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Monday, May 07, 2012

The Bible Is The Best Textbook One Could Have.

In and within it, the Word of God we find, the very words of scripture are the inspired words of God and His Voice can be heard by earnestly reading it and hearing it read aloud with a mindset to do what it says and to Go God's Way! If you're desperate and when you find God He will let you if you believe what He wrote, that it was for you. Spiritually spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Hearing God's songs in Church or His Gospel put to music can help one make the decision to relate to God by a relationship of personally knowing Him admitting one is drifting and needy to have His love revealed inside in becoming born again. Aware one has sinned and stand before God unworthy they ask God to forgive them and spend time with Him in prayer and acknowledge what Christ's Work on the Cross did for them is valid. Choosing God's Standard among other people one learns the hesitating necessary to obey Christ and God Rather than go along with the status quo of the world. We take by faith a stand for Christ as God teaches us to refuse sin and sinful ways and choose Holiness as we learn we can't earn God's Love and that getting to Heaven someday is a Gift of God if we continue in the faith andn disciplIng unto Jesus Christ to live a holy life in Christ.
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