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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Serman Notes by Me On A Baptist Preacher's Sermon On "Come Behold The Works Of The Lord" by Dave Chanski in sermon app

Consider these tragedies and calamities as well as your own as we study God's Sovereignty: Japan's disasters
New Zealand earthquakes
Haiti, Pakistan, Indonesia
Floods chile, Australia 
Psalm 46:8. " come behold the works of The Lord, what desolations He has made in the earth."
Sovereign God We Know.
He does what He pleases.
Flies in the face of a Deist Universe. Windup toy. Wrong.
God is in control.
True there is no blame to God but not because He is ignoring us. He's not.
God's control encompasses everything that happens. Eph. Text 1:11
God works all things According to the counsel of His will. Of Him we have received an inheritance according to the purpose of Him Who...Predestined to be in Christ. Chosen in Him and more accurately by Him.
Mt 10: 28,29. Derive great comfort. First of many journey of ministry. Fear Him who is able to destroy both body and soul in Hell. A sparrow falls not apart from Your Father! Amen! If God cares for the sparrow, how much more does He care for you!. 
Isaiah 46:9-11. Remember the former things of old for I am God and there is no other. Everything that happens happens because it is what God wants. He is declaring the end from the beginning. I have spoken it. I will bring it to pass. I have purposed it, I will do it. Nothing is going to prevent Him for doing what He wants to do. 
It extends even to evil things. When I say evil things it can be sinful through man's or things that are tragic. Psalm 91.
Desolations occur. Soveriegnty extends to evil things and sinful things of men and angels. 
Acts 2:23 Him (Jesus) being delivered by the deliberate counsel and foreknowledge of God, they put to death.
2:38 That grievous sin was under the umbrella of God.
The sin was all man's. This is important to believe and be confident of.
God uses things like human error and human sin to do His purpose. It includes earthquakes and floods in particular.
Genesis 6:7 God is going to bring a great judgement. Noah a great exception. 7:4. God will destroy all living things I have made. God caused the flood He not merely permitted it. Floods come from God. 
Jer. 29:6 you will be punished by The Lord with....thunder, and earthquake, and tempest storm, and flood and fire.
Ez. 38: 19 Earthquake. Last Days.
Numbers The earth opened its mouth and swallowed..up Korah and Dathan his followers and family. The rebellious going against the authority. God's Sovereirnty includes earthquakes and floods.
He brings punishment sometimes for sin. Calamities are a manifestation of a Holy God against sin. They are at least that.
Holiness of God remember and a Just God. Calamities are a reminder of God's wrath against sin, He punishes us for sin.
It makes it very cadent why God does these things and where they come from. He punishes by natural disasters. Nearly all Christians sing Holy. We arE saying God is intense in His hatred for sin. He's jealous for His Holiness.
Jer 10:10. At His wrath the earth will rattle. We must break up our fallow ground. Many times He brings judgments against sins because He is A Holy and Just God. We can say God brings things, Bad things to pass for a display of His power, wisdom, justice, wrath, glory. God does bad things to happen because of sins. God has promised never to flood the ENTIRE earth whole earth. 
If we ask the question why does He? For judgments against sin.
Is He New Testament now? Not Old Testament? Never again? No. He has not promised never to bring any earthquakes.
Romans 1: 18. It's just as relevant today. It's the norm for God to do such things. It will characterize everything to happen in this age. The wrath of God is being revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrepentence of men. Be aware of the Errors of Jews and Job. Such who suffer bad things are not "particularly sinful" for these things. Jews' and Jobs' Error was to believe the degree of sin was a punishment in proportion to suffering but the Bible does not let us think that way. If its not written on the face of it, the bad thing, we cannot conclude it was for particular sin.
Luke 13:1-5. God is a Holy and Just God. Japan is not to be singled out. We're they worse sinners for suffering that way? Jesus says no in no way. But unless you repent, you will all present likewise perish. You will go down under the judgment you presume they will get. Verse four , God does visit the earth with judgements and sometimes there are specific judgments that we can make trace to specific sins, from time to time. What follows are specific sin's punishments:
Annanias and sapphire, Herod, capital punishment, (a specific judgmtent for a specific sin), STDs, or immorality.
Every one of those judgments are valid examples of God to flee from the wrath to come to flee to Jesus Christ and from the wrath to come. We must not let the world embarrass us be afraid to be called mean spirited for calling attention clearly and boldly call attention to God's Holiness, Judgments, And wrath and to such things as God's wrath against sin. We must never say, they deserved it. he's a God with Whom we must have to do. His judgment is coming. there is no end to it then, not now. In the Gospel of God in Jesus Christ is a much better way. We can have the our sins washed and swept away. Believing it has to do with with His Son, His Blood, better way.
You cannot hope to man up to it in just any way. You must Jesus Christ and have the relationship before with the blood and Himself. And with God. Give thanks to God for what He might of Done but did not do. Reminds that God does not play games. In your wrath God we can say remember mercy. It's an expression of His grace and mercy that we are not wiped out. Punishments for sin but also warnings are Trumpets blasts of Revelation say repent believe in God His goodness bringing compassion kindness and love. It is good that I have been afflicted that I might learn Thy statutes. He will wipe away every tear from our eye. He brings wisdom to see all things He wants to accomplish through these things that He can fulfill to us many many purposes and weaning from the world. God is providing clear intimation of what God will one day do like in Revelation. Therefore repent believe in Jesus that is the goodness of God for He provokes people to good works when these things happen. He teaches us spiritual lessons, builds character, prunes us, imparts hope to us, passion, love spiritually sanctifies us, we're forced in a sense to recall one day God will deliver us from these terrible terrible things from happening, one day. Gods motives in these things is in wisdom and can have purposes too numerous for us... Three exhortations from this, 1) we should praise God. An occasion to do it. Psalm 66
It makes us rattle. Make a joyful shout to God. praise.
2) Second thing trust Him. He is angry with the wicked every day but God says, He gave His only Begotten Son that whosoever believes In Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Live for the city that has foundations whose builder and maker is God. No trust in city planners. Or in engineers or in yourself or in builders of city power plants. There is never a earthquake proof safe structure. Submit to Him yourself.
3) Three look for the coming of the son of God. No date. Luke 21
Remember God is moving forward His program when these things happen. Let these be 'healthy reminders' to you the Body of Christ, Us.

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