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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Pentecostal Sermon

We turn & repent and surrender to God through Christ and actually feel changes thus when we relinquish release of actual control of ourselves to Him but we feel this change over time also in magnification. We make a big thing of it. In our chaos we let God have our worry too. In addition, to feeling a release you will actually BE a believer. Transactions take place before God. You’ll Experience God’s love first testifying for the first time perhaps, awakened and coming into His rarified atmosphere in-breathed in love Agape by Him to you and you get love, peace, and joy to share! Then you follow near as a disciple! He does save when we take His promise by faith and deaden our desires and preferences as we collaborate and it makes us complete and whole in Him, empassioned for doing good, a work in progress. We receive forgiveness of sins firstly being of Father God accepted/affirmed. We are receptive to the Word and come to receive Father and at His Throne we are like receptive trusting children who can't be released or shaken from knowing our Father God is good. If God it said that settles it for you or I. God dealt with the sin issue on the Cross. And when He died, our lives were dead so we exchanged them for His Perfect Sinless Life and now walk with Him in newness of life. We died to sin too and so we seek the unseen things above where we’re seated with our Lord sitting, standing, and walking with the Savior as in Ephesians.

He made us alive in Him in His Death, we coming to realize Him ad infinitim ad hoc His Presence all around and about us but first He finding us calling ahead we being dead in trespasses and sins unable or at the end of our rope or to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps at all. But God in His great mercy abounded wherewith He loved us and for His depth of mercy His love has now made us born again Christians who know confidently one can live a resurrected raised up to newness of life spiritual seating with Him in the Heavenlies in victory in a godly fruit bearing life and fruit remaining' living. We are can do nothing people without Christ or God. With Him Kingdom of God in our midst fruit bearing in life is possible and without outside us is a potential unparalleled for ministry if you continue to believe Jesus Christ seeking His Kingdom first and feeding on Him of necessity nourished up by faith and you will get heaven’s ticket too having gone into His strong tower of His Name where we find refuge forever. But then faithfully endure with patience to the end, to your race, persevering nourished up in the words of truth enjoying spiritual food, spiritual exercise, and daily foot-cleansing from Jesus Christ and as ministry to the Lord give also of or by yourself to God with your life time, talent, treasure, or testimony to bless others like A Melchizadek or Zadok priesthood. Be selfless. Love others as if they were more important. Do the small services to others nice and do them hidden too. Be anonymous as you can in giving. As the saved by faith open in heart and mind and openhanded we're living by the Holy Spirit in ways from the way open to the tree of life (Jesus Christ) not from the tree of the knowledge (or i.e. from man's failure to obey) of good and evil IN the Garden of Eden.

We receive the Spirit of God like a little child with great relish who is given to them that believe and love Him. God would not hurt you spiritually to dismiss the smoking flax or burning wick that is you. Instead He encourages you to build you up. Instead of living by fleshly wisdom, we gain deliverance over the fleshly a little daily, re: those obstacles, which would hinder, our walk into Eternity, which are the world, flesh, and the devil and finally win in His Victory as we were saved if we prevail to the end. You ask God for sanctification. Possess your vessel which is you in sanctification. Endurance is a great comfort. God and you are a majority. He will use you. You need grace from God to stay renewed in mind and Spirit in the Word of God as if from a cheerleader blessed and a butler composed advising. Having made mental assent, commitment to, and follow through accepting Jesus Christ for yourself trusting do not think that without having the mind of Christ all over you like the Paraclete within one called along-side that you will have victory. The unsaved heathen don’t have Him nor do you have the problems they do .. have Romans 12:2. "Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you might prove what is that good, perfect, and acceptable will Of God," the verse says.

Christ cleans His own fish and Christ builds His Church. We present our bodies to God a living sacrifice in Romans 12:1, holy, acceptable to God which our reasonable service. "We are renewed after the image of Him." "That I may know Him in the Power of His Resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering, being made conformable to His Death" Paul said and within that communion, meant that God and I may intimately have a bond of relationship fellowship. He put all his past on the dung heap that "I may be found in Him having a Righteousness which is of God through Christ and not of my own." He is near. He is close. This is a worthy goal to pursue. It is like having a sumptuous meal with Him, (having koinonia, fellowship or communion, and hupernikao which is overcoming victory) at His table (like Mephibosheth,) this walk with God in depth, a daily proved discipleship in the way in Christ and in my heart to relish Him and cherish Him in my heart is the Great Good News of all time at His feet inside. My heart knows no bounds, my joy unrestrained and because He lives, I too live, and can face tomorrow bravely because I walk close to Him. He's the Famous One!

We read His Bible and learn exploits of a spiritual life which but for the tip of the iceberg is invisible in born again existence. Love from Him requited by us now was initially compelling turning us around thus so that He wants total possession of us from the Father God's love letter compelling, (the Bible) & its contents being revealed to us through Special Revelation, the Bible, from faith to faith under His Lordship. Rejoice in Him reflections (for that is who we are,)(for today is the day of salvation the Word says) for we can see we need Him. We need salvation and spiritual hunger is there from Him. We need to look into the face of our Father and see He is approving in His look when we fail. Love from God directs spiritual hunger into acceptance from Him and we are published by God as letters read and known of all men. We are highly favored and loved but for no reason on our 'own' we know of. Believe Him for outstanding existence, living in excellence.

We do not lose heart in well doing but persevere in doing right. He wants to guide us with His eye. Flow in Him Blood-washed. In our mind, heart, and spirit we are renewed daily, fed, and nourished to be adequately adopted in equipped daily service for Him and to do to others though our outward man is decaying. Pastors and the local Body do that by edification, exhortation, and consolation stimulating intellect, will, and emotions, respectively. We follow.

For all of what of three years and thirty years before that of the Life of Someone Named Jesus Christ whose name means "He shall save His people from their sins," whose life over two thousand years ago has been preserved so well in heritage passing down, and being written down about in the Gospels and been a legendary influence to an infinite amount of people like the seashore by heritage influence He did show He exists and lives and prevails! Christians who belong to God started hospitals, Orphanages, Lost And Founds, Schools, and Social Services and even multiplied in number today make scientific notions into phenomenally startling commodities even convenient inventions and helps to this day.

We call on God's Imitating of Himself in His Son and miming of Himself in His Son a grace-pointed walk of faith with Christ the Head daily in your crucified life in Christ and ultimately in Heaven gain your Eternal rest. He is revealed in us and in He residing there in our hearts spiritually into Resurrected life moment by moment from His doing from start to finish. Born of God born of the Spirit ushered in we worship God in spirit and in truth. Approved in beloved-ness We are enlightened and illuminated about this present to us GOD of wonders beyond our galaxy in the Bible: it is unveiled to our heart and mind if we openly read it with revelation, interpretation, and illumination and application New Covenant eyes with open faces unveiled open minds for He has declared Himself in plainness in the Gospels, Acts, and Epistles for us clearly to believe the Gospel for ourselves that Jesus Christ having Died in our place has Finished the work and forever we should live like it is! The Law agrees and gives its approval. He is Holy. But it is grace is how He see us.

God created us and He claims complete ownership of our being as Creator Redeemer Designer. "If we lived like this Book is real for one week, men would repent in ways we now don't know about." was a quote by John Wesley. "For evil to triumph all it takes is for good men to do nothing," was said by Edmund Burke. The Steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. We experience God continually in kindnesses and tender mercies daily and moment-by-moment! I pray you find the Lord Jesus Christ as Bread of Life Divine and New Wine Living Water refreshment with the fondness God has of you and contentedly as Your Master & Savior Lord was of finding you & He for you becomes in your personality and life Savior & Lord from sins and sin as a sin principle and near or up close to you He comes up close and indwells you. May the fear of death leave you, believer!

Jesus said, "Blessed is he who is not easily offended in me." By faith you can do so by God's grace become the Friend of God, of His Family, a part, a member, and be accountable individually as stewards. It is all in Jesus. Jesus Alone is Source. Believe on Him and abide saved. A son abides forever in a house but a slave does not! It means God casts off your captivity and/or buys you with a Ransom off sin, for you a slave of sin before then sets you free now to son-ship. He really loves you in this. The real freedom is a great freedom from sin, which Christ does for you. You can ask to be made a slave again for love of your Master however. This time you're a slave of Christ, and under-rower. Freedom is never free nor is it of “cheap grace,” as Dietrick Bonhoffer coined. Again, I say God allowed His Only Begotten Son to pay a very high price for your salvation. He redeems us with a Ransom that is precious. Serving Him as volunteer bond-slave is a wise response.

Realize, "The greatest deception of the devil is tried by him (in attempting) to make us believe he doesn’t exist." Read The Screwtape Letters by Lewis. And without Him we can do nothing, and we indeed do nothing (we know this) without Him until we know what this grace is really about. Christ is our all in All in all. Surrender every area of control of every area to Christ. It takes a moment to be saved and a lifetime to stay saved. This is principally because of the sin principle and sin nature with indwelling sin. Make Jesus Lord. Eek out God's rescue even in thillipsis, (tribulation.) Make the affront of the Gospel your seeming friend as you remain at Calvary where we Survey the Cross upon which the Prince of glory Died. Like Joseph leave your jacket in the woman's hand but leave. Live on the high road.

We live as valliant perpetual students of The Word. We relinquish our past. We press pushups earnestly to Him. God in His mercy makes us 'alive,' we being dead in trespasses and sins before. We are made alive from the dead while in the body. This is the new birth. But God (Ephesians 2:4.) We push away the past. Reckon yourselves indeed dead to sin and alive to God. As Saved let grace abound. Romans 5,6 says through grace discontinue sinning and worldly associations. Jesus knows our sorrow. He is acquainted with our any grief. And the chastisement that brought our peace was laid upon Him and by His stripes (scourging) we were and are healed! We know His pathos and ethos more each day! We sit in Heavenly Places in Him! We oversee a panorama and even can pigeon hole an attention span in witness and testimony before God to others by faith!

The Certificate of debt (in the handwriting of ordinances which was against us,) is and was destroyed which was against us and God, He having nailed it to His Son's cross made a show of it Col 2:13, 14. Our faith is in God for a believing belief that "it is finished" and that the war is over with God, and within the moment by moment tug in the battle of war with baggage, the battle belongs to the Lord. God is in control (of us,) if we let Him and He is Lord. God calls us His Workmanship, His Poema (greek, workmanship,) His Field, & His Building. He calls sin finished with, in turning to Him and its power disempowered, and death's dominion destroyed and the penalty of evil destroyed and sins taken away complete. This is tetelestai the word for a completed process, the word Jesus used from the Cross. It is Finished! Those three words are the greatest words! We’re not perfect but ornery saints seeking goals.

Eternal Death is the result of sins wages (Romans 6:23.) Did you know sins pay.... a wage? It’s Death in tormented state in hell. Don't sin aggravating consequences but accept Christ in your heart. Be God’s child instead.

"You are so beautiful," as Zephaniah 3:17 in God's love letter song over you so creatively sings and says to us and God quiets us in His love while others within the Body chime in, because we are indeed re-created in Christ Jesus for good works which we're foreordained to accomplish Eph. 2:10. The Lord God in our midst is mighty to save! A Mighty Warrior! We need to be aware of beauty we can let out.

We cherish Him as we realize all this worthiness of God is Himself and there is no one like Himself! He is worthy to be worshipped knowing there is none like Him et al. Our part is to deny self, take up our cross and follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Then we are to obey His commands outwardly as He does that in us Rom 8:2,3,4; Phil. 4:1-3, 6, 7, 8, 13, 19. They're not burdensome. When someone hurts you remember what God has Done for you! However, there are hard sayings of Jesus to hear and then hearing is to be obeying in Hebrew culture recognizing Christ does the work replacing our life and creating endurance. We endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ then in hard places we eek out salvation reality close to reality that is God's. Christ's yoke is easy. It's submission to Christ in hearing the sayings of Him to do them root and fruit of the Gospel, having acknowledged them holy and honoring His Kingdom Authority to give them to us receiving them as Holy. WE FIND SO MUCH IF WE'RE BELIEVING GOD BY FAITH IN VIRTUES GOODNESS OF GOD ALONE BY GRACE BUT UNWORTHY OF IT THOUGH BUT SAVED BY FAITH THROUGH GRACE THAT KNOWING, THAT GOD IS FOR US ALL THE TIME Rom. 8:30,31. Love so amazing somehow! He will begin to process the fruit of a Christian life in and through us in the Spirit for God's pleasure is both to will and to do within us!. That is a hallelujah not a sigh. PTL. Let our lives be “the proof of Your love,” For God and Country sings!

There is no condemnation TO YOU in Christ Romans 8:1. Moreover, you are sealed 'in Christ' like eternally secure saved unless you walk out of the Father’s hand, but you won’t want to do that. Usually stay on target focused all the time in Him. Abide in the Vine, Jesus Christ (menos.) Attached you will find His Burden is light in Christ in His Death, Burial, and Resurrection life in Christ manifested in you and by you in Him by this new identifying of Jesus Christ's plans and purpose for you personally within and drawing near. You stay 'in Christ' like you are in a cup. Christ's yoke is easy! Remaining in the Lord with His love inside with satisfaction you are in a war with the world, the flesh, and the devil, which Christ won for you. We are walking out that victory as believers in trench warfare as Christians: believing to see Jesus go before us in the Spirit everywhere, for the Spirit and The Bride in the Presence of God goes before us everywhere in every situation and on us He's a Mighty Warrior and we are victorious everywhere in Christ by faith over everything Romans 8:37 (hupernikao in Greek, overwhelming triumph of the Lord.) This is staying in Christ, attached at the root. Obediently obey the word of the Lord Jesus because He will empower you and this possesses potential! Not only forgive from the heart The Lord to others but receive the gift of repentance!

We learn to suffer for doing right. We learn to abide in Christ in the body suffering while doing right things in a normal Christian life. Read The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee for you'll appreciate all aspects of the Finished Work looking into his writings. This is the message of the Gospel to remember the suffering Church as if you were in the body suffering. It’s in letting the Holy Spirit out that really matters. In Heaven, there is no more trace ever of evil or sin in the Presence of God in Heaven for us I Corinthians 15:26ff. We will certainly have new bodies then that are sinless and in the Spirit then fully righteous and completely holy. No eye has seen no ear has heard nor has it entered into the heart of man what God is preparing for those who love Him. We are saved eternally then in Heaven, awed by God's wonderful Power and Presence within us forever in Heaven and we'll be sinless for Eternity. Pastor says, "We or us may possess fifty senses in that State instead of the five we currently have!!"

As a good Father and Farmer winnows away chaff with His winnowing fork in His Hand so does our Heavenly Father God winnow of our lives of dross impurities letting the chaff blow away from the wheat. And He loves us greatly even in trials of all kinds even to have our lives being used as dredgers and shock absorbers and sanctified, storm swept cleansed heatedly in fiery troubling times to be clay pots with He the Potter’s Treasure about you to do His Will bidding in fiery trials. Our endurance is helping us prevail letting His way work purity of faith in us believing Him in and through us permeating. God purifies we or us even like coal in a pressurized oven until we’re diamond like. God once saving you can use you. Are you open to this?

We must not offend others by our lifestyle nor be offended by anything God does for us that we fail not to like. And in some ways God is the perfect gentleman who will narrowly depart momentarily to return later in greater manifest Presence fully. But God can do anything that is possible and surprising us is His acts too to bless us He reigns. He does not tempt anyone at all but does test for short seasons but rescues and not more than we can bear and does intervene in an organically curative role miraculously in you building garrison of peace in you as fruit as we're continually receptive and continue to do His will. Seek His alternate like Abraham holding down Isaac to find your "ram" in the thicket, or way of escape from that particular test or temptation. God helps and others they feel His reach even His prickly convicting and become born again, through the Holy Spirit Who is persuading them individually. Jesus brings us to faith in Himself for a job witnessing so others can receive a Divine Blood Transfusion. I plead with you to be saved. II Corinthians 5:19-21. We are living letters of the very heart of God.

Will you come to God 'Just as I Am?' the song goes? God chose this accepting of Jesus Christ as you are as the way to confound the wise, the worldly wise, the disputer of this world, the ignoble & foolish who see who turn, and are born again: this is God's way in saving others in accepting the Son's Perfect obedience then applying Him to your life and heart in His Death/Resurrection the ultimate reach of God to man providing His Sacrificial Atonement for you your sin. Then live the Christian life one day at a time as a grace walk and love walk like two sides of a coin. And grace is calling, so, they came to Christ, so they abide and stay with Him, attached, remain, menos in Greek, and walk in Him Col. 2:6; John 15; I John 2.) They weep but rejoice too. We're laying up treasure in heaven meaning growing in Kingdom grace with humility and seeking God's Kingdom inside first with a quality of love so astounding we lay sorrow aside and think of God's Astounding Opinion of us near & Eternally experience the true 'I want to' of God's love for us near and boldly. Where Christ is king we gather together in His Name in servant hood of service. Service to God in ministry like a Zadok priesthood or of Melchizedek. And to one another in an outward way we this.

We give cups of cold water in Jesus’ Name and receive one another as we would Christ Himself with Agape love acted out for them as Agaping or phileoing is more like it as witnessing in truth and action is warranted. We receive a righteous man and a prophet and a child and so we may receive a righteous man's reward like theirs. We give and learn to give even more, giving in some way continuously. And we don't own any of the gifts of God! We get used in them! We are useful as we remain submitted and available creative. God promotes and man can be demoted in acting irresponsibly. So let's do accountability all we can re: be faithful in the little things and use integrity in the disturbances. The early bird catches the worm. But humbly and cautiously as stewards we feed the servants of our God in His timing and not dissipate with our lives Matthew 23-25. And then be ready for the Host of the Wedding or Lord of the Vineyard, when He comes we may open to Him freely! And so we watchful occupy (actively be ready) for Christ's return, and are being desirous to be like Christ, as impossible as it sounds ultimately as He lived His life as best you can until He comes back (which is a discipleship challenge,) from glory to glory even event to event.

It is through the Holy Spirit's zeal this convincing occurs to contribute thanksgiving by our lives through an outlived walk step by step In His Steps within. We make good ground to hear the Word in others and primarily ourselves outlived so we are changing transforming of heart always, God and myself watering, waiting, weeding, cultivating. And your ticket to Heaven is by faith through grace, not of you, not of yourself, nor works lest any man should boast. And a ticket can be held by someone beside you until it is not in abeyance, but really contentedly received meaning the resurrected Christ within dwells in perfect relationship union and is sent forth in God's timing in super ways, meaning super duper directed ways God can use.

We are not manipulative religious persons; but we maintain a relationship with the Lord! Truly we 'love God' with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength in two commands, namely the afore and "love your neighbor" "as yourself," of which love is the summing up of all the Old Covenant 613 Laws. Rejoice in Him evermore. Pray somehow and ask God for salvation so you can live ready too if you haven't. You are God's masterpiece when specially known by God appreciative of His ministry toward you after receiving salvation and knowing you're loved, accepted, then redeemed saved on top. You’re also safe in God‘s hand as you live, and move, and have your being existence in His being existence obeying. Let Christ high priestly ministry minister to you continually.

It is also an abundant life no matter what for we exchange our faults for His life of quality asterick express within and outwardly express it as well! After salvation or becoming saved YOU are then being a thank you epistle to God (letter is an epistle in Greek,) written on our hearts by the Holy Spirit of God within and without with the laws of God written in the Spirit with the Names of God in the strong tower where we take refuge (His Name,) and confession of faith in the heart of God embraced within. With everything within submitted to Him, with zeal also we follow Christ being disciples saved proved in the ways of the Spirit through Christ the Risen One. It is by grace from start to finish this abundant life in real zeal sparked inside is obtained to get a fire going in the Spirit in and through Christ to Eternal Life, and is lived now everlasting. "It is through much tribulation we must enter the Kingdom of God," Paul said in Acts as encouragement. O the depth of both the wisdom and knowledge of God. How unsearchable are His ways and His path from finding out. His understanding is inscrutable. Amen. Romans 11

From Dave Candel born again Christian and with the Holy Spirit’s aid. May the Fullness of the love from God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be yours as we all crawl toward the Son of Man, the Lamb of God!!

P.S. Mt. 6:33. For it's a transformation a Wave of the Spirit or particle within of light becoming beams of light that are becoming NEWNESS of life we live in Christ not a reformed one but newness of life in the Son S-O-N. Be a pro visionary! Be salt to your earth and light bright so you can be The Light of the World to others who may need you. Light brings revelation, illumination, application, and interpretation.

God promises to bring His Promises to pass and to fruition and finish what He starts in you New Creation in Christ Phil 1:6; Gal 6:9ff; I Thessalonians 1. In His return there's tremendous hope extended!

Go For Gusto with God in His heart of Love for us! I John 3:1. But it’s all of Christ objective and/or specific we have every spiritual blessing in Him so when the promises of Eternity are fulfilled ultimately and we be ‘in Christ,’ righteousness confirmed is when you get your body in Heaven and the portrait of the Son meaning you GET THE SON and all He holds in abeyance contentedly and inheritance FOR YOU is yours! Read the Word. No man knows the day or the hour! Living by faith in Jesus above, I'm living by faith and feel no alarm! You know 'twas best to let Him to have His way with you living Godly!

Let’s pray and count it all foolishness what lay of the past we remember realizing it may have existed far different than that reality you recall or anybody else recalls and lay hold of being found in Him not having a righteousness of our own but HIS! Let Him replace your life substituting in His gracious wealthy existence and spontaneously live for Him His Power and Presence in you in Christ and going before you! As you know God better and settle it in your mind you are into Christ follow the Lamb wither-so-ever He goes building on the foundation of Christ gold silver and precious stones and Him Blessed Only Potentate Crucified, Arisen, and Coming Again! Hearing is obeying in the Hebrew culture so let’s hear and OBEY to trust! He your Savior wants to be, be saved today! For yet I’m crucified with Christ and yet I no longer live! Christ lives in me! Christ loved me and gave Himself up for me! I live with His might by faith in Him! Through Him! Galatians 2:20.

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