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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

When Jesus Returns I Want To Be On Aslan's (The Lion of Judah's Tribe) Back!!!!

GOD LOVES YOU! HE REALLY DOES!!! C.S. Lewis wrote of a great analogy to Christ in Aslan in the Narnia Series. Because of the Cross God can be for you! You can get on the side Jesus is on because we need to know God personally for He believes in you!! He believes in you so much He let's you choose your own destiny. It all happened 2000 years ago. He has positive believing that by faith you'll do the right thing and ask Him to be saved. Choose life, choose Eternally. Choose Jesus. Instead of blaming God why not trust Him? Why must I be saved? You will want to come to God His way to know Him truly and obtain Heaven in the hereafter when you die. . His way is His Son, Jesus Christ. Don't try to figure out the Trinity, just accept it. We can know assuredly that this life of tribulation is not all there is but an exciting life in the hereafter awaits those obedient to in and to His Spirit. Salvation is accepting Jesus in His Finished Work of Death, Burial, Resurrection for our sins, yours and mine and God applying it to yourself. He literally 'became sin' or our death penalty before God so He could forgive and restore us when Jesus Christ, God's Son was on the cross. Now God can look on us as His repurchased possession, redeemed. Upon knowing Christ encountering Him somewhere in His Resurrected Body we want to become like Him, as saved. We all think we have control or an illusion of it but to come to Christ we let go in prayer. Believe God can be trusted as perfect in Justice, Love, Mercy, Holinesss, Righteousness, Goodness, and Self-Control! His Word is clear on the subject of His Character! To accomplish this salvation for you through faith relationship by leap of faith or jump into God's arms for you in your life and without bending God's arm back of course but with knowing that you're born again is paramount. His Lamb was Slain from before the foundation of the world, scripture says at least twice, and this Finished work is commitment' requiring of us and and for you and to be receiving ministry from Him. Go to Church, a Bible believing Church Assembly for this but not limited to this overall: but you'll need victory and to know Him. God's two Revelations, the one of His Righteousness which is fulfilled in Christ Jesus while the other is a Revelation of God's Wrath revealed in them that know not nor obey God, point us to Eternity. Look at Romans Chapter one for this. God speaks by the Voice of the Holy Spirit II Timothy 3:16. While We know this God by that same Holy Spirit and what says Scripture: that He suffered an Eternity of Hell during those six hours or so on the Cross and unconditionally He Died to show God's love for us besides, you, cooperating with the Voice of God, and the Spirit of God within, discover we truly need escape. Escape is needed from this sinfilled world of sinful behavior. What we need is to be saved so that obedience from us within and a life of worship outward then to God in the Son will be expressed by you and me. How? By knowing God in relationship. We want to know God from His Heart and from His heart is Everlasting Father God and Daddy or Abba revealed. There's where everyone's hunger for passion lies. Like a deer pants after water so our hearts pant after God. We want to know that we owe God and come to God right to God nigh and this is thru the Son for this is the 'ticket' in humility in bowing before Him. We need God. For our next breath even we need Him. Accountable in salvation we are we know we want from us change spiritually: specifically: faith-relationships 1) Love for God first and 2) Love for our neighbor second as we love ourselves. For this is by the GREAT GREAT LOVE OF GOD FOR US being revealed in us by coming to wisdom to learning to read the Word of God, the Bible, daily and allowing God to work on us in circumstances as certainly as a Potter would clay on a Potter's Wheel working it until it is a traditional beautiful vessel of use for Him. In other words under His higher power and under His Intention known (that He is good, righteous, Holy, and Love) and His Good Nature known and active lifestyle from us also within faith-relationship to God we can please Him and be created anew in Christ. Jeremiah said "let him who boasts, boast in this that He knows Me, that I am a God of Loving-kindness, Justice, and Mercy, and that I delight to do these things." Recognize that you're a clay pot, vulnerable, and limited in strength, mortality and use before God in your own strength. We need God to make it. We really do. We're made for fellowship. We're not made of marble and steel in this life. God is not far from any one of us humanly in Christ nevertheless we make a one hundred eighty degree turn from where we are for most of us (70% perhaps globally yet.) Let us remember that seeking revival, turning to Him, and seeking His face. Jesus is the Incarnation of God in flesh, bone, Spirit, and hope springing eternal. He's everything God is 100% and man is 100%. But we need to work out our salvation with respect and trembling. Now do we? Honestly? We should. This world seeks Jesus all the wrong way for they don't seek to find the Christ child in a manger! He loves you nonetheless! Let me explain.. It was no picnic for God to let His Son Die on a Cross in suffering for us. But in fact as well God was putting on the ritz because He loves you by way of the cross. Jesus has by the way fulfilled over four hundred prophecies about Messiah, King Jesus. Given in the Bible throughout it's contents these writings definitely tell us God is in Complete and Providential control, and man is not, though man thinks with a corrupt avarice (greed) to dominate their fellow human beings and other things also. We must change with regard to our own lives concerning these patterns of behavior but it will happen by transformation in Christ not a program. Man/Woman is made in God's image but responsible/accountable before God for their own thoughts, words, and life. We must dig deeper in service to Him then, knowing we cease from our own works and hopefully going astray when we’re saved to diligently enter His rest in Christ as sanctification. Christ is our life and we abide in Him obeying His purpose in His Word through His Voice that is still and small. You see the last paragraph was for the saved but you can see or discern that both saved and unsaved receive conviction which is not condemnation but God's nudge to those who hear to listen to Him. Futile is religion and religious activity therefore for it is man's attempts to get to God and it's based on man's thoughts not especially nor in any way attaining God's thoughts. Man is not looking at a religious thought to know God particularly unless He wants to look at his destiny for a moment but it's through A faith-relationship only. It is a peaceful relationship with God this faith relationship but filled with dynamic tension and serious respect for God and His demands but not tame. He's safe but not tame C.S. Lewis wrote. God is not dragging you to Himself. He is the calm in the storm's middle and He never lets go. He gives you a free choice. He woos. He's a gentleman about being invited in. He's an all consuming fire that doesn't go out of flame to curious. But He has the power to cast into hell to those deserving of hell after being dead. Therefore honor and treat Him with respect and utmost service. Jesus in His authentic seal of approval from God for He is reaching out, is even stretching down to man IN LOVE in a FELLOWSHIP-RELATIONSHIP of Faith in Blood Covenant with faith for man, those in particular Whom He chooses and they (in turn) choose God, and Salvation, want His ways and most of all, Jesus as Savior and Lord. He saves them out of this present evil world inside and in the future every other way as well. Galatians 1:5 says. Don't you as His creation want then to be warmed, enfolded, encircled, and entrusted by Him, with His fellowship and care and belong to God? We need a Savior: His Name: is Jesus! A personal Savior and God. For those who know Him as a wounded suffering servant on this side of eternity He will in them being born again be such on the other Side and King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Started by God Himself with a man called Abraham in Chapter 13-17 of Genesis, God reached out - wanted a Covenant with us, mankind. God Himself thus slew several different animals, and God came across, walked between the pieces. Abram was face to face and responded, and thus God was obeyed by man’s faith and was given Isaac, a son by promise, & later on Abraham was tested, passed the test, and this son who would down the line, the family line of descent from Abraham to Joseph and Mary become our 'Messiah,' JESUS. Yes both family lines gave Messiah which means Sent One or Anointed One. Abraham is thus called the Father of the faithful, a friend of God. And Jesus is God's sent one in our grace era of time, God Incarnate, our Blessed Messiah. We don't worship a book, the Bible, but Who it leads us to: the Living Fountain Of LIFE, the Logos Word, the Lord Jesus, Who is the Fountain of Living Water And of the Springs of the water of life Author to all who're thirsty. The Bible is God's inerrant final Word of authority in everything being spoken of or done by man with regard to God and our living in the mind of God in agreement with Him submitted. This life is all for His glory. It's a verbal plenary Bible, inspired, inerrant, and infallible in inspiration and in matters relating to God flawless life. It’s in Jesus. Check it out and read it through for it reads as flawless God's Character and as righteous deed does and seamless throughout. It's about Jesus working inside us and not politically motivated intent. Before Abraham God had a verbal speech face to face Covenant Faith Relationship with seven men by blood animal sacrifice which pointed to His Sending His Messiah Christ even then. Adam's choice was to fail being tempted by the serpent, submitting, who is the first man, and then Seth, his son, and Noah, a preacher of righteousness, through the seventh, Enoch, (who is a type of the lasts days church that will be yanked off the planet by The Rapture from Jacob's Trouble, see Daniel, I and II Thessalonians., and Revelation,) who walked with God until God 'took' him. Then by the time of Abraham, God and man walked a Covenant laid down with an heir given which was BY PROMISE (Isaac,) and in Jacob He ratified a family line agreement that was spiritually and radically endorsed from man to God and God to us and God was the first starter or first party to begin it. And God gave assurances He would keep His end of the PROMISE He putting Israel in Egypt (a type of the world,) to be rescued by Jacob‘s son, Joseph, a true type of Jesus Christ. And so it being fulfilled someday (see Gen. 3:15) in Christ until the time of restoration of all things He gave an oath to do that too! (to send His Son, Jesus.) Interlude: Do we want God to do for us like a wish fulfillment center or we for Him like a wish fulfillment center, and in the latter get to know Him Who He Is? Yes in the latter is our free worship. Yes we so often want God to do for us but do we. For Him in Christ? Do worship and ministry to Him? Hebrews says, (Animal sacrifice by blood indicates that) "without it, meaning the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins." God had thus thwarted Satan by man's faith relationship through obedience expressed as every man woman and boy and girl had to bring animal sacrifice to the priest during the Old Covenant without a flaw and with rightness by faith. Still saving was and is by faith. God therefore was the Author of the starting of the salvation of mankind fulfilled in Jesus Christ by New Covenant because of the fall in the Garden of Eden and restored whole in a Renewed Body in Heaven having given salvation by faith. This is the start and finish of getting saved. Genesis 3:15. Hosea 11:1; Zechariah 7:1-14. This happened in Christ and He was faithful in all His House as the Builder and Son in being fulfilled Covenant Promise Who became sin by His Death FOR US because sin was catching up crouching at our door to master us to destroy us and man truly needed a Savior from sin BY FAITH THROUGH GRACE in what God had Done to realize God's forgiveness and be restored in a deposit of what the first man had before he fell. Jesus is it. He is Messiah. His Blood is able to cleanse not only the deeds of the mind and heart but the conscience itself from dead works to serve the LIVING GOD! Hebrews nine. The Old Covenant was completely full of dead wood. It could never save. Our works even good works stink like filthy rags. Jesus is right. He is strong to do the work of salvation. We needed a salvation because of sins in our conscious life, and deaths we couldn't overcome also and consequences of sins we don't feel a remorse from. We couldn't escape death and the consequences of our sin therefore---> we hopefully accept God's offer in hope. God gave us in Jesus "in the fullness of times," for Him to be the Savior of the world from sin being God's Choice. He took upon Himself the whole world's (every man's) sins in the scripture it says in II Corinthians 5:21 and He came out the other side: a happening Triumphant Victorious Man! Resurrected! He did His sacrificing of Himself so that we might be able to live in rightness of being by faith relationship. But we can live right in Christ in and through the Holy Spirit if we're saved in Christ. Without Him we fail because we sin. We’re nothing without God. We can do nothing without Him. So to live right truly genuinely before God is important from God's standpoint and altogether right. First we need the forgiveness of sins by asking God. A right relationship with God the Father ensues. Faith Relationship is absolutely more important than religion. Access is through the Son whereby we may come boldly to Him. God hates legalism and sin because sin kills and makes our bodies die in a conglomerate of destructive ways. Though in sin there is pleasure for a few moments in the end it stings like a poison to the body or bee-sting. Consequences of destruction can follow. But faith-relationship-wise then and only then is this right living lifestyle in God's salvation possible in turning. When anyone realizes the way Christ Died matters for them and was FOR them individually valid they can then admit they’re wrong before God because at sometime with the Holy Spirit’s help they know how fallen is mankind, the race, is, and they personally failed, at some point, individually, realize that, and trust Jesus Christ to save them and BE SAVED. Jesus Himself lived a reverential life to God when He walked here 2000 years ago in respectful obedience and reverence and Died in our place innocent and spotless, the Holy son of God, Holy Lamb, with regard to Holy life. Some of us need a nudge to discern the cross in our hearts. We mustn't let false pride stand in the way when it comes to our Eternity. Only a few inches separate the heart from the head but they must be bridged to remain in Christ moment by moment by faith relationship and trust in God. God is therefore worthy of our devotion and worthy of worship. Jesus did not sin in thought or word. He is God and worthy of that Title, position. God was propitiated or pleased by Jesus‘ obedience. Don't ask me how but it occurs in the end analysis. Sin, death, pain, and grief temporal died that moment 2000 years back at the cross. But application of that Atonement back then is personal and individual for us and needed now. So by way of the Cross and we come to God by way of Christ's Blood in faith-relationship thru prayers and follow through of sorts witnessing it's true to God's influences over us afterwards and to witnesses of the good fight for us in God we have present and in battleship fighting in Spirit and Sword of the Word with the help of the Holy Spirit we get saved in "NEWNESS OF LIFE," having come to birthing. We accept His Call, a Gift offer of Eternal Life and starting now. But in God's sight all we have to do Is come to encounter Christ for us genuinely and ask for forgive-repentance with changes to our thinking. It is seldom easy for we are proud. How about some background of this? Getting back to why Jesus was Born and Died: In short, we needed. We don't know how to pray without a fresh revelation of Who Jesus is by the Holy Spirit Rom. 8:26,27, He was born to a virgin during a world-wide census only God could operate on to us as a race of many tribes to have Christ born. In these circumstances Christ was born into a Godless hungry spiritually world. In Greek that word for virgin here means, "never had sex." Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit! Mary was the vessel. She said she needed a Savior. This is made plain in Mary’s song in Luke. This was God performing the miraculous because the Holy Spirit gave the seed. Mary and Joseph came together after Jesus was born and had other children. He lived to about age 30 when He started to minister and heal under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit after His Baptism Father God confirmed Who He Is by The Father's Voice. Given Aloud, “This is My Beloved Son In Whom I am well pleased!” “Hear ye Him," The Father God spoke. And according to the Bible's foretelling by the Law, Prophets, and Writings it came to pass. He came to send us an Anointing too and for us to be IN HIM that is immersed or baptized into His Life, Death, Burial, Resurrection, Exaltation, born again. In exchange we get Eternal life, we for our sinful lives surrender and turn from them, and then we get a life God puts or grafts into us the Holy Spirit and the Word of God and live a Christian God fearing raised RISEN life IN HIM. This is salvation in Christ beginning and lived out in the present Acts 2:38. Galatians 5:22,23. Ephesians 2:8,9. The Four New Testament Gospels give a precise accurate description of His Life and Ministry Purpose: to forgive us of our sins and all of them take away and that is by believing on Him in His Name that it is the only way to be saved which is IN and THROUGH CHRIST. Heaven is to know assuredly that your sins are forgiven! : that you get God's Kingdom too thrown in in asking Jesus Christ to save you and dwell within your heart receiving salvation by believing in Him seeking out the promises of God. Everything that is a part of salvation is good for us to have in our awareness with believing Him, which comes seeking His Kingdom first and His Righteousness first and it's God's wonderful PROMISE to you who get saved Matthew 6:33. Jesus Christ is the same, yeserday, today, and forever. In Him we get healing too. To follow Him in our salvation as our all in all then on is up to you and be encouraged in bowing to Him just now if you did believe Him calling or crying out to Him for you’ll have Him as Lord of everything in us then on. Even from the empty Tomb's victory side inside us mightily laid hold of God‘s love in doing so, and of further on to have worshipped God wholly and completely in rejoicing in what Christ has done for YOU on the Cross lifted high re: this is important to meditate on and live or live by in Christ not in sin but in God’s love by. Fruitful, we grow. You will have resurrected Life! After His Resurrection the people of God wondered why Jesus didn't zoologically and by Zoë ( God kind of life,) life restore all things as He said would be on God's agenda. But Jesus said, "it is not for you to know the epochs or seasons the Father has in His keeping.," in Acts 1. Jesus said we would know the general era when the Second Advent will occur but 'to be ready' for in that day in truth we aren't overtaken as a thief. But before He (Jesus) died He said, "The Holy Spirit the Comforter (one called alongside to help one on one) would come if Jesus went away and would be like Himself in every single way (allos in Greek for the same kind.) (same as Jesus literally.) The Holy Spirit would encourage you in faith and magnify Jesus and the truth (Althea means truth in Greek,) reminding born again Christians (His children) of what He said on earth so that others may hear and be saved too. The Restoration would come later (see Revelation 21, 22.) The early Church went about doing good, leaving possession behind: chirping (Greek laleo,) the Gospel good news and telling what meant Jesus Resurrection by their lifestyle to them and what that confession of faith Christ saves us from (sins) was too to everybody they met by spoken word leleo and caruso (gossip-ping and proclaiming by preaching yelling and telling emphatically boldly the Gospel,) and by lifestyle choice (or lived out,) expressed. It was lifestyle choice also, cutting to the heart of many who are lost previous who became saved souls who were fruitless in God's sight before and for Christ's cause wept over their sins to God before being baptized and metanoia (repented in Greek,) became a saved witness that died a martyr's death in those days. But persecution for the stand in Jesus Christ they took was winning the world upside down despite the deaths by the thousands in the arena. And God let it happen a long time, into the fifth-century. The dark ages followed where the church ruled: the worst time for us. The Holy Spirit was empowering the body of Christ to think and act and 'be' WITNESSES for Jesus Christ and it shows by Attitude that became the underdog David that slew the Goliath: Nero and ten or so Emperor's. The Church gains Eternal Life in bowing the knee to and making profession to the Lord Jesus Christ rather than Caesar or Satan by faith within a relationship. Satan bites dust. He appeared to Eve in serpent form. But God truly wants to give you a newness of life a beginning of Eternal life and confession of faith or in other words a faith relationship that is charged in humility with a glimpse into an extraordinary life in the realm of influence He's called you to by the power of the Holy Spirit (dunamus in Greek,) possible or empowerment of the Christ's faith for you in other words, and you will be made "complete in Him." But you have to get saved first. Obtain Eternal Life that starts for you in accepting or believing Christ and living by faith for Him. Behold, today is the day of salvation and harden not your hearts. It is the Accepted time to come. For the Kingdom of God is neither meat nor drink (not in a geographic location, as well as not a lot of temporal other things) but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost (to bring you into wholeness Romans 14:17.) Colossions 1:9. He's called you to a change from a sinful life to a transformed transformational life spiritually being born again from faith to faith, lighthouse to lighthouse. Father God calls us. Therefore change your thoughts. Your acts commensurate with your believing in Him. God doesn't want anyone lost in other words but rescued. But have you felt worthy of the rescue He is giving? God you see is trying in His love to get our attention. Pretty soon there may be no delay by God in longsuffering or in other words tarrying for His Son's Coming again.’ God chose by the foolishness of PREACHING to save them that believe. He really does. To see Christ high and lifted up and crucified, taught is what we want to see and hear, not in wordy eloquence, but with plainness of speech. To be saved, and Jesus Himself said the way is narrow - ruggedly difficult and gate, like cards difficultly stacked against us to surmount to a life of overcoming bliss in simplicity in Jesus Christ. But the way to destruction is broad and the gate wide to it and many meet their destiny: hell which is result of living in sin, going to their end: re: lake's fire by sin's destructive consequences thereat and are perished. And so we need a faith that believes beyond what others see, a vision of belief of faith in JESUS that goes beyond the sight in the in crowd of the popular; the peers of our world, and by God's supernatural growth and fruit bearing (into born of God life: Zoë in Greek - the God kind of life,) first admitting we've sinned, deserving of hell for sins we have committed, and so accept God's offer of salvation we cultivate that faith-relationship! Its by faith and trust. Jesus spoke about hell as a place to shun and as did the brother of Christ, James, Gehanna, and Paul, Perdition which generally speaks of the same place of torment but Christ spoke more about hell than anyone in scripture. Jesus Christ in essence said, "You must have a faith in Me because I Am That I AM, and if I am lifted up above (all) in My sacrifice in Dying on a cross for you in the Spirit given when I am resurrected you'll be saved *to enter or see the Kingdom of God *if you believe (Me): John's Gospel 3:1-16 (paraphrase.") Sin kills. Christ promises Eternal Life in newness of life. That's a promise but you see the if clause by you and I in it? That's a condition on the promise for us to believe and trust/obey Christ within and abiding IN CHRIST. It's by the dwelling within of the Holy Spirit we slowly become over-comers . Sometimes it seems like suffering this Christian life and sometimes it is that to have God's Promise fulfilled and in your lifetime. But Hebrews 11:26ff. Assures us many have died in faith not having received the promises that they without us may not be perfected when we die without us. This is comfort. A God Who lets sinful people have their own way for very long wouldn't be just nor would He be very loving nor merciful to the victims of a sinner flashing a sword to victims. God wants you well that's why He gave the Law of Moses and the Gospel. "The Law is Righteous and Holy and Good," Paul said in Romans two. It's help to love others and co-exist in peace in government. But sin is lawlessness and rebellion as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness as the sin of iniquity or idolatry which violates the Laws of God which Law was given to us through Moses to show us we fail God (as in The Ten Commandments,) and can do nothing good by ourselves to keep it faithfully. Christ can in and through us though. Our job is to follow after. God's Holiness and Love in His Character in everyday events we fail to do because we misdirect an inner voice, namely the Holy Spirit's voice which can be convicting or commending even now. We would not know it was against the law to covet if it wasn't in the law, Paul said in Romans seven. The soul that sins it shall die. Then when we hear the law, "we died," because of its holy demands and we have to change our thinking and humbly bow and believe God's New Covenant Life in Christ has better ways of the Spirit for us. We follow after His Spirit as a disciple of Jesus' leadership. "I through the Law am dead to the Law that I might live unto God,” Galatians 2:19 says. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit,” Romans 8:1 says. " God didn't send His Son Jesus into the world to judge the world and He didn't send Him to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved (through Christ,) John 3:17. Antinomianalism is anything goes. For if we believed God we'd live to help someone else reaching out instead like good Samaritans. But By this antinomianalism we grieve God who gives the Holy Spirit. But we see by these infallible proofs the laws that God puts out there we fail to obey, are His laws, we don't own them (specifically we disobey Him.) 613 laws of the Mosaic Law (of God given through Moses) we fail at and are bad at keeping and sloppily too at times. But even though we live a yin yang, good-and-bad life that is over and above in human goodness at times and even so run the risk that the thought system that we think about God (in looking at us per-chance (He judges the good vs. bad,) is to be" balanced out, and bingo we make it to heaven." No it doesn't work that way. And that's no good for you for at its best it's a false assumption. As light cannot dwell in darkness because light by its very nature exposes we are called to be light in the Lord and shine our lights. Men loved darkness because their deeds are evil. As light cannot dwell with darkness so God is light and has no darkness at all in Him. He has no shadow of turning neither. In His Light we shall see light, the Psalmist says. We will no longer walk in darkness the Book of John says, but “have the Light of life!” to live! We're called to crucify our flesh and make no provision for it: to radical son-ship in the Lord Jesus as opposed to this world's ambitions for us. We nail that thing to the cross. "Love not the world. He that is a friend of the world is not a friend of God" John said. For the lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, pride of life is aspects of sin hated by God. "There is no one good but God," Jesus said, and His Standard is Absolute Holiness. His Standard like His Word stands forever. We need Him for this to work out. "Come unto Me," Jesus says, "you who are weary and heavy from labor laden down, and I will give you rest." "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Under Jesus’ yoke things are easy. With the miracles from Him come challenges but we grow in that into Christ's image. These Ten Commandments (or 613 in number depending on how you view them,) show us a limit on personal avenging of a victim to his/her aggressor by Moses' Law. Moses spoke face to face with God also. That's God's mercy that this limit is put there by God to limit all avenging or vigilantism. The victim in being between the object of coveting (sin) and/or retributive (sin) that is excessive deliberate transgression is sinful and face it friend we've lost before God for we've all been doing it. We need saving from this legalism. God in essence is saying we need a Savior to live it too. To save us from our lower passions we need a Savior for in many ways for we fail God. We have gone to deliberate sinning before God by transgression. Only knowing Jesus makes the difference. Remember God is Holy, Righteous, and Good to the last letter or iota the Bible proclaims. Jesus can do it. It’s His Nature to be good. He Rose from the Dead and has the power. If we have ever lied we have sinned before God or if we have ever stolen we have sinned also. Scripture says one sin is as communicative to declaring you're a sinner as any other for it all becomes sin, and, "miss the Mark in one point, and you've missed (failed) every one of them (Laws) James 2:10.) Thoughts of love turned to lust? Thoughts turn to hate? Murder in the heart? Here look at The Sermon on the Mount by Jesus. We deserve hell rightly so because God's Law judges such attitude/behavior (See Jesus' words in Matthew 5, 6, 7,) and God the Judge does judge by His Law between right and wrong. God shows us all this to convince and convict us that we're sinners on our own and that’s 'how fallen is man's nature when he wants to be wrong' he does wrong and so we need a Savior from sin! Encountering Jesus face to face by conviction then and only by His persuasion can you be translated or conveyed from the power of darkness into the Kingdom of His Dear Son, Colossians 1:13. Jesus Christ is Risen so the work's already done. Just commit to Jesus Christ asking Him in. Isn't this good news? His Resurrection Is victorious. When Jesus Died He went to Paradise and succeeded there remaining in God's Presence interceding for us: having been sent to us on earth: revealing, redeeming, intimating, and in His Body bought us and redeemed us to Father God and in a word of reconciliation restores us. Now He sits at the Father's right hand exalted. He shows us all that's it's waiting for us. He's the 'perfection suit,' making Heaven 'safe' for us. God pronounced His approval upon Jesus Christ. All others are liars and thieves," "trying to climb up some other way," scripture declares, "into the sheepfold," John 10 says. Ah But Jesus couldn't be kept in the grave. He Died but arose the third day. He was justified, vindicated, raised. No other religious leader or movement can claim this raising from death. Jesus is God and broke the chains of hell and death and is God dwelling among us in the tent of a human body or flesh in a way we could relate to. Jesus obeyed the Holy Spirit naturally. He is not some slob on a bus trying to make it home. Jesus is God Incarnate. He never failed to claim He is God. “I and the Father are one, “He said in John’s Gospel. He's either liar, lunatic, or Lord was said by Clive Staples Lewis. He must be Lord because He was way more than just a great moral teacher! in a sane tough way. Jesus went to Heaven Ascended after The Resurrection and He sent His Spirit in His place 10 or so days later. We, in Heaven someday, will get a Body just like His if we don't move away from the hope of the Gospel good news in Christ delivered to us. He felt everything we feel and are tested by. In His emotion(s)! of pity towards us and mercy God now provides by His Son salvation in a faith relationship and this place Heaven we could not bridge to attain. In His Cross victory His way, we could accept "it is Finished" by the Son and so somehow God causes fruit to grow when we do. We at death reach or gain to the resurrection from the dead (meaning Heaven,) Paul said in Philippians at the Rapture or death (whichever is first), by knowing Christ inside in the heart committed to Him, to follow Him priority because, "absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." This is the first resurrection. ON this the Second Death (hell,) has no power. We get a new body that's physical that doesn't sin in Heaven. True. Man's Access is now there. Jesus Christ has gone through the Heavens and it's written of Him "I have come to do God‘s will." God the Father in these Last Days will be ready (when He tells His Angels to gather the Elect from the four winds of Heaven and pulls in the tether). Will we be ready? The way that He (Christ) lived is important, as this helps us live in faith believing because He through us lives it! Also the way that He Died shows us how to be saved and then live and even how to go through a test or trial successfully He teaching through how He DIED! He had gone to the cross to suffer God's wrath not shame in an eternity in those six hours on the cross. He suffered our punishment full blown hell of an eternity of eternities in God's Wrath completely and came out the other side! Alive! Holy! Resurrected! He had the full strength of God's Judgment and Wrath poured out upon Himself just to save us, to Ransom, buy us back, come out the other side for us, and triumphantly to make us like Himself, more than conqueror's, over-comers in this life (hupernikao in Greek,), born again, saved at last overtaken to be belonging to Him. Now we can go free from the snare of the fowler like birds set free: forgiven! Please consider Christ's purchase of you by creating you and in Redemption and Remission of your sins also. It bears Eternal Dividends. There's so much more to salvation than being just forgiven. You get the riches of His grace at His Table which He sets even in a wilderness! You can feast at Jesus' Table anytime. You can have faith to be healed and for salvation. You can be assured of Heaven as you witness and testify to your new faith-relationship.. I was at an age of four when I understood this and asked Him in to be my Savior from sin. It's made by God so a child can understand good news of God's love and faith relations and trust and be saved. It's been a better life, a witness unto Jesus, talking it over with God all the time and since asking Christ in me for me I have never regretted a moment of it, making Jesus Lord, Savior, Master, and King! My aim as is the desire of everyone born again in Christ is to be Christ-like and more like Jesus Christ moment by moment throughout one's lifetime by faith and trust in God which brings obedience into it and to dwell in the center of God's will: obedient, resting in Him! And resting can be testing.">Bethel Assembly of God Church Website with Pod casting Great sermons last Sunday! Go for Gusto in God's Life! It's Zoë existence! Serve the King! Dave Candel by God's help. GOD LOVES YOU!
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