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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The World Needs To Come To Jesus To A Relationship To God!

God loves you! Do you hear God loves you! Now that's what's that got to do with you? Did you create Orion? Or Pleiades? Did you make one hair white today? Or black? If you couldn't do that which is least what could you do to make God love you? The answer is zilch nada. God chooses not passively but very actively to have us in His love. He loved you before we when sinners were His enemies. For a good man someone might dare to die. Christ willingly surrendering went to calvary's Cross Died and was Buried but as our sins killed Him. Stop and think about this. A delayed response is usually a good one. In this the affront of the Gospel is not taken away. When God offers one person a relationship and just wants me to sing of knowing Him, acknowledge, talk, and acknowledge Him more and personally know Him throughout life but not be wearers of a mask before Himself, I say let me be born again, saved. God's friend. How do I pray? Teach me God I receive You! And thank God He tore the vail so access is freely offered. But it's not necessary to manipulate God! Done deal isn't as I deny self take up my cross and follow Jesus. Its just my duty. Let Jesus the Living Logos and/or Rema explain The Plan, I'm in. I'm committed! But for the follow through completely I can see spiritually clearly most now not in the future beyond now having mentally assented, committment to. I will answer critics by my actions.
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