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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

When I surrendered onto the Life-preserver of the Gospel Ship of which Christ was my Captain even of Salvation as a sinner saved or slave to Christ at an Altar in church and made Him Lord I knew it would not be an easy way. The way of the Cross never is. Self has to be defeated until revived life and consciousness is all His: He's Lord. The path of God's forgiveness is inside precious in the timetable of life and it's effect is strewn with casualties of invisible war as well that are shipwreck but then also there are those overcomers (hupernikao Greek for more than conquerors: overcomers Romans 8:37) in our Lord's army, disciples. These are folk who are alive to God through New Testament Promises in their consciences those with stable backbone, rescued by our Lord, Born Again, who want to see Eternity in their mortal living constantly consistently. They do battle on their knees fight the good fight to see loved ones enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It would not cease to solve every one of my problems I knew when I came to Christ much earlier as a child of four. But safely by His grace I knelt and knew inside I would lay low the enemy of my soul if I became a Blood Washed Born Again Child Of God Christian testifying witness to Him through His lentil and door posts crossed by my Saviors Blood through mercy to myself, Salvation.
My godly parents gave me a great head start in life as dynamic examples of heritage in legacy passing on what it means to be a Born Again Christian living Holy for Christ's Coming. I made the decision to confess I'm a sinner as than I a child in my Mom's Toddler class at Church. My public personal life in school until college was kept social by mechanical structure and nurture coming at me to discipline me. I even had a Mechanical Drawing class for six years with a gentlemanly Luthren professor. It was through tight places of thilipses as is the Greek word for that convex condition we all find ourselves in at times of troubles and difficulties in getting past a point and through that vertex of struggle tunneling through He gave me a spirit of victory from Jesus my Savior that Great Shepherd of the Sheep in overcoming sin and difficult circumstances honoring Christ and God in all things about which the world at the time which consisted of fellow students unsaved associates at public school could observe in, about me.
But God's Spirit inside prevailing dwelling in me and living through me enables my life in our Lord planting in me His seed of the Word of God. Just abiding in Him, Jesus Christ, is the Source and means to grow.
The Lord is the reality to be laid hold of (paralambano in Greek) Who is that great object to our faith Who is involved deeply in the struggle to live after the Spirit successful even by our God Adonai. The struggle was just the irritation in the oyster of my life to help The Pearl Of Great Price, Christ grow within me large in my heart. Any success whether outwardly, inwardly, or occupationally has been and will be obedience and to the glory of our LORD. Amen.

I found a pearl, it was too big to carry,

Why do I feel I shouldn’t tarry?

Too soon I did bring some friends to see,

To them the pearl - just a silly mystery.

I should have dug deeper all around its sides,

For they couldn’t see the beauty in its disguise.

So vast is the meadow to get to it,

But I found a shortcut and long do I sit.

We talk there a lot, as I dig in the sand

It will forever be too large for my hand.

But oh what it does to my heart and soul,

Working at the dirt on my own with the Lord.

When after a season tears of toiling and deep pain,

My pearl more visible, Jesus says its spiritual gain.

Nothing can replace it, so large in my thoughts,

As large as in Revelation, 1,500 miles is a lot.

I was led to that pearl, and at first I didn’t see

Why it needs to remain forever too big for me.
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