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Thursday, January 07, 2016

EXPERIENCING GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU THROUGH CHRIST -- 9/1/13 to 2/13/16 when an update

God loves you! Do you hear God loves you and this love is very near? This is not religion alone like fig leaves were. Change your way of thinking for the Kingdom of God has come! We speak in the spirit of revival!GOD LOVES YOU! WHAT DOES THAT DO IN YOUR INMOST BEING?What does that Divine Creator's Mighty love FOR YOU have to do with you tender dove written with your name on the palm of His hand, that you are by the way? He cares for you like He does many sparrows even the sparrow that falls. Christ is Who God is as a Human. Did you know you can ask God through the auspices of Christ The Incarnate Savior and He forgives your sin and forgets? Hebrews 8:12 says, "I will be merciful to their iniquities and remember their sins no more." You must ask. Did you create Orion? Or Pisces? Did you wake today? Did you make one hair white or black? If you couldn't do that which is least, come now then what could you do to make it right or to add one hour to your life or to allow God to love you (in other words, try to earn it.) The answer is ...nothing, to all three. As His creation God loves you that He creates you and sustains you that He upholds you by the word of His power Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:3,8; John 1:1-4. He makes His cause known to the principalities and powers in the Heavenly realms that He loves you and that this love to you is not passive love but actively its love that He does with an exacting specific infinite Care, Strength, and Goodness to you Isaiah 40:11-31; Eph. 3:10. To hope in the Lord is to place implicit even explicit faithful trust and complete leaning depending on His Character and Nature and faith in His Word (of God) Is. 40:31; Ecclesiastes says in 3:11, "He has made everything beautiful in time.." In Eternity God will right all wrongs! How unselfish is His love. He begins by making or counting you Born Again when you say yes to Christ! GOD IS LOVE! He is love! It's denying yourself, taking up your cross, following Him! Simple! Even a child can follow it. "Except you become as little children and be converted you will not enter the Kingdom of God," Jesus says. In Jesus Christ You're saved so you're forgiven delivered by His Blood! His Blood reaches to the ends of the earth and to you! To you Whom He came to Body of believers and little Church at Bethel, who He loved to His Death, To Who you come to stay in character with that love (Christ) and Holiness is great and mighty in strength and Holiness so remain in the Vine (abide in Christ, grab hold, stay attached) for it's God's Desire, Holiness and nearness. Wholeheartedly in body, soul, and spirit remain in Christ abiding and Honor Him inside: His Worthiness in Holy Righteous Character within in Christ for its by His Doing He'll so have us His own belonging possession in Adoption and deep calling to deep in experience with Him in and He's wonderfully awesome and gentle in His Majestic Magnanimous love to keep us! He's Omniscient meaning all knowing, knowing Omnipotent means all powerful and in the end from the beginning He keeps us in His Righteous and Holy Pure unconditional Love! Have faith in Him! Charles Spurgeon - The Prince of Preachers has said, "This Book will keep you from sin." Stay with Jesus. What if He's doctoring of us in His counsel and will and good pleasure until you see He's not disappointed in you currently but is pleased with you greatly in the Salvation Soul Righteous-Substitution of His Son's Finished Work for you on the cross and His Desire is for you to see that this is Our Heavenly Father's good counsel even perfect will toward us His Elect Saved children as we are the saved in His wonderful grace; even Born Again by mercy He being fully ensconced in us in His micro-managed sovereignty and Lordship in us, over us His Kiporath (Hebrew Atonement) Wholeness Beneficient Benevolent Salvation to us which is for you at all times and His Presence with you. We make a subjective response. This is up close deep God come alongside you to be shield, support, portion, strengthen, help, in Greek, Paraclete, The Comforter to comfort you. Scripture says through the Psalmist, "He has set my feet in a wide place" Psalm 18:33; 27:11-13. He reveals there's a hell to shun and a Heaven to gain. "He teaches my hands to war, my fingers to fight" Psalm 18:34,35. As His peacekeeping force in His good fight we all look up at or to His Providence for its in His providing Hands. God yearns for you with deep emotion, Holy affections. His goodness towards us stems from that victory at the cross as we are the object of His affections sourced in the Lord Jesus Christ if we're saved specifically. But these are the affections that took Jesus Christ to the cross to love us with Father's will to fulfill God’s high purpose. We honor God above ourselves. We become the subjective object of them (His affections) in time. These are the affections that led Jesus to submit to arrest, to torture, and to death on the cross. Unselfishly of His these are also the honoring deep and abiding affections in God's heart forever inscribed on the palms of His hands, we ascribe indeed to God Who writes on the palm of His hand Re: our name. We're the apple of His eye like Israel.He loves us, get used to it. It's not the problem but sin is. "Jesus’s death was not the result of a panicking, cosmological engineer. The cross wasn’t a tragic surprise. The death of the Son of God was anything but an unexpected peril!" says Max Lucado."Jesus spoke of His death as a part of a plan. A calculated choice.The cross was written into the script. It was no accident. Jesus was born crucified.Whenever he became conscious of who he was, he also became conscious of what he had to do. It explains the resoluteness in his words: “The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life, only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.” (John 10:18).So call it what you wish. An act of grace. A plan of redemption. A martyr’s sacrifice. But whatever you call it, don’t call it an accident. It was anything but that!" MLJesus said, "Believe Me for the work's sake." His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He loves you with all His might. The commandments of God are not burdensome but an ease on the heart and a great thaw of the heart for they make one wise unto salvation (of God.) Be saved in Christ verily for He's loved you from before the foundation of the world. When sinners some dormant sinners, like us nonetheless are caught in our sinning yet repentant, nevertheless first sin-ners (persons who transgress the law or miss the mark,) who are then Called by God, Chosen, Called out and made saints (ekklesia) personally hand (woven) picked by Him, honoring Him, we were loved, for He's forgiven, justified us, regenerated us as we come to His Throne. God infuses imparts or reckons us, a financial term, not even a part of logic: Paid In Full. Primarily spiritually our sin debt is paid in full in Salvation! Just as Jesus said, “It is finished,” God is weaving a Covenant tapestry of us. Christ was meek and lowly in heart and so in Him we find rest for our souls. He says His yoke is easy, His burden light. We know it believing it living it. We learn of Him, find rest for our souls. We were loved when we were before in God’s mind even His own family declared when existing in the plan of God in Eternity past, in the Christ of God says scripture. In the plan of God in Eternity Past the Lamb of God was slain from before the foundation of the world, and because of Adam's fall we were temporary foreigners to Himself until the cross and aliens to the Commonwealth of Israel, fact, and to The Body of Christ, and we, a mere wisp in His mind however, we're beloved by Him when we made follow through accepted the draw to be His own generation. You've loved us while we were Your enemies God or in other words of another mind at Your Son Jesus Christ's Death. A cross death was a crude Roman device to keep Israel, God's Chosen in line. But God had a plan. He had something better in mind for us Gentiles as well in sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to the cross. Believe it people of God or not we were there in His death and resurrection in the Holy Spirit's choice and God means it for good, our good! Let's find how this works for our good up to date. We put to death our desire emptying ourselves like Christ did. He asks us even commands to put on the mind of Christ Phillipians 2:1-11. For Isaiah 53:6a says, "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way,…" Summarily we have failed the "good test" and so come under the Judgment of God a just judge and as repentant sinners He's merciful by the Cross. And Romans 5:6,7,and 8 says, "For a good man someone might dare to die or might die." But Christ commends His love to us, people (who in a God-ordained moment acknowledge they are sinful and get saved to follow, a disciple) receiving Christ following through are as Eternally different and a royal Priesthood and holy nation to Him. He creates us a rejoicing when we hear the joyful noise of His Voice in Goodness in The Word Of God resonating symphony from His organic Body proclaiming Christ as the saved who with joyful sound resonating in their ear of the voice of God in still small voice and in joy and in ready mind He recreating us Redeemed are surprised like that child that is opening a Christmas gift at Christmas time anticipating expecting: For He's loved us WHILE WE WERE STILL SINNERS, ENEMIES and/or were in our minds apart. The separation the scriptures use in His Word is the term, "hostile" in our minds Romans 8:6,7. He created us and sustains. But God still loves us. He's loved us just the way we were and are. There's more to than on the surface. God's love around this concept and in and around the Cross is for us for on it is God's declarative will, "be saved." Jesus suffered three nails excruciating and prolonged pain in enduring the cross, the whole process despicably horrible pained for Him but through it all He came triumphant out the other side, Resurrected. Triumphant He Arose. He could last but a few hours on the cross yet in His love for us He endured it all despising the shame and for the joy set before Him, us, Died. He gave seven recorded cries of phrased words from the Cross until He gave His last breath in death but God resurrected Him and He arose from Death victorious. Isaiah 53:6b continues, "and God has laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Remember as the whole scene turned ugly on the cross it turned a reversal even a viola's masterpiece of violins victory in a quick reversal also because God was there fierce and very surely furosity for us in His love mightily powerfully working our salvation Amen. He broke the leash of death. It will have no sting. Join the dance and sing, Glorious Almighty God. It was over the defeat of Satan even satanic forces and sin before it even started. God righted all wrongs with Jesus Christ dying for our sins. We must personally accept His sacrifice. Creation's fall began to be sucked through a New Creation Vortex. Calvary won. God took on human form and came to earth a babe in swaddling clothes to serve joyfully in the form of a servant! He showed the way to greatness was through service and obeying God pleasing Him in all of His life and so selflessly He Died God's Perfect Lamb in our behalf that way, astonishingly so without a word He gave in His own defense so we could be like others who are saved, forgiven set free, sins forgiven forgotten, reconciled and in restoration saved. Glory to God! He has the keys to sin and death. Its extremely important our works last and last well as we obtain rewards in Heaven someday! These works are done THROUGH Christ in a BORN AGAIN relationship to God. Who could speak or ascribe adequately the wonderful magnanimous beautiful Eternal Rescue quality of such a Divinely diversely cross-cultural powerful beautifully affectionately majestic Life preserver throw as He performed? We are speechless as to HIS love and power He Jesus Messiah growing up a tender shoot or such a tender dry Root out of a dry arid ground in Israel, but on the same note having no attractive form nor comeliness that we should desire Him. Yet with much more anchored sure prophetic establishment on firm ground Christ came to rescue us, so He struggled from His Father's perspective, obeyed fully giving His body over to the Lord's will over something so very "shameful" but necessary from our viewpoint we learn as becoming our sin! This is human sacrifice but in this special case God saving mankind!! We have this hope in His Promises, an anchor for our soul sure and steadfast to hold on to Him our Hope. He as Christ even spoke forgiveness for His captors, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Such was His Divine example. Christ willingly died laying down His life by His own choice on the cross for sin and obediently so prays for the Father's will and plans at Gethsemane NOT His own and then surrenders to the Romans and Jews' hands. He is delivered up on Calvary for the sins of mankind. He suffered and died alone as His Heavenly Father turned His back on the Son of His love as He becomes our sin and with a very supernatural super abundant exceedingly infinitely good outcome. "He Who knew no sin, became sin for us that we might (know Him) (lit.) become (yada in Hebrew as in know in the Genesis sexual procreative sense, also) (lit.) even become the Righteousness of God in Christ," II Corinthians 5:21. Because Jesus Christ became our sin-bearer and sin we can know how to be right and do right wearing Christ's yoke knowing how right HE is, saving us and we can become an infused ingrained part re: His "righteousness." We stay with Christ. Victors in Him are we and in a Salvation aspect Jesus became of A Name higher and higher than any other name that is named in power and Nature in this life and the life to come Isaiah 52; Phil. 2:1-12. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me.” He became our Atonement, by becoming our sin on a cross as a Biblical principle for forgiveness He becomes (Old Testament sacrifices looked forwards to His,) He becoming all the sins of the whole world from the beginning of ancient time to the end of days FOR our salvation. Substituted in our place before God Christ said victoriously, "It is Finished!" presenting His Righteous Holy Blood to God the Father, but considering what He's Done He comes out of the other side of an Eternity of Eternities's torment from an empty Tomb on the third day victorious raising us too in Himself His Standard His Banner lifted high for He exalts us to sit in Heavenly Places with Him next to His Father in Him! We now are raised, regenerated, justified, born anew adopted beloved because of God's Doing we being born of God. We were a bondslave to sin but now forgiven, are alive to Jesus Christ, children of God, sons. We present our body parts to God alive now one in Him. We live with righteous forks unto Holiness. We as Family belong to God now and forevermore are by His Operation He following through in actually having passed over the sins previously committed and passing through the heavens He seeing The Blood, passes over our's too and we're eureka bondslaves even friends and children of God now in sonship. Our names were written in The Lamb's Book of Life if we believed God through Christ. If we in effect take treacherously our names dragging them through mud re: disobeying The Book refusing to live by the words of this life a pattern of born anew Christian philosophy He Christ being The Greatest In The Kingdom of God and we His faithful disciple follower in Christ's Christian lifestyle we will lose out not living by faith but disobedience. We don't want Heaven by the skin of our teeth and so don't give place to the devil for one minute. To give place or a foothold to the devil himself would be a testing we refuse for it's one his devices he uses against. Instead we walk by faith in the Spirit! Satan asked God if he could sift Peter like wheat. In Peter's philosophy he wanted his name as Jesus said it, "Peter" as Jesus gave it so instead forsook satan even as he tried to change it to wheat. But God gave him the name, Peter and so it was! Christ intercedes/prays for us as he did Peter to withstand evil and resist it real good for our faith to prosper. No one can take you out of the Father's hand Jesus said if you want it (to remain in our Lord's hand re: follow through fellowship.) We are the object of His affections but now can know even a greater affection that of being a part of the Righteousness of God apart from the Law or apart from works in the Son through grace alone. Grace is given for obedience. We who are in a right position in a believing rightly relationship with God have peace with God and fellowship committment so we worship in Spirit and in truth and rejoice in Him, even in Who He Is "the Great I Am," we as bondslaves/friends of His. "He was delivered up," it says of God in Acts 2 and in Romans 4:25, “was put to Death for our offenses, but Raised again for our justification." That delivering up and Raising up is Justification from sin in the stance before God by faith in grace we have in Him. Both count: Death and Resurrection. Forgiven and Bought Back we can know God in New Covenantial Relationship with Him! He Died an Unjust Cruel Death On The Cross (Capitals To Emphasize it was God in J.C.,) was Buried, and made small things of the Enemy and Arose and was Substituted in our place so that we might be saved or rescued re: go free to a spiritual life of born again spiritual freedom/liberty living from grace unmerited or undeserved now, with an Eternal inheritance undefiled reserved in Heaven waiting for us from Father God Himself. For now we're stewards. But our sins were laid upon Him. This fact made me wonder as a child: it was the fact that we had sinned. So in fact He became all our sin we being helpless and weak and He Died in our place ergo good news but we were there when He was Crucified and Risen again too. I was a sinful person as a child though childlike but who had guilt problems but in me lavished I was loaned by God with inquisitiveness and great beloved spirit (I have had good Christian saved parents) who I went to Church with, raised me. All this love and natural and spiritual gifts were from God. That didn't save me. None of it came close. Jesus Christ did by His Blood and my confession of sin first then faith in the Lamb of God' Work and the Holy Spirit's confirming affirming with a deposit, the precious Holy Spirit. I went to church and I came to be near intimate to Heavenly Father God personally individually and what I knew was I needed God. I craved personally to know Who God is through Jesus Christ needy and became a disciple a learner. I accepted His salvation even Born Again life from the oceans of sin. I came knowing my DNA had to be born anew with God's help re: His DNA surgically helping. We can at least say, "thank you God, for Your mercy." Realizing His mercy in Jesus Christ to everlasting life and losing our lives, we take up our cross and follow. "There were many facets to Christ's suffering He went through," says Al Stein, posthumously we benefit from. We will be giving account in and of our lives to God for all eternity. Do you want to know Him?! It bears Heavenly fruit Eternally! We were there at His Death (and His Resurrection as well,) for the Bible says so. "Crucify!" they yelled and "crucify," a second time they yelled. I believe each of us were at the cross dead like Christ like the Bible says. We now identify with it. The Roar of love. God saw fit to overlook, redeem oh so much on His way to raise and honor His Son and then raise us spiritually! Isn't that gorgeous? We're forgiven. Why did Jesus rescue us? It's because we needed it. We undeserved needed a strong saving Salvation or redemption from sin. In one sense, only He can tell us or I that answer of why personally He saved us when we go to see Him in Heaven someday because it is bondslaves of Christ as our position now in anonymity somewhat and in position on earth servants, chosen, and friends (Isaiah 41:8) of God but this is the tip of the iceberg when Salvation rewards in Heaven are finally given. His love is one recalls like a gentle flowing breeze or easy tributary river, gentle, ever sweet, the Gaithers Trio sang in the Seventies to listening ears/hearts. To respond with, "thank you," is all we can do by God's intervention to worship God in love spirit and truth hearing the Voice of God resonating according to the Gospel. It's gratefulness on our part and thankfulness in attitude. It's mental assent with the facts of salvation, Divine prickly conviction from God (with those facts,) commitment to, and follow through, or continuation of belief in Jesus obedient after once for all commitment is supplied or given and so we closely following Jesus Savior resurrected raised with Him close hard after Him are completely being blown away... awestruck by Him and God's love! We then worship in spirit and truth for Worthy is the Lamb that was slain as justified, just as if we had never sinned or had in fact always obeyed God (in Eden.) But first conviction, then commitment to repent, and praising God finding Salvation close near and in breakthrough, intimate precious.LEARNING FROM OUR PAST TO WALK IN JESUS'S OBEDIENCE NOW IN NEWNESS OF LIFE: The Adult Thirty Three Year and a Half Old Jesus was pleasing to the Father is key. His Death, Efficacious. And Jesus rose the third day! He's Alive! His birth, Holy Righteous blood, life and death are efficacious and Eternally efficient for us. In this Eternally timeless yet permeating love act affectionately the affront of the Gospel Cross is still not taken away. You see up close near the heart of God in the matter re: the love strike of God for us offends you and me for it is super above abundantly beyond all we could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20,) in energy power within and without adrenaline to God's glory yes even within and not unlike perfection of God's Desire in bringing outward sunshine unexpectedly on a cloudy day or creamery butter on toast and eggs benedict in food not anticipated at all but like in Finland that unexpectedly brings comfort that we sometime don't anticipate but give glory to God for at least, but take for granted nonetheless and neglect to thank God for profusely. The feeling of His love is like being lavished upon by God in the Cross re: spoiled children (even the best of us) then, as forgiven children because for attempting at or trying at stealing (we assume constantly our, or taking for granted really, re: "owned" material possessions) and not relatively giving thanks with near intent to give Him that rightful thanks for His glory infused and imparted instead especially yes that work on the cross and what He has Created and Provided for temporally for us (food, shelter, clothing, let us there with be content) and to us and Saved us spiritually from even from Eternal Damnation itself but instead transgress by suppression of God's truth in thanks not expressed (see Romans 1:21ff.) We can trace this back to Adam, the very first man for neglecting to express the truth right and disobediance. So coming back 180 degrees to God in repentance (metanoia) turning then our eyes to Jesus is the Gift of God received where the real Kingdom reality is and we make committment even follow through that God wants to give us, “Zoe (God's kind a' life) and Righteousness (God's Righteousness which is by faith in Jesus,”) and these are key in God's Intervention indeed doing every moment thanksgiving knowing God is glory's Source. However, the using of His Son’s Blood unthankfully by us on a disobedient path (stupid of us to disobey) symbolizes the bad effects of sin's wage.Remember though it's not about us but the harvest. BUT GOD LET'S US KNOW HE'S HOLY AND SEPARATION OF THE HOLY FROM THE PROFANE IN CONTRAST: That's the aspect, a secret to unbelievers but revealed only in Christ, to His beloved children that we don't have to sin, we have a choice now. Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound. Where before we chose to sin naturally in the flesh and at a whim so now Christ within makes a real evidencial lifestyle Difference. Transformation of us then is like He did Himself on the Mt. Tabor Mount of Tranfiguration. It's supernatural. And we give up our parts to service to Him. He shows us the Kingdom glistering. He knows our borders. He says "I Am" in every situation. But He always leads us in triumphal array in Christ. We trek on the right path in Him. We're stewards albeit if we become born again in God’s way and time and we become born of God all things becoming newness of life and transformed because we belong to His so that we're alive TO GOD and they (all things pertains to this life godliness and contentment,) even exist/consist benevolently and beneficially for our stewardship enjoyment as His ministers in The Lord He of this newness of life. But you or I must have this born again saved experience selfleslly denying ourself, taking up our or your cross, and following Jesus Christ individually dying a death to our mind to begin to live a ‘newness of life,’ trek in life. We are indeed sin-bearing in need desperately of a Savior until we are found In Him. We attempt even try to abstain from sin as believers even the very appearance of evil in Him if we know to work at earning likeness to Jesus's image making Jesus Christ focal point. However, God's glory always gets the go ahead green light. We are unable to help ourselves from sinning when in Adam we do sin though (some indeed not to saving grace admit they do sin.) This is what the eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil did in Eden rather than eating of the Tree of life or other trees. It has given us the propensity to sin not pleasing God's Desire. Nazi Germany is an example of sin destructive power. Such enormous huge overall harm (sin in Greek is harmatia) has come to humanity by humanity's denial of sin. Calling it a mistake will not cut the mustard! All sin is against God. It is sin and as such is a wrong deed. God's answer is His Desire for us, Roman's 6:1, "What shall we say then, shall we continue in sin that grace might abound?" God forbid. But where sin abounds God's grace does much more abound! Thus God became everything even all in all to solve that equation in Jesus vicariously suffering and having Died and won us and everything back submitted to Himself back! It was His objective all along our sanctification and potentially He won us, our hearts, not in a 'New Age self esteem sought philosophy' but spiritually He Saved us, from sin, and we spontaneously gave our hearts to Him and He gave Atonement to us to know who we are in Him, the glory representation returned as we turned 180 degrees to HIM thus enduring. Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of life? I pray it is. The writer of the Book of Hebrews asks us to, "not harden your hearts, as in a day of temptation in the wilderness." The writer of the Gospel of John asks us the right spot on this question in the last chapter 21. We being of Christ invigorated, nourished and nurtured of God's green pasture and still water, daily eating God’s Manna gratefully from Jesus's nourishment (the Tree of Life!,) then we don't touch in reality God's glory at all as if we in a marring of disobeying the Holy Spirit could 'touch' God's glory. God's glory stands perfectly alright by itself and tall in and of itself from Him erect. We study scripture feeding on the Word of God. The milk of the Word (see I Peter) becomes meat (Hebrews 5:11-13) with the wilderness seasons endured matured. Knowing God born again we are in fact RESTORED. And its effect is we receive God's glory shared with others. God offers every one of us always this particular care in and of His own heart for us to pursue conditions of salvation for He is for us and we focus on Him and knowing His glory apart. Eternally He is our peace we determined to pick it up. He IS our Salvation and by His infinite grace and mercy by a show of His love at the cross He is living a cross life before us, and observing we go forth to deny self, take up our cross and follow Christ in a personal in fire flame relationship with Himself He the provision for Christ within lives. We observe His example and His forgiveness sets our feet 'a dancing!!! We then so want to be hot, not cold certainly not lukewarm, and make an Evangelical love response to Him from forgiveness received, mercy, and grace having a revelation of what He’s Done, the Finished Works of God's Son. And that's a first, He did rescue from sin, the acts, the deeds. Jesus takes away the thoughts and sinful aspect of it all bringing a forgiven renewed conscience and consciousness. Our God's dance floor is happy joyful people forgiven freely! It was more than enough the Blood Jesus presented to God the Father His Blood for our Righteousness obtained and propitiation or expiation of sin. We are forgiven set free verily family. Jesus lived a sinless life. God needs a sinless life from somewhere. His Mighty Arm got it for Him in Jesus. The Spirit and the Bride say come! We at the Cross are made shielded by Christ from the wrath of God and enter His warmth in our hearts continuing in strong fellowship even obedience. It is efficient for today and now. And we’re born again sanctified at once (moment of personal asking Christ inside the heart, saved,) yet unless we believe in gradual sanctification also of over long periods of time as well we do stagnate and not experience growth. We're moved nonetheless to draw near close to Him, confessing and proclaiming Him to others drawn to Him for knowing Christ's Finished Works at Calvary evokes within us a generous love response. We have known right from wrong in a simplistic sense before salvation but when the law revived I sinned (coveted) and I died having come to Jesus, confessed, testifying of the salvation knowing Him aright. We are, however, becoming like Christ in sanctification in varying degrees of effort speaking of His Work with all our hearts all our nights. God offers us all an open opportunity, to 'pick up' a radically redeemed saved life born again in lifestyle transformation! We individually apply Salvation to us and want to love God with healing and follow close to our Lord for lifestyle to be Holy as He is Holy. But we're in an upward spiral in His hermaneutic (Word of God's Interpretation.) Church is for healing! He makes our paths STRAIGHT then in conforming to the Word. He wants us to serve Him as sons who slave at the lowest rung of the ladder to love others others-centered. God is a God of second chances. We want to talk it up to Him a whole lot more utterly or using words fluently, having admitted we're sinners and struck so by God's love we so gravitate near, talk, and converse with Him near up close like in a stimulating sparks a-flying 'metal from metal striking metal' sparks talk because He loved us at the Cross. Or even then over a fish fry or a sourdough breakfast meal conversation, we acknowledge how great the love of the Father TALKING it up with Him more in His Provident Hands in ours how great our Daddy's love! The greater ethical reality of His Good Holy Nature and Just Righteous Holy Character over us seen and known by us is in goodness believed as we begin to know how good He is more and more in glorious awe-filled Christian living. He must increase. I must decrease. No longer motivated by healthy, wealthy, and wise in results we seek the greater part, the good part of sitting at Christ's feet re: revival. And personally we want to get to know (Him) throughout life by His Person and Work of the Son, Jesus Christ; but...aspiring to the personhood of God and in word, thought, attitude, and acts resplendent through Christ we are not to be trying on a mask before Him too, nor be of so ready a mind at all as to be lifting one up to put on. We want to live honest before God and men from the Father of lights from Whom is no variablness nor shadow of turning. We don't want to be members of the O.K. Corral as well as if to say anything is an absolute good from Him flippantly. But God is in control.He reigns!"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call on Him while He is near." Let our words be few Dear Lord! Unspeakable is Your Gift. His LOVE being IN me and I ran to Him because He ran to me seeing me from a long way off. It was the only time I saw Him! It was when I as a child of four recognized from hearing the godly plan of salvation it clicked spiritually that I was sinful even incomplete and as I was different I wanted that difference to be for God and to honor God for He first reaching out in good spiritually to me and I wanted truly His salvation and became born again, saved, God's friend and so I rejoiced in peace with Him. Saved now- set apart for God of myself - dedicated in life to Him and in lifestyle I was in HIM. The Lord says, "You shall seek Me and find Me, when you shall look for Me with all your heart!" God is no respecter of persons. Renouncing pride in my own works which are as filthy rags I and the Holy Spirit were removing any haughtiness as well for I can bow a sinful soul like myself before Him, Jesus Christ put on, a Holy Righteous Just Judge Being God is and satiate or satisfy Him re: His Desire! He being God and I, a man under His authority I naturally want to satiate and please Him. I bow to God humbly and accept His Son, Jesus' Payment for my sinful past with restitution added on my part. I have recognized my sinful falling short in a quick magnified microscopic scrutinizing exhausting view of my sin and its past and put it off to be clothed with Christ Who is magnified telescoped broadcast to all of the precious expensive Cost in His Blood that He paid for me in full re: my God's great Salvation Redemption. Romans in the New Testament says, "Put on The Lord Jesus Christ." So how do I pray Lord God? I ask. I want Heaven as Jesus spoke of. But how do we obtain the power to assess a conduit to a newness of life in godliness He proffers from wells? As a child I accepted the Gospel in my head and heart and followed. I knew once I did it would not be easy. One did not get to Heaven by putting on roller skates but entirely by Grace. I pray teach me then God how to live for I know I have much I don't know of this way nor how to pray and as I want to so I ask You how to pray. As I receive You I receptively receive you in receive mode in open wide receptivity! And thank God He tore the veil from my empty life from top to bottom in the Temple immediately upon Christ's Death 2000 years ago so access to Himself is wide open and in my heart ACCEPTED even wide. But it's not necessary to manipulate God instead benevolently to turn to like and love everything He does! Make big huge the Presence of God and His help and make you humble. You can become as you are one Who God says you are for His Son's Mercy in Transforming Power CHANGES renovates reconstitutes re-excites restores you. He calls into being those things be not as if they are and we need to know God intimately by fellowship relationship peace in that we have a relationship fellowship restored (with Him.) He daily wants to do something new for you and to you and me. Daily we see new mercies appear from God every morning. We can expect every morning to say, "I can't without You Lord," and "with You I most certainly can!" "Good morning Lord," You know He loves me and I know. We can do the greater works Jesus prophesied. It's personally so also. It’s my personal Pardon, from Him to have His revelation up close and inside even my giving my thank you, my obedience, for this, even my follow through to say thank you in response. This is obedience to His still small Voice. It's His grace that covers us all making us fruitful in Christ. Have you in your comfort zone become born again? Born of God? Even Being born of the Spirit? Belonging to God just so close? Do you have a closer walk? He loved us first. Loving God back even fervently back and personally knowing He loves me who I am, just as I am I come, and worshipping Who He is, gratefully thankfully I'm keeping in a step by step obedient cadence (steucho or parapeteo in Greek) (rhythmn or step,) with the Holy Spirit! "Parapeteo," in Greek is for a far more wide rhythm and step in the Spirit thus also. This is all by grace so far and in endurance my desire is: to run my spiritual race with sovereign might lawfully Paul put it, to the end of life in endurance perseverence also bravely. Jesus the Living Logos or Living Rema (they mean the same,) will explain The Plan He's created, I'm in, reading Jeremiah 29:11 and the entire Bible! I'm committed to take the plunge to dive and so buy the field belonging to Christ where His treasure is buried in and wait patiently occupying to the end! But for the religious trappings of so called experts of theology we put away from us and worship free so let's stay away from religion even liberal cults completely for although its still delicious it's theology poses an extreme problem to genuine faith with false teaching. The false is believing its about works and myself instead of about Jesus Christ and His Deity and His Works and to be following close Him. But knowing accursed is everyone proclaiming a false gospel we stop struggling to be good enough and let The Rest of God even Excitement of the Holy Spirit and Jesus's party of forgiveness take over and grace and following after the Holy Spirit control us Galatians 1:6. Let's not become weary in well doing for we will reap treading on. The Holy Spirit has the big picture so let's take His panoramic view and call on God calling out in from Heavenly places asking, seeking, and knocking for necessary items to proclaim the Gospel witnessing unto Him. Let's see spiritually clearly the Bigger Plan now not just in the future beyond now because for the present time we've made mental assent, we've made commitment to count the cost and to follow Christ all the way. We are placed and positioned in good fortune smack dab in The Kingdom of The Son and are by translation transferred ushered into it by Christ's winning at Calvary! We need to experience it, (and receive inside.) God is able to perform exceedingly abundantly above all we can possibly conceive Ephesians 3:20. Every soulful place our foot treads upon abiding into Him we do efficaciously swim into rejoicing knowing Who Christ Is! The present past and future we thus trust with Him. They indeed testify greatly in Christ to His everlasting permanence at the cross to God's Finished works blessing. In the storms of life I'll prevail and the gates of hell won't because with Him I can do all things through Christ even through great trials for He is for us in afflictions for we're born again on His side then! He saves us not from our problems but through them! Surely I will answer my critics by II Kings 6:8-23 as Elisha said to The Lord, "open his eyes God," about his servant, in the war with roving bands against Israel. "Show my servant that many more are with us than with them." By grace through faith I will follow our Lord endlessly seeing with pure eyes in imagination the one hundred eighty five thousand armed of the Lord's Host set above the enemy's encampment in the night that are poised ready to rise and fight! The Kingdom of God and that of His Dear Son is just that, the Lordship of the Holy Spirit over every area of my existence. When coming to God we come through Jesus Christ. Fact. Come to the Father through the Son for now is the time to worship. He is worthy!The Scripture Portion: In scripture particularly there in a Book called Isaiah chapter 55 God gives us precious words and invites us to salvation re: to drink with Him by bonds of relationship fellowship and He wrote in verse one: "Ho, every one that thirsts, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.2 Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which satisfies not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good..When God Ran by Benny Hester & John ParentiAlmighty God,The Great I AmImmoveable Rock,Omnipotent powerfulAwesome Lord,Victorious WarriorMighty Conqueror,Commanding King of KingsAnd the only time,the only time I ever saw Him runWas whenHe ran to me,Took me in His arms, held my head to His chestAnd said "My son's come home again".Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyesWith forgiveness in His voiceHe said "Son, do you know I still love you?"It caught me by surprise when God ranThe day I left Home,I knew I'd broken His heartI wondered ifThings would ever be the same,Then one night,I remembered His love for meAnd down that dusty road, ahead I could seeIt was the only time,the only time I ever saw Him runWas when He ran to me,Took me in His arms, held my head to His chestAnd said "My son's come home again".Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyesWith forgiveness in His voiceHe said "Son, do you know I still love you?"It caught me by surprise, It dropped me to my kneesWhen God ran

XBridgeHoly God, Righteous One
Who turned my wayNow I know, You've been waitingFor this day{Interlude}{Repeat chorus}
The Good News of the Gospel is still the best GREAT good good and grand NEWS: Jesus Christ Died, was Buried, And Rose again Justifying me from my sins for my justification unto Life! God's Kingdom come. Many have seen Him alive! Have You re: Come To Him? How Would You Like To Be Saved, and know you ARE, to know Heaven will be yours, to at last come to be Found By God, And (Introduced fully to the Invigorating Rejuvenating DIVINE Will Invitation that is Salvation or One Way Love: It’s His Love and Welcome Invitation from His Destination or Biblical Redemption Story that is Grace Enough! Within His special realm of glory that chooses its object (agape love for YOU) you, really Fully Being Excited "Good To Go" (in terms of logo therapy by Victor Frankyl just this phrase,)) To be becoming An Intimate Friend Of God And Be Who God says you (already) are, a saved born of God individual, from His Son's Blood Atoning sin replacement plans with Christ's Blood placed inside, you becoming Bond-slave of the Master, Alive to God and Personhood of God more and more and, hopeful in Him now, and you can reckon yourself dead to sin for you died with Christ being satisfied by Him alone. You are a New Covenant New Creature in Christ in New Nature with a New Heart being born again. Sin shall not dominate for where sin abounds grace does much more abound in God's Desire and as Eternal verity this fact becomes our personal experience in desire loving God hating displeasing Him. In a conscious desire for God and/or higher consciousness of forgiveness for sonship and service unto God even of an abundant Christian Life of service re: you and I have renewed thinking to be meekly powerful under control of His Spirit In Christ From God Starting Over Again In This Life Being Born Twice so then you are delighting in being in Him spot on without defect righteous by Him in faith rocks the planet ready for Heaven status. Being consistently ready for choices for Kingdom Obedience then, For asking The Preparation of our daily bread oh And the Evident Experience Of Hallowing His Name in A glorified resurrected body someday in Heaven through Saving Knowledge Effectually of the Person and Work of Christ within, and more fully in fellowship expressed moment by moment for God's timing spiritually in your life you ask daily. And we are anticipating expecting a meet right with God and with others on good terms knowing daily it’s Him in Presence of fellowship in you in His perfection of love giving motive. Never underestimate what Christ in you can accomplish! Its not about you but the harvest. It's knowing God that God’s with you in might and FOR you. Are we serving the Lord? And knowing Christ in you and Him crucified and everywhere King that He's Lord and Master! We want to share more the Good News and make disciples! That He gives you the faith to believe as 'gift only from Him grace' and I am dead, (Galatians 2:20; Romans 6:1-7; Colossians 3:3) I died with Christ, and was raised in Him to newness of life to live through our Redeemer! Make no mistake in estimation, we will sin and do sin. But then being overcomers in repenting in Godly sorrow (not to be repented of) and when necessary which is all the time buffeting ourselves so as not sin because not knowing or not being aware we have been CRUCIFIED with Christ and risen the affections and lusts of the sinful nature dominate, and we stumble and fall and sin, ow, that hurts even writing it, knowing that I John 1:9 says in prayer upon confession to God we HAVE 'FORGIVENESS recognizing fellowship restored in reconciled peace' indeed from He Who never leaves us nor forsakes and is always present. Grace is not a license to sin. Romans 6:11-13 says, to consider yourself dead to sin, and alive to God Delighting in His Desire. Therefore crucify your ungodly desire of lusts, anger, and pride knowing you are dead (to them.) Nothing that is of God will can or will fail or disappoint. Everything of sin will. There's a viable choice to stay attached to Christ. It will disappear the sin. When our hope is in The Lord our life has a go ahead green light as well. Things and people may fail but God doesn't. God's goal is for us to have a near close closer walk with Him. Entrance (Abundant)(Someday) To Utopia/Paradise: 3rd Heaven when this life is through is yours by His promised oath to Abraham and promise from sure words of prophecy and God's Word acknowledging God's righteousness in the Son anchors our hope within. Receive the Son within accepting in His gracious Gift meaning not from yourself. It's by faith from God humbly received Salvation even from Christ's Person and Work through His gracious love in the Atoning Blood applied made real animating us reconciled. Speaking in light His words from beautiful feet of our own prepared devotions making of New Covenant Blessing we are enriched in God to have permanence confirming in the faith. And meekly as we trembling the reason Jesus loves us with rejoicing within spontaneously that we have hope in Him growing. We literally and chronologically and by adjusted thesis method in Him are laying up treasure in Heaven knowing where our treasure is, our heart is also. Heaven is a wonderful place filled with glory and grace. Just wait 'til the Rapture we say, and The Bema Seat we from a goodness exclaim! Truly grand, the Bible consistently says its so, So people get ready. "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart or imagination of man, what God has prepared for them that love Him.” I Corinthians 2:1ff) Do you know we'll boldly see those that have gone before? Do you know how to get there, or even a clue of Heaven's way re: the redemption portion in Titus that says, "For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts, and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. But after that the Kindness and love of God toward man appeared, NOT by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Which He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior; That being justified by His grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of Eternal life." "..This is the love not that we loved God but that He loved us.."- I John 4:7, 10, 12. This love of God constantly in motion and toward you for your wellness spiritually is in Salvation from sin for God is for you! Motive without a cloak of maliciousness by you but in sincere service, we offer for He has for your use Christian compassion even made ready to share and give out the Gospel to others. It will mean more as you do the personal aspects to grow in born again awareness of His doings of love for you daily and is consummated by His Almighty Work on the Cross IN YOUR BEHALF. We realize He has been FOR us. Everything has led to this love. This love agape, unconditional love from God, has made a deep and wide resounding profound effect on you and its in you if you said yes to Jesus Christ at some juncture in your life and the Kingdom of God coming near truly in the Spirit and you're born again if you come to Christ to follow the Spirit to the end of life down here. Even a child raised in the faith cannot depart from it, easily or in facts.WHAT IT IS TO REMAIN WISE:Ask God for wisdom and to be wise. Has it been revealed to yourself this earthly existence is all the Heaven some will know because they wouldn't have room for the Savior, King And Lord Jesus Christ? And likewise we who hope for Heaven have all the hell we will ever experience and know here down on earth suffering for the right reasons (righteousness) through it all trusting Him? Do you know albeit in ignorance but with a naive intelligence by sheer genius joy of it but of knowing from other's mistake however that God's love expressed in the Bible is very real by observance and that He loves you very very much? "God is love." I John 4:7,8. It's Wonderful Magnificent Love that transforms! Do you know God's beautiful and infallible infinite expression of perfection of love involves He dying for you in your place so you can find God in a right fashion is inner refreshment from spiritual times re: His Presence and to reflect that love voluntarily in saved state is His will? The potential in Christ is in the stratosphere ionosphere. We can make a bondslavish legendary legacy difference in this world by His aid bringing many more feet than ours to His Throne and by grace humbly put our Divine response to God in gladness thankfulness and contentment daily for its a day He made we can truly rejoice in! For it's by His doing (grace alone) we have been put into Jesus Christ and having been drawn by the Father to His Son which is His Desire. Winning souls to Him is truly wise. Then that you would voluntarily follow through and present your bodies a living sacrifice and renew your mind in the Word would allow Him entrance to your thoughts and thought life personally and honestly by your Blood bought choice you accept momentarily renewal of the mind at a moment's notice constantly continually. Do it! Go back two thousand years to a lonely place called Golgotha where we are given a Choice to have Eternal Restoration and Joy and Peace. It's called Evangelical Response! The ball is in your court as the saying goes in B-ball. Saying yes to Jesus Christ involves Regeneration as I quote in Titus before and Justification as I quoted in Romans 4:25ff and Adoption Rom. 8:ff; Gal.3,4. Sanctification is by His doing giving Him your Body as a living sacrifice to use and not for us to put ourselves on the shelf. There is a road of separation unto God from being before on the road to perdition but now being made into the image of Jesus Christ never attained quite just well reconciled with every person perfectly at all on earth nor vertically pure until we see Him in Redeemed Glorified Bodies in Heaven but we pursue the goal of conformation to Christ's Death in pursuit of God's fullness in Holiness well nonetheless in Christ shielded from wrath. Remember by the Blood God passes over sin's committed. Grace is the operation on us keying on God’s intervention. The road to Zion is in your heart is a song by Petra a Christian band of the seventies and eighties. He tenderly with His Voice kindly tenderly testifying personally of Himself to you still small voice does strongly love you unconditionally everlastingly and lavishes on you intimate prodigious intimated love infinitely powerful and care freshly with firm might, affectionate warring might at the Cross. From all aspects of this view of reconciliation He loves you FIRST!! And through grace's conduit tunnel, love is SHED ABROAD BY THE HOLY SPIRIT as forgiveness in your heart WHO DOES NOT COUNT your sins against you! Know that there is Hope! It's like we never sinned or were righteous to begin in Eden with (but we know we have sinned!) We keep both truths in a corner of our minds. Of Importance we determine firmly to stay steady and balanced and equal. Even though we say thank you God for such wondrous salvation we remain undeserving. The only merit for salvation is only in Jesus Christ alone forever matter settled. We do not despair of ourselves though or for one another but creep up into God's lap where we hear Lullabies and choruses. YOU ARE LOVED! (Hear the music?!) Melody of Heaven inside. You are happily bondslaves of each other in love preferring one another and accounting others as more important than yourself. Then be happy in The Lord. Rejoice! We help our 'skill setting' by pulling the hand of others forward like in a roller derby making them closer to Jesus. Not us but others get the love. We equal at the cross have Good Samaritan compassion and endless agony to feel creatively method to love and care practically from our spleen for other's benefit. Hope is established on the only one foundation, Jesus Christ. Hope is related in God's Salvation which God's love through Calvary establishes you and into, and involves positive spin in following Jesus' Voice in a proved life. Hearing ears of hearing the words of Jesus lifelong Who is the Living Word and Hearing them challenging said of us, "you're My disciple in Whom I am well pleased!" We thus obey the Spirit of the Risen Christ anticipating expecting. And in everything even venues nitty-gritty-like following through in Him we know is going to bring opposition. We sing God’s love in song. Making melody in our heart we sing songs of Psalms, Hymns, and spiritual songs to Him. We Follow Him. What would Jesus think and do? We see God in Christ IS NOT JUDGMENTAL. What would He like? Generous Healing! Anointing! Our Compassion! A forgiveness dance floor to rejoice in The Lord in or Glorious Feast from Him! Hallah Bread soaked in new wine! Loud Christian Music! A release to an exponential spacious place of and for the oppressed! Fatherless and widows visited and revisited! God's Judgment was at the Cross and we want to express through winning disciples to Christ an awareness of the severity of God should we or anyone fail to continue in His kindness. These are the questions of importance after you've been saved, being ministered to by our Lord. Asking Jesus inside on fire inside for reasons of sheer joy we show gratitude for and being ready for the weightier matters as the Day of The Lord or The Eternal Life daylight or Daystar Rising in our hearts and at death or preparation for The Rapture To belong to Him and in hope, wholly and completely consumed by hope that will fuel excitement we know will remain. Now that's an 'up.' A positive spin on faith pursued rather than a look of being baptized in strong vinegar. Strong Moods rooted in God’s facts at Calvary and by Holy fellowship in the Spirit creating hope in God’s peace in His Desire at reconciling us we creatively are genuinely being a real McCoy a heart bare before Him. And mean it to be real by His Help obediently while He holds you on His knees in hopes to keep you for His own. It is an awesome thing to sit in His Presence to begin with and rest and to be loved by Him!

We have made mental assent, commitment to, and follow through even with unseen evidence as of yet. We trust God and by faith take salvation as true receiving with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save our souls. No more war on earth in hostility nor enmity with God, just peace. So Much-More of Jesus we would see and hear. Read a terrific book, Hinds Feet On High Places by Hannah Hurnard. Another The Pursuit Of God by A. W. Tozer. Read The Jesus Style by Gayle Erwin. Read The Pursuit of the Holy by Simon Ponsonby. Samuel Chadwick and EM Bounds are great authors.

Jesus is alive praying interceding for us to be saved. Scripture says He is occupied for having that job having arose from death sitting next to Father's Throne. We may not know how to pray or to pray to begin with but we still know nothing at all UNTIL we pray. Ask Him, that is ask God inside and seek, ask what His perfect will is as it is in Christ in scripture foremost written of or primarily foretold and forthtold as you follow through with it as you ask for His will to be done, "as in Heaven so on earth!" Mt 6:5-9. Ask for His Son in to be enthroned in your heart, even the high praises of God in your mouth! *Do it in the present knowing God’s salvation is a Divine Gift by grace. By His Gift God's Doxa or glory Christ be lifted high! Salvation IS by faith alone, not plus something! Sola Gratia! This prayer prosucamai (request, petition) by humility begins and ends the ask for fruit of God's righteousness in your life because it’s sincere but not your attempting to make right through personal efforts. That last part would not be salvation by grace with the mention of "personal efforts," unless it's a press to be like Christ in His likeness. Do you not know that it is by God's grace and tender loving-kindness tenderly from Him that one can only know God intimately at the crisis beginning of our walk to repent even return love and/or thanks meekly and be born again have knowledge based in God's reality of the extent God actually incredibly infinitely suffered indeed went Through in personal suffering- agony at the cross and victorious triumph at The Empty Tomb to make us forgiven. He endured too: His attitude going to-the-cross action in Himself, in which He shows the how method of His Agape love to us caring re: His mankind is there to observe in reading the Word. His way of wonderfully lavishing almighty unconditionally beautiful infinite perfection of personal edifying individual godly crushed silence of love bestowed in visitation by the Spirit in beholding His Holy Ghost Fullness in operating on us but also intimate yet loud sounding bounding joy in hope in Him is very strong rejoicing sounds music makes vibrating joy reverberating Agape Superior love embracing of you such that you are leaving the effect with Him solely of the operating! Please read your Bible God's love letter voraciously where you learn of this Finished Work in His love and in His unchangable goodness in His Timing and in these things inside of the Finished Work of Christ to take hold, hold fast (proverbs 3:18 of wisdom.) It's good stuff laying hold of His Character of no shadow of turning in Him of Eternal Verities in Him. IT'S TIME to draw close to God and near to God to withstand evil resisting evil WITH GOD and powerfully learn what it is to be Bible-saved and the smiles of Heaven jumping into His lap in new identity He has of you into Him. It is not only of Him IN me as representatives of Him and I also into Him living in abiding in Christ but the signs and wonder and power and demonstration of the Spirit mentors/leads us on to know Him! At the moment His Presence in Everlasting life starts light begins luminously and goes on encouraging us on in ever journeying creativity and increasing intensity lumens to last forever. No shadow of turning at all in Him indeed

We may not know how to pray or to pray to begin with but we still know nothing at all UNTIL we pray.
It's being born all over again in access! In I John 4:7,8 we read "God is love!" We're not married to a book but to a Living Savior! We hear, "walk with Me," from our Lord and by the way, "here's a few tips in a book to help." God's love letter! (The Living Word Of God,) we must recognize is living inside and we lay hold of it’s Eternal aspects. God brokered a deal, a unilateral God-man-cut Covenant with mankind that's all-inclusive, one direction one way love yes, but one definitely one must have the Son of God Jesus Christ inside themselves to live Eternally (God knows) and knowing God made salvation open to all so He freely gave salvation to all men to believe. Even so we must decide to follow Him individually. We open up and receive His embrace of Divine love. Follow the Holy Spirit's promptings, and take in the Savior and let yourself Remain in His love occupying letting obeying be your watchword and assuredly you will abide attached in Christ in spiritual hunger and feast victoriously, Christ within is the hope of glory! Jesus gave himself to deliver us from this present evil age, To bring us breakthrough into His Kingdom, Galatians 1:4,5, so we can meet Him in the Day Eternal or Kingdom Millenium blameless in His sight because we get to be this New Natured New Creation of His own to get in without much complaint but hands lifted in surrender without wrath or dissension. For God wrote through the Bible through Anointed men born along of God by His Voice the Mighty and Gentle at times The Holy Spirit's hands occupied the use of needed humans hands then. We're indeed His Hands His feet now. We've hopefully made our decision to follow Him by now. To recap: We've responded to His love in the way God wanted in scripture in His appearance 2000 years ago and today in faith getting savd so it is truly meant serious. Jesus thwarted Satan's plan in Dying. He took the keys of hell and death from that devil. He and by transference, we, came out on top from under it (the devil’s domain.) We're saved and whole now, into Him forgiven reconciled complete. Satan and His minions were made a mockery of, exposed for the screw tape chicanery and destruction they commit well deserved destruction to be on a public display by our Lord’s victory. The handwriting of ordinances which was contrary to us He took out of the way, nailing it to His Cross! So striving for perfection of Holiness in The Lord cleansing ourselves from every filthiness of flesh and spirit we take to learn at His feet re: His rest re: take to a surveyance of a yonder beautiful lifetime, Jesus' lifetime in us landscaped neatly and observed gifted to us freely without clutter to replace our life thus become Christ's people of excellence: the best we can be and deep in the wool and heart, heartfelt Christ-like ones in an influenza of disease of good infection but for only good! Christ inoculates this sinful side of me from sin and sinning as a habit I allow transformation to newness of life. God makes the difference only. We are nothing apart, and can do nothing apart from Him but He's everything, all in all. Keep it simple in God's Mercy and Grace is the true nugget of the Gospel. His mercies fail not. They are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. It is of the Lord's mercies we are not consumed for His compassions they fail not! They are new every morning! His New Nature prevails, becomes ours. We are not better people getting improved but doomed sinners needing God desperately saved by His grace who were hanging by a thread over hell! We are the lowest of the low in this world's eyes by way of testifying to them but those whom God has in His due time honored by showing mercy and favored like a shield about us now getting transformed and ultimately get Heaven (see last verse re: Psalm 5.) We get saved despite ourselves God drawing (herkuo) us within a net of fish in lovingkindness in grace intervention. Whether through fear or conniving of others, or pretense or genuine spread of Gospel message we got saved and that's what's important!OBTAIN A BIBLE:You won’t find the original Bible's language's Autographs or original language (greek and hebrew) Septuagent's very imprint of manuscript writings anywhere but you do obtain a good translation in today's language. Only the Autographs which are the originals are inspired though in the original Greek and Hebrew. But many versions are good comparing apples to oranges with no change not even a jot or tittle or an iota of change from the early or earliest copied manuscripts to then to now. How good a version one has and a translation helping obtained is definitely up to the reader's discernment and The Holy Spirit’s. There is one meaning to all of scripture and that is interpreted Agape love of God for man correctly. Jesus is God's love incarnated He, yes fleshly tabernacled, Immanuel that we might be born again Born of God Born of the Holy Ghost. He didn't swoon. That means never die. He did die. Even the guards were paid handsomely and then killed because they failed to keep the seal on the Tomb He was inside of but the grave could not hold Him! Death in its false grasp had no victory! Up He arose! In a Triumph o'r His foes He lived, and Died, and was buried and arose the third day and was glorified. Jesus is Alive! 500 early church people or disciples saw Him. Do you believe God would call us chosen married to His Son blessed changed from sinners to belong to Him? He did. He is the Resurrection and the Life! Are we living to bring glory to Him? Amen. Jesus lived again because His righteous life is that righteous way and God saw or sees no one else's is, has, or ever will be Perfectly righteous. Let's give God the glory all the way. Jesus was raised by the Father God's glory Romans 6:6,7 Magnify Him! Make big His Salvation!THE WAY TO BE STRONG IN THE LORD:Having the Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ inside our hearts Who was sent by God the Father to earth and given to save and aid us and in our weaknesses to strengthen us as when He went away to Heaven so He sent the Holy Spirit to us and endowed us with a deposit yea the precious Holy Ghost. We have the wealth of the riches of His grace and mercy by faith. Fullness from Him was given for us to be whole in ourselves in The Finished Work at Calvary, we in Him, and He supplying by His kindness the seed of the Word of God. God will not let His Word return void but will let it perform the good work He wants and started in us until that Final Day Isaiah 55:11; Phil. 1:6. God promised that none of the diseases He put on the Egyptians would come upon us His children as we maintained a healthy obedience in relationship with Him. And beginning a saved life at a God-Ordained moment in our lives we process the feel of a newness of Life disciple of even fresh Newness from God. We obtain nutrition nurture of Him, for He is our health and helping us turn to Him totally and now forgiven of course we can know His love personally greater each day for ourselves not earning it. He never leaves us nor forsakes us! For God to so love us so personally perfectly just just as we are in Jesus He likes you as well just accepting you as you are then beautifully outside and as well within beautifully also. To Him we are of infinite value infinite worth, and this is expressed in perfection in our spirits (new creations.) And in proportional personal treatment, spiritually being made fit of Him, and of lifestyle from Him shaped uniquely to us well like He did Jesus. He was tolerant of us though discriminating enough to choose as He saw fit to put our pieces together. Even like He favored highly His Only Begotten Son, and this through bond-slave obedient relationship closeness we do now also return thanks and, not by externals alone (which is like plastic Pharisaical fake religion) but instead with favor inside primarily we so love Him back in obedience. Even while He treats you to all over again (from the garden) liking you fantastically and phenomenally well with your believing God's favor INSIDE as He sees you completed saved through Jesus Christ and someday in Heaven sinless. Stay with the very heart of God even the middle of His heart as you hear from His Voice! And in loving grace, and mercy He gives you such a spiritual blessing over and against good abundant life in Him. By faith and waiting we inherit the promises. Christ's river inside of living water or well-springs of water spiritually impart life richly in our God within to overflowing. This is union in communion. All this is by faith but we take it by believing Him living in us from the Word of God. For all mankind has fallen and will fall for we have fallen hearts but for a saved relationship fellowship friendship with our Father Creator God which makes all the difference. We also have assurance that enters within the veil, and holds to an anchor within it in Him (speaking of the Old Testament Ark of Covenant.) With God's Authorship on the plans He’s made from start to finish we’re knowing our place and purpose from walking in Him and we make preparation to see Him really like Israel was told to do at God's mountain! By the way that's with unmerited favor as well! It's all of grace however! We prepare for His scrutiny in His return! With faithful living we live by faith in Him calling it great, His Faithfulness!

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