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Thursday, December 25, 2014

My Bio by Dave Candel

Saved at an early age in my own Mom's Sunday School class, I first heard and accepted the Savior's call. Growing up in a Church building with other Christians every Sunday at least, In Sunday Services proved challenging. My older Brother Douglas and older sibling Barbara were in their teens when I got saved. They had made the decision roughly before me though and in addition they were excellent role models to follow. My younger sibling Lydia (now Ph.D in Education, Dr. Patrick) was very influential in my growth as a Christian saved as well as my older siblings. We all attended Church and local Public Schools and before Junior High specially Youth Program at Church by twelve years of age. Water Baptism occurred at about that age for myself. Later at fourteen The Baptism in the Holy Spirit was gained at Green Lane, Park in the midst of Youth Camp at The Prayer Altar Room on my knees. Let God fight all our battles on our knees. Suffering verbal abuse for doing the right thing was taught to myself by High School peers with peace inside from Jesus Christ yet with roughness exteriorly from enemies of the cross but endeavering to do the right things nonetheless. I learned submission to God through the things I suffered through. Reading Scripture I obtained a sense of being more than conqueror overcoming though looking to Christ as that Lamb led to the slaughter. I bought Christian Tracts and walked up and down just about every block in town witnessing testifying, handing out tracts and Gospel portions. Voraciously I read my Bible as Mom and Dad and our family read together also. Discussions at home were profitable with God's help. During my early twenties I attempted a read through the entire Bible more than twice a year.. And a lot of C.S. Lewis books and successfully I began bringing others to Church. In college and later in my late twenties through forties I was taught Bible School Courses in various Bible Schools and Colleges unto fruitful living in Christ, and repentance in and of my following of Christ. Now I'm 57, and I'm waiting for God's Choice from the flock as far as a spouse and help meet. My desire is have His desire in living and delight in Him with all of my heart! To God be the glory and the praise!
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