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Monday, December 14, 2015

Anything is Possible With God Within His Will And Conditions

Faith is a calm firm assurance because He lives! in the face of uncertain days. We spurt in growth of Knowing Who Jesus is specifically that He is everywhere present, that He is with us, within, Holy, Love, Mercy, Goodness, Just, Kind and we can be where He is by faith living in Christ Holiness. Jesus is God.

It's not always a littleness of faith alone that precludes answers to prayer for healing, etc. sometimes it is, but remember we are not trying to manipulate God but to glorify Him in all we say and do. We know we're wrong when we in motive inside accompanied by a perversity in faith of opposing and a taking away (Acts 13:8,10) with regard to applying faith and lifestyle decisions that this behavior prevents answers from God. But positively from a metamorphosis personal change in heart from becoming Born Again that by His help we gain Salvation and humbly asked in faith requests produce answers from God particularly first, peace as a state. There's no formula to love and serve God. There are godly principles by which we obey the Holy Spirit and honor God but no formulas.

Ministering and knowing how to minister mercy in situations is attached to the above intentions both positively and negatively as specified especially positively in not asking selfishly but as love is genuine or stretched to the limit to fervency in God's Godly love of others as Christ showed us by example how to love and serve He being our Ransom in Atonement specificly. In proportion to how much we fall in love deep with Jesus to that extent we will fall in love deep with the Body of Christ to love and provoke them to love and good works and generally edifying. Let's love the Lord wholly and minister first to Him. As a servant's eyes look to the hand of their master so our eyes look to You Lord God and Your modelling or example in others.
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