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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Few Post-Parentage quotes.

God is so loving towards us! He is good and does good. When bad things happen we find His discipline of us to make us holy. It's good to acknowledge His control. When the bad is not so bad but is a storm of life He bids us come out of the boat and commands us and we do valiantly. When the religious leaders are testing our Lord a great compassion follows to heal the crowd of people. The religious leaders are on a power grab but Jesus calls them broods of vipers with whitewashed tombs. They made a game out of washing rituals. But the weightier matters of love, justice, and mercy, they forgot. Jesus was great at saying Who He is yet as a servant He did not want a King's position and made His face as if He was headed to the cross. He bravely took the suffering role as He was sure His destiny was death on a cross. When He took our place He gave Atonement. We can now go sin free. Commit to Christ. In God's Sight confess you are a sinner and receive the forgiveness for your sins and operate in the Gift of Salvation kneeling at the Lord's feet. Pray through Jesus to the Father. And ask to be a follower and a disciple of God and Jesus Christ. Amen.
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