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Thursday, March 15, 2012


ASK SEEK KNOCK said... So excellent Steve at ! May I ask then what is the why, why do we sin? There are lists: Galations 5:20,21 is one, and Matthew 5-7, and II Timothy 3:1-10 are more..I believe there can be super linedrawn many lists of supposed sins of iniquity and transgression drawn from scripture in the New Tesatament to warn. We don't draw the line unless we accept the sinner first. Amen? Even so God judges after looking upon the heart. I agree with your blog we can omit doing right things and be wrong too but we have obviously to nail what is sin (guidelines unless the Spirit is telling you specific, right?please) to the cross, lest it become in ignorance our faults are an offense (or is it blatant sin (anger, bitterness, unforgiveness?) constantly looking for loopholes? I believe we should look in the mirror if this fits you or I or us as believers and stop this attitude,) of one upsmanship while we are attempting to walk and run the grace walk. Agree with that? Number one Paul in the Jerusalem Council said to avoid four things, "idol meat," "blood from things sacrificed," "strangled animals offered in sacrifice," and "sexual immorality." This leaves right living without any questions do you agree? My point is therefore self-explanatory but it should be out in the open forum here the warnings (Rom 6:1-4 is perfect synopsis of that as you did) to avoid The appearance of evil and to be fore-warned is fore-armed (Ephesians 6 about armor.) Is there a place far from sin at rest inside and in the Presence of the Lord fully alive (Zoe, God's brand of life) and that the Holy Spirit leads us back to it if we're not consistent in the living grace walk? Yes I believe there is! Thank God we do not have to motion the motions of sins that grace may abound nor anxiously live like to sin is any sort or psyched in, obsessive compulsion apart! I believe in Father's lap and living there like a weaned child in His arms!! We can do what we want! But if there is no free will and no rebelling we will want His Will and it will be our desire to be passionate & determined to live life to its fullest! Outwardly we will be others-minded in our adjustments and lovers of God not men-pleasers but God-pleasers! Christ will be our spiritual hunger from Sovereign God in reality! A hunger and thirst for God and His righteousness! Don't draw any line until the Spirit speaks and be God's agents of mercy, messengers, Ambassadors!
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