is I Tim 1:12. Don’t put your faith in faith. Put your faith in Jesus. He will make you useful Romans 1:16. God makes you a hammer when He needs you hardheaded and a screwdriver when He needs you sharp. God is looking for one ability in us. It is availability: to love one another and serve one another. In believing fellowship with the Father and with the Son, is what Scripture says is fellowship I John 1:3: that He suffered of an Eternity of Hell during those six hours or so on the Cross and unconditionally He Died to show us God's love for us and besides, you, cooperating with the Voice of God, and the Spirit of God within, discover we truly need Jesus for escape from sin and to salvation: re: to suffer according to God‘s purpose not our own fault(s). Escape is needed from this sin-filled world of sinful pleasure. We all have pain of some kind in this life but God is faithful Who will not let you be tempted beyond what you are able but will provide an escape. What we need is to be saved so that God is able to keep what you commit to Him (He guards it ferociously,) so give it to Him: obedience from us within and a life of worship outward then to God in the Son will be expressed by you and me. How? By knowing God in relationship. We want to know God from His Heart. Everlasting Father, God Almighty, and Daddy or Abba is revealed (three titles for God.) There's where everyone's hunger for passion lies: knowing God according to truth. Like a parched land or deer pants after water so our hearts pant after God. We want to know that we owe God (right?) and come to God (right?) to God near and this is thru the Son for this is the 'ticket' in humility in bowing down before Him. We needed God. For our next breath even we needed Him. Accountable in salvation we are we want good stewardship from us in responsible change spiritually: specifically: faith-relationships 1) Love for God first and 2) Love for our neighbor second as we love ourselves. For this is by the GREAT GREAT LOVE OF GOD FOR US being revealed in us by coming to know wisdom to learn to read the Word of God, the Bible, daily and allowing God to work on us in circumstances as certainly for us with open hand, as a Potter would clay on a Potter's Wheel working it until it is a vessel turned into a traditional beautiful vessel of use for Him. In other words under His mighty higher power known by us and by His Intention known (that is His goodness, Rightness, Holiness, and Love known) and His impetus of that Good Nature known and perfected in our active lifestyle faithful from us also within faith-relationship to God we can please Him in the Lord and He be your everything! We are created anew in Christ Jesus transformed at times renewing fellowship according to Psalm 51 or I John1:9 as life flows in ebbs and flows, (dips.) We need a true transformation in God not a more educated sinner. Jeremiah 17:10 says, “I, the Lord search the Heart. I test the mind to give every man according to His works and as to His deeds.” Recognize that you're going to stand before Christ and give an account of your stewardship at the Bema Seat. You’re a clay pot, vulnerable, and limited in strength, mortality and use before God in your own strength. We needed God to make it. We really did. We're made for fellowship. Even presently we're not made of marble and steel in this human life. Entrust control to God. When you relinquish all control to God and when you will be without resources except God and God alone you will be living true Christianity. God can only watch what we give up I Tim 1:12. God is not far from any one of us humbly in Christ if we discern this but nevertheless we make a one hundred eighty degree turn from where we are for most of us from sin to God (75% perhaps globally yet to make that decision from sin.) Acknowledge that He is good. Let us remember that seeking revival, turning to Him, and seeking His face for forgiveness and for our Nation, America and circlemaking from God. Read The Circlemaker by Mark Batterson. Jesus is the Incarnation of God in the flesh, bone, Spirit, and He is the Object of our hope springing up eternal. We need to have a long view of our life. We need to work out our salvation with respect and trembling. Now do we do this? Honestly? We should by the power of the Spirit. This world seeks Jesus all the wrong way for they don't seek to find the Christ child in a manger! He is 100% God and 100% man and loves you nonetheless unconditionally! Let me explain how to retain the sound form Standard of sound words: Walk out your life in Christ careful. God in Christ hides His own in Himself for we are dead! Col. 3:2,3. We were in the Son when He died on the cross and we died (with Him.) You are God’s property. He paid a price for you. He owns you. God says in Jer. 17:10, “I the Lord try the heart, I test the mind, that I may give unto everyone according to their work and as to their deeds.” We need to stay mortified as Christ lived but alive to God. That will happen for the saved at the Bema Seat Judgment during the Marriage Supper of the Lamb to come ultimately. How we put to death the deeds of the body and got resurrected in Jesus to be alive to God believing and alive will be seen. Judge nothing before it’s time. We will be a catalyst to see our loved ones saved as we live before them faithfully the form of sounds words Standard. It was no picnic for God to let His Son Die on a Cross in suffering to Die a Substitute for us. But in fact as well God in the Cross was putting on the Ritz because He loves you also by way of the cross. Jesus has by the way fulfilled over four hundred prophecies about Messiah, King Jesus. Given in the Bible throughout it's contents these writings definitely tell us God is in Complete and Providential control, and man is not, though man thinks with a corrupt avarice (greed) to attempt to dominate their fellow human beings and other things also. We must change our thinking with regard to our own lives the rudder, the tongue. But concerning these patterns of behavior and it will happen by transformation in Christ not by a program. Man/Woman is made in God's image but responsible/accountable before God for our own thoughts, words, and actions. Faith is the relationship. Love is the expression of it working out. Give to God what is God’s. When you realize you can do nothing for this but surrender control and everything in this control’s illusion too, God can then guard for you while you have the treasure from God for Him to guard which is not yours but entrusted to us. His Name is on the papers in other words but He gives it to us to hold in a safe keeping but ultimately it’s His ownership. Knowing we try to cease from our own works when we come to Christ and cease hopefully from far off wanderings and going astray when we’re saved to diligently enter His rest in Christ as sanctification we prosper. He does His part. Christ is our life and we abide in Him obeying His will consecrating to Him our lives and receive His purpose in His Word through His Voice that is still and small. You see grace in this of you to see Christ within you. Receive conviction to be saved which is not condemnation but God's gentle nudge to those who hear and listen to Him. So soften your heart. Futile is religion also and religious activity therefore for it is man's attempts to get to God and it's based on man's thoughts not especially nor in any way attains to God's thoughts which have their culmination in Christ. Man is not looking at a religious thought process to know God particularly unless He wants to look at his destiny for a moment in the far view but it's through a faith-relationship with God and in God only. It is a peaceful relationship to co-labor with God in this faith relationship but filled with dynamic tension and guts for serious respect for God’s Magnanimous Voice which has His demands now but is not tame. Volumes could be written about this. He's not safe but is not tame as well C.S. Lewis wrote. God is not dragging you to Himself of course but He lets His net fall about you for you to have grace to believe. He is the calm in the storm's middle and He never lets go. He gives you a grippable free choice to believe Him. He woos. He's so a gentleman about being invited in. He's an all consuming fire that doesn't go out of a flame to the curious. But He has the power to cast into hell those deserving of hell after being dead. Therefore honor and serve Him in Jesus. Treat Him with the utmost respect and utmost service. Jesus in His authentic seal of approval from God at the cross for He is reaching out, is even stretching down to man IN LOVE in a FELLOWSHIP-RELATIONSHIP of belief in Blood Covenant with priestly belief for man for man. For those in particular Whom He chooses and they (in turn) choose Him, and His Salvation, for they want His ways and most of all, His Jesus as Savior for the Lord is seated. He saves them out of this present evil world inside and in the future every other way as well. Galatians 1:5 says. Avoid the appearance of evil scripture says. How? By living and abiding in Christ. Is He seated in your life? It preaches well. How does it live? Don't you as His creation want assuming your hungry to be warmed, enfolded, encircled, and entrusted with Him, with His fellowship and care to belong to God? We need a Savior: His Name: is Jesus! A personal Savior and God. For those who know Him as a wounded suffering servant (and begin to know the meaning of all God’s Names,) on this side of eternity He will in them be born again be such on the other Side King of Kings and Lord of Lords! This includes Him being Master and Lord of everything of the now of course! You are His Possession. Started by God Himself with a man called Abraham in Chapter 13-17 of Genesis, God reached out - wanted a Covenant with us, mankind. He had a part to play and we have one too. God Himself thus slew several different animals, and God came across the broken pieces, He literally walked between the pieces. Abram was face to face WITH GOD and responded, and thus God was obeyed by man’s faith and was given Isaac, an heir at 100, a son by promise, & later on Abraham was tested, passed the test, and this son who would down the line, the family line of descent from Abraham to Joseph and Mary become our 'Messiah,' JESUS was so hated by the devil. The devil or Satan has tried to destroy the process of Jesus being born. Yes both family lines gave Messiah which means Sent One or Anointed One. Abraham is called the Father of the faithful. And there are some less than illustrious characters in the Messiah’s blood line and some are women of questionable character, but they show us how willing God is to use us being human. And Jesus is God's Sent One in our Grace period or age of time, God Incarnate, our Blessed Messiah. God calls us to His Lamb Christ Jesus. Don't worship a book, the Bible, but Who it leads to: the Living Fountain Of LIFE, the Logos Word, the Lord Jesus, Who is the Fountain of Living Water And of the Springs of the water of life Author to all who're thirsty. We want to have an inkling of the relationship Christ had with God. This is also. He and we through Him have to create a hunger and thirst for the God of the Word. The Bible is God's inerrant final Word of authority in everything being spoken of or done by man with regard to God and our living in the mind of God in agreement with Him submitted as well. This life is all for His glory. Like Abraham did, walk out the Canaan Land of victorious right living. We submit to God as well in everything if we walk with Him. We submit more and more to God over a lifetime is our goal as is to be used of God. It's a verbal plenary Bible, inspired, inerrant, and infallible in inspiration and in matters relating to God flawless Bible and life. It’s in Jesus Christ and in Him we have life eternal. Check it out and read it through for it reads as flawless God's Character and as righteous deed does and seamless throughout. The Christian life is about Jesus working inside of us and not politically motivated intent. We’re the saved, letters written by God known and read of all men. It’s not about what you can do but what you’ll surrender yourself in Him to do by the Holy Spirit. Or what He will do through you! Surrendered! Before Abraham God had a verbal speech face to face Covenant Faith Relationship with seven men by blood animal sacrifice which pointed to His Sending His Messiah Jesus Christ even then. Adam's choice was to succeed or fail being tempted by the serpent, submitting, who is the first man. We know all of us we were affected by this one man. Adam was the progenitor of the race. And then Seth, his son, a second man, and a third and a fourth. Then Noah, a preacher of righteousness, the fifth man, through a sixth, to the seventh, Enoch, (who is a type of the lasts days church that will be yanked off the planet by The Rapture from Jacob's Trouble, see Daniel, I and II Thessalonians., and Revelation,) who walked with God until God 'took' him. God gave forgiveness and blessing by sacrifice of lamb or ram and bull in the Patriarchs and Moses and through Revelation of Who God in these writings to mankind even today through the nation of Israel and then Messiah. And God gave assurances He would keep His end of the PROMISE He putting Israel in Egypt (a type of the world,) to be rescued by Jacob‘s son, Joseph, a true type of Jesus Christ. And so it being fulfilled someday (see Gen. 3:15) in Christ until the time of restoration of all things He gave an oath to do that too! (to send His Son, Jesus.) Abraham met Melchizedek giving tithes of all and God made an oath to do His Promise as well. And that now it is high time to believe for it’s by two unchangeable things (His Promise and Oath,) we who have fled to Him to take refuge in Him may have assurance for an anchor for the soul both sure and steadfast which enters within the veil, that is to say His flesh Body died. When He died the Veil in the Temple was rent from top to bottom letting us all into the Presence of God. But we need to come individually. Just now won’t you ask Jesus inside your heart to save you? He, in being fulfilled (New) Covenant Promise of Who God is became sin by His Death FOR US because sin was catching up crouching at our door to master us to destroy us even back then for man truly needed a Savior from sin BY FAITH THROUGH GRACE in what God had Done to realize we’re sinners in need of God's forgiveness and be restored in a deposit of what the first man had before he fell. Jesus is God. He is Messiah, the Second Adam. His Blood is able to cleanse not only the deeds of the mind and heart but the conscience itself from dead works to serve the LIVING GOD! Hebrews nine. The Old Covenant was completely full of dead wood. It could never save. Our works even good works stink like filthy rags. Jesus is right in His saving redeeming mankind. He is strong to do the work of salvation. So Access is through the Son whereby we may boldly come to Him, (that‘s down here.) God hates legalism and sin because sin kills and makes our bodies die in a conglomerate of destructive ways. Though in sin there is pleasure for a few moments in the end it stings like a death or poison to the body or bee-sting. Consequences to our sin can follow. But faith-relationship is then and only then by God’s grace in this right living lifestyle Jesus provides in God's salvation possible in turning to Christ from sin. You must be born twice. When anyone realizes the way Christ Died matters and for them shine, and was FOR them individually and is crafted and is valid they can then admit they’re wrong before God because at sometime with the Holy Spirit’s help (and grace alone,) they know how fallen is mankind, the human race, is, and they personally realize, at some point, too, individually, realize that, that to trust Jesus Christ to save them and BE SAVED and have NEW LIFE and a NEW HOPE of being in Heaven under God‘s Hand is a priority. Do your best to meet Him in life encountering Him for your life. Pray and believe in His power to be able to aid and deliver. The Old Covenant failed in its mission. Jesus succeeds in His Missionary Priestly Mission in New Testament calling. Ask for forgiveness admitting you’re a sinner, and know God loves you, and accept God’s plans patterns for you in salvation in Heavenly places where you sit, walk, and stand in Him, and follow Him in His victory won!!! Live in Christ a crucified, buried, and Resurrected life out of the empty Tomb and blessed!!! See yourself the way God does. Read Ephesians, then the Gospel of John, and then Matthew’s Gospel for revelation and the entire Bible! Dave Candel 3/6/2012
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