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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Jesus is the Son of God and came from Heaven to earth special delivery to develop our character and to see us through to refined gold assuming we've been born again. He fulfilled over three hundred prophecies about Messiah being born in a manger in Bethlehem and by the authority with which He spoke and acted, declared God Himself. Religion is man's attempts to get to God. Jesus is God reaching down to man in love in a love-Covenant relationship. God had a Covenant with Adam, Seth, Noah, Enoch, of Conscience and by Abraham Covenant God related to and unified man with Himself through faith and grace, a sacrifice of blood He Himself would provide and through our consecration (in shadow, we a reflection of His work.) God was needed to save us because we needed saving. We couldn't escape death nor the consequences of sin. Christ is the Savior of the world from sin. He Himself lived a reverential life to God when He walked here 2000 years ago in obedience. He lived until to an age 30 when He started to minister under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. He came to send us an anointing too for us to be IN HIM and Christ-like. For three and a half years He walked the earth in serving up ministry from God's heart to us. The Four New Testament Gospels give a precise accurate description of His Life and Healing Deliverance Ministry & Purpose, to forgive us all our sins, that to believe Him in the heart confess Him with the mouth and to love not our life to the death, (further commanded in the Book, Revelation,) is the only way to Heaven, and by and through Him to enter His Kingdom is paramount He being the King. To follow Him as our all in all is everything then on. "God wants to give you an extraordinary life in the realm of influence He's called you to. He will do this by His grace" (John Bevere writes.) He's called you to change and to Himself. God doesn't want anyone lost in other words or 'left behind.' Soon there may be no delay by God in being longsuffering toward us.
Salvation brings love, joy, and peace. To be saved, and Jesus Himself said the way is narrow and difficult to Life and the way to destruction is broad and its gate wide and many go (to their consequences thereat) and perish. And so we need a faith in God, a belief of faith in Him that grows (into born of God life: zoe in Greek,) believing He is a personal God concerned with all our struggles. Your trouble can be the fertile ground for God performing saving you. Jesus spoke about hell as a place to shun and the Apostle Paul also (perdition) but Christ spoke more about hell than anyone in scripture, family. A God Who lets sinful people have their own way for very long wouldn't be just nor would He be very loving to the victims of transgressors. Sin is lawlessness and transgression of the Law of God which Law was given to us through Moses by God and through angels: this results in death to those under the Law to show us that we fail God as well as God's Holiness and Love by misdirecting an inner voice, namely the Holy Spirit's voice which can be convicting or commending. You can be instead in God Family where Christ is the Fulfillment of the Law within each of us lived Romans 8:3. Anti-nomialism is anything goes and every situation, relative to the one next, with no absolutes that is "being antinomial" lawless in behavioral attitude and action. By this we grieve God who gives the Holy Spirit.
We see by these many infallible proofs many laws that God puts out there we fail to obey within the Law (of God through Moses) & in this, to show us a limit on personal avenging of a victim to his/her aggressor. God in Christ is saying in essence we need a Savior to save us from our sinful passions for in many ways we have gone way over the edge in sin before God. If we have ever lied we have sinned before God and if we have ever stolen we have sinned also. Lusted? You did fail. Scripture says, "miss the Mark in one of them (any one law in the Law,) and you've missed (or failed) every one of them," (James 2:10.)
Thoughts of love turned to lust? to hate? to murder in the heart? We deserved hell justly for these because God's Law judges such attitude/behavior (See Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5,6,7.) For Heaven/Paradise God created creation to spend eternity and to live there requires perfection indeed. Otherwise as soon as one of us showed up there,
Paradise would be no longer Paradise. Jesus went to the Father to show opened up is Paradise and Heaven and He succeeded! He won the Title Deed to it all: He can open up the Seal to the sealed sevenfold-sealed scroll (see Rev.) All others (in other words, who sin) are liars and thieves, "trying to climb up some other way," scripture declares,... "into the sheepfold." "My sheep hear My Voice," Jesus said, "and a stranger they will not follow," John 10.
In mercy God Himself provided the way to Himself and Eternity in that we could not bridge when He sent Himself in the form of Jesus Christ as Savior: Christ lived a pleasing life to God before God pleasing of His Ten Commandments (and the 613 laws) here on earth obedient to death even a cross death which was vindication and which so many villify to their own swift destruction. In victory (His) of that way He lived and died and rose again so we could accept it: "it is Finished" by the Son and so somehow to reach to the resurrection from the dead (meaning Heaven.) This Paul said in the Epistle to the Philipians would take place at the Rapture or when we die. This is the first resurrection. He died in weakness it seemed to some, a crucifixion (II Corinthians 13:4,) but that was Friday... Sunday's a Coming! and on Sunday.. He Arose from death and lives by the Power of God in victorious fashion! That Resurrection has been and is victorious and it's the most documented fact of history! His-Story. He brought tithes and offering to God which was His Blood to the Throne where God dwelt. Access is now here. He had gone to the cross to suffer God's wrath in an eternity in those six hours on the cross. He suffered our punishment of hell full blown: the eternity of eternities of time there for six hours on the cross beseiged by God's Wrath and Won: came out the other side Whole and intact. It took an Eternal Being to save us Eternally. He became sin and had the full blown strength of God's Judgment, of Punishment, and Wrath poured out upon Himself and His own Blood justified Him without the smell of smoke! Now we can go free. Can you not see the Majesty or Magnificance? And so respond in kindness to God to that in one act one time once for all Eternity and in that I/you can be saved? You can have faith to be healed and saved. You can be assured if you do: A certain salvation.
For instance Moses was given a pattern in the Sinai desert as to how God would provide for them in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night and by way of the Ark of His Presence that led everywhere they went which had a Mercy Seat on it, of Accacia wood by cherebim and (of beaten gold,) and seraphim on top where God dwelt back in the Old Testament. This artifact later became the Temple: Holy of Holies containing the Ark and then Christ Himself on earth, the very Presence of God, and now Christ is within each believer, by the Holy Spirit we're masterpieces who're given by God life and ministry to each of us! But you have to be IN Christ to win Eternal Life. You have to be identified with Christ. In other words, His Presence in you in salvation and outside you has to be applied to your life and it's all a Gift by grace to those that obey by faith through grace (in Greek, Chiro.) In fact the obedience of faith Paul spoke of in Romans chapter one is to endure to the end. Jesus lived that perfect life perfectly. "I am the way the truth and the life, no man gets to the Father but by Me," Jesus Christ said (John 14:6.) We need to be born of God or born from above, born again Jesus taught (John 3:3,5)! We come to Christ admitting we're sinners and have fallen short of God's glory (and that's in Romans 3:23 to do.) Romans three verse ten says, "There is none righteous, no not one." We fall short of God's glory but fall on the mercy of God and kindness and accept Christ as our Lord and Savior humbly in a bow of the knee before Him. Paul said He bowed before God and so should we.
Be following Christ all the days of our life & we will assuredly for certain build a sure foundation against the storms to come established on the Laws and Promises of God as a result, and will have committed everything to Him in an inheritance we pick up progressively along the way, prepared for us 'rooted' in God. Jesus is the only way to God. Salvation is of the Lord. God can put us in the eye of the storm in peace in Him. NO other name under Heaven given among men is needed to be saved Acts 4:12. His Name is Jesus. It is my desire that you will pray fervently earnestly and in prayer unceasing determine to know God rightly to the point that God knows you through Christ and determine to walk towards Him: sincerely ask God to be saved through Christ's Blood and be committed to live for Christ so you can be ready should He call you home to Heaven (Philippians 3:20-21.) Read all the Bible and find Jesus Christ, the Living Word, your salvation. It's for everyone! It's a new spiritual life. It's not religious action of the type of fig leaves nor ecclesiasticalness. You're not turning over a new leaf in getting saved but turning to the Lord. It's not of works nor by oneself but of and by grace through faith. We don't do good works to be saved but we do good works because we're saved. I was at an age of four when I understood this plan of God's and asked Him in to be my Savior from sin (it's not reformation but transformation.) It's made by God so a child can understand the Gospel message and thus be saved. It has never been a better fuller life since then for me but an Abundant Life in Him. And I have never regretted a moment of it! Dave Candel
Bethel Assembly Of God Church
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