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Saturday, July 09, 2011

We Lay Down Our Rights When We Get Saved.

W e lay down our rights when we get saved. we renounce all and forsake all to follow Him, Jesus or Yaweh. The Lord God has shed the Blood of His Son so we might be saved. Our response is to leave "the nets," and follow Him. He obeyed fully the requirements of God in this life having been a faithful rabbi and obedient son of the Father, even pleasing of God. It took a lot to be a follower of The Rabbi Jesus. You dedicated your whole life to Community, the desire or hunger for the words of God or Word of God, and you had a desire to be like the Rabbi in every imitable way. Just like the Jewish Rabbinical School of Thought in Corizon and Bethsaida where mighty works were done by Jesus, the signs and wonders pointed to Rabbi Jesus Christ as Messaih. Jesus said, woe or condemantion to these two cities because if it were possible, the cities of Sodom and Gommorah would have repented if they had seen the mighty healings and raisings and deliverances that were done in Corizon or Bethsaida! Jesus wept over Jerusalem, "If only you would have known the hour of your visitation, but behold, it is hidden from your eyes." America repent. Trust in God. Our nation of some 230 years is still young. Sin has left a crimson stain He washed it white as snow! By grace we have been born a light, a shining city on a hill, and survive and only by grace or God's unmerited favor can we go on. If we saw how the gulf has been fixed between Heaven and hell and how near God wants to be!.. we'd climb into God's arms: live pure and believing of His Son, Jesus moment by moment kept by His love! Why we'd go the direction of God like a cheetah and be the people of God born again, praying for God's blessing, called by His Name, humbling ourselves, pray, and turn fromtheir wicked ways, "Then I will hear and forgive and heal their land." To be a disciple of the Rabbi meant that He believes in you! He loves you! First! So go and sin no more and believe the Son for this is the work of God to believe on His Name! The Holy Spirit is given that we might remember the words of Jesus and truth and finding comfort might be afflicted to have that zeal to obey righeousness and receive gift of holiness! Cut off your right hand if it causes you to sin. But remember God will cause you to give an account of your life and when you stand before the Son of Man, Son of God, His Spirit can give you a Newness of Life and victorious statement starting this Eternal Minute.
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