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Monday, March 26, 2012

What Does A Holy God Demand? A Holy Life In His Son!

JESUS LIVED, DIED, WAS BURIED, AND AROSE AGAIN! This is the Gospel: Meaning Good News! The Gospel: Coming To Christ. How Would You Like Or Feel Up To Being An Intimate Friend Of God And Live An Abundant Life In Christ From God Now In This Life In The Preparation For And Of Utopia/Paradise In Heaven? If so, do you know He loves you. Do you know what extent God went to show His love: this wonderful unconditional extravagant sacrificial love? Please read on. Do you believe He would like to find you (as He did Abraham, Moses, or the Apostle Paul) and give you such an abundant life now and in Heaven as they obtained? God is no respecter of persons. He rewards the individual. God wants our availability. He wants us in relationship With Him and attending Church (hint, here is mine: Bethel,) God gives us faith to believe which is a gift! Do you recognize He loves? YES, Oh How He loves greatly in this. Do you have an object of your faith? It matters because the object for God in Christ Jesus saving, Christ Himself makes peace and it is our faith's decision for God is the only choice for your object. There is no formula to get there. There are no glib phrases to repeat, but in Christ is the way! You can draw near to God. You are a sinner and you need to know the way and God loves you strong. For in His Presence yes there is fullness of joy pleasures at His right hand all in knowing God through Christ, which starts with forgiveness of sins from God and is so real in the results: Eternal life starts at the Cross. Living the Christian life is not in self-righteousness but in Him. Christ is our righteousness and we cry for our sins give Godly sorrow working repentance not be regretting. Self-glory as we put a part of self-effort to work to get to God aside in the Spirit through Christ. Christ came out of an empty Tomb to fill our empty hearts. Therefore, let us sit at His feet. Christ is the end or fulfillment of righteousness to all who believe rather than work for those who exert effort on their own for their righteousness are doomed. As you have received Christ Jesus Savior and Lord, so walk in Him. He is able to save and keep you warm, intact in very abundantly living in Him in His love to the end or the death you die. If the Rapture comes: you are living in relationship to God by faith through grace and can be caught up in ("rapizo" in org. Bible languages) to the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall you ever be with the Lord Jesus! Doesn't this sound like something you would like? Alternatively, learn to like? Love maybe? Read I Thessalonians 4:13-17 and I Corinthians 15:1-7ff. In context, "God be merciful to me a sinner," was said by a Tax-gatherer who was in a parable told by Jesus as one who humbles himself before God beating upon his breast. Jesus told this about people who think themselves righteous and show contempt for others. This parable shows humility before God by this publican who came home justified and exalted having humbled himself before God. In keeping with the line of reasoning I'm proposing that God is love and Jesus shows it: We all must bow down low before God and accept His way of Rescue from the sinfulness and insidious ness of sin in this world we have committed. Just by coming from Adam, we are responsible. For we all were in Adam when he fell. A testifying that Jesus Paid It All ->that the deliverance over sin Christ won to gain our salvation for us was complete and makes whole for us all; it follows...WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN! First Background: The Word of God says God created man in the image of God. That's the image that fell from grace and though Adam and Eve had a fall and that brought substantial crises to man and that this happened just as they disobeyed God's command to not eat the fruit God said no to eat as a direct command, man was still made in God's image and man made fig leaves to cover his/her skin but God made provisions without help from man for that redemption of the likeness of God to be returned. Even today in this very moment God loves to order your life anew and that likeness or image of God could be there for you & for me and I can see in my mind's eye in the unknown for me on my plate to believe the likeness aspects of design-architect of Father God our Creator in us in His natural creating acts and in the finished work on Calvary was as well all because of His love. Without regard for who we are and in His Amazing Unconditional love, His LOVE SHOWN US, and His long-hearted passion-shown in long suffering patience Sovereignty sacredly appointed was for us for a time particular of being saved in time because of grace of saving faith. My observation is based on what I and others have observed in intervention from Abba Daddy God in my life and that of others (redemption of that image of God man fell from,) and is for eternal express purposes and grace from God. These eternal purposes are worth every circumstance or suffering we experience being ordained of Him no matter how desperate in our path we squirm as we acknowledge Him in all our paths. And as we take the faith to be saved He will show up in His part on our way to being cradled into heaven by Him or ushered in by Him! God is Love! Do you know the word in scripture; "Christian" is only mentioned two times but the word, "disciple" over 350 times? He does not come in the front door and thus to go leave out the back door. He came to stay when we see our need as sinners and warmly invite Christ inside! He came in greatness to show to us His faithfulness. That is in Exodus and I believe everywhere else… Another Prophet like Moses was Prophesied to come and is Jesus. Israel believed in the future that he would come as Messiah! Jesus was called, "the friend of sinners," "a glutton, and winebibber," because He knew the work of God and loved them (infamous sinners) but did not engage in their sinful practices. Jesus pleased God very much not only obeyed Him and so much so He was declared to be very God by men and by angels. Not for anything He did so to speak but for whom He was, He pleased God. Believed on in the world, He could see in every man there's a HURTING--- HE ONLY COULD KNOW AND HE ONLY SAVE, pouring healing in, exactly where the human condition 'needed' (for) salvation intimacy with God and men for this to happen He being God Incarnate and with His Holy Nature on He came for man's benefit and gave up His godly prerogatives to do His own things. He is either Lord, liar, or lunatic if you read the Gospels as clearly as I did and we do. You have to decide. It is right to believe which one? He is Lord! Because He even said, "If you can't believe what I say, believe on the basis of the very works sake." In addition, what lovely works! He never spoke out against anybody & never did harm to anybody in any written recording of the Gospels. He was as gentle as meek Moses and more (as a Son, Hebrews says) but He entrusted mightily His life to God in obedience to pleasing (not just rote obeying,) but by God's grace obeyed the Father, and lived in a 'GODLY PLEASING WAY TO GOD,' when it conflicted as many a time it did: re: God's plan with man's. Jesus also said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me." This He said speaking of His Death on Calvary and Risen Life after. He also said, "The Kingdom of God is come near, therefore, repent, change your mind and your attitude." He predicted His Death and when it would happen. He came a Preacher of relationship to God as Father. He called God His Father and accepted worship having made Him equal with God Divine, and in kenosis, the self-emptying. He defined the way to God with exactness. His act of laying His life down in Crucifixion Death is the demonstration of God's love, which I will explain. So it seems that dream aspects of our humanity 'Utopia or Shangri-la' or Heaven we dream of, concerning the next life & its destination, theoretically (from one generation to the next) come from God and are in the offering if we're believing God through the Son Christ Jesus. You see God wants us for His own. He wants us to talk to Him & really talk to Him and listen! As for born again saved redeemed renewed individuals, we are made in the image of God, or else we are unsaved humans in the flesh, existing in doubt and offense on our unfortified way to hell. Jesus does the saving and conviction from the Holy Spirit follows. Existing in an angry building up of sinful nature tyranny and the uncanny sinful tyranny of lower nature of within oneself barred from being the 'in' crowd if we are in the Adamic flesh of the old sin nature by result we fail. Jesus makes the difference in a life bound for heartache and defeat. He came to save the lost in sin, ruination, the sinful, bruised, battered, broken, and shattered. Does that include you? Like Paul before Felix, do you find yourself almost persuaded to become a Christian? Jesus did His Father's business always and ALWAYS pleased the Father by what He said or did and was never unnecessarily angry or fearful nor any stepping out of bounds or sin making so the Honor went to Him the perfect sacrifice Lamb for sin. If it was right, Jesus did it. However, acting way good was very cool for Him. HE SPOKE IN ELOQUENCE AND VERY WELL IN FACT AND ACTED KINDLY TO PEOPLE HE TOUCHED AND HE HEALED DIVERSE DISEASES FREELY AND IMMEDIATELY INSTANTLY WITH ALL KINDS OF HEALINGS AND DIVINE INTERVENTION MIRACLES THEY OCCURED. He spoke in a different way to the Pharisees who thought themselves good enough and who despised God's way and other people, really Pharisee, Sadducees, teachers of the law, and scribes that kept the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law. Jesus healed across racial lines, from a distance, and by various means and by spoken word all who came to Him. Even the storm had to be quiet when He spoke to it. He touched the sick and the world could not contain the books that could be written concerning what He said and did this Jesus the Mighty Healer the Great Physician of Galilee. "However, these are written that you might believe Jesus is the Christ and that by believing you Might have life in His Name!" This is actual words from John's Gospel! One's conscience then in hearing the still small voice of God and in the Word, the plan of God purposed by Himself in the revelation and receiving of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ reveals God's Will: His blueprint plans, can turn up the heat on your own lifestyle OR bring His Victory if your 'in Christ.' These are two sides of a street. There is freedom then in knowing the cross and Finished Work God performed through Christ and the salvation for sure in certainty of His Character knowing His Holiness & Righteousness exists/Is His Nature of Character, is Perfection (until you bear fruit for instance.) This belief in God through Christ Who is the Personal Being Who loves us everlastingly and unconditionally embraces us in the New Covenant by grace which is unmerited favor from Himself & He also wants to get involved in us particularly and in our personality to get His hands and fingers in our lives through faith and in the Spirit working. We are His hands and feet. He has with indiscriminate and extravagant sacrificial unconditional STRONG EMBRACING LOVE for us saved us for we are told about this in the Bible: given us forgiveness of sins & deliverance as benefactors. God's love is unconditionally applied to us all but we are accountable individually to accept it. You will see God provided salvation through His Son's Sacrifice Death which is objective in that Jesus died for everybody: to be subjectively applied to each individual by faith which is important for one to live born twice 'in His Strength', in His Will and Way, in His Spirit, and the listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. He is both Provider and Provision! You have believed certain things if you desire or have this subjective application of salvation to yourself according to His Word primarily in Christ and on Christ. Following this way of God through Christ we find the plan of God in that there is peace with God in every situation and trial you find yourself in after salvation in being justified in the Spirit by Him, and sealed, spiritually complete and saved and on the road of righteousness through Christ. If you're saved spiritual things are spiritually discerned abiding in the Son Christ Jesus, and spiritual laws, like laws of viscosity and momentum in science are either observed in a laboratory of life or learned about as an education from textbooks of the influence of the Bible in history of human affairs. (For there are three kinds of men according to Will Rogers that great American: The ones that learn by reading? The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for them.) We need to know God and everywhere serve Him in Christ and that means everywhere make Him Lord, and see God in the face of Jesus if we are born of the Spirit. Knowing becomes sitting, walking, and standing. For instance in our discerning, the spiritual law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death is an air foil to lift us up from sin for its a law of spiritual obedience for the saved in Christ. Vices or addictions like sins of the spirit or flesh we receive deliverance from and are not the narrow way and straight gate of scripture. This is objective truth God wants to help us sift through. The Bible says: People tend to want to run the gamut of sinful addictive habits by getting drunk or high and away from God in his/her conscience. Condemnation which would erroneously tell them its ok, is followed by conviction rather which would lean us toward God's spiritual answer, salvation of soul and spirit which is right. Listen you are somebody because God do not make no junk. God is not angry with ya because of the Cross-. He loves you and has forgiven you. Jesus dying on the Cross is a proclamation God allows us say to you. God's way out or a spiritual salvation in the Spirit is we have a sinful nature that sins of tendency and that must be forever dealt with by nailing it to the cross of Christ. Every soul of everybody is eternal and will find a home in either of two places. We are talking nails here as in gain salvation for yourself before it is too late. We know God's command to never sin as unsaved individuals as far back as Adam and Eve. But. To look upon evil because the Ten Commandments looks grim is all wecan do because it's our lower nature to disobey and to rebel without this Person of God's Choosing, Jesus Christ at the helm. This is no excuse because all this is tied to the will. God looks down upon the bunch of critters we are and He sees us in our need in Adam and our messes but doesn't like us to harm ourselves which sin does (Greek word for sin is harm-atia, ie. sin harms.) Because of sins and sinning, we have stopped short of His glory but sometimes-bad things happen also because we live in a fallen world. We have broken His Laws and come short. We have trespassed His glorious message. Have you confessed this of yourself to God alone? He says, "If we have sinned or failed at trying one law we've failed at trying them all," see James 2:10. At times yes we stop ourselves in our tracks: re: become convinced of this breaking of God's heart by us and begin a personal relationship and working winning dialog with our Creator His way. Only God can save a lost soul but He indeed then does that supernaturally and so to make him/her a sinner clean and white, in fact as white as snow or wool inside who is a sinner admitting he/she sins before Him if we come to Him by His way once and for all through His Son. This means we get justification, just as if we never sinned! to get saved, to embrace Christ's salvation for you and He taking away your sins and you stand in right standing forgiven and become saints who follow Christ thereafter by faith through grace in prayer and being in the Word becoming a disciple of Jesus’ in lifestyle by faith in the Spirit. Imagine going through your whole life living it in follow through enduring to its fullest animated completely by God Himself through Christ the Son as a disciple or follower of Christ? It's not a surreal dream but reality, being not in the world but "in the Spirit," all things of God new in new wineskins, new creations, renewed, saved, & "in a new birth." After salvation we put on the New Self which is created in true Holiness and Righteousness which is Christ Himself which is not a step for there are no steps to sanctification. This is being made holy which Christ does alone for you. Born again you deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him. And follow through that is do what He says. We can be a new creation outside as well within as the Bible puts it in II Corinthians 5:17. It starts at God's altar you make in your heart in prayer at God's Heaven's seat of mercy! Will you realize that in God’s sight a transaction takes place? You in a sense trade your bologna sandwiches for God's Lobster! We can exercise obedience to the Son then in the Kingdom of God (to Christ Jesus, His Gift, in His Risenness, raised to newness of life, seated in the heavenlies, a disciple) in the Spirit: re: Belong to Him! By the Holy Spirit's work, we CAN BE THIS, for He changes us by transforming our lives as in a mirror to be in the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ in the Word. We go from faith to faith. He who has the Son has life! If you do not have the Son in you, there is no life spiritually in you. Stern warnings about missing out on the love of God in the Word are there without Him. Hell indeed is awaiting one is such a state of affairs. Will you accept His Gift? Eternal Life? Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way to life and few find it. Horizontally human loving people take the ladder vertically up to Heaven to God's love being right! Jesus DID have that perspective living pleasing to the Father in His love and in Jesus’ example He was a teacher but died to save firstly re us. Christ gave gifts to men. He lived far away from the edge of or near to any sinning. He took captivity captive. He arose up early in the day to pray to His Father and depended fully on Him. God was using unconditional love in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself in Calvary's Consummation: for He died on the cross FOR YOU, you a broken clay pot (a High price to pay) & God sought a way within His own Laws of Mercy & Justice providing Mercy drops around us are falling to save you in the Son's obedience and Death. Freedom is never free nor is it cheap. However, slavery is a high price to pay if not intervened for. Showers of blessing there are for God is so not against us or nor from a distance from us BUT calling us near through salvation and sin has made a chasm. When one is subsequently saved sins are taken away gone! Forgiven! There is a sea of forgetfulness in God's eye and He posts a no fishing sign. We make a change of mind and attitude about sin and an about face when coming to Jesus Christ for Jesus changes our mind too for that to be possible for us (to be near to God also) & for us to be able to feel loved by God fully and obey. Jesus is all we will ever learn about God for He consumes everything we will ever be apart from Him by a fire of baptism from Himself He alone showing us an exact representation of God (see Hebrews 12; 1:3.) He comes to us with our open arms, hearts, minds, and lives, this Treasure from God we have in earthen vessels. We turn & repent and Surrender actually feel changes when we feel this His love happen in us. In addition, you will BE a believer, experience God’s love first for the first time, and come into His atmosphere. You get love, peace, and joy! We come as we are in this belief in God in the unseen, or participation in His plan and transformation is God's intention and purpose and He does save when we take this all by faith making us complete and whole in Him. We receive forgiveness of sins. We are receptive to the Word like trusting children. If God said that settles it. God dealt with the sin issue on the Cross-. He overcame sin, death, hell, and the grave through the physical life of Jesus curing our illnesses and diseases His obeying God on earth even to a Death on the Cross. When He died our lives were exchanged for His Perfect Sinless Death and Life. In addition, in dying, we were in His Death. We coming to Him unable to save ourselves or lift us up by our bootstraps but as born again Christians now can live a raised up to newness of life spiritual seating with Him in the Heavenlies in a fruit bearing Kingdom of God 'fruitful-within' life and get heaven too potentially, by enduring with patience to the end, nourishing spiritual food, spiritual exercise, and daily foot-cleansing from Jesus Christ. As the saved we're living by the Holy Spirit from the tree of life (Jesus Christ) not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (or i.e. from man's failure to obey) in the Garden of Eden. Instead of fleshly, we gain deliverance over sin & those obstacles, which are the world, flesh, and the devil and finally as He saved us. You ask for this. You need grace from God to stay renewed in mind and spirit in the Word of God having made mental assent, commitment to, and follow through accepting Jesus Christ for yourself trusting, & to not think like the unsaved nor have the problems the unsaved have Romans 12:2. "Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you might prove what is that good, perfect, and acceptable Will Of God," the verse goes. Christ cleans His fish and builds His Church. We present our bodies to God in 12:1. That I may know Him in the Power of His Resurrection and fellowship with His sufferings within that, that He and I may have fellowship near. This is a worthy goal to pursue. It is like having a sumptuous meal with Him, (have koinonia,) this walk with God in depth, a daily discipleship way in Christ and in my heart to relish Him is the Great Good News. My heart knows no bounds, my joy unrestrained and because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Before being saved God calls and it has been known in nature by something called General Revelation to know Him in nature for salvation but to talk to Him a sinner only. However, if we look back at our past honestly, God was preparing for our salvation. Love from Him requited by us now was initially requesting possession of us from God's love letter the Bible & its being revealed in us through Special Revelation through our conscience now to submit to Him. Today (for today is the day of salvation the Word says) we can see we need Him, we need salvation and spiritual hunger is there from Him. We need to look into the face of our Father. Scripture says of the New Birth, "I will put my laws into their hearts and on their minds I will write them." In our mind, and spirit we are renewed daily, fed, and nourished to be equipped for service. For what of three years of someone named Jesus whose life over two thousand years ago could have been preserved so well and been an influence! Imitating God in a grace walk of faith with Christ daily in grace/favor unearned and ultimately in Heaven going there from His doing from start to finish born of God born of the Spirit we worship in spirit and in truth… We're enlightened and illuminated about this in the Bible: unveiled to our heart and mind if we read it in the New Covenant Gospels, Acts, and Epistles and believe the Gospel for ourselves Jesus Christ has finished the work forever and live like it is! God created us and He claims complete ownership of our being as Creator Redeemer Designer. "If we lived like this Book is real for one week, men would repent in ways we don't know about.” was a quote by a historical figure John Wesley. The Steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. We experience it in kindnesses and mercy daily and moment-by-moment. I pray you find the Lord Jesus Christ in contentment as Your Master & Savior Lord of you & He becomes in your personality and life Savior & Lord from sins and sin. You can do so by God's grace become the Friend of God, of His Family, a part, a member, and be accountable individually as stewards. It is all in Jesus. Jesus Alone. Believe on Him and abide. A son abides forever but a slave does not! It means God casts off your captivity and/or buys you with a Ransom off sin, for you a slave of sin before then sets you free now. The real freedom is freedom from sin, which Christ does for you. Freedom is never free nor is it cheap. Again, I say God allowed His Only Begotten Son to pay a very high price for your salvation. Realize, "The greatest deception of the devil is tried to make us deny he exists." In addition, he does tempt us with his minions at deceiving schemes, which the whole world lives under. Nazi Germany teaches us that. There is a quote, "in living the right, one sometimes doesn't do the privilege right thing the right way." Chesterton said, "The path of least resistance in rivers and men makes both crooked." "The soul that sins shall die and the soul that sins then is a slave to sin the Bible says in two places John 8:34 & Ezekiel. We need God first in every way, first for us to say thank you to, getting saved, worship and praise for every provision of Calvary to be revealed in us and to us, rejoiced in, and confess to Him that we're sinners who've disobeyed His Laws before Him in His sight and are sinners who then need Him to become saints at the cross by prayer and faith and continuing belief. Jesus makes you one saint. We need to obey the Holy Spirit's leading for our life's direction by grace & to ask questions and dialog with God daily in a God consciousness not sin consciousness in the light of finding forgiveness to be reality freely given within in Him then on. Following in Christ in the Spirit God's ways we're sanctified by Him and daily confirmed with a highpoint connection to God Where we stay attached high daily through "uprights" of goalpost (football kicked) with great confidence through the Spirit in receiving from Him. We live for the goal unto Him nigh of His grace which allows us to live lives pleasing to Him knowing that we're accepted in His Beloved by His Blood and that without Him we can do nothing, and we do nothing until we know this is true and follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth through faith by grace "practically", a disciple, redeemed from sin. Christ is our all in all. It takes a moment to be saved and a lifetime to stay saved. This is principally because of the sin principle and sin nature. God in His mercy makes us 'alive.' We are made alive from the dead while in the body. This is the new birth. Reckon yourselves dead to sin and alive to God. Salvation is entirely by faith by grace in God's sight in the Spirit from Him brought to Spirit-led living fruition in spiritual DNA in new motives God gives based on the finished work of Christ from which He draws us, & is evidenced by faith from start to finish. Making Jesus Lord is a part of being in the Spirit then. God raises us up to walk on top of mountains then. He is the Savior. He is Lord of the valleys as well. The Certificate of debt is and was destroyed which was against us Col 2:13, 14. Our faith is in God for a believing belief that "it is finished" the war is over with people, in the battle, the battle belongs to the Lord. God calls us His Workmanship, His Poem, His Field, & His Building. God calls sin finished with, in turning to Him and death dominated. Death is the result of sins (Romans 6:23.) "You are so beautiful," as Joe Cocker so creatively sings and others, while we are indeed re-created in Christ Jesus for good works which we're foreordained to accomplish Eph. 2:10. Our part is to deny self, take up our cross and follow our Lord Jesus. There are no such worries nor fear nor anxiety in the atonement really one needs a pair of sunglasses to see, it is so very good & so rejoices in salvation. Phil. 4:6, 7, 8. However, there are hard sayings of Jesus. We endure as good soldiers then in submission to Christ. WE FIND SO MUCH IF WE'RE BELIEVING BY FAITH IN VIRTUES GOODNESS BY GRACE BUT UNWORTHY BUT SAVED BY FAITH, THAT GOD IS FOR US Rom. 8:30,31. He will begin to process the fruit of a Christian life in and through us in the Spirit. That is a hallelujah not a sigh. PTL. Moreover, you are sealed 'in Christ' like eternally secure saved so that you will identify life in God by this new identifying with Jesus Christ because it is in Him. You stay 'in Christ' like you're in a cup. You are in a war with the world, the flesh, and the devil, which Christ won for you. We are walking out that victory as believers. We are in trench warfare as Christians: believing to see Jesus go before us in the Spirit everywhere, for the Presence of God goes before us everywhere in every situation and we are victorious everywhere in Christ by faith over everything. This is the message of the Gospel. In Heaven, there is no more trace ever of evil or sin in the Presence of God in Heaven for us. We will certainly have new bodies then that are sinless in the Spirit. We are awed by God's wonderful Power now. As a good Father and Farmer winnows away bad wheat with His winnowing fork in His Hand so does our Heavenly Father God love us greatly in trials of all kinds even to have our lives being used and cleansed heatedly to be clay pots with His Treasure about us do His bidding. God once saved can use you. He does not tempt anyone at all but does intervene in an organically curative role miraculously as well as in the world. God helps others become born again, through Holy Spirit is persuading of them or of our own selves to be saved in His Persuasion. We come in faith to Jesus for a Divine Blood Transfusion: it's a curative and corrective Gospel by the Great Physician, (how He God is merciful at the cross in which God is pouring out His redeeming reconciliation on His Son & us if…)I plead with you to be saved. II Corinthians 5:19-21. Will you come to God 'Just as I Am?' the song goes? God chose this accepting of Jesus Christ as the way to confound the wise, the worldly wise, the disputer of this world, the ignoble & foolish who turn, & are born again: this is God's way to be saved in accepting the Son's obedience applied to your heart in His Death/Resurrection the ultimate reach of God providing Sacrifice for your sin. They go on to live lives of faith obedience to the Holy Spirit's ways being followers of Christ right by grace. They live it one day at a time as a grace walk and love walk. (As also, they came to Christ, so they abide and stay with Him, and walk in Him Col. 2:6; John 15; I John 2.) We're laying up treasure in heaven growing in grace in Christ with God's Kingdom inside with a quality of love so astounding we think majestically, we occupy (actively be ready) for Christ's return, and are being desirous to be like Christ, as impossible as it sounds as He lived His life until He comes back (which is a discipleship challenge.) It is through the Holy Spirit's work this occurs though in an outlived walk step by step and it is by faith through grace, not of you, not of works lest any man should boast. We are not religious; we maintain a relationship with the Lord! Truly we 'love God' with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength in three commands in one, namely the afore and "love your neighbor" "as yourself," which is the summing up of all the Old Covenant Laws. Rejoice. Pray and ask God for salvation if you have not already. You are God's masterpiece then redeemed. Insurance is the best. It is also an abundant life we exchange for His life within outwardly expressed as well! After salvation or becoming saved YOU are then being a thank you epistle to God (letter is an epistle in Greek,) written by the Holy Spirit of God within and without with the laws of God in the Spirit and with the Name of God. With everything within, we follow Christ disciples saved in the ways of the Spirit through Christ the Risen One. It is by grace from start to finish this abundant life sparked in the Spirit in and through Christ to Eternal Life, which starts now. Dave Candel l Remember we take the faith to believe and accept it for ourselves. That 'if' becomes the condition on the salvation and the Bible wishes of the promises of God He requires simply and mainly our participation accountable to be. In that way He's JUST while giving away mercy, full and free for work is work as Romans says, and grace is grace but mercy is not just justice only from faith to faith and glory to glory but a special dispensation to live life in the now and sow seed for eternal habitations in mercy. Mt. 6:33. For it's a transformed Wave a becoming NEW life we live in Christ not a reformed one. God promises to bring it to pass and finish what He started in you New Creation Phil 1:6; Gal 6:9ff. Go For Gusto with God in His Love! I John 3:1.
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