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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Broken And A Contrite Heart God Will Not Despise

I believe in a literal hell and like C.S. Lewis wrote in The Great Divorce it is a place of torment, of one's will turning in on oneself so that the end result of our lusts, greeds, and hate is a place of sulfur fire torment because we hypothetically left our love for Jesus and did our own thing. God's love will not change but like the Holiest Of All, the Naos of God's Presence, we didn't acknowledge nor reverence God's Holiness, so that fire we thought was helpful and clung to was instead destructive and ends in weeping and gnashing of teeth there. His love will go on loving but it didn't change us or more accurately we didn't change on it and though love continues...another story takes place in hell where we will see none of it because we didn't honor God or His love or loves way in His Son's portrait. Hell we get instead will not be for anything seriously wrong we did (not much bad we did, perhaps) but all we did not do because we did not get saved in our earthly life or born again; but our wills without God's blessing as a result will happen Eternally for He can't be with us in that we rejected His plan. This is a hypothetical of course, but many have come back from being dead for an hour or more and say the same thing. His love continues in warmness in His Presence or Heaven for godly believers in Christ and this only by God's grace et al; but for the fearful, unbelieving, immoral, thieves, liars, those who neglected to make it right with God with the Savior inside and through them and failed to continue in the truth: sulphur fire in the fire lake in unending torment forever and ever is their portion. God wants us to develop a relationship with Him through the Son, and hold no riches. Any Biblical errors or
inaccuracies I've told? Please let me know. DC
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