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Friday, July 03, 2015

For Our Benefit And Eternal Benefit! God Is There! Jehovah-Shammah! His Hand Is Strong! No man is able to pluck us from His Hand!

We need to allow this Book to inform our opinions rather than our opinions to form this Book, The Bible. Where is the healing God wants to give our lives? God's answers are not usually the answers we want to hear. Suffering has a first reason that is for God to get our attention. Dissappointment and tragedies through them God reminds you of your need for Him. He reminds us what He brought us through. Ebenezer - Hitherto has the Lord helped us. God may use them to help us seek Him. In the midst of illnesses God is trying to get at us. To gain the attention of others and the world God will use them. God is over cancer yet He uses it to teach us to trust Him. We may not necessarily need that to trust but God may allow it to get at the Family. The Family may observe how we go through it and that is God's Purpose with a certain sense of meaning even when it becomes an un-shoulderable condition in which we dwell. John chapter nine says this illness (in this case blindness) was not his sin nor anything else but for the glory of God to be known. Suffering we go through or endure is an opportunity to know God better through an open door. Scripture calls us to comfort those who go through affliction the same as we go through in hope or encouragement. Through that comfort and relationship God is going to do something as He does through our direct suffering and pain individually.

Ultimately our pain and suffering are known to Him. He knows these things because He went through them. He's touched because He went through them as a man. He's not unaware or unconcerned but He feels because He allows Himself to be feeling the pain and suffering we go through. He is glorified and there is value in that as we converse and talk to Him about them. It doesn't make Him feel any deeper or broad what we feel but it helps us. Jesus Christ bore in His flesh whatever we carry of injury or ill or deep trials we face. The sinking feeling in our hearts of watching a family member go through something can be indescribable God feels even more profoundly than we. God is not the God of Healing nor is He not a God of healing but He is the God Who Is our Healing. Ultimately His Presence, closeness and proximity changes everything. Situations may stay the same but what is going on in our hearts and minds changes everything because of assurances of Christ's Presence within us changes everything. It allows Him to be a part of everything about what we are going through or that are taking place to us we can remember.

Exodus 26:15. God is re-introducing Himself to the Israelites. They are receiving gifts of the Egyptians and water and manna in the dessert. God in effect will put none of the diseases on you He put on the Egyptians if you will hearken to His Voice and Heed. "I am the Lord your Healer." This is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord your Healer. The God Who is the very thread that has stitched you back together. 67 times healing is mentioned in the Old Testament. Various Psalms Rev. Anthony Catapano has preached have helped our spirit's sight to stretch for greater broader faith!
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