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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Salvation Once For All.

We have the Holy Spirit placed within us when we get saved. Salvation is believing, honoring, and accepting as yours the Sacrifice and Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Atonement and once for all time. God then being Holy invites us to a Covenant Relationship in lifelong process to be like Christ where He God invites us close and we become near in an attitude of being holy or separated unto Himself in all things. God likes to separate the holy from the profane, the clean from the unclean. In the end He will have His angels separate the wheat from the tares or the sheep from the goats, the sin from the Holy. Endeavor to near stay to God doing the Will of God obeying as you hear the Still Small Voice of Jesus intimately follow. Read your Bible and count the cost to follow Christ and pay it. Adjust yourself in His Presence honoring Him as Holy. Worship God in spirit and in truth with all that is within you. Make sure God has your heart, your allegiance. Freely love Him as He first loved you. Go to gather together with other believers and be the church and encourage others to love and to do good deeds. Turn the Kingdom on its head in denying yourself, taking up your cross, and following Christ and God with all your hearts. Love, power, and disciplined thinking will be confidence as you serve Jesus without shade or any shadow of turning in Him! Be blameless and like the Roman Centurion who had a sick servant left Jesus' side know Christ's word of healing wholeness in provision for you in obedience intact. Endure to the end persevering. God is love. God we honor your repentance.
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