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Monday, February 10, 2014

Why Would God Punish Anyone In A Lake re:Fire For All Eternity? An Answer Follows:

God is love and Jesus shows it! Be saved. We need a born again second chance to have relationship with God through the Death of Jesus and applying that to our individual lives having encountered Jesus we admit are wrong before and in the sight of God! The only entrance to the Kingdom of God is faith in Christ leading to trust in Hisself and to the goal of hope on the road of truth bearing fruit increasing in knowledge of a God to ever multiplied epignostgo (Greek for intimate knowledge by experience,) unto Everlasting Eternal Life! Have a living dynamic encounter with Jesus Christ. No one will want justice when they see God. The cry of the heart will be for re: only mercy. Jesus not only Died, was Buried, but Rose Again, and is now Glorified, seated or standing at the right side of the Father in Heaven.

Like you were a burn victim and want healing, sin caused the burn so God wills to heal it (the wound caused by your wrong choices,) by your faith and repentance He being salve that saves your life from victimization of sin. Say, "if God saves me, I shall be saved." Christ came as a bondslave and Son of a God to show us the way and He became the Way when as sin-bearer He Died upon the cross and this He did to take away our sins, iniquities, and/or trespasses. He was the Scapegoat also. After You die comes the judgment. Once this occurs. The devices of man are continuously wicked. None seeks after God. Write your ticket: Heaven or Hell. Accept the Finished Works of the Cross to be your victorious propitiatory riches of God's grace so the Ransom from sin has been and will be paid in full for you. Save yourself from this untoward generation accepting Salvation at the cross. Deny youself, take up your cross. Follow Christ then straight on. For Christ Died for you.

C.S. Lewis says, "God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing." The essence of addiction is self-consciousness. If you have spent any time around those struggling with addictive behavior, you know this true. They are so self-absorbed they are literally bound up. If this is true, then the answer for addiction is God-consciousness in forgiveness. A consciousness of what Christ accomplished on the cross for us and an intimate relationship with Him are the cure for self-absorption. Augustine famously said, "You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You."

Speaking to why God punishes for eternity the sinner refusing to be saved before their physical death: God knows the sinful sinner going on having heard the word of the truth as it is in Jesus in the Gospel and how that the love of Christ and God is so very great (Christ died while we were still sinners and alienated in our minds by dead works,) refusing to repent and in fact stubbornly going their own way, will not enjoy the rarified air of Heaven and the skin of God's Holy Righteous Character there. We are messengers telling where there is treasure chest forever of worth and value and it's in the Resurrection, the Cross, and the power thereof. Christ Died for us and we will live forever with new gentler natures that fit into the Heavenly mold someday by faith with sinlessness and glorified bodies enhanced but here on earth in this life is the proving ground. Want Jesus? Got Eternal Life?

Grace in Christ is the tunnel our faith in Him travels through to love God and reach Heaven someday, not our good works. Good works are the outgrowth of the relationship with God, a manifestation outward of an inner Reality. Salvation however is by grace alone. But having born again lives rewards in Heaven will be according to our good works which can be gold, silver, or precious stones if we want rewards. Only born again saved get there to glory but never by themselves alone or by their merits. Any good works only show that we have relationships working toward that relationship we have in Jesus and because we admit being sinners or wrong and bowed ourselves before Creator God. They are never means to earn favor or 'points' before God. God loves you. Christ alone is your righteousness. Children of God repent and have faith in God to grow in Christ to a ready mature full state. Sola Fida. Sola Gratia. Sola scriptura. Amen. Have you encountered the Living Savior Jesus?

This is Gospel Tract. Hello. My name is Dave C and I will take you to a Church where you can worship God and find Jesus unto Eternal Life. Jesus Christ is our reason for celebratin' and here's my phone number and address:
David Candel. 516-305-5637
990 Oaks Drive
Franklin Square, N.Y. 11010

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