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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life is Full Of Pain and Hardship But JESUS Makes The Difference!

God is love! The Christian life is one of joy in the midst of suffering in hope in God alone living for God and suffering for the right reasons. Pathos characterizes many times the tragedy we have to go through. But Joy in God all along the way is ours. Tribulation is par excellence as Life would have it. Salvation is from sin in belonging to the Savior, Jesus Christ. The person who comes to Christ and to God usually comes to the end themself and for want of more admits their fallibility and/or mortality. Then in their need for God they are open for and usually embrace the prayerof and The Word of God! In their hunger and thirst for righteousness they become abandoning of belongings and self with regard to trust thereof and admit they're sinners and in need before God and accept God's salvation in Christ. God's love becomes real and more of a present reality! Jesus becomes Lord and Master-Savior (and Friend,) from sin! Peace, Dave C. Psalm 23
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