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Monday, March 25, 2013

Overcome in the workplace and marketplace!

What joy may come! Since Jesus came into my heart! I have a peace in my heart no one gave me. Since Jesus the Savior came in residence I have the same circumstances but Christ has made a difference. I'm not interested in what this world can sell me. I have fortitude because my way to God is I can draw near! Compassion for the lost and a love for The Lord is how I am and meant to be! When the devil comes calling I can hang up because I'm forgiven and have renounced the ways of shame. Trading my sorrows my sickness I can receive ministry from our Lord for He loves me! Do you know my Jesus? He is Lord. Friend. Obeying the Holy Spirit I can humbly bow a bondslave to the Master and His way. Jesus rocks! Following after the Spirit I can be the best worker my boss needs and efficiently perform the duties to glorify God in my career dream job!
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