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Saturday, August 09, 2008




As Christians we honeycomb and fish in a love relationship with the Lord Jesus
and are spiritually alive for the first time in a moment’s time by accepting Christ, turn
from our sins, loving God, as real men, repeatedly thereafter living holy, born again .
We are spiritually discipled Holy Ghost infused shorn sheep of the Shepherd following
Him, rece ivers like a sponge of His teaching, of Christ’s flesh as Bread as it is immanently
coming and of His Blood inside water drinkers coming to sustain our active salivating
thirst for God after a hart and a man, David. Not every voice will be right. Test
the the spirits. For obedience to God is putting God first after being affection-ed in and
by love for Him, by coming to Christ putting the Word first, at the feet of our Lord at the
the foot of the cross to Jesus to His bosom hiding our lives in God at the Blood at the
Head of our Lord holding on to Him, bowing low behind the cross, kneeling, praying
repentance from dead works to dedication and service and making Jesus our Savior,
Lord, King, Master, and Redeemer of us unto newness in grace, a newness in life. The
way is narrow to life but there are few that find it. Many will not live by “trust and obey”
even though the narrow way God says is to “be justified by grace through faith,” living
holy. It takes a lot of life’s energy in movement to live holy and to be pleasing God and
know He is God. We are as holy as we’ll ever be in God’s sight now in position only.
But it’s how we perceive He sees us as well where we have a small choice. Jesus is
our substitutionary propitiatory sacrifice to save us. Hunger for God is a heart knowledge
promise and potential and often permanent seal transforming certainty God gives
us for our surrendering to Christ, and commitment to Him, trusting Him.
Possibilities are He is heavenly living Bread, Christ, and Divinely living water,
Christ. He that makes us never hunger nor thirst satisfies and in Him we live and move
and have our being. It is like casting a fishpole line and watching the bobber go under
when a fish catches the bait, the bravery and adventure of newness in grace, that a life
in Christ has in victorious triumph. Syllogisms of absence of good seemingly and the
existence of evil only seemingly, make us good at apologetics in witnessing, knowing
as Christians the mediocre is for someone else and we know the goodness of God despite
severe hardships seemingly in and out of American godliness so we witness
bravely. God is out to bless us and He is for us. He loves us tenderly. We either fight
the goodly fight boldly and gain ground renewed in wardly or sit on the sidelines next to
water buckets wasting grace. But we can be instruments as worker bees or fanatics or
body work mechanics as those involved in playing the war game of warring God’s good
fight over evil gaining ground, nonetheless useful as the Lord sees us doing continually
and are continually enthused and commissioned to go and be sent on missionary
evangelical journey by Him as was our Lord and Paul also, and so become all our Lord
was in unity with Him to a depth in Christ to greater works also and altogether loveli3
.n ess as how we see God John 14 :12. We know our Heavenly Father is altogether
lovely, altogether worthy.
We vividly display and portray in person the crucified life we identify of Christ in
the Word obeying water baptism seeing Christ surrounding us and inside us knowing
the old life dead, buried, and Blood covering it also Galations 2:20 and display a resurrected
life like Jesus lived His life after He was on the cross and before the cross. We
ask among others and inside ourselves what would Jesus do here in our corner20of
earth inwardly in groups and individually. Jesus lived with audible and visual sense
perceptions sinlessly though tempted like us, and with complete help by the Father He
then pleased the Father still by obeying through what He suffered. He also grew in favor
with God and man as a stress-free and trusting worry-free Holy Ghost garrisoned
God-man. We are like Him in this world if we dignify that statement adding He grew in
favor. Not having a place to lay His head He lived adventurously in deliverance in going
place to place. Healing is obtained through Him daily because we strive to be like
Him in our own personal walk with God in grace. We want to extend our out reach and
stretch our faith as far as we could follow Him closely intimating where He is and
where He is working and moving and creating Kingdom principles . His meaning He
spoke in tender, meek, and lowly heart elocutions and by parables. We imitate Him as
best we visibly estimate Him in trusting a relationship with the Father but more than
that we are assimilated into His life by the means of Potter shaping the clay as our
Sovereign personal God. We love because=2 0He first loved us. What He (Jesus) heard
and saw the Father doing, He did (Jesus) . We love to do just that. Loving God, we do,
and win every step the soles of our foot treads on as we bear in our body the dying of
the Lord Jesus that the life also may be seen . It starts Promised Land living as we play
no more Christian games and want revival in the camp more than anything and to identify with the need and burden of others through the life of Jesus Christ in His lifestyle.
But obeying Jesus Christ as an eschatology or end times prayer does not mean we
love and end there. It is just a character sign we love . Character is what we do when
no one is watching. We learn that the love becomes muscle exercised and actuated by
action to toughness and strengthened by continual actions of obedience through integrity.
We give out good to others. Also we will miss the mark by falling into sin which is
sin and by creating a near miss, which is breaking the rules, law, a trespass, not like
Him. Though we repent we love ourselves and Lord Jesus, and therefore obey His lifestyle
seeking Him as our Righteousness, in right standing with God. This is20pleasing.
We regain the inward communion. We progress but never say we attain. We were
made holy at the cross, are being made holy (sanctification), and will be confirmed holy
in heaven as we continue a consistent lifestyle of obedience to God (confirmed righ4
We love God with passion putting our desires in the desires of God and sincerely
loving Him. For this passion love for God He allows grace for in giving us
Christ’s Righteousness (way of being and doing right) not by ritualistic deeds having
been made His Righteousness and He becomes our all in all and our Heavenly
Father’s motivation He gives us is for us to obey with lifestyle, sincerity, and by grace
that is amazing, out of love purely not by rote or ritual or work alone. How can I but l
love and develop a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. Jesus, the Son,
provides the necessities for life and godliness that we may lead a quiet and peaceable
life in godly sincerity.
We live in Christ with empathy and the capacity for empathy for the Christian
and for t he world limited by the Lord’s greatest commandment. Empathy can tax you
emotionally . It rewards greatly though . Think of a funny picture in your mind because a
cheerful heart does good like a medicine. It only takes 22 muscles to smile and over
three hundred to frown. We need to venture out beyond our comfort zone to really
give our full strength to voice telling the Gospel with personal interaction that is intimate,
strong, personal and effectual establishing a glad hand rapport that you can
establish a person to come back to you to learn more from you. We point them to the
Savior and Biblically sound a teaching/preaching church to attend. In choir we loudly
sing worshiping the Lord God in the song in our heart proclaiming the proclamation of
Who He is because we are no more identified with Christ to a great extent as when
you forgive someone after the vertical. Elijah was a man of like passions as us and He
prayed and it rained not for three and a half years and God gave rain. Imagine how
true to hearing God’s voice can we be accountable for in the New Covenant today and
what God can do through one servant of His who is faithful and focused? As Oswald
Chambers has said, “We must obey the Spirit in excellance.” Daniel writes, “They that
do know their God shall do exploits.” Tozer asks the question, “ Can any man walk a
walk unemcumbered
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