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Monday, July 22, 2013

Why I'm Not A Word of Faith Hype Individual.

In a pull toward being honest I would say it's not unbelief so much that I don't wonder but 'false concepts of God' and 'false concepts of ourselves in Christ' which we definitely need scripture, grace, and the Spirit for, to be operating in us to change. Saying yes to Jesus Christ and allowing Him to help us, empower us for our need to learn of Him, He identifiying with I, Christ and His love working within we do change. What is change all about and does what we believe need to change with God's help and timing not our agenda? Rhetorical question. I'm using as a rule the Bible and Christan Faith. This is not just semantics for me because I was beat over the head all my life by 'judaizers' (Like those of Galatia preaching we ought to come back to law not grace) who are some present-day 'word of faith' prosperity preachers in TV land saying 'I just had to believe more' and that all lack of money, wealth, or health is just caused by my unbelief. I'm sorry, wealth, health, and money is not my goals, to know God & Christ as I should is. It's usually toned like we're on the outside of a cup people struggling 'ants' never capable of getting into the cup of belief but only an elite with 'hyper faith' will. As Scripture has so rightly voiced and said here conviction of sin(s) is for the heathen and conviction of righteousness is for the believer and let's keep healing of mind and body and spirit within the work of the cross and its effects and the reach of true faith & belief but exclude that which is not Spirit Full Temple's fringe benefit alone. "Seek first God's Kingdom and His righteousness..." . But let us make believing something energized by the Spirit of God not our covetousness. Notice my tone is conciliatatory because I know I have been guilty of this talk & well meaning brothers are in error and we have probably all done this talk, but love covers and let us put on love and ask God for repentant change. 'Lord help my unbelief' was for healing the physical body. "All things are possible for him/her who believes" is a Christ saying 'in God's time,' by believing God and the moving of the Spirit, & gift of memory of the Word in God's time. I'm saying we should let Jesus save and reveal Himself innerly by the Spirit, He becoming the 'prophecy like' Living Logos, not mix, unbelief with a lack of anything that we cannot take to heaven with us. I believe in good health but not being very greedy about getting it. Happiness is a choice. Matthew 5,6,7.
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