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Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Jesus How Sure Salvation.

M any have swerved aside to fruitless discussion. Many are confident God looks at us as having made mistakes and God looks the other way instead of at us, never calling them sins. Sort of like teens that would deny our right to existence and never acknowledge us as persons. But what about lifestyle? If we have a relationship with Jesus Christ shouldn't we have a different lifestyle than those calling themselves Christians and teachers living contrary to sound doctrine and the Word of God. God's sure salvation in Christ is the Provision of God in simplicity of faith. But only in Jesus. Take Jesus out and you got any run-of-the-mill religion or cult. True religion scripture says is to visit the widow and orphan and keep oneself unspotted from the world. The Church Jesus died for will be presented to God by His Son someday immanent. Jesus could come at any day. Prepare yourself like a Bride getting ready for a Wedding to her Bridegroom! Like the time of Noah many will not listen to the words of Father God in scripture, the Bible. Christ is the end of the law. So love one another and owe nothing. He that has loved his neighbor has fulfilled the law. Don't gossip about others. But the goal of instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and sincere faith. A pure from God heart is not weighed down from immorality, not selfish, not worldly, not foolish, etc. but PURE PURE HEART. Why do we give God less than pure? Malachi, the Italian Prophet, says to give purely. A good conscience is to be brought up to those in evolution. "Why didn't we get rid of that thing long ago?," Pastor says, If we believed evolution," but He says, "we know love comes a good conscience that knows it must come from God and have no error, and is free from lack of love toward God or man. Sincere faith means faith that is without wax. It's pure. It's without shave, doing the makeup, putting all your plastice, get your silicone out, and anything literally that deadens the nerves in your face. But it holds to God's Word, and teaches God's Word only, and is a heart after God's heart. This is from I Timothy 1 of the New Testament. Let's get saved admitting O wretch I am without Jesus and the glory of God and by faith come to Jesus at an altar and get saved and stay saved. Follow after Jesus Christ with zeal and run your race to the end. Amen. Bethel Assembly Of God Church Sermon podcasting
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