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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Christian Mindset Strong In A Conservative Baptist Has The Success Cemented!!! To Save America!

The way out of the country's mess is to act and know conservative issues. We're almost bankrupt oh and the gossip is our President has gone 90 rounds of golf (to help us?) Because we have not heeded the Divine call to go to God with our needs we have suffered a bleeding liberal radical heartless attack agenda by Barack Obama. We're quick to agree the liberal thoughts of the day have doubled our national debt (7 trillion to 14.) We have dug cisterns and there is no water to drink. We have played piper to John the Baptist and he has not listened but said, "be thankful for your wages." Why not trust politics to those who write textbooks? We pray the "right" man gets in office! We don't play political. Because we are free thinking intelligent human beings who need a little idea from Newt Gingrich we will vote conservative; a people proud to hear success in a positive spin from a CEO many times over running: Mass. Governor Mitt Romney we will vote conservative; winsomeness and favor from a conservative who is still just a Congressman but a Physician also, with neat ideas, Ron Paul we will vote conservative; and a dirt cheap upstart who wrangles and wrestles with liberals until they relent and has both practicality and ideologically Christian mannerisms, interesting in his spoonerisms, and underdog survivorship, first in Iowa, Born Again according to the Bible, stands unashamedly for truth, and has integrity hard to tarnish, namely, Rick Santorum! we will vote conservative! A vote for Rick Santorum is a vote for America's Future! He embodies the majority the left used to call Moral Majority. He was glimmering magnificent in his stand for free enterprise and market tactics and letting Government take a back seat by saying on Day One He would repeal every crony law and regulation Obama wrote into practice, law which cripples companies mercilessly terribly... in last nights debate! May God help Newt to see His city on a hill shining and may we all get out the vote to vote out of office the pest laying hippy hairs around. And may God bless. DC MY prayer is for a Theocracy in America until Jesus returns. May Medicare and Medicaid be preserved and jobs increase. May we be a country kind to close our borders to outsourcing jobs by making a climate conducive to jobs HERE! NO new taxes and make it a criminal offense to human sex traffic severer in punishment. May men of faith and integrity make a public stand for God and not politics, but families and marriage between one woman and one man. This is my American Dream!!!! davvvycc January 20, 2012
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