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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As To Sin Is There A Cure As To Its Destructive Effect

Is there a way to curb unscrupulous behavior in adults? Earl S. Wynn 8 hours ago on hub Legislation just does not do the trick, and (in my opinion) it's wrong to lock someone up for doing something immoral (that does not hurt anyone, at least.) It seems the only other option is education, but even then, it is hit or miss. Asked by Earl so Dave Candel writes: to answer: Not necessarily but however the transformation Christ gives by the transfer of His life is real and effective in its results. By conversion of God coming into one's life even Jesus Christ to take over the heart devotion one can truly experience a supernatural transformation that is sweeping and completely whole occurs. Is there a Balm in Gilead? In The New Testament the salvation of born again experience giving newness of life to someone occurs as God and the man or woman cooperate in not religion but relationship pursuing the relationship with Christ believing God is real and knowable personally. But for it to actually bring the results God wants His will must be met, loved and desired ahead of your own and there must be faithfulness so that there has to be a change of mind and thinking by grace through faith in transformation from glory to glory, as one turns to God for help, admits they are wrong, before God alone and sinful nature, (unable to please God in yourself.) Then one accepts Christ inside Lord and Savior as He Finished His Work of Atoning Sacrifice by His Death on the cross to become sin and specifically our yours and mine sin. And the substitute with its penalty for you with a carried out sentence in our place was completed by Jesus Christ. And thus Jesus saved us by His vicarious birth, life, Death, burial, and Resurrection, & Glorification! In addition, va- oi-la you are saved in God's Sight some 2000 years later having glimpsed His Kingdom and asked Him to forgive you and save you. You believe the Bible and from then on in the words of this Book the words but specially the Person of Christ change you metamorphuo in Greek in your thinking. And literally you are sanctified or changed you in your heart instantaneously to instead serve the living God. By daily reading the Bible and prayer, and fellowship with God, one on one, interacting one converses with God the Person supernaturally and naturally intimately as a friend to their face. God cleans up behavior in time but most of all gets to the root where the problem of man's nature lies and fixes it. He gives a new heart, a new spirit, and a new nature, newness of life! II Cor 5:17. He takes the old heart out. He writes the law of God in the fleshy tables of your heart. He cleanses the conscience to serve the Living God. You become more of whom you are and were meant to be in light. It is more than insurance against hell fire but a new journey adventure of eating at God’s Table where there is ways bounty! And Store! Inheritance! Peace! Come as you are. He takes care of the rest. It is real and it is God's will for you to be born again. "Whosoever" wills may come. You are 'that' free to choose eternal destiny. I was amazed at four I had that power. He delivers out of this world's system into God's Kingdom. We walk as children of light having believed His light!
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