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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Grace Life - What God Did & Does For You He's Not Obligated To And We Do Not Earn it.

Oh He Gave Me A Brand New Life April 15, 2008 12:25 AM updated October 16, 2014 from Pastor RC's recent sermon : Fellowship of Promise on Eph. Three. SPEND TIME WITH JESUS

Have you ever wanted to start life all over? To really begin all over again?! To start a crunch spiritual conversion, of God's Prescribed way in the Scriptures, a makeover for forever time in existence for the transformation through faith in Christ's Death, the Propitiation and in the Blood Victory and through the Righteousness of our Lord Christ, imputed saved?! The joy of forgiveness of sins follows so I mean to actually really take up my cross and follow: live like Jesus would want me to live without towers and centered in God's will be alive spiritually and discerning in cloudless rarified air in Jesus Christ the Savior?! To obey God first repent of sin and believe Christ, and be transformed transported into Christ's robe of Righteousness soaring into Father's Throne right transported into His Likeness sanctified and in potential of God's perfect Plan A. Experiencing a transforming position in Christ being born again unto a living hope living in peaceful standing justified with God. Yes that's me! And then coming out the cocoon a glorious monarch butterfly instead of a cocooned up meal worm. We all can have born again life with new hearts and new minds that think up a storm in God's will being abundant in living in Christ Jesus Who was given A Godgiven sacrifice for the whole world to get saved and get full of conviction to salvation and to full of fruition to repent of sins and bear fruit in every good work. Thereafter to do those works God ordained for each Christian to do with a better mood, right attitude and good transformed nature live through Him with His power with all your might and by repenting glorify Him without individual credit and unto every good work fruitful for the team humbly. God loves you while you were still a sinner John 3:16; Romans 5:1-10. Imagine in addition being accepted in the Beloved then on obedient to God according to the scriptures in the New Testament, one of God's Family and like 2 Corinthians 3:1; and 9:8 say. No rules nor regulations but LIFE. We can intercept missiles that are like that in the Father's heart in being FOR the salvation of the lost. We can overcome this world's thoughts and become God's Minutemen ready to accomplish His will in battle on our knees. Life is what Jesus came to give enhanced. The Bible says, "All we like sheep have gone astray. We have together turned everyone to his own way (there is no one good not one,) and the Lord has laid on Him (Jesus Christ) the iniquity (the sins) of us all." Isaiah 53:6 and Romans 3:10. Jesus took the rap for sins we all deserve. He took upon Himself the penalty each of our sins deserved for us. When He was Resurrected God was saying "just enough" about His Death to satisfy Himself, His Righteousness, Holiness, Justice, His hate for sin, His good Daddy indignation or disdain for evil. Turning to God, I have been saved, that is, have a personal relationship, not made up religion of man, with my Savior, Jesus Christ and through His sacrifice of Himself on the Cross, to God. I know God hears the penitent sinner because through Jesus Christ mercifully He knows everybody's needs individually intimately in such care and placed perfection of love I know He in His Redemption buys me back from my past for me to shine bright and in that acknowledging of what He did at Calvary for our Salvation is glorified. He gives me newness of life because it was for me He is known by myself and I admit that I'm a sinner and the Blood covers it all my past with its sin and sinner destruction that I get a new heart and new spirit and when I die my legacy will continue yet I will see Him and have Heaven for certain too for God has said that where it's about is being saved in obedient assurance with God which it is by faith and through grace (God's undeserved favor, or unmerited,) unto Eternal Life so that He's good about keeping His promises true to His Word yet so we should along with them persevere in living in Him abiding, and stand certain (fully assured) in Christ living in His will with white hot love and obeying. But God, He's also Just, Holy, good and Righteous in His character which makes Him indescribable, uncontainable, right. Standing firm in all His will in His words especially His Finished Work we could receive from Him ministry moment by moment and live in Jesus whole. Love one another for love fulfills the law. Yet I respect His Power in this life to potentially cast into hell after taking house or income first but then first works after salvation say obey Him, obey Him to the nth degree in faith deeper in the love of Yeshua Hommashiach yet so only He can see it and legally justify your walk by letting Him defend you. We fear His Holiness but only to reverence or obey it more. It is by our faith in Him in the Cross, the Work He provided so Heaven in the afterlife for you and me is. It's Kept provision in HIM by grace. His mercy at the Cross was just enough to save and more than enough to keep me as I put my faith and trust in Him for Him to do it all in me I obey to the nth degree. Yet He intercedes and persevering for me in prayers of intercession from Heaven that is He permanently dwelling within me powerfully by grace as I walk in the Spirit succeed to become strong and courageous like Joshua was told.

I put my trust in Him to be moving toward wisdom and the wise knowledge of the fear of The Lord because He is Holy and knowing He is Holy brings understanding that I must be holy because He is true to His Word. His Word tells of Perfect Character in God's ways. He honors His Word above His Name. God wants to offer revival to us in America as He has around the world as He would as we intercede and He relents of judgment abundantly so as to He to be ever so giving in His Presence generously and with extended kindness tenderly so we taste and see that The Lord is good convicting us. So then we can be standing still in Salvation at peace with God steady state seeing His salvation in signs and wonders committed by Himself so for us to obey Him nonetheless and we in Him moving around in His Presence everywhere delighting in His creation coming back to Him and in pleasing Him. In good faith to Him we commit to Christ more of everything we have as He's a resurrection capable powered personal God who suffered that I might know,"the fellowship of His sufferings and Resurrection from the dead that I might know Him better and somehow to attain the resurrection from the dead." He became like us a faithful high priest in all points tempted as I am yet without sin so I can become as He was a deeper disciple who I'm meant to be all the time continually yet continuously His own purchased possesion Hebrews 2:14-18. Then I will see the salvation of The Lord in more imagination and expectancy lowering and hope raised in Him alone and for unsaved loved ones moving in God's Spirit potentially for their Salvation someday and by intercession in Heavenly places. Jesus not saints pray for us by intercession. We pray for one another too. He prays too that our faith not fail.

Like the Hebrews in the Wilderness one doesn't need a reformed life by which we have turning over a new leaf in the desert going in circles for lack and plenty, bitter complaint followed by refreshing and yet no one teams from that significance but Joshua and Caleb. But everyone needs a transformed life, a changed glorious life from His Presence extroverted on the inside out lived out in New Covenant lifestyle. Christ has to be in you and Lord by faith. Victorious on a more permanent basis dwelling within us, out of our innermost being scripture says Christ shall flow out of us rivers of living water. Deep water. artesian well refreshing water. God loves you and you can be sure that scripture came about true and has re: innumerable fulfillments. Like Jack on the Titanic God asks us to hold on to the thought of the window through which one can see Jesus smiling in the lifeboat Jesus provides but not to be looking at the furniture floating in the ocean until help comes. I will look to the hills from whence comes my help, my help comes from The Lord. Jesus can be transacted to you dwelling inside you even with great permanence if you agree (homologeo in Greek) with God in prayer by the Spirit. Move where He is to hear Him better. You can go to a Bible Church. By the Ten Commandments you're being shown you're a sinner who has heartache or needs and by the Word and that you are wrong before Him in the mirror and hopeless as to Eternal Heaven a sinner lawless transgressed, a wretch failing and too not obedient at the tablet of your heart at least in one point at the Tablet of The Ten Commandments either side, either toward blaspheming God's worshipful honor, or man's mistreatment of man, (the other tablet) and thus acknowledge and confess then to have missed the mark and yet still turning to repentance. All sin is against God whether it harms or hurts someone else or is known in fact to be against God. All sin originates in the heart and done different ways. But Repentance is important while it is still called today. Then agree with God you need a spiritual makeover because you're a spiritually bankrupt individual inside and out and want forgiveness because His mercy and grace will cover you by the Christ's Blood then which will take away your sin and you will be forgiven and saved! God cleanses us.

Live at the Altar in peace with God Adam's apple peace justified by the Blood through which Jesus Christ can be your Lord and Master Savior and that your rest from your own works which are of your own life needy and so you gain His rest on many levels and you're walking toward God's Presence saved and accepting His Finished Work of the Cross, a disciple of Jesus Christ and you can be a living strong disciple in The Lord for God's glory, knowing you are in the Kingdom of God here upon saved by having accepted the Innocent Substitute of Christ's Death as for your sins in the strength of might God provides. You can finish strong. Pastor Catapano preaches, "That inner strength from God is for power and endurance and to resist (temptation or sin and sorrow of this world for self or sinfulness which borders on self-pity or blasphemy.) This is so you can finish life moment by moment strong. This has to happen in the Spirit. You need to have the inner power of the strength of the Holy Spirit to live correct." This means you must be born again. Seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Imagine or try to imagine how great in all the dimensions God's love is for you in His inheritance by you you obtain in the saints which is and will be by you having an eye open to His calling unto the granting of His riches of glory. Just agree again you're a sinner lawless before God's eyes in specific details and attitudes and actions known to you from introspection by you but you know He will bury your sins in the sea of forgetfulness (Nahum 4:19,) then (where no one can dig them up, but God tramples them,) as you confess them.

God takes your word (about your faith in Him) and combines it with the fact of Jesus's promise in the written Word to raise up Resurrected, with Him a new person with a new heart, lifestyle, and new spirit in Him and makes you born again in newness of life, gaining Eternal Life. You don't need to rehash your past sins nor entertain problems but let Him reverse them both while you nest intimate near in Christ Jesus with God's great salvation mixing belief in God's mercy with grace which is getting what you don't deserve. Just by faith believing that God is right, just, Holy, good, you succeed in life through the Son of God made plain but also that He has wrath against sin and evil and that His Son's Death is just enough to please His wrath and as such, in other words His Indignant reparations against sin happen as He is demonstrating Himself in Jesus His Righteousness from Heaven and The Atonement "just" in the end unto mercy in forgiveness of your sins by penal substitution which was an act of God just enough to propitiate or satisfy Himself and save you to the uttermost all by grace in the Spirit. Every Victory is a triumph God gives you. Follow Jesus powerfully in the Spirit.. At the cross every man stands on equal ground. Daily then rely on the out pouring freely of the Holy Spirit upon you to be a witness. "In Ephesians one and three God has given layer and layer of blessing to be an artesian well to make you grow in Jesus Christ and everything you need is in Him," says Pastor Rich Catapano. "Pray for this on bended knee," he says.

You become a vigilant Christian (not like a precarious one whose tower falls,) but like Joshua a leader and steady of unfading quiet spirit of beauty instantaneously putting aside the things of the old nature. For when you get saved God separates you from your sinful nature and even you of what you do in sin in the flesh from before from who you now are being then, seeing The Lord High and Lifted up in Holiness, loved unconditionally by Him now so you quit sinning in large measures at the beginning at His conviction repenting. Dying and humble you behold Him and the blood of Jesus everywhere possessing your vessel sanctified fleeing immorality seeking His face. If you genuinely come to Christ to God one hundred eighty degrees from where you were, you will never have to go back to your former way of life again. You can say goodbye to your life in the past with reference to sin. Just jump the pond of sin leaping praising God putting Jesus Christ your Savior from sin and Lord. You're opening your heart to behold Him into His arms in Christ's hands snapped up. By faith look into His eyes of piercing love and acceptance justified. It's an about face from sin and the removing by you of all sinful influences to an 'against the grain' life then on, under Christ your Rabbi Master then you leave sinful ways, and like salmon swim upstream to spawn so you because you're denying yourself, taking up your cross and following Christ, with this wonderful adventurous life in the Son, losing your life most humbly to find it in God's Kingdom of grace in servanthood lifestyle leaving selfishness and rather in service ministering to The Lord adoring only Him to abiding in Him and in keeping with repentance as God grows you into the mature person you were meant to be increasing in the grace & knowledge of Christ & God and in the exposed light and truth made real spoken in love live the abundant life. Seek God's face then not His hand. Seek Who He Is and Worship Him! We desperately need God for food and thankfully for our Source of all in all unto utmost desire to serve. The motive is from His.

Who you are in Him, called, chosen, and beloved, promised promises to become all God wants you to be in renewed mind in the promises then so you can be identified in Him near, you stand at the mirror, which is God's Word the Bible, and within it the Living Word, Jesus, God Incarnate, complete, near, and ready to change in transformation momentarily Col.2:9. We learn what it means to be a servant ministering unto the LORD. The Word in Ephesians Three is that Christ comes in to dwell and staying and not move away making us transformed. It is a stronger word than to tabernacle. Like Joshua you can remain in the Tent. "You can stand in your generation," says Pastor RC, "like Daniel or Nehemiah, Martin Luther, Whitefield, Edwards, or Finney." This is grace wherein we stand. Sola Fida.

Tell someone else about what you have done in accepting Christ's work on the cross as your own and to witness if you prayed for Christ to come in to save you for now is the day of salvation & share your experience of salvation so then you will be solidified in a root system in God rooted and grounded in love established helped over time sanctified. As God becomes greater than you've made Him you will begin to show love for God by showing evidence of God's mercy to you and grace by doing obedience in a love walk into God's Presence inside moment by moment and praise Who He is and of obedience to Him justly, to be loving mercy, and walking humbly with your God. Desires change. Passion becomes for God's Ways. Redirects in life happen. His love can't be comprehended wholly but can be fathomed in time ministered to you piecemeal.

Jesus said through the Apostle Paul, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus," for they leave the sinful life behind & go and sin no more in desires God is intervening in constantly. "I am come that they may have life and have it more abundantly." Romans 8:1; John 10:9,10 People outside the faith are condemned already by their own consciences. They literally suppress knowledge of God to continue to practice sin (thinking life comes to an end so eat, drink, and be merry is there mantra so when they die they believe it all ends and now they can "party like its 1999".) Pastor RC says, "Do we know with one heart we can't live without God? Whatever it takes, would to God revival broke out, wouldn't it be great?" Follow God with good men so you learn how to have a relationship with God.

"Wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many go in thereat but narrow is the gate that leads to life and few there be that find it!" Strive to enter that gate. I have known the Lord since the age of four and have never looked back. I am blessed! He gave me a brand new life and put a new man in my shoes. Yes there is a heaven and hell and you can be sure to shun the one and gain the other if you're on the right road in Christ concentrating focus daily on following God's will through the Oil of Anointing of the Holy Spirit having made peace with God this way of Christ's Blood. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!" Leaders should be the first to engage the battle from in it. Joshua was such a servant. Moses said Joshua came in and out before the people doing the practical things to help the most he could. Like the King David running from Saul and gathering outcasts at Ziglag to engage fighting the Amalekites who ran off with their wives and possessions, David encouraged and strengthened Himself too in the Lord. If we can lower our towers God can have His plans through us is the lesson here. And even though one hundred of David's men were too tired to go up to battle all wives and spoil were recovered by the three hundred men God chose to win the war.

Now as a partaker of His Divine Nature you do right as His help helps and in most things now following after the Holy Spirit because of humbly being sustained in right standing with God and this is rightness from God's will being followed justly from the deposit of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is sealing your salvation in a transformed changed life so that in this character love it will follow you to Heaven even to become second nature to you and what you want to accomplish in Him spontaneous delighting in Him your Father and His Standard (His will as laid forth in the Word of God,) He performing it through you every waking and sleeping moment through a window in His Word and is seen smiling Romans 3:19,21;5:1; II Peter 1:1-6ff. Isaiah 26 says, "I (God) will perform and accomplish for you with you showing up." Eph. 2:10 says,"you are His workmanship, (Greek word poema like the word, poem) and were ordained beforehand unto good works." Stand still firmly and let's see the salvation of The Lord. Put your singers first who know the Voice of many waters (revelation 1) first sing to praise The Lord! For the battle is the Lords. Live your life in Him with He in you for His sake becoming Christ's servant/slave. For we were bought at a Price and the cross shows we must serve humanity. Life is not always by a cross viewed but life abundant in overflow enjoyed. God's working in me God's working in you both to will and to do both to will and to do of His good pleasure! "This Gospel shall be preached."

Let me introduce myself: I'm Dave C. from Franklin Square, N.Y. I'm a Blood-washed born again Holy Ghost filled Child of God, believe in the Gift of Righteousness found in God's Son, take a stand for a new standard, Christ's righteousness & make no apologies for it. I attend church Services at an Assemblies Of God church: Bethel Assembly Of God Church from Franklin Square. I've accepted Christ as my personal Savior Master and Lord. I was four. Being all God wants me to be is a part of my calling from God I'm pursuing in God to be a minister to others and to minister to The Lord God through Christ first. As a minister of reconciliation along with being as a layman I'm loving being single and agapetotes freed up love from God to 'laleo' (Greek word for to gossip or chirp) the Gospel to my family and church family. As well I'm a Gideon who distributes Bibles to a many needy location, and people, and am a substitute High School Teacher in the past, and have a Bachelor of Science's Degree in Chemistry with some Graduate School having worked eleven years in that field of endeavor. I like my Pastor Rich call that my junk box being counted as nothing or dung that "I might know Him." God's unconditional love is totally awesome. I rejoice in The Lord evermore. I witness with all of Jesus' joy to My Jesus My comfort, and shelter for He as my high tower and shield has become my sacrifice to Eternity and also my scapegoat to have taken my sins away! 

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