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Monday, April 07, 2014

Praise The Lord! For Our God Is Enthroned On The Praises Of Israel!

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God's Heart Is For The Lost: He Loves You! Be a witness for what God has Done! We accept the Divine Healing and Wholeness A Relationship with Jesus Christ Can Bring!! Father God we accept every Divine promise you have laid out there! Jesus said, "Learn of Me and you shall find rest!"

I'm so glad I'm a part of the Family of God,
I've been washed in the fountain, cleansed by His blood!
Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod,
For I'm part of the family,
The Family of God.

You will notice we say "brother and sister" 'round here,
It's because we're a family and these are so near;
When one has a heartache, we all share the tears,
And rejoice in each victory in this family so dear.

I'm so glad I'm a part of the Family of God,
I've been washed in the fountain, cleansed by His blood!
Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod,
For I'm part of the family,
The Family of God.

From the door of an orphanage to the house of the King,
No longer an outcast, a new song I sing;
From rags unto riches, from the weak to the strong,
I'm not worthy to be here, but praise God I belong!

I'm so glad I'm a part of the Family of God,
I've been washed in the fountain, cleansed by His Blood!
Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod,
For I'm part of the family,
The Family of God

The Love Of God Reaches Out To All! The Wedding is ready! The Bridegroom has prepared a home for us! He dances, sings over His Bride! He is a mighty Warrior! He Quiets Us In His Love And Dances Over Us! He Sings Over US AGAIN! We're About Getting People To Jesus! Invite as much and as many as you can to The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb!! Preach The Good News. God makes us diamonds in the coal but rough with no two alike shining bright!! As A. W. Tozer said, "Believe in the Importance of the cross and the reality of the Resurrection! The Empty Tomb!"

Tell them
even if they don't believe you
Just tell them
even if they don't receive you
Oh, tell them for me
tell them for me please
please, tell them for me
tell them that i love them
And i came to let them know.

Tell them
when it seems you are forsaken
just tell them
though it seems you are earthly shaken
Oh, tell them for me
tell them for me please
please, tell them for me
tell them that i love them
And i came to let them know.

Tell that lonely man who walks
the colds streets all alone
Tell that crying child
who doesn't have a home
Tell those hungry people dying
and lost in the desert
They don't even know that i care.

Intrumental bridge

Tell them for me please
Tell them that i love them

Oh, just tell them on the streets
and on the high ways

and tell them and even on the bi-ways
Tell them I can mend the broken heart
and restore the ones who have parted
And i came to let them know.
I came to let them know
And i came to let them know

They must know
they must know
...must know.

(Thanks to Risenga for these Andrae Crouch lyrics)

April 19, 2014
Forgiven! I will Dance Around God's Throne! For He is mighty to save! God's love loves us and is perfect (Telios Greek,) from which we must love and serve Him receiving forgiveness by Him as we love much too Him He Who rules and reigns in our lives by faith. We Will Proclaim Him and His Salvation! We will choose to have beautiful feet and tell the story of Jesus with our lips, that Gospel, the Good News!
Forgiven by God, miraculously and soothingly, Abiding In And Living In Christ by Christ's Instructive Example His Replaced Life In Him To God's Credit and His Glory Are Proclaimed! JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! FORGIVEN, JUSTIFIED, REGENERATED Born Anew, Paid in Full, these are Terms God says we are now! WHEN GOD IN CHRIST INTERVENING PUTS YOU THERE CHRISTIAN TO BE ABIDING IN CHRIST! HALLELUJAH! GOD LOVES YOU!! GOD LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY EVERLASTINGLY POWERFULLY and In Christ's Blood, ETERNALLY! BUT ONLY WHAT'S DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST! SO WRITE YOUR TICKET: HEAVEN OR HELL! BUT BE IN CHRIST ALWAYS! As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord! In Your victory Lord You Obtained we thrive!
God loves you! Do you hear, re: God loves you! BUT WHAT DOES THAT AMAZING ALL-SUFFICIENT MAXIMIZED GENEROUS LIBERAL ALL-WISE LOVE (FROM HIM) HAVE TO DO WITH YOU? For He will not love you more than He loves you now, even every common way! What does that love have to do with you tender dove? For you are that precious object of His love by the way! We may obtain butterflies inside from our saved perfect spirits but the reality is that it's all God's love inside and loving us first as First Mover. Did you know God forgives or forgets? "For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.” Hebrews 8:12 NKJV

Therefore knowing God created you did you create Orion? Or Pisces? Did you wake today? Did you make one hair white or black? If you could belong to Him with no religion in the way too but positioned only in the Son Jesus Christ and in relationship with Him by faith, knowing you're complete and whole, I bet you couldn't do that which is least, to maintain a line of communing with Him, so then what could you do to make it right ultimately by Himself or to add one hour to your life (and/or in so doing try to earn favor with God.) The answer is ...nothing, to all. Without His help you could do nothing. But religion rears it's ugly head and tries to climb a ladder to God. It's very frustrating, but... God circumvented that way by giving us His Son to die for our futile attempts to fellowship Him. He loves you choosing to love you in all points like we are (human beings,) but with extreme strength and might without us interfering He saved us and He's for us and able to keep us from not necessarily becoming weak, bigoted nor self-righteous in nature. No Zombies as well. Grace means I rest. It means I came to Jesus weary, worn, and sad as that lost sheep of the ninety and nine good sheep He left to go search for and He finds. I totally needed Him. I'm leaning now upon what God did on the cross and does for me daily being His justly (not injustice) incoming comacozi's of perfect Agape love rays in acts or events in my life toward me that I couldn't do myself and God performs in me, and, for me as if I am helpless satan or the only lost human on earth. And God is drawing me through the overarching reaching arm of the Son of His love, Good Shepherd and the Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Who grabs with His rod and staff and finds me, too. God loves you that He creates you and even sustains you and sets you apart to want Him and to create like Him and take dominion over your world in His measured handfuls because He upholds you by the word of HIS power Hebrews 1:3,8. We believe in all of the scripture and in All of the Gospel all of the time. He makes His cause known to the principalities and powers in the Heavenly realms which He conquered at Calvary, that He loves you and that He loves to love you. This isn't passive love looking out for us only like He would had He wound a spring and letting it go would be, but He so actively LOVES you with which He does Holy re: with infinite care, beauty, and exacting specificity Eph. 3:10; 20. He’s intervening deeply and involved intricately in our lives like a beautiful tapestry would look like and so much the more if we know Him supernaturally personally. Ecclesiastes says in 3:11, "He has made everything beautiful in His time!" And Psalm 27:4,11; and I John 4:8 permit us saying so. If there is no merit in ourselves that when we believe God and are saved even justified by faith, but instead the reality is coming home to God in godliness being seeking Him and the things of God, it's all of His doing. It's things we get we didn't deserve but He gives it and stuff we deserved we didn't get, and make out increased in Him for them, (grace and mercy, in that order.) "Fear not, little flock, it's the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!" Statements of boast in ourselves are absent in the light of God's glory being Eminent. He is good as a good Father and kind like Of a kind we can relate to: GOD IS LOVE! In Jesus Christ's Finished Work He saves you and by His Blood! We take no merit for taking His way. This is assuming you've made the decision to come to Christ, deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Him. To you Whom He came to Body of believers and little Church at Bethel, whom He loved in His Body and Blood to His Death, To Who you come to, also, to become to stay in The character with that love in a blessed walk even lifestyle and in order to remain in the Vine Jesus Christ faithful in that serving aspect as a good sermon and in a good witness is always that we are sustained by His grace to do it. God saves us not so that we can feel good but for Christ to be the final destination of faith or telios its complete fulfillment or righteous end of the faith in God we show which is trust in Him as well. Wholeness in body, soul, and spirit in His Holy Righteous Character is imputed to us in Christ within which He provides for us grace only once in time in salvation and then progressively onward. God will call on us to account for the lifestyle of our character we've lived before the Judgment Seat Of Christ if we're saved; all we've done after salvation until our death or The Rapture is important in the this light then and demands our focused attention. God will look for motives: what motivated us. Gold, silver, and precious stones are there if we seek Him. Seek Him wholeheartedly then with diligence to become set apart for God's Highest special purpose. He'll have us deep calling to the deeps in experiences with Him and always awesomely in His Magnanimous love (loved.) Once "taught and caught," by us, because (It's better what's caught than taught as well,) then convinced and convicted that Jesus is the way, persuaded by His mercy and grace which He lavishes or bestows on us He indeed sets us in Him to be established on a focal point of Himself and His way and the Eternal Comfort II Thess 2,3; II Cor. 1:3-7 then that is for you and comfort now like a double pillow. Comfort comes from two root words: com meaning with, forte meaning strong or loud or to defend as in defense.

We're set by His Spirit to confidently assert that He's Omniscient, loving and Sovereign for us to know the end from the beginning, the Alpha and Omega about all that which concerns Him for me in fully realizing all that which is His Righteous Holy Character imparted in lifestyle to us which is a walk and in making peace.

He calls me just by grace in a just stand by faith with God for His own sake as it is by grace I indeed stand just in His sight and faith, hope, love, truth, and in the Holy Spirit! I rest on His unchanging grace! These are the pillars of the Christian life. When forgiven by Christ's Blood and been in a state of turning to God all the way and repent we recognize we have become saved and now have new natures which become fruit to newness of life. Regeneration seems to be followed by faith. Bearing fruit is important. He does that within. For it is by faith in the Blood of the Lamb I stand righteous by faith through a tunnel of grace in Himself! Charles Spurgeon - The Prince of Preachers has said, "If the great enemy, Sin, has been conquered, we shall not fear the little enemy, Death." His (God’s) way is Holy, just, good, loving, gentle, meek, merciful, and gracious. His incommunicable attributes have no equal and they are infinite. On the other hand His communicable attributes like mercy and grace are eminent in their use at any particular moment by Him. He knows the very exact number of hairs we have on our head. And Jesus says, "not a hair of our heads will perish!" And nothing will by any means hurt us in an Eternal sense IF we are following Christ! In His way He knows every sparrow or bird that falls. And even though He has all this care for us He waits re: our response. Micah 7:19 says, "God loves us that He tramples underfoot our iniquities and puts them in the depths of the sea!" If there's a sea of forgetfulness this is joyfully gently lovingly it. God says, "take no thought for your life, what you will eat or nor yet what you will put on." He says, "Consider the lilies of the field, sparrows, ravens, or doves," if you have worry. Consider even that Solomon himself as not arrayed like one of these flowers. Even ants are contrasted with good finances. You either have money or it has you! He puts all our tears in His bottle. And what if His healing comes through tears;

He walks with us in us, (and out of the sheep gate finding pasture,) through sorrow. He walks with us through pleasure. He dances with us in joyful song too even like He carries us in sorrow in the Footprints In The Sand poem where He carries you indeed through troubling times with a song. This is a song in the Spirit! And what if His blessing comes through teardrops and/or even raindrops?! What if a thousand sleepless nights only take place to show us that He is near?! What if trials are only there to show His endless mercies?! He loves us (and that means,) through everything, and in anything, as we're in a pattern of pleasing Him we also rejoice too in knowing His smile down upon us in specialness! We rejoice in hope abounding therein with joy and peace in love believing by the power of the Holy Spirit fully with a full tank of gas inside connected to a continual fuel line from our spirit which means fullness of God if we truly believe. We get new pure breath breathing in and out His grace continuously. We are being built up a spiritual house by Him! Nothing and no one can hurt us in a real sense nor separate us from His love in an Eternal sense because scripture says He holds us in His hand. He's The Living Word and Sovereign, and The Eternal Judge. He unconditionally through His Son Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross accepts us by His Son's Finished Work at Calvary through the eye of seeing us perfect 20/20 vision IN His Son, Jesus and that means He loves us in its truest meaning. That sort of thing, re: His acceptance of us unconditionally through His viewing the Blood of His Cross within us will change us as we continue to abide in Christ and He abides in us, and we realize God's loving grace in truth. We want Christ in His Eternal glory dwelling within and for us to grow close as we can to His viewpoint nearer and His perspective closer all the more. There's some things we don't do just because we are born again believers. For instance all sexual sins are wrong. All else done in moderation in spontaneity in the Son Jesus Christ, reasonably thought out, please. Christ within and through you gives you, the up mood of expression, really the new believer a new newness of life in removing your sins as far as the east is from the west! But are you IN Him? From the rule and reign of sin He translates you conveyed really,into the Kingdom of God and of Christ from the cross where you receive the ABUNDANCE OF THE GIFT of grace and of right standing with God by faith and the gift of the righteousness of God as a free Gift by grace through faith (Grk pistes.) The cross draws you to all this. And then you are free in life but only in The Lord to reign under Christ's Lordship and of the Son's grace empowering you're interposed in right believing of Him that adds up to right living in experience to glorify God! We don't necessarily need more teaching on this but we need more of Him. Faith reaches out (to embrace His virtue.) His Anointing abides! The Holy Spirit's rule and reign in the life of the believer within and without is the active Kingdom of God administration of us in every aspect from God's viewpoint. Having God's Righteousness upon us we will always however honor Him, even Him, for a Gift we ask, seek, and knock on the door for Jesus to answer the door moment by moment from faith to faith, hope to hope to and to loving hope our soul springs Eternal in God, and from glory to glory too (as) we seek more of HIM! As a good Father He's doctoring of us in His way. As a good Daddy and good Father His discipline to us is light as a feather to us but salty as well as light and life abundant in Him we obtain as we grow up in Him. Though our outward man perish, our inward man is renewed day by day. We make it our aim to not conform to this world but by the renewing of the mind in the Word by the Spirit's transformation, even regeneration, and renewing 2 Cor. 4:16; Rom. 12:2; Titus 3:5. Maturity is expected and is Discipline for sons Hebrews 4,12. A son abides in the house forever. It's His love for us when He disciplines us. A slave does not get this Sovereign Father-child relationship of discipline. We were born in sin, slaves of sin. We get to be born again. Thankful for this condition we can afford to be content and grateful. We can be born again as adopted by God gathered into God's Family! Hallelujah! One of God's communicable attributes as well as mercy and grace is moral love with which He allows us to love others with. "As I have loved you so you must have love one to another." "By this they shall know that you are Christians by your love for one another." This love of God speaks up loud and clearly through the power of the cross in Christ’s victory atoning for sin for all men in forgiveness and Jesus's Rising from the dead! All Authority is Yours Lord Christ, every Victory, Is Yours Jesus! As you feel loved by God He's not severe nor harsh in what He allows to touch you, His sons and daughters, Family. In not giving you more than you can handle nor what in prayer interceding for others and interacting with Him He and you in prayers as your Source lavishes or bestows, He's strongly helping you. In providing for you your needs and even some wants He does it swiftly, even quickly. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly speaking in Psalms, Hymns, and spiritual songs to yourself, God the Father and to one another. He's strengthening you inward daily though the outer man perish 2 Cor. 4:16. He isn't disappointed in you. He never is. "But Let your speech be always (positive, and reasonable in continuity, bathed in prayer,) gracious seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer every man, and may do so with gentleness and reverential awe." And as you seek Him do it (Hebrews 11:6 with diligence,) willingly surrendered with the whole heart calling on Him, as a good Father, available, He rescuing you lovingly and with His hand on you He makes a way for you but also is pleased with you in His way as your Master also, even so He can't take His eyes off you most precious child of God in the Salvation (spirit and soul Righteousness-Substitution) of His Son's Finished Work for you. He loves you completely! As we recognize His complete Finished Work over us in Christ and in this life we become more complete even whole in what He's trying to do for us each and every day! He oversees how a good habit and pattern of the Gift of Righteousness within brings victory now because Christ bore the sin of all and it's (sin's) desire that we and He in us crucify even so we account godly desires to us now from Him given knowing convinced that this Gift of Righteous Condition of heart(s) is Our Heavenly Father's Perfect will, or counsel gift to us because we are living ready for the Bema judgment seat and His return and that He is FOR us. Getting people to Jesus Christ therefore should be our primary goal and motivation. Win others for he that wins souls is wise. Compassion for lost people knowing that they're going to hell should inspire us with zealous desire to be that witness that's burning up inside to tell and to explain to them the glorious good news of Christ. Like a fire shut up in our bones it should be =>to get it out. Continually walking in the light with Him as His saved children of light we are fellowshipping indeed rescued from the awful domain of darkness having been translated into His Kingdom of His dear Son. If we are walking in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship one with another. We believe in the light that we may be children of The light, Jesus said. It's because of Christ inside as Lord, He being fully ensconced in Lordship of sovereignty over us in His Wholly Beneficient Benevolent-like Son's replaced life for you as you faithfully follow Him, even He puts Himself in the way to rescue you, (remember Balaam's Donkey?) and Saves you. This is up close deep God come alongside you to help you, in Greek, Paraclete. Scripture says through the Psalmist, "He has set my feet in a wide place" Psalm 18:33; 27:11-13. Pastor Rich Catapano has been preaching very wisely precisely lately on the balance God uses to show us all Redemption: All our sins including my own on one side of the balance are like the speck of dust on the vicarious wind around us on one end of the balance pan and Jesus's Blood is on the other side of the balance (this is Chemistry 101) dips the balance pan so completely weighing it down heavily on God's side so that we can know confidently God's forgiveness immensely freely bestowed or lavished and the hope of the Gospel if we continue in the faith grounded, settled, and firmly established Col.2. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable Gift of salvation He being faithful. "Be ye Holy," (now that we're born again,) "for I am Holy," God says. In His declaring us forgiven, holy standing righteous in clean condition of the heart by faith we begin to know this rightnessness of God more and more. Christ makes Holy. We listen to hear our names being called out by God of His Voice in and about this Righteous Condition of the heart continuously in the moment. We therefore have overwhelming up mood to look to behold victory in His Son as overcomers in Christ Romans 8:37. Hupernikao victory in this life in Christ is given and we stand the saved and all look up to Him or at His Provident providing Hands and Wonderful Heart that is of His love for us seeking His face determined to persevere overcomers forever in process because we feel His forgiveness daily and moment by moment and want Him more. We overcome this world. We want over possessions or material things to want less and to desire less (overall to be satisfied with less things,) but of Christ to desire or want HIM more. The Gospel is good news as it is God's good pleasure toward us and Himself. We were created for God's pleasure. It is His good pleasure at His right hand forevermore He offers. In His works in essence He is for us being saved. In so much that we proclaim HIM it's all Finished Works at the cross. He works both to will and to do within us of His good pleasure! Phil 2:12,13 On His side then as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling totally, we become (like Lot,) vexed, awakened, illuminated, convinced, enlightened, and revved up, adrenaline flowing, revived up by God to sensitive status again in getting saved and obtaining of Him to have a fearing awesome respectful way in Him and a trembling for keeping God's way only TO KNOW HIM experientially intimately. It's like fearing a lion and then we don't, fears relieved. God has made pain to warn us of danger but we learn to obey His principles to not require that method of pain to warn us. We obey Christ even if it seems strange. We live on conviction to do things. God yearns for you with deep abiding affections. We truly are the object of His affections sourced in the Lord Jesus Christ if we're saved especially being separated to God and instrumental to Him. But these are the affections that took Jesus Christ to the cross indeed to fulfill prophecy and bravely by His obedience and by God the Father's Determined Counsel, To Die for us in our place bravely. Christ knowing Who He Is and His mission with a tenacity for God’s special purpose did live and Die, was buried, and rose 2000 years ago resurrected. By the way, there's more evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ than for the existence of Julius Caesar in history. These are the deep affections that led Jesus to submit to arrest, to torture, and to death and from God having inscribed on the palms of HIS hands, Re: your name. Isaiah 45:16 also says, "Thy walls are ever before Me." God strengthens continually us to be strong in Christ and in The Lord with all His might in all the power of God and His might as well as Paul prayed with all the Holy Spirit's power and by Christ's glorious might within. He does this to all patience, and long suffering, with joy. Indeed the outward result of God's love for us is heart satisfaction in motivation to obey the Gospel simply and in complexity for He indeed keeps, saves, satisfies. The strengthening first is the struggle we go through in labors, striving with God's dunamus power and energy ernergizo inside alongside us helping us. We do this agonizing of journey in Jesus Christ and with the good order of a military line with military discipline and stability of faith. It's a two part mark of a Christian of a Holy Spirit cadence stepping in paced step and stability (of faith) inside and out: a shield of faith we use to defend the cause of The Lord in centered firmness and on an offense also like of a phalanx turtle like the Roman Legion had in military fashion and in our living bold had (to go on the offensive as well as to overcome and placate one's cause.) So we walk with Christ as He walked centered.

Here's a Max Lucado quote: "Jesus’ death was not the result of a panicking, cosmological engineer. The cross wasn’t a tragic surprise. The death of the Son of God was anything but an unexpected peril!" says Max Lucado.
"Jesus spoke of His death as a part of a plan. A calculated choice. The cross was written into the script. “The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life, only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.” (John 10:18)." (My Thought:) Jesus was a fighter without and within pressing out the Father's plan. Jesus said, "Come unto Me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you Rest!" Learn of Me for Rest for your souls. He is that Great Shepherd! For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. I am gentle and meek, lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls. His love is like the gentle scent of a rose. He loves us with all His all might spiritual beings that we are He by the way gently hugging melting our lost soul. Love is the main event. I John 4:19. The love is what gets to us. We are changed by beholding love. We love having been or being loved. The commandments of God are not burdensome but wise unto making us aware of the plan of salvation and God's love truly is a verb in action. Only the love of a Creator could have fashioned us so fearfully, wonderfully, and marvelously. He's loved you from before the foundation of the world. When dormant sinners, like us nonetheless caught in our sinning repentant now (persons who transgressed or missed the mark, formerly,) who are Called by God, Chosen, Hand Picked and prayerfully, personally by hand (woven and handcrafted) by Him, like a tapestry, we were personally loved, as individuals He saves us. He's forgiven us, justified us, as individuals, regenerated us and by faith saved. We're reborn indeed forgiven at the cross. He knits us together in love! God imparts or reckons us, a financial term, not even a part of logic: "PAID IN FULL". Forgiven. Just as Jesus said, “It is finished,” God is then weaving a tapestry of His Body, the Church, even a living organism, even a hospital for the spiritually, infirm or sick, even dead. Scripture in the fortieth chapter of Isaiah says, "Our warfare is accomplished," as far as God and mankind are concerned. The war is over and with God and men there is peace and for that, God wins victory, gaining ground. His Comfort reigns. His mercy reigns, like a flood mercy reigns. He is meek and lowly in heart and for His gentleness we experience comfort so in Him we find rest for our souls. This is why He says that in Himself, His yoke is easy, His burden is light. His comfort strengthens fortitude or stamina. We have peace with God leading us to the peace of God as well in the plans of God. We were loved when we were before in God’s own creation existing in the plan of God in Eternity past and in His mind, says scripture. In the plan of God in Eternity Past the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world loved us, we were foreigners to Himself and aliens to the Commonwealth of Israel, and to The Body of Christ, and we, a mere wisp in His mind and His imagination we were however destined to sit on the Throne with Christ, however long before creation that was, and we were loved accepted destined to be His, by His doing alone Family. You or I can be thankful our parents birthed us also. You've loved us while we were Your enemies God. At just the right time Christ died for the ungodly. A cross death couldn't keep you down Lord Jesus Christ for were rising even being on a crude Roman device made to keep Israel in line with Roman wish. But God had a salvation plan. He had something better in mind for us in sending His Son, Jesus Christ to redeem us. We're hidden with Christ in God now at the cross in His death and resurrection first, as He stood by His good confession, at the cross, but God meant it for good, our good! Let's find how this works out for good even believing He went the distance with the crowd that day that wanted to crucify an innocent lamb called and named Himself, Jesus Christ Yeshua Homashiach. For Isaiah 53:6a says, "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way,…" And we have failed the "good test" (meaning only God is good, we conclude) and so we come under the just Judgment of God a just judge as wholly lost sinners that stand judged and condemned and though He is totally merciful (encountering Christ) if we come His Way, (John 14:6) God saves us with grace yet He’s always Right revealing how His Justice is revealed as He does demonstrate His Righteousness through the Cross. He does not judge us now. He's merciful and gracious and will judge us in righteous judgment at The Marriage Supper by how we used His Blood in our new minds and new hearts (given that we had new spirits at Salvation,) He's given us being born anew after a true image of God and knowledge. Do you read the Ten Commandments? I fail and miserably. Those that fail to accept or gain Christ in this life die and go to The Great White Throne Judgment. They have no hope but they will not escape hell especially. Think this through. Do come through Jesus Christ for He’s the Way, the Truth, the life. He sent the Spirit of truth to guide us into all the truth. Pastor said, "All truth is God's truth IF IT'S the truth." The Father says no other way to Himself but Mediation of the Son. His Spirit which is Holy takes of Jesus and manifests it to you. The Holy Spirit does the work of convincing of truth and not a lie, even convicting. And Romans 5:6,7,and 8 says, "For a good man someone might die or might dare to die." But Christ commends His own love to us, people of His own love (who in a God-ordained moment acknowledge they are sinful and get saved to justification to follow) as different. He creates us a rejoicing when we hear the joyful noise The Word Of God resonating dissonant melody and joy and symphonic hallelujah even the joyful noise sound of the voice of God in hopeful ready mind re: or as us surprised like a child that is opening a parent’s Christmas gift at Christmas time: (though surviving on God's good humor, like on the Titanic) For He's loved us WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS and/or in our minds apart from His forgiving love. Scriptures use the term, "hostile" alienated, by wicked works in our minds and even of some of the, "the peoples of Israel," who more harshly yelled, “crucify, crucify,” Romans 8:6,7; Acts 4, God chose to save later. But God still loves us. He's loved us unconditionally just the way we are. He wants us to change of course from faith to faith into Christ's image. But He knows there's time and grace for that change in His Spirit's and His Word's transformation, and our refusing conformation to this world's mold. There's hope, and glory to give to God if we come to Jesus, and continue IN His grace walking with Christ in His resurrected Spirit. You can benefit from reading, "Your God's Too Small," by J.B. Philips, if you see God as a bookkeeper who doesn't balance his books very well or a father who never affirms his child coming to him faithfully that serves chores. Then you can benefit from reading this book. You can learn God's greatness seeing a movie all the way through a black and white film, by the name of "The Bishop's Wife!" There's a lot of love around and in and around the Cross for us on God's perfect will declared from His lips and it comes on His part with a challenge for us to become saved. The angel from the altar touches our lips with a coal from the altar and the act cleanses us. We can try to be those many Jesus Died for who respond who are drawn in His net. He's calling to us to give us the desire and passion for other things over to Him to be His own children if we truly want to choose His way: come to Himself in submitting to Christ white flag. At Calvary Jesus suffered excruciating prolonged pain in patiently enduring becoming our servant aspect in His atonement, forgiveness for our sins, the whole process. It was difficult re: with hard iron nails that His wrists and feet were pierced with pain so excruciating He had angels ministering to Himself and from where the word 'crucifixion' comes from. Yet in His love for us He endured the suffering cross yet like a rose crushed giving fragrance He despising the shame of 'cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree' having obeyed He took the fall to the end in His calling from God to think thoughts of us for yet for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross's pain and anguish, He set like a flint His face (Isaiah 52,) to accomplish the deed and endured separation from His Father in becoming our sin until Death in His body on the cross. Then He gave His last breath saying, "It is Finished," (tetelestai meaning the end of a perfect process,) Isaiah 53:6b continues, "and God has laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Remember as scenes go this one turned ugly as well but like a story without a twist Christ never raised a fist and He had no Medals but was victorious deep and wide as well in being Dead to live again because God The Victor was there working. He needed money having no place to lay His head. Women disciples took care of it. Some men disciples too gave burdens. Somewhere in those Eternity of Eternity moments He sat down at the right hand of the Father giving us a Done, a Rest, labors accomplished. God had took on human form and came to earth a babe in swaddling clothes to serve as a son in sonship. He showed the way to greatness by example Because He lived Holy to His Father loving all people without fail pleasing Father Daddy, ..obeying God He Died in our behalf, astonishingly (His face and body were marred in form and appearance more than any other physically beaten man,) so we could have sins forgiven set free, sins forgotten, reconciled to God and saved. Salvation is in the past from the penalty of sin, in the present form from the power of sin and in the future from the presence of sin in the moment. Who could speak or ascribe adequately to God the wonderful magnanimous beautiful Eternal quality of such a Divinely beautifully executed affectionately powerful but intricate loving act surgically performed but successfully carried out Divine rescue as He did? We don't need to know more information but just know God by seeking searching into Jesus more. We are actually speechless to describe Jesus the man growing up a tender shoot or such a tender dry Root out of dry arid ground, having no attractive form nor comeliness that we should desire Him yet passionately we do. For the record He, Christ with determined prophetic fulfilment on grounded belief in faithful living from His Father's perspective had obeyed fully the Law (the 613 aspect) and gave His body over to the Lord's will despite man's will over something so important to God's plans as becoming our sins yet, "it pleased The Lord to bruise Him." Insidious, and sinful, and reckless in its nature as sin is but it became necessary to BECOME our sin! It was for an Eternity of Eternities He endured and also a brief moment. He the Christ even spoke forgiveness for His captors, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." This is certainly God's Nature to do that not our own. Christ willingly died laying down His life of His own will on the cross for sin and sins and His humanity and Divinity shines to us as He obediently prays before for the Father's will to be done and plans blueprints for it at tears of agony in Gethsemane. He then surrenders to the Romans and Jews' hands to be killed. He is delivered up on Calvary for the sins of mankind. He suffered and died alone as His Heavenly Father turned His back (on the Son of His love.) "He Who knew no sin, BECAME sin for us that we might (know HIM) (lit.) become (yada in Hebrew as in know in the Genesis sexual intimation of knowledge by experiencing,) (lit.) the righteousness of God in Christ," II Corinthians 5:21. Epignosko is the Greek for experiential intimate real knowledge of God by having the genuine real experience re: salvation adventure through Christ inside and in Christ for our entire lives. Because Jesus Christ became our sin-bearer we can now know how to be right with God and to know how to do right now knowing His Gift. In His calling Himself God and proving it by miracles and signs and great wonders Dying and Rising from Death, we can become in part His "righteousness." A Righteousness of God apart from the Law is revealed from Heaven in Jesus Christ that is a condition of the heart by faith alone. This is a faith that shows itself by works though works have nothing to do with the essence of Who, What, Where, and When in salvation. This is the one way of peace through the power of the cross that is witnessed by the Law and the Prophets. What Moses and The Law of Moses could not do to bring us to God Christ did in the Spirit! Galatians 2:19 Christ is our 'how' of being right to God experiencing His glory though He is separate from sin and we are experiencing daily Him more in His work (ergon) that Finished Work method in us even obtaining victory over sin. Jesus is Victor in a Salvation aspect because He served God obediently having been given Him A Name higher and above and over against any other name in Power and Nature and in all revealed creation and over special principalities and powers as well Isaiah 52; Phil. 2:1-12. All of creation shall serve Him (his Divine Purpose) until His enemies become a footstool for His feet. That at the Name of Jesus Every knee may bow. Jesus, though in the form of God did not think equality with God is something to be grasped. But He emptied Himself, made Himself of no reputation and became the bondslave the servant of men. He came not be served but to serve and give His life a Ransom for many. He was obedient to death, even the death on a cross Phil. 2. In the same manner Jesus was equal with God so in like the same manner He became the bondslave of man to show us the Father. He embodied Righteousness that He being Essence of Holiness too He could be the Atoning lamb of God. Jesus said, “And I, If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me.” The Father draws whomever He wills by revealing to them the earthly life in historicity and Divinity of the Son and His works, (ergon). In turning to The Lord is great joy and freedom. And He became our sin on a cross as a principle and became all the sins of the whole world in essence from the beginning of ancient time to the last born baby at the end of the age as we will know it for our salvation. Substituted in our place before God for our sins, Christ said victoriously, and vicariously, "It is Finished!" at last, (tetelestai, meaning the end of a perfect process,) presenting us to Father God in an Eternity of Eternities His Righteous Holy Blood to the Father in our place, but He comes back to preach to spirits in prison His Body being buried, taking captivity captive giving gifts to men out of the other side of an Eternity of Eternities from an empty Tomb. As well He was Resurrected on the third day raising us too in Himself He exalts us to bondslave position too to sit in the Heavenly Places in Him like a rock and solid in Christ even like a house built on a rock foundation that is ready and stable to withstand the worst storm! God's perfect storms come. The cross is God's glory and Triumph. We now are raised, regenerated, justified, born anew in Him because of what God through Christ has Done for us. We're born of God and we're born from above, righteous state with God by peace with God. Through the Blood of His cross by God's Servant Jesus, we're in new birth, we're saved. We were a bondslave to sins but now are forgiven, are made alive from being dead in sin and trespasses now awakened spiritually to Jesus Christ and are encountering God foremost. We belong to Him as reborn adopted children of God taken in, grafted in the olive tree because He lives we live too. And God chose the weak things of this world to shame the mighty, even the despised things on earth to bring to naught the things that are to show how God is righteous or Holy. We are a royal priesthood of believers, even princes and princesses of Himself, and children of the King! This is the kipporath, propitiation, and atoning sacrifice of Christ's Body which is in Hebrew our covering. Even our attitudes in the New Self we put on for a covering is held by the bond of perfectness even love. Our names were written in The Lamb's Book of Life when we decided FOR CHRIST. We believed God through our Lord Jesus Christ putting off the old man our entire lives long potentially and will be ushered into Eternity saved by faith. But until we continue in faith the implication is God is it's for a sanctified life and only going to go so far with our sinful ways after we knowing the truth but also knowing Who He Is in His Holiness that He in effect holds in being set apart for God from sin as in abeyance The Book of the Lamb's Life for us until we see Him as He is. And if we are refusing to live ungodly but instead are sanctified by the words of this Christian life in the Bible a pattern of long obedience with the aid of Holy Spirit Power over God knows how much time though born anew Christian in replaced life then by The Messiah we're in re:smorgasbord of abundant life varied diversely in lifestyle. But if instead we're disobedient to that Heavenly vision, we will or unfortunately can become castaways shipwrecked in our faith, (self-condemned.) This is the other side of grace. A warning. There is no election to Heaven or Hell though in the end we're destined there in either of those two places. Election to a holy life even a life thereof to speak of as a born again believer in Jesus if we desire it, IS IN CHRIST FOR US if we grab it. It's there and we must have it inside and be born again for we must be born of the Spirit. Marvel not Jesus says it, is the phrase He uses, "you must be born again." We must place our trust in God of our personalities or lives in His hands and by faith and stand fully assured trusting leaning our entire personalities on God Hebrews 10:22. We don't give place to the enemy for one minute by placing doubt or presumption or preconceived prejudiced notions to God here. To give place or a foothold to the devil himself would be like one of his devices he uses against. So we must have no place for the enemy’s tricks. Satan asked God if he could sift Peter like wheat. Peter's name God chose was Peter so He Peter wanted Peter as his name itself and won the victory. He gave no place to an immoral life. He believed and knew the moral character was of God Himself. Ruth the Moabitess would have had her name changed to Mara, meaning bitter, but we know that after that tragedy of her husband's death she was only defined by the name God gave her, Ruth! She must have been very hungry in the Hebrew land but Boaz her's and our's Kinsman Redeemer provided after Ruth was encouraged being told by Naomi to sleep at Boaz's feet and expose his feet and lay down there. She had no bitterness then. Christ intercedes/prays for us that our faith not fail but succeed as did Peter’s and countless others do to withstand all evil and resist in Christ sin living in the same calling God started calling us out on. And like Ruth we trust God, our companion, provider and Source for bread. Jesus is the Bread of life. We live by every word proceeding out God's mouth. We are the object of His affection held in His hands tight in love's bold hug and within His hand's hand is our hand gripped as we hold on to Him too. If we knew this God Who Is There has our hand in His hand gripped locked even His locked grip securely firm in ours, we would hold on to Him more for dear life.

In the Gospel we now can know a Righteousness of God declared by God literally in Romans, "from Heaven," apart from the Law or apart from works in the Son Jesus having accepted that impartation of grace or unmerited favor from Him in salvation, a Gift. We Died with Christ and were and are raised up in Him imputed, the scripture says into new newness of living. We in a right believing relationship with God worship in spirit and in truth and rejoice in Him, in Who He Is. As bondslaves of His and sons and daughters of our King Jesus we're declared forgiven. To the death, my King, we say. "He was delivered up," it says of God's Foreknowledge and Determinate Counsel in Acts 2 and in Romans 4:25, “He was put to Death for our offenses, but indeed was Raised again for our justification." That delivering up and Raising up indeed is Justification unto life in the stance before God by faith in grace we have IN HIM by peace gained with HIM Romans 5:1. Just-as-if-we-had-not-sinned is another way of saying it. Forgiveness is like fresh rain or the dew all over our faces. Our believing is in God believing Him that in that right standing with God by grace and by faith in Jesus's blood through grace we know Him. Forgiven we can be seated in Heavenly places with Jesus Christ our Messiah and know firmly and faithful how to live in His glory. Firmly established rock solid seatedness in mind, we're the armchair quarterback victorious in the Righteousness of God in Christ and in the Covenant Relationship we've established in Him by building our house upon the rock Christ. That is, that our response will be with Him succeeded qualifying us as Holy, indeed blameless and above reproach In His Sight now Col. 1! God will declare this right standing and in position of this Christ having presented us to Him on that Day (Holy, Blameless, and above Reproach!) We are and will be the Church Triumphant even His Body without spot, blemish, or wrinkle or any such thing, united in Him in one heart (homotheumadden) in the moment. He Died an Unjust Cruel Death On The Cross (Capitals To Emphasize it was God in J.C.,) so that we might re: go free. Christ makes us right: right with God and right with our world! God seems fierce in His care for us. We can allow Him to kindle a flame in our torches in Him and wave them high! God is always right and we begin to know this thought convinced in a timely Song of the Spirit fashion more. We went free to a forgiven spiritual life of born again spiritual freedom unmerited or undeserved, with God sealed, when we get saved. And God is preserving an Eternal inheritance undefiled reserved in Heaven waiting for us from Father God Himself if we continue. In Him we have Redemption through His Blood, even the forgiveness of sins. We know His Kingdom Name. We were and are in recovery even sin's remission in Jesus' Redemption transferred translated conveyed into the Kingdom of His dear Son Col. 1:13,14. But our sins were laid upon Him. This fact made me wonder as a child: it was the fact my sins may have been on Him as something I was a part of (consenting to His Death and/or crucifixion) and that if that love wasn't enough He BECAME all our sins also. Jesus is both the sin-bearer and the scapegoat of the Laws of Moses in the Torah. He bore our sinful selves but took them (our sins) (as sin bearer) into the wilderness (to never be found, and as scapegoat, "He takes our sins away.") But we were there as He was crucified and Risen again Romans 6:1ff, and numerous others. Being there in His cross and in His Resurrection we will be like Him in Heaven someday even like His Body is so pure and Holy Romans 5,6,7,8. I had a pain as a sinner being a child who had guilt who had the desire to impact my world in a good way (even with some naive innocence) but as well I was naively lavished or bestowed with a mindful learning inquisitive (artisan) spirit and greatly beloved (I have had good godly Christian saved parents who really loved/cared for me.) I placed firmly all my guilt and all my sins on Jesus Christ encountering Him in a middler Sunday School class. And my parents, Father Mat and Mother, and we their children Douglas, Barbara, DeeDee, and myself, David have and have had Bible reading and prayer schedule regularly growing up with prayer devotions Col. 4:2 It was happening deep fellowship with who we went to Church with, in our Assembly Of God fellowship. That didn't save me. Knowing about God facts of the cross or the Bible that indeed does not save me nor mean that one knows God implicitly nor explicitly. As being at McDonald's does not make you a milkshake or a hamburger and that there is no instant breakfast with God so becoming a Christian is supernatural and natural first from God. All time is Eternal time to Him like one great moment. God felt my pain as an individual and as I entered His Pain in His longsuffering in the cross for a lost humanity. I became aware of being Raised with His Son in resurrection having been buried in Baptism. Jesus Christ did Save me by my confession of faith in Himself, determinedly I am praying just as I am for Him to enter my life. And the Holy Spirit's confirming me was with a deposit of the Holy Spirit by His Word being inserted in me and falling to me at my feet to find and pick up first. Like a corn of wheat it fell to the ground and I died to my own way and will and came up born again raised with Him and His bud. Spiritually spiritual terms are spiritually discerned and by the fear of The Lord spiritually I met, encountered the Savior. I went to church and in every pew and in every member's voice I heard Agape (God’s kind of love,) from God and Phileo (brotherly) love to me from God plainly. And by faith I came near to Heavenly Father God knowing individually I knew I needed to know God desperately. I needed Jesus near. I came personally to know God experientially (epignoskgo) through Jesus Christ becoming my Savior and Lord and became a disciple immediately to follow through. My life is hid with Christ in God now. I accepted His salvation from the scenes and acts and attitudes of sin. I came kicking and screaming and dragging my feet (herkuo) as one or we all must do sometime (like a net being dragged of fish,) knowing my Personal DNA had to have God's DNA saving me up close personal in His personal loving Warm Touch benefiting, helping. We can humbly at least say, with God's help, "I thank you God, for Your mercy, in not destroying me thus far" God and as I realize our genetic predisposition is to sin and therefore we're sinners, also because we do sin that on the other hand His great mercy through and in Jesus Christ leads us in Adam (Christ is our last Adam,) to everlasting life in Eternal comfort getting saved through Jesus Christ. And like Blind Bartemais or the woman with the issue of blood we press through the crowd either with our voice or our touch as is the case that we may get to Jesus!! That woman had to crawl the last distance to Jesus and reach up to grab the tassel of Christ's shawl on which it had 613 pieces and a rope with four spaces and five knots representing the five Torah books and the four letters of God's Name, YHWH. Jesus knew what was happening. God said healing instead of pain to her. Praise The Lord.

Christ rose from the dead and that makes all the difference in our triumphant living now in Him. It's not to a problem free life God calls. "There were many facets to Christ's suffering He endured," says Al Stein, and that we benefit from. We share in participating in Christ's affliction though through suffering for Christ's sake and Righteousness' sake committing to live godly at the cross now. Look at our lives now. We will be giving account of our lives to God for all Eternity. Paul asks us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith II Cor 13. We stumble and stub our toes sometimes. We want to know Him and Him crucified! We were there at His Death (and His Resurrection as well,) for the Bible says so in Romans. "Crucify!" they yelled and "crucify," a second time the peoples of Israel yelled and we wonder if we would have said the same. God saw fit to save from the sin, and to send love to the sinner, to extend accepted gracious help to reach to save, redeem us! Why did Jesus accept the mission to make the rescue to us? It's because we needed an outstanding outstation of strong saving fulfilling strengthening even of saving proportionate Ransom in Redemption from sin. As Max Lucado has said, "He chose the nails," and it was out of His love for us He did this. In one sense, only He can tell us or I that answer of why personally He saved us when we go to see Him in Heaven because it is bondslaves of Christ as our position or portion now and in anonymity comparitively and in the tip of the iceberg here with the result, being unknown re: the big eternal part of it. In everything give thanks scripture declares that being God's will in Christ concerning you. Give and it shall be given unto you by men, good measure, pressed down, shaken together shall men give into your bosom. For with the same withal you mete, so shall it be given you. His love is one recalls like a gentle flowing easy tributary river, gentle, sweet, diverging, converging, and because He lives I too will live facing tomorrow. Responding with, "thank you," to Him is all we can do by God's intervention and to worship Him offering then our entire selves, our whole being in hearing the Voice of God according to the Gospel for trust and obedience. It's gratefulness on our part and thankfulness always and in all things and contentment in all things. It's being godly to be persecuted though saved. And having mental assent with the facts of salvation, (Divine prickly conviction with those facts from His Spirit,) commitment to God, and Christ, follow through, or continuation of belief in Jesus and thus obedience to God lifelong in faith, and grace, and Christ motivationally satisfying after close hard encountering completely being blown away... by God's love at the cross! Convinced we trust. We have our sins blotted out at the cross Isaiah 44:22,23. We then walk on in Christ's footsteps justified, Just with the justifier, Father God, just as if we had never sinned or had in fact experientially always obeyed God (in Eden.) That is a most prodigious benefit. But first conviction, then commitment to Him for me to love Him quite forever, repent, and finding Salvation close precious over a lengthy time period while becoming a disciple, we joy in God saved. "Mental assent," as our Pastor Rich says, "commitment to, and follow through." True.

LEARNING FROM OUR PAST TO WALK IN JESUS CHRIST IN THE BASICS (of being a Christian,) IN NEWNESS OF LIFE: And Jesus rose the third day! He's Alive! All of Christianity hinges on the Resurrection being true! It also hinges on being accurate justification by faith as the only means to salvation. His birth, His life, His Holy Righteous blood, death and subsequent risen life are efficacious and totally boldly efficient being for our benefit based on His rising from the dead and our coming near to God with boldness. God is merciful in our unrighteousness. Our sins and lawless deeds He will remember them no more Hebrew. 8:12. Do we believe this? It's quite a benefit. In this Eternal timeless yet timely (God knew when,) love act of vicarious suffering affectionately the affront or offense of the Gospel is not taken away. You see up close near the heart of God in the matter re: the love of God offends you and me some for it is not unlike seeing God's love everywhere the cross touches like sunshine unexpectedly on a cloudy day or creamery toast and butter and toasted eggs Benedict to our taste buds. It's an affront to our mind. This is why we witness persuasively. Taste like that can be ecstatic, unexpected pleasure, and plush comfort in that we sometimes don't give glory to God for nor thank God for His mercies and grace enough in other things every day. Think of the Vengeful Waiting Wrath of God and Wrath of An Angry God against sin (because sin harms us, doesn't give honor to nor give glory to God in honor neither and He must judge it to remove it) but in the present now not so expressed angrily but mercifully (a time of grace) but instead in Checed, re: God's grace and Lovingkindness now given lovingly gently in our generation, manifest (thanaroo.) Like the coals of fire we place upon another's head, to help, when hurt to being offended by others to near complaint territory, as we forgive with kindness shown, so kindness is expressed by God to each of us just like He commands us to give to others in Romans twelve! The feeling expressed by forgiveness is like is as of us being lavished upon by God some way re: naturally, or spiritually at the Cross re: spoiled children and redeemed and saved (but even the best of us are potentially treason material, potentially tricked into complacency, preconceived notions, and pressumption prejudices perceived by the devil's devices at times) for then, for attempting more than is our lot, at or trying at stealing and not instead surrendering everything to God completely (we assume constantly everything we seem to own is ours for free in taking it or all for granted, taken it for our advantage we're doing really) and not relatively giving thanks for our Eternal Life or partial portion of allotted things in His life within God's will with near intent to give Him that thanks for what He has Created and Provided for us and Saved us from to help others with and take a step.., but instead transgress (see Romans 1:21ff.) We can trace this back to Adam, the very first man. We are truly dust in the wind. When we make this transgression we were wrong before God. But such were some of you. But now we're sanctified saved in the Son, one with the Sanctifier. We assume too much is ours as a general rule and presume too much for ourselves without trusting God to help us to obey to provide for us, as good stewards. But coming back 180 degrees in turning to God in repentance (metanoia) turning to God contritely penitently then we release control possessions have on us and find forgiveness in the gift of God at Salvation receiving reality where the cost effective budget in God's economy is real Kingdom reality and is authority in the Blood applied, the axe laid against the root of the tree, and the Christ's Lordship and grace God wants to give us given, to rule us, “Zoe (The God Kind of Life,) and Righteousness (gift in His rightness),” in God's Intervention indeed supernaturally manipulating it. We experience a Baptism of suffering for righteousness sake to know Christ better being made conform able to His death e'n God's goodness to us and His grace to God's credit is intact whole. If we sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the Righteous.

GOD LET'S US KNOW HOLINESS IS FOR ALL THE TIME BECAUSE HE'S HOLY: That's the secret in Christ to wit we have, holiness by GOD'S hand, that we have faith hope and love in our lives with the Holy Spirit and truth on our side as pillars of the Christian life and we don't have to sin anymore as a habit because we have grace to make godly choices now. Christ makes the difference. Christ went before us everywhere humanity went. He went the distance to experience every man's need to remedy it triumphant over sin and this world. He supplies the love, peace, and joy to live jubilant steady lives of overcomers. We overcome evil with good. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. We love not our lives to the death. Where Christ took on the sarx sinful nature on Himself for us tackling it successfully He, even through every temptation known to man and more than we have ever known or come across even He had power to conquer it perfectly. In Him we can seamless too be triumphant surviving even thriving wearing His righteousness and be overwhelmingly leaning on Him and to follow Him. Without Him at best we flip and flip flop 'round helplessly. Christ is our victory celebration. He is able to sympathize with our every weakness and give us aid. Where sin abounds, God's grace does much more abound. Before we chose to sin naturally not knowing it was offensive, and insidious, eternal death it's wage. But as for me and my house we will serve The Lord for He Died for me and my house so that now in Christ within we can make a real concrete commitment to evidential affecting efficient transforming supernatural difference to the impacting of our world for Christ. We don't know our impact. We get a revelation inside of the flavor of the timelessness of sin and sins and their transient temporary nature too. We renounce sinning and hidden ways. Even as Christ obeyed naturally and supernaturally He laying down some godly prerogatives to live obedient and we can cooperate with God as He sanctifies, makes us Holy. We, His church, say and obey, "God forbid," as to sins. God in recreating you and I born again helps this lifestyle to occur seamlessly. Transformation of us then is like He did the Father and Himself communing on the Mt. Hermon Mount of Tranfiguration. It's supernatural. He knows our limits re: our borders. We come boldly to the Throne of grace to ask His grace and mercy help in time of need. But we tend to remake boundaries of sin that keep us in a state of frustrating ritualism. But we died to that Law that once bound us being crucified with Christ and from now on can obey through the Spirit God's Voice led along that we might bear fruit to Him having died to sins. Rituals are a part of dead religion. Relationship to God is alive in us now by faith as where we extend help now encouraging others and being knit together in one heart and mind and live now what matters because it's by grace we extend hope. Sola Fida, sola Gratia. Only by faith, only by grace. "Grace has a drenching feel to it. Like whitewater rafting and being gone over with wave upon wave of water." -Max Lucado

But He always leads us in triumph in Christ having disarmed our weapons and the weapons of our enemies. Christ said, "And I if I be lifted up will draw all men unto Myself." This is He getting up on that cross and remaining on it in our behalf. It draws us to God. But He rose. He's no longer dead. He's alive! He defends us. We sit on a stool at the foot of the Cross in awe. We worship God for such a life of love! Even a consummated life at the cross a Life from Jesus Christ which gets Him crucified encountered to us though more and more being Holy Ghost sensitive to people and God's Presence within. And when the Spirit within is tending to leave us when tempted or isolated re: to fail so then we relinquish behavior in question and instead we fall in love with the Savior at His feet more with His backing everything we go through as godly suffering in aspect. If we stumble we won't fall, but obtain grace and mercy to help Sovereignly. We're stewards albeit if we become born again saved and in God’s way and time we become born of God all things becoming surrendered to Him, yes in newness of life, like fresh dew on the fleece its surface and we get guidance in directions, and we being His prince and princesses Divinely guided. But you or I must have this born again saved experience denying ourself, taking up our cross, and following Jesus Christ individually to even see the Kingdom of God and ego enter it and begin walking in Him and, over time indeed not overnight-like begin to live a ‘newness of life,’ life in Him.

We are indeed sin-bearing in need desperately of a Savior until we are found by Him and saved. We are prodigals coming back to Father God. We are not a part of the ninety and nine that need no repentence of forgiveness at the start of our saved journey but are indeed the lost sheep He found. Calling it a mistake will not pass the muster! Calling it sin and simply put: wrong choices of sin is calling a spade a spade which will be right. All sin is against God. Sin is missing the mark and lawlessness and as such is the dirty deed we must relinquish, surrender. God's answer is Roman's 6:1, "What shall we say then, shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?" God forbid. How shall we who Died to sin live any longer (in it?) But where sin does abound grace does much more abound! God gives us victory over that situation or of even the very consequences of our sins. He sees the end result if we go on in them warning us. If we repent of our sins we will win in the end. If we go on sinning there is a warm place we may fail to get unstuck from even like Esau or say Judas. Sin is pleasurable for a season. It's victims witness from hell sadly eventually.

Sins pay a wage, death and even eternally if tragedy strikes putting to a death physically Eternal Death in hell results if we've lived like hell. You can pay or let Someone Else pay for your sin debt for you now. Jesus is the same Jesus. He will not fail you. Thus God became Jesus at the fullness of time and vicariously suffered and Died and won us and everything someday totally back submitted to Himself back if we believe individually for getting saved in this life by faith in Him! As Temples of His Holy Spirit we’re a part of His whole pie as individuals also. It was His objective all along our sanctification and Adoption and He won us, our hearts, not in a New Age trophy life nor philosophy aspect but spiritually Saved us, from sin, to become who we are which is sanctified and one with the Sanctifier. When you have Jesus you have everything you need my Sunday School teacher Sister Hartman first told us. Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of life? Have you been born again? The writer of the Gospel of John asks. We being nutrified and nurtured of God's pasture, but not over nor undernourished, but by still water as well finding good pasture, eating God’s Manna and Bread of Life gratefully from Jesus's nourishment (the Tree of Life!,) don't touch in reality God's perfectness of Agape glorious awesome love at all in a marring it or a tarnishing of God's glory. God's glory is His Being His Essence. Knowing God (Epignoskgo,) (experiential intimate knowledge,) we are in fact RESTORED To God and so reconciled. God offers this drawing close and know He's self-sufficient. And for His glory and honor they are intact to prosper and go forward themselves unimpeaded Godspeed because we obey the axios (Greek the Worth or Worthiness of Christ) and walk worthy (axios,) (like looking in a mirror) so instead we're getting saved honestly of His own heart conditions of salvation met which are to be confessing sin to God and soon by Faith in Christ to eventual triumph once and for all, leave it all behind and thus saved, but also for Him to make us more like Christ all the time aware of Jesus is the Answer at a church altar for us for He is for us. This happens as root and fruit of the Gospel: Christ is our salvation from the past and present sinful states and the fruit of that, Christlikeness. We put the future in His hands. Simply put the weight of glory that shall be revealed in us far outstrips the suffering for and in and with Christ our Shepherd we undergo for His Name’s sake. For He is our peace our way of indomnimable spirit for He IS our Salvation and by His manifesting of grace and mercy to us through a show of His love at the cross we living a cross life before Him through Him in a personal on fire relationship with Himself get on fire re: He the provision for. We acquire the fire. That means denying ourselves taking up our cross and following Christ too with the desire to abstain from the attitudes of sin and claim the good desires He wants for us. We lose our lives to find them in Him. Christ untainted evokes within us to make a generous Evangelical love response to Him from forgiveness received, mercy, and grace having a revelation of what He’s Done, the Finished Works, in saving us and we experiencing forgiveness first. And that's a first, rescue from sin, the acts, the deeds, the thoughts, the attitudes and the anger even wrath sinful emotions even all sinful influences. Jesus takes away the sinful aspects bringing a forgiven renewed altered changed mind or in fact restored adjusted consciousness to a heightened new right serendipity in living standard, even a moral life in Him. It is to the image of God in Christ after a true knowledge of God we're called. It was more than enough the Blood Jesus presented to God the Father for our Salvation Righteousness and propitiation or expiation. Even one drop of Jesus's Blood would have been enough. We're forgiven family. We don't need to hide nor pretend with fig leaves. Let's face the music that Jesus lived a sinless life and having Died, Rose from Death, Resurrected, and is Glorified Coming Again. God 'needed' a sinless life from somewhere to demonstrate His Righteousness, fill His Holiness, and care and maintain for His justice. All sin requires a just payment and consequences apart from that are Eternal Death. Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. The Father’s Mighty Arm got it for Him in Jesus Christ. Let's believe God. The Holy Spirit is the archetype for the Arm of God's right hand in scripture. We in the Cross are made shielded by Christ from the wrath of God in Him re: our relationship through the Blood catapulted us near to Him. He sees His Son when He looks at us. But more than that we are brought near and close all the time if we approach in boldness in true hearts of assurance full Hebrews 10:19-22. It is efficacious, efficient our salvation for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. His Body is the new and living way through His Blood. God is changeless. We're born again sanctified at once (at the moment of personal asking Christ inside the heart, saved,) yet following Him lifelong: a journey adventure and unless we believe in gradual and/or partial sanctification He God doing it, also of over long periods of time as well we do stagnate. We're moved nonetheless to draw near, draw close, confessing and proclaiming Him obeying Him for knowing Christ's Finished Works evokes within us a living stamina to remain at that Cross having come to Christ that this is what happened:

We each have known right from wrong knowing that there is a Heaven and hell. Originally each of us has been chiefest of sinners freely we confessed. In all our ways we acknowledge Him in trust then straight on. He makes our paths STRAIGHT ON then. God is a God of second chances. We want to talk to Him a lot more fluently, articulating to Him that having admitted we're sinners and but struck even evoked too by God's love whether tangibly from other believer's love or personal experience of that love from Him that we gravitate near, talk, and converse with Him near up close like in a stimulating sparks a-flying 'sparks from metal striking metal' fascinating profound talk knowing Christ experiencially inside (epignostko.) We're friends together God and I. "I am a friend of God." He calls me friend! God almighty He calls me friend! Talk with Him then over a fish fry or a sourdough breakfast meal conversation in created form from Him unified and in diversity. We acknowledge Him wanting to be talking it up with Him more in His aspect of Provident Hands. This is Jesus coming in invited by us. This is Eternal life deposited inside the believer with the Word, by the Holy Son of God. He makes us a new species of a new kindness within, with new natures that we learn habitually don't sin, but are saved Eternally. He must increase. I must decrease. Aspiring to know the Person of God greater and to be available to Him to flood our minds and hearts instantaneously to increase in the knowledge of God and a pleasing of Him in word, thought, attitude, and acts beloved, to do so, increasing in Him we are not to be trying on a mask before Him too, nor be of so ready a mind as to be lifting one up to put on at all. We want to walk a chop mission a yard from hell with Him in this ops while under His smiles and live honest before God and men while doing so that is with our motives. We fallatiously don't want to be members of the O.K. Corral as well as if to say anything is an absolute good from Him flippantly in O.K. Corral. It's ok to not be ok in other words. God is in control. We don't earn His love, but we do experience it from His gracious ray.
He reigns! Hallelujah! He Reigns! He Reigns! All God's Children Singing Glory Glory Hallelujah He Reigns! He Reigns!
Ask, seek, and knock! God answers prayer!
"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call on Him while He is near." Bow before Him Humble yourself under Him. Praise The Lord. How often in my family my Dad and Mother called on us as individuals to Bible reading and prayer as did we four children of their Devotion quiet time calling for a greater good of glorification of God of all things especially under our influence to commit to God. Our family searched the Spirit and as He the Spirit searches all things we sought the Lord for mercy in time of need and received mercy and grace to rely more on His gracious loving Holy Spirit./span>We depend on His Holy Spirit for everything.
My Parents and we, children loved God passionately very much from a revelation of His goodness. With thankfulness we learned to discern God's Intimate Presence at all times discerning from the practical, mundane of life. Revelations of His aid were matched by great fullness of His care and love. We had close encounters of the Heavens with Jesus spending time with Him. Jesus is our all in all.

His LOVE being IN me and I ran to Him because He came to me He seeing me from 'a way far way off'. God was glorified when He saw me, as a child of four He helped me recognized from hearing the goodly and godly plan of salvation it clicked spiritually that I was sinful and as I was sinful, wretched, black with sin in my heart, as my Mother described my state, and spiritually different I wanted that difference to be for God and good spiritually and I wanted truly His salvation and invited Christ in, became born again, saved, God's friend. Saved now- set apart for God of myself - dedicated in life to Him and in a committed lifestyle of Christlike behavior growing, I'm IN HIM. The Lord says, "You shall seek Me and find Me, when you shall search for Me with all your heart!" And it has been so. Renouncing pride in my own works which are as filthy rags to God, Christ in me and I through the Holy Spirit Who is heart satisfying within are removing any haughtiness moment by moment as well for I can bow and please Him moment by moment through the Blood of His cross! I bowed to God humbly and accept His Son, Jesus' Payment for my sinful past. At the young age of four I knew I had SINNED and I recognized my sinful falling short was best expressed in a heart magnified microscopic scrutinizing exhausting view of my sin and then lifetime of telescoped broadcast to all of the previous expense of the Price in His Blood that He paid for me in full re: my God's great Salvation Ransom for my Redemption. Thank you Father that you help me see our sins upon that cross. Romans in the New Testament says, "Let your giving be without hypocrisy and from a cheerful heart." And it says, "Put on The Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh." So how do I pray Lord God? I ask Lord to let me faithful tithe a tenth in my giving. I want Heaven as Jesus spoke of in all of its splendor of course. But how do we obtain the power to access a conduit a method of a newness of life now in godliness? I hold a New Testament! God's supply is His Name: ".. the mystery (of God,) Christ within the hope of glory". Mystery means simply put, out of capacity to synchronize or without ability to measure or measurability. See A T Robertson's Word Pictures of the N.T. On this. In the Old Covenant it was a mystery. But now it's Christ. As a child I accepted the Gospel in The Lord Jesus in my head and my heart and I followed my family to God at an altar of Church. I knew once Christ came inside me I’d be different and as I did encounter Him forward on it would not be easy all the time though blessed. It never is easy to follow Jesus Christ for the masses. One does not get to Heaven by roller skating on roller skates nor playing volleyball but entirely by Grace 100%. See Bonhoffer on the, Cost of Discipleship. I prayed in school, Father God teach me then how to pray as I want to ask You how to ruggedly pray. As I receive You I receptively receive you in receive mode! God helped me not to syncretize religion and culture in those years but to come out of the world and culture and to seek new friends in the faith and be transformed He shining bright with me, my light. And thank God He tore the veil from the top to the bottom of it in the Temple immediately upon Christ's Death 2000 years ago so in the curtain there the Presence of His majesty fell out to all mankind so access to Himself is blasted open and He's approachable completely in the latter days meaning our time of generational New Covenant in Christ.

But in conclusion let's not place any credence on manipulating God as if we had an armhold but instead obediently turn to like and love everything He does! Boldly you are commanded to approach Him and come to Him! And to draw near! It's important to confess your sin, submit to God first in Christ in His way in everything. And to confess and proclaim Him. You can become as you are one Who God thinks, says, and dreams you are in scripture to become for His Son's Mercy in Transforming Power changed, renovated, reconstituted, refired re-excited and you became zealous of good works. God indeed morphe's you forms you to the image of His Son in everything having forgiven us our sins from the color of scarlet red to transforming white as snow or wool. He calls into being those things that are not as if they were and we need to know God intimately by true knowledge even fellowship of relationship friendship so that we have a obedient relationship that is true. He daily wants to do something anew for you and to you. Daily we see new mercies appear from God as it were moment by Moment and indeed "every morning". You can expect every morning to say, "I can't without You Lord," and but, however, "with You I most certainly can!" You know He loves me and I know. I can do all thing through Him! It's important that I remain in His love. It's personally important of necessity to abide in the Vine, Christ for He abides in us. He wants more than you know to abide. It’s my personal Pardon, to have received His Blood in revelation of Himself up close of His divine favor in salvation and to be able to give my thank you my entire life through by faith, my obedience, my follow through to say thank you lovingly in response to His extended Reach. His grace covers us all as He Died for all. Have you in your comfort zone had a crisis that made a mess and wanted to become born again? Born of God? born of the Spirit? Belonging to God just so close? Do you have a near walk? Remember He loved us first. Love so amazing enthralls us and thrills us. He is the reason we thrive why we love. We proclaim Him not just His teaching. He ministers to us generously magnanimously deep within. Tragedy may strike but growing up in Christ on good ground we know convinced that God loves us, accepts us, and loving God back fervently back becomes second nature in goodness knowing He loves me chooses who I am to become, as just as I am and I come, and worship Who He is, gratefully thankfully. I keep in a step by step obedient cadence (steucho in Greek) (rhythmn or step,) with the Holy Spirit! "Parapeteo," in Greek is for a far more wide rhythm and step in the Spirit thus also. We know not what may befall tomorrow but we know Who holds our hand. This is all by grace so far and in bold endurance of perseverance and my choice and my desire is: to run my spiritual race to the end of life in endurance with perseverance joyously, also bravely. Let Jesus the Living Hope, living Logos or Living Rema (they mean the same,) explain The Plan He's created, to myself, I'm in, reading Jeremiah 29:10,11 and the entire Bible! I'm committed to take the plunge in to buy the field belonging to Christ where His treasure is buried in and wait patiently occupying (Eklesia called by grace out of this world's thinking and essence, actively) to the end! He's the Living Word! But for the religious trappings of the so called experts of theology we worship free (with untold liberty,) so let's stay away from liberal cults completely for it's itching ears and bad for you and deceiving theology of the false light like that which poses an extreme problem to genuine faith with false teaching. The crux of the false is believing its about works and myself instead of about Jesus Christ, God, and His Deity and His Works and to be following HIM. We don't need to allow cults a minute of our time but to be a witness. Gnosis is having or claiming to have hidden knowledge. We let truth be truth. But knowing accursed is everyone proclaiming a false gospel we stop struggling to be good enough and let The Excitement of the Holy Spirit and Jesus take over and grace and peace following after the Holy Spirit to control us. Let's not become weary in well doing for we shall reap a harvest if we faint not. The Holy Spirit has the big picture or panorama photograph for us so let's take His Eternal panoramic view and call on God asking, seeking, and knocking for just necessary items in His grand design to produce the Gospel witnessing unto Him. Let's see spiritually clearly the Bigger Plan now not just in the future beyond now because for the present time we've made mental assent, we've made commitment, and to count the cost and to follow Christ all the way. This is Deitrick Bonhoffer. This is faith in Christ leading to trust in Him. We renounce the past. We're prepared to meet Him with immanence inside having open hearts to Him for Him to flood in us for to compassionately feed and care for the poor and infirm and walk with the burdens of everyone like the seven deacons-evangelists as they performed with tuna fish wedge sandwiches. We placed and positioned in The Kingdom of The Son are by translation, conveyed, transferred into it by Christ's winning at Calvary! We are purveyors of His joy! We should realize the benefits of redemption forgiveness, experience it, (and inside have an uplift up up and in as C. s. Lewis states.) It's the importance of the release of the Spirit as Watchman Nee has also said. God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or seek after by the (Dunamus) power or Energy (energizo) of Himself that works (ergon) within us Ephesians 3:20. Every soulful place our foot treads upon melding in abiding (menos) in Him we do efficaciously walk out in boldly rejoicing in Him knowing Who Christ Is! Christ is the I AM of every good and perfect gift even opportunity coming down from the Father of Lights with Whom there's no variableness nor shadow of turning! The past present and future we then trust with Him implicitly or explicitly saying, "If God wills." Situations testify soon greatly in Christ at the cross crucified, Risen, Coming Again to the God's Finished works by His Spirit. In the storms of life I'll prevail because with Him I can do all things through Christ even through great trials or thillipsis (Greek tight place of immobility, without Him seemingly so,) for He is for us for we're born again spending time with Him even in prison for the Gospel sake on His side then! I will answer my critics by II Kings 6:8-23 as Elisha said to The Lord, "open his eyes God," about his servant, in the war with marauding tribes against Israel. "Show my servant that MANY MORE are with us than with them." By grace through faith then I will follow our Lord to the end victorious even singing songs in Him in prison for Christ's sake to Him and not for my own faults. Two can put ten thousand to flight and one a thousand! The Kingdom of God and that of His Dear Son is just that, the Lordship of the Holy Spirit in and over every area of existence. Let's claim His Lordship and if you've never done so accept Him as Lord and Master and His Salvation for you in the Son's Name: When coming to God come through Jesus Christ. Come to the Father through the Son for now is the time to worship. Worship in spirit and truth. And pray.

The Scripture Portion: In scripture particularly there in a Book called Isaiah chapter 55 God gives us precious words and invites us to salvation re: to drink with Him by bonds of relationship and fellowship and as He wrote in verse one: "Ho, every one that thirsts, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.2 Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which satisfies not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good..

A Song With Great Lyrics
When God Ran by Benny Hester & John Parenti
Almighty God,
The Great I Am
Immoveable Rock,
Omnipotent powerful

Awesome Lord,
Victorious Warrior
Mighty Conqueror,
Commanding King of Kings
And the only time,
the only time I ever saw Him run
Was when

He ran to me,
Took me in His arms, held my head to His chest
And said "My son's come home again".
Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice
He said "Son, do you know I still love you?"

It caught me by surprise when God ran

The day I left Home,
I knew I'd broken His heart
I wondered if
Things would ever be the same,

Then one night,
I remembered His love for me
And down that dusty road, ahead I could see
It was the only time,
the only time I ever saw Him run

Was when He ran to me,
Took me in His arms, held my head to His chest
And said "My son's come home again".
Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice
He said "Son, do you know I still love you?"

It caught me by surprise, It dropped me to my knees When God ran
Holy God, Righteous One
Who turned my way
Now I know, You've been waiting
For this day

{Repeat chorus}

To recap:
The Good News of the Gospel is still the VERY best great good news: Jesus Christ has Died, was Buried, And Has Risen again Glorified, Justifying me from my sins for my justification unto Life! Many have seen Him alive! Above 500 people at some point! Have You re: Come To Him to receive? Not for the fishes and loaves alone? How Do You Like Your Salvation, and do you know you ARE, to know Heaven will be yours, to at last come to be Found By God, And (Introduced fully to the Recreating Rejuvenating RSVP that is Salvation or One Way Love: It's His Amazing Love and He Welcomes you and everyone from His Biblical Redemption Story to become An Intimate Friend Of God And Be Who God says you (already) are, a radical reborn new man or woman in Christ, and God's Adopted Child, a sinner, saved!

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