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Friday, July 06, 2012

Why Does Life Bring Many Questions?

Is Mother Nature the best answer to life's ambiguities? I think not because There is no end to the conflicts engendered by that evolutionist belief system! God in His Omnipotence Omnipresence, and Omniscience has revealed Himself in the Creation and the Bible. The Bible has been the most widely read Book for millennia! God tells us Who He is in the Bible and His plan for mankind how He wants to keep us if we want it back. When one man Adam fell by disobeying God's commands God Himself reached out by sending His only Beggoten Son becoming one of us and this Man obeyed where the first man fell. God Perfectly wants sons and daughters. Jesus Who is God the Son Died for us becoming sin for us so He as our 'sin-bearer and escape goat: both, Arose from the dead and is Lord over Death, hell, sin, and the grave! After three days He rose again! Forgiveness of sins is preached in His Name! Jesus wants us to spend Eternal time with Him and Heaven! follow God and Jesus! follow after the Holy Spirit! Salvation brings Eternal dividends, receipt for mercies not invoices for sins! Get saved today! It's by coming to God in Jesus weary, worn, and sad and aware of our neediness before God of the cross effects and accepting of Christ's Finished Work at Calvary. You can choose to believe He chose you! And continue!A Beautiful Body of Christ's Believers on Long Island--<--click a="a">

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