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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Train Station Blues!

How can I say thanks to God our Heavenly Father? I will Come to drink the cup of salvation and call upon the Name of the Lord! Eat, mungia, my Dad said to me growing. That feast we're going to at the Marriage Supper is going to be tops! Instead of a general announcement of an hour of the start of the great feast it is going to be, we hear a shout, "come, everything is ready!" walk right in and dine at the table!!!!! And yet there is room after seating those who are halt, lame, and blind! So go out to he hedges and highways and compel them to come in!!! There you will find the sinners who are prostitutes and pimps, addicts, and sodomites who need and appeal strongly that they stir their hunger for God! Come in! Be ready! Everything is prepared! Eat! Let's so be feeding those who do eat with God's serving until the master returns and don't get drunk or immoral in any sense! Jesus saves! Let's run to Him! Witness of Jesus' Finished Work on you! Dave C with the Holy Spirit's aid.
a five habits of a follower of Jesus video help. A beautiful family of God group of believers!
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